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The Alban Shores Trading Company


The Alban Shores Trading Company is one of the oldest extant merchant corporations in the world, tracing its roots back to 1583. In that year, a small group of minor noblemen and wealthy gentry from England, Ireland, Scotland, Holland and Denmark pooled their money to form a corporation. Alban Shores was aimed at creating, uncovering and stealing wealth in order to raise the station and power of its stake holders. It was founded in the great age of exploration and exploitation, with European powers spreading out around the world, enslaving and pillaging the wealth of Africa, Asia and the New World.

Due to the political tensions of the times, the company was incorporated in the city of Ramsey, Isle of Man. The Isle was a nominally independent but politically impotent minor nation in the Irish Sea, peopled with Irish and English but rapidly settled by the Norse during the Viking Invasions. While several early voyages the Company put together quickly turned in to disasters, with ships lost on capes Horn and Good Hope, later voyages proved fruitful, with trade routes opened to the Ivory Coast, Cuba and India. The Company became a well respected authority on prevailing weather patterns and trans-oceanic navigation.

It was said that an Alban navigator could shave a week off a trip by utilizing currents and winds no other vessel could find. It was well known that Company vessels were fast and light in the waves, speeding fast enough to make five voyages where others made four. The Alban Shores Trading Company became silent partners in the British and Dutch East India Companies, The Hudson Bay Company and many of the influential colonial powers such as Holland, The British Empire and the Spanish crown.

It was a company creed that wealth gathered was not flaunted. The company took pains to remain quiet and avoid notice, despite the reputation the company maintained. To do this, it set up a variety of charitable foundations to which it funneled profits. When this was not enough, it set up separate corporations for each aspect of its business. It chartered a Financial Institution, the First Bank of Manx, to be the holder of its personal wealth. In this method, it was able to quietly and inconspicuously gather vast wealth and retain it within a few hands without becoming a noticed entity. Rather than growing a company or gaining notice, the Alban Shores Trading Company would just invent a competitor company and split the market.

And that is how Alban Shores Trading Company has come to be the most influential non-AAA corporation in the world, even if it never directly uses that influence and no one recognizes it for what it is. Almost no money transfers between the corporations. Instead, it is paid as dividends to the shareholders. None of these companies are public, with all shareholders being private. Most are completely legitimate industries, no single piece of the hydra raising above A level.

If there is such a thing as a shadow-corp, Alban Shores would be an AA level, nearing AAA status. While they do not hold any direct, physical assets, as a holding and finance company, they are extremely wealthy and very good at hiding that wealth among its members and shell corporations. At no time could Alban Shores bring the full power of its wealth to bear, given its diffuse nature.

Alban Shores LTD is the head of a vast hydra, one that has been entwined with the fate of nations for centuries, from the founding of Canada, to the extermination of many native tribes, to the subjugation of India and the erosion of Humanities fear of the dark. More recently, Alban Shores has been involved in magical research and activity, funding various research initiatives and archeological digs through a variety of sub-companies and charitable foundations such as No-More-Tears LTD and others.



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