Big Breakfast


Lilith is sitting in a booth, critically eyeing the so called English Breakfast Special. It's a surprisingly hearty meal, not something you'd expect the slim and pale woman would be able to, let alone want to, eat. A steaming cup of tea on one side, a small covered plate on the other, and Lil gently prods the exposed plate before her. Ok. Ordered real food, so…

Kass will sweep in, pulling off her over sized winter coat along the way. She looks around curiously before making her way towards Lilith's booth, a faint clattering of bracelets marking her location. "Good Morning, Lilith." The elf eyes the amount of food before the English woman, raising an eyebrow as she settles in.

Lilith looks up to give the woman a brief, warm smile, then goes back to contemplating her meal. "G'morning Kass my dear." She pokes the eggs, sunny side up. "I'm glad to see ye out and about today. Where's Maya and the almost wife?"

"Bed. They like to sleep late when they can. I had to drop off some things that couldn't be couriered, so I had to come into the city." She makes it sound like she had to go into the mouth of Hell itself.

Lilith arches a brow as she plops a bite of egg into her mouth and nods. Yes. Satisfactory. "Oh, come now. It's not so bad here…and you've brightened *my* day immeasurable with your presence." She takes a slurp at her tea, sounding disgruntled in much the same fashion as Kass is, though not about seeing her.

Kass waves off the waitress, turning in the booth and situating herself so that she can see more of the room. "That is nice of you to say, Lilith. As for the other, well. I am .. I don't like to be out of the house much anymore. I have too many things to do around there these days."

Lilith begins to steadily and eagerly work her way through her meal. She actually is enjoying it, though one wonders where she puts it. "I can understand that." She pauses, looking at her friend, sounding quietly sympathetic. "It's a big house…but it will do you no ill to get out now and then. You can always hire maids or man servants to assist."

"Eh. I don't like the idea of having people around. That is part of the reason we live out in the middle of nowhere, the isolation. There are rooms in the house we don't use, I don't have to but touch them up. The rest .. well, as silly as it sounds it makes me happy to clean up around there. I have someone come in to tend to the yard that I can't get to, and we haven't needed more than brush maintenance this winter. Maybe in the summer we'll need more .."

Lilith nods. "Right now…" she pauses to swallow more tea. "Right now, it's probably best you are alone, together, keeping each other company. I hope I haven't been intrusive, actually." She smiles a bit, finishing another bite of food before continuing. "But. There is a time for all things, and while the peace and security of a home in the country is good, you can't let yourselves turn into recluses. There will be a point where you should get out more, make new friends, experience the world." She looks thoughtful. "As to the summer…well, it would do some of my girls good to get some honest work."

Kass chuckles faintly, "I've experienced the world. It isn't quite as exciting as the brochures make out." The elf plays with the bracelets on her right wrist, shrugging. "I've spent a pretty good amount of time being a recluse, it isn't so bad. Ally and I have talked about traveling some, seeing what there is to see in Colorado and then beyond, just little day trips. But .. other than that, I don't have any pressing need to leave the house. I have work to keep me busy, and we've decided to not send Maya off to a sitter anymore, so I'll have her most of the time while Ally works."

Kass remarks, "As for "new friends", .. well. We'll see. Right now, I am not interested. Maybe in the far future, after some things are settled."

Lilith nods, smiles. "As you would." She again tackles her meal, sips tea, sitting in busy silence for a few moments before speaking again. "But, if you do need help around the house…well. I've been trying to do right by my girls. It may still be a whorehouse, but the Apple is far better then the streets. And I'm not evil, I don't demand they stay…I know what the life is like, however, so I've been trying to find ways for them to get an education, get some experience in other work. Doing some landscaping and using their hands in an real living will help, as much as they might complain about the labour." She quirks a faint smile.

"It might be an idea, although .. we tend to let as few people out there as possible, more for Maya's safety than anything else. The less people that know where we live exactly is the less threats there are to her. This way she can live a faintly normal life without as much worry, as safe as we can make her. Just .. trying to be normal people instead of shadowrunners."

Lilith nods. "Ah…yes. That is important. Well, maybe not my girls, but I'll certainly see if I can't come by and assist. I'm never to busy to get my hands dirty, after all." She gives Kassandra a grin. "And…oh gods, I can't believe I'm offering…but, if you do need someone to watch Maya, I'm always available." This also generates a mostly repressed wince and grimace.

Kass chuckles, "We may take you up on that if Johny comes up with something that he just can't do without us on. We're .. trying. It's harder for me than Aladriel, likely, but she is more open than I am most of the time anyway. I'm .. trying .. Well." Kass shrugs a little, tapping on the table with a fingertip.

Lilith just looks at her friend and smiles softly. She doesn't say anything for now, knowing and perhaps understanding, certainly, how Kass feels.

"In any case, it likely won't come up. We're trying to keep from both having to go out at the same time for Maya's sake so there isn't any .. so that there aren't any problems, so she is taken care of should something go wrong. Plus, well, I've let Sam know that we aren't doing much solo work at the moment, and certainly no running around the world. He wasn't happy, but .. " Kass trails off with a shrug.

Lilith nods. "Samuel can be like that. He'll deal." She shrugs as well. "There hasn't been a lot going on lately anyways, and heaven knows Alexander can deal with a lot on his own…haven't seen hide nor hair of the ruddy bastard lately anyways. He's been probably taking care of most of it." Another smile, and then back to her meal.

"Maybe so. I'd be happier if I didn't have to deal with anything else for a while." Kass shrugs a little. "A bit boring, I am sure, and even if Sam deals he'll be grumpy about it. He believes we should be working all the time. Me, I like peace and quiet."

Lilith rolls her eyes. "As do I….well, at least, I prefer being alone from time to time. Busy but alone is fine." A smile quirks her lips. "The trick with Sam is, I think, to distract him with something else. Misdirecting instead of out right deception, and damn his little spy spiel if he thinks he can see through my crafty plans." She seems to laugh quietly to herself, polishing off the mass of food on the plate before her.

"Oh I am *always* busy. Cooking and cleaning and taking care of Maya and Aladriel .. it's a full-time job without playing pretend soldier and spy." Kass chuckles faintly, raising an eyebrow at Lilith, "Crafty plans, eh? Well, good for you. Although .. Sam seems to take that sort of thing as a challenge. No doubt he has spies and cameras and bugs even in your house."

Lilith blinks and looks up, her eyes narrowing. "Oh no he doesn't. He wouldn't *dare*. He knows how I value my privacy and that of my clientèle, and besides that, I'd slap him silly, orthoskin be damned." She ruffles her feathers a bit, then laughs. "I'm not going to ask if you're teasing or not. Anyways. There's different kinds of crafty, and I doubt that even he could see me in the kitchen making him a Cheesesteak cake or something he wouldn't even register it as important."

Kass spreads her hands, "I have no idea. I know he looks into whatever he feels like for his own reasons. He started digging around in my background on a lark, because of a look I gave Ally once. So .. it is hard to say what he may or may not do to satisfy his purposes."

Lilith frowns a bit, her mirth subsiding. "Ah." A thought seems to strike her, her expression darkening and then she quickly shakes it off, shrugging. "There's nothing about me interesting enough to warrant an investigation."

"Which almost means that there is," Kass teases, smirking a bit. "And it is *that* sort of comment that will have him sending his agents and spies into your life. Because by saying there isn't anything there, it will make him want to look."

Lilith doesn't respond to that, not even Kass a "look", not changing her expression at all as she just reaches for her tea. "Oh, pshaw. I've already told him, you, Ally, more about my life then anyone else. What there is to hear has already been heard, believe me." She then does look over at Kass. "All that's left is some niggling little details that hardly need public airing, considering what I do for a living." Misdirection. A smile, however grim, a a vague reference to her kinks. No, people don't really want to delve into *her* underwear drawer.

Kass shrugs, "I thought the same thing. Perhaps he'll keep his eye on other work and leave the past the past." The elven girl doesn't seem overly convinced, but carries on, "In any case, I am sure that there is enough going on that he'll have other things to look into, other dalliances to entertain."

Lilith nods, setting aside the larger plate and pulling the small covered one in front of her. "Aye…actually, that's part of the reason I'm here today. I got called in for "work", he said."

It's a this point Kass may notice Lil is not dressed in her usual skirts, in fact something quite appropriate to a formal office environment.

"Work?" Kass hms, looking Lilith over quietly, "In town or out of town?" She waves a hand abruptly, "No, don't tell me. Probably better I don't know."

Lilith laughs softly. As she uncovers the dish, a pair of smoked, mostly whole fillets of small fish are revealed. Freaking Brits and their freakish ideas of breakfast material. Kippers. "No, no, it's fine. The son of a bitch called me in to do *paperwork*. He says I need more then just field experience, told me to come in *early*, and fobbed off a parcel of papers. Like hell I need to do office work, I suspect he's got more backlog then he's able to deal with at the moment."

Kass remarks, "Ah. Well, probably just wanting to give everyone a chance to assist somehow. I know that I've been a bit of a disappointment since I stay indoors most of the time and don't venture out as much. Or maybe he just wants to spread the love, so to speak, and let everyone have something to do. Alexander has been busy overseas and elsewhere in the country, I believe, and he did a lot of the paperwork."

Lilith chuckles, shaking her head. "Gods, Kass, you're not a disappointment. Don't be silly." She takes a critical bite of the kippers, chewing with a look of contemplation. Not baaaad, per say, but not the stuff you get from home. "I've no doubt he wants to "spread the love", as you say…oh, I'm not complaining that much. I appreciate the chance to learn more, and one can't ignore the nitty gritty details of the job."

Lilith is sitting with Kass, dressed in kind of formal office wear…they're chatting quietly over breakfast.

Kass toys with a bracelet, shrugging, "Maybe so. All the little details are what makes the big details work." She eyes the kippers and then Lilith, shaking her head, "An interesting breakfast, that."

Enter Julian

Julian slips into the cafe, pulling the door closed behind himself and pausing to look around at the decorations and motif. A grin forms under the black goggles. He is dressed for Downtown, a nice pair of slacks covered by a black shirt. He pauses to shrug off a nice-looking long coat and hangs it by the door. Without all the padding and armor he normally wears, the true form of his musculature is a lot easier to see. He nods and slides up to the counter, pressing down on one of the stools there. Satisfied it will hold him, he sits.

Lilith blinks, then grins back at the woman. "What? Kippers are a traditional part of a true British breakfast. Smoked fishies are great, the only problem is you can't get 'em good in the States."

Lilith eyes flit over to Julian, now entering. She arches a brow, but shrugs.

"I see. Well, you British have some entertaining ideas on what to eat, from what I've heard. I only passed through London once, I didn't get the full force of the menu." Kass glances to Julian as Lilith looks that way, then continues, "In any case, I don't mind fish, but .. not in the morning."

Lilith smile grows a little. "Oh? You know the whole fish isn't flesh thing doesn't really count, they're still meat. But, if you're open to it, I can always prepare you and Aladriel another breakfast, this time in the true British style. Or maybe dinner, give you good old fashioned fish an' chips."

Julian nods to the waitress, a smile forming, and the big trog orders a double dose of biscuits and gravy. "With a touch of Tabasco, if you would?" He orders a tall glass of cola as well, then sets the menu down, turning to examine the decorations in more detail.

Kass shuts down just slightly, shaking her head, "We're .. not doing any sort of meat right now. We may have to take you up on it a bit down the road, but right now we're sticking to a totally meat free diet." She shrugs a little and manages a smile, "Ally goes in phases, and this is just one of them. I'm sure she'll be interested down the road."

Lilith eyes flicker a little, but she nods. "Of course. I was just jesting." She smiles. "It gives me good impetus to practice and vary my cooking lessons. I'll try out a few vegetarian recipes and see how things turn out."

The elven girl shrugs a little, laughing slightly, "Well, we're just weird I guess. It drives Johny crazy that we don't eat steaks and chicken and ribs and whatever other piece of flesh he can burn on a grill." Kass shrugs again, "It's just one of those things. Sometimes we like seafood and other times .. not so much. Right now we're on a greens kick, and of course I just have to have a ton of fruit. I'm trying to keep Ally from living off mana."

Julian is reading the body of a newspaper article in a frame across the room as his drink is delivered. He gives a quick "Thanks" to the waitress and grabs the glass, pulling the straw out and setting it aside, opting to sip right out of the glass.

Lilith chuckles faintly. "That's good. Make sure you take your vitamins, though, there's lots of protein and iron and what not that the body derives from meat that vegetarians can very easily go into deficiencies over. There's nothing wrong with not eating meat, everyone's entitled to diet as they choose, but you shouldn't let your body down too much." She winks. "And eat lots of eggs, milk, and cheese, unless you've gone the vegan route."

Nodding, Kass remarks, "Oh, we take lots of vitamins and I cook all sorts of things that end up giving us a pretty close approximation to what we need. We're certainly doing better than most folks in the Warrens, for example. And we eat eggs and milk and cheese .. a ton of all that, actually. Just never been a real fan of meat, and Ally doesn't care for it either. So we just .. have our own thing. Not quite vegetarian or whatever, or not for the same reasons, but there you go." She laughs a little and shrugs.

Lilith chuckles and nods. "Fair enough. And besides, if you do want meat-like meals, most of the stuff out there is soy substitutes anyways. But good to get the real stuff if you can." She glances briefly towards Julian, perhaps curious as to why the troll is here.

Julian takes a long gulp of cola, draining the glass to about 3/4 in a single pull. He sets the glass down, accompanied by the faint rustle of ice cubes impacting each other. He hasn't noticed Lilith and Kass yet, distracted as he is by… a big black circle with a bright label in the middle. Perhaps some sort of throwing weapon. One eyebrow quirks upward above the goggles as the trog regards the object.

"We spend a ton of cash on the real thing. Just money, after all, and I am not needing to buy other things with it. It's nice to be able to just do that," Kass shrugs a little, "I don't miss meat, anyway, I never really had a chance to eat much of it in my life, and what little I did I didn't care for."

Lilith nods. "I never grew up with much of it either, but…well, I don't know. I just *crave* it sometimes. And the real thing too." She smiles again, finishing the kippers with a contented sigh, now wrapping her long fingers around her mug of tea. "Maybe I've got some sort of iron thing or a fast metabolism. It's not so much that I really like meat, more that I feel like I need it."

Lilith looks over at Julian, calling out politely over the din of the diner. "It's a vinyl record. You get music from it."

"Could be. The body wants what the body wants." Kass glances over to see what Lilith is talking to Julian about, raising an eyebrow. She sinks back in her seat at the booth, jacket across her lap.

Julian turns to the waitress as his food is delivered, nodding and thanking her. "Excuse me, ma'am… who is" The trog turns back to look at the black disc again, then turns back. "…Chubby Checker?" The waitress giggles and shakes her head, stepping away, thinking it must be a joke. Julian is surprised and confused by her reaction, and would have called her back except that the scent of the gravy floats up into his supercharged shnoze. He is going for his cutlery, but Lilith's voice catches his similarly superhuman ears. His head turns to try to pick her out of the crowd.

Here's Ally!

Kassandra is at a booth with Lilith, with Lil having any number of plates and glasses before her and Kass none. She has her jacket across her lap and is watching the door. She perks as Aladriel walks in.

Lilith turns back to her friend after addressing Julian, chuckling slightly. She also warms up a bit as she spots Ally…in front of her is the remains of a rather substantial breakfast.

Ahhh Big D's Cafe. Where Aladriel's diet goes to die. She mumbles inwardly at Lilith and Kass for having her meet them there. She hides it well, though, when she comes in because she's all smiles and brightness. She waves to the two.

Brightening considerably, Kass waves to Ally and scoots over to make room for her. "I waited to eat till you got here. I was just keeping Ms. Lilith company and chitchatting."

Julian finally spots Lilith, and counts the crumbs on her bread plate before he nods and waves to the pair. Aladriel gets a nod as well, then the big trog turns back to his Biscuits and Gravy breakfast.

"Morning you two!" Ally greets brightly as she sways on up to the table and slides in right next to Kass. A cursory glance around the cafe reveals Julian and she hmms a bit towards him before her eyes return to the ladies at the table. "Oh, thank you Kassie. Did you find anything I could actually eat?" she asks with a smirk.

Lilith laughs softly, grinning at Ally. "Oh, there's plenty! I really had a late breakfast anyways, it's more of a lunch…no doubt delicious soups and salads are now readily available." Gods, look at that plate in front of her. Where does she *put* it all?

At the booth, Lilith voice lowers a notch as she smiles at Ally. "Would you ever believe Mr.Wulfson called me in *early* today? The bastard's having me do paperwork, the only reason I'm out here and dressed like this."

Kassie giggles slightly, only blushing slightly. "I think there are a few things that might be interesting. As Lil says, some salads and soups, a bit of breakfast as well. Just depends on how hungry you are, I guess. Maybe we could split one of those big platters with lots of pancakes."

Ally blanches at the words put together: big, platter, pancakes, and shakes her head firmly. "Not unless you're spending the rest of the day with me on a treadmill," she says with a shake of her head. "Maybe a soup, salad and fruit, mmmm hmm," she decides with a wink.

Lilith rolls her eyes. "Oh, stop, woman. You're skinny as a rail. I'm almost starting to worry about you…isn't she fine the way she is, Kass?"

Julian goes to work with fork and knife on the mound of sausage gravy and buttermilk biscuit in front of him. Paring the biscuits into smaller pieces, he spears them with his fork and shovels them in, sipping from his glass to wash it down.

Kass waves a hand to the waitress, rattling off their order along with orange juice, milk, cranberry juice, and two coffees extra sweet. "I think she is utterly radiant, but I am a little biased I am afraid." She glances down at herself, "Although I need to get my big butt back on the treadmill I fear."

Lilith forehead slaps at the both of them.

Ally looks at Lilith and seems to consider her words, and then dismisses it with a wave. "Nice of you to say," she says with a smile that shows she doesn't believe it at all. Next Kassie gets a look, this one softer, at first, but then quickly becoming horrified. "Big!" she gasps, and shakes her head firmly, "It's perfect, just perfect. Not big. Just the right size," she adds affectionately.

Lilith shakes her head. "Will you two just listen to each other? Gods above. You're both prettier then I, as far as looks go, and as to your bodies…both of you are telling the other you're just perfect. Will your self consciousness allow you both to *trust* each other in that regard?"

Bobbing her head, Kassie says, "As you say, Ally." She glances to Lilith and shrugs a little, "Oh, I trust her with my life and totally believe what she is saying. But if *she* is too big and worried about eating, I must need to exercise as well." Kassie grins at little at Ally before remarking to Lilith, "It's how we play, Lil."

Irony… a bunch of guys get together for a meal, they talk about how hot women are. A bunch of /women/ get together for a meal, they talk about how hot /each other/ are. Life if strange… But at least the gravy is thick and well seasoned.

Lilith just rolls her eyes, talking with Ally and Kass in a booth off to the side. "Eris."

Ally looks at Lilith and seems ready with a rapid-fore retort. Then she stops, thinks about it and furrows her brows. "Damn." She looks to Kassandra. "She's kind of got us there, doesn't she? And you've got me there! Cause….grr," mumble mumble grumble. "Fine fine, Kass is beautiful and I'm okay. Settled!"

Kass frowns just faintly at the last thing Ally says and leans over to say something quietly to the other.

Look! It's Janie!

Janie pauses on her way in as she hears the comments, then continues on to the counter. "Afternoon, all."

Lilith arches a brow at Kass and Ally, crossing her arms over her chest. "And gods above, if you can't trust the opinion of your *friends*…" She shrugs, then smiles at them. "Don't make me have to tell you again." She then raises a hand and waves Janie over.

Julian shovels another forkful of gravy-soaked biscuit into his mouth, reaching down to grab the napkin at the side of the plate. He brings it to his mouth and dabs away the blot of gravy that dripped from the fork.

Whatever Kassandra whispers to Aladriel results in a good amount of blushing from the woman. She gives Kass a very warm look and she nods her head. "Okay. It's all settled, again. We're beautiful," she decides with a satisfied smile. Then she frowns a tiny bit. "That sounds so conceited, though," she mumbles. A quick wave to Janie, and then Ally's addressing Lil. "I dunno how Lil stays trim. She eats as much as the big guy but is less than half his size."

Janie nods and heads on over, picking up a menu on the way to let the waiter know she'll be ordering shortly.

The said big guy in question, Julian, is motioned to vaguely by Ally to illustrate her point.

Accepting her juices and coffee, Kass waves to Janie in passing and nods to Lilith, "We'll be told, sorry Lilith." She glances to Ally and seems pleased at the blushing whatever she says caused, sliding the other coffee to her as well as the creamer. The orange and cranberry juices find their way between the pair as she shrugs to Lilith. "Sorry, this is just a long-standing argument."

Lilith shrugs. "I was just mentioning that to Kassandra. I wonder if I've got some kind of metabolic thing…enh, but I work hard, whether practicing dancing with the girls or training or the sex." She grins with just little bit of a mischievous glint.

Lilith nods to Kass as well, smiling. "And no worries."

Julian continues wolfing down the breakfast. He is mid-chew when Lilith says the magic word, and the trog's head snaps up and around to face her. He grins to Aladriel, tapping his stomach. "C'mon, Aladriel, you know I work hard to maintain this girlish figure of mine."

"Other'n that, how're th'three o'ye doin'?" Janie asks as she sits herself down by the table.

Aladriel takes her coffee without looking, sips it, winces and makes a face and sets it down. Almost automatically without really looking she starts adding copious amounts of sugar, enough to induce a diabetic coma. When she sips again…..ahhh, big smile. Its with this happy look that she considers Julian. "Indeed," she smirks. "I should make a spell that calculates BMI to shame some folks," she chuckles.

"Don't cast it my way, I am ashamed enough." Kass toys with her coffee, pouring in plenty of cream and sugar. She remarks to Janie, "So far so good. Getting out a tiny bit more, which Lilith tells me is healthy, and which I think is not."

Lilith chuckles faintly. "I'm fine, how're you Janie?" She glances to Ally's diabetic coffee and bites back a laugh. "Oh, Kass, don't be silly. Go for a picnic or something in the park, take Maya for a drive…nothing wrong with that." And then…a faint buzzing sound, coming from a small purse lying beside her. Lil patiently closes her eyes.

Ally tsks at Kass and shakes her head, "Wouldn't cast it on you, dear, but I'm sure you're fine," she says warmly. The sound draws Ally's attention to Lilith's purse. "Hm, you know Lil, Kass and I tend to leave those at home. We normally don't have need for one out at breakfast. Especially cause its embarrassing when they just turn on like that."

Kass starts to answer and then flames redder than Ally's hair, covering her face with her hands.

Lilith gives Ally a look that would freeze glaciers. "I'll be sure to inform Mr.Wulfson of that fact when I respond to his message." She doesn't take her eyes of the women as she removes the pocsec. She then, finally, lowers her eyes to read the message, muttering it under her breath. "Break is over. Stop chatting up the girls and get back to work…Oh that *bastard*."
Julian shovels the last of his breakfast in and drains the rest of his cola, setting the glass down. "Delicious" he compliments as the plate is bussed away.

Ally's shield is happiness, warmth and love and the satisfaction of successfully having needled the woman. So she's able to meet Lilith's gaze evenly. Then, carefully she looks to Kassandra and stage-whispers dramatically, managing to sound appalled. "She NAMED it Mr. Wulfson! And she talks to it!"

Janie chuckles, then looks at Lil. "Trouble?" she asks.

Kassandra bursts into laughter at Aladriel, murmuring, "You are bad!" She giggles, eyeing Lilith now as she keeps laughing, shaking her head.

Lilith gives Ally a look again. She then begins to text her boss back. "Ally…sends…her love…tells me she…named the vibrator…Mr.Wulfson…" Oh, that was mean. Mean, cruel, and evil. Lil, deadpan, looks back to Janie and shrugs. "No, he just wanted me to come in and take care of some paperwork. Apparently it's good to learn how to do that sort of thing."

Lilith looks down again. Adds to the text. "Not kidding."

Kass remarks, "Well, he'll *know* that is a lie, Lil." She shakes her head, "You have to research a good lie."

Lilith looks up, innocently. "What lie?"

Shaking her head, Kass remarks, "You aren't nearly as good at that as you want to think." The elf grins just a little, "At least not to me. Sort of like those x-ray glasses, I can see right through you."

Lilith makes a face and gets up, easily sliding out of the booth with an annoyed twitch of her tail. "So you say." She says sulkily. "I hope you lot have fun. *I* get to go mill through more sheafs of paper."

Kass sighs, "Sorry." She stares into her coffee cup a moment, "Give Johny our best."

"Take care, Lilith," Janie responds. "Try not t'let th'paperwork bring ye down."

Lilith shakes her head. "Oh, no worries Kass. I need to learn how to take teasing better." She smiles faintly. "I won't, Janie, and thanks. Oh, Ally, one more thing…could we maybe arrange a time for you to visit the house? I really hate to be a bother but I'm worried about the wards and the girls have been asking after you."

Kass nods quietly, letting her glance move to Ally as the other is asked a question and then back to her coffee. She remarks softly, "I'll make a note to remind her."

Ally doesn't seem too bothered at the teasing, and really just smiles at it all. She looks a bit sad to see Lilith making to depart, but alas, work is work. "Sure thing, Lili. Will be by."

Lilith nods, smiling again. "Whenever's good for you…cheer up Kass, don't let my silliness bring you down." She looks embarrassed for a moment, then begins to make her way to the door. "I'll see you all later."

Exit Lilith

Kass watches the madam leave, the faintest frown on her lips. Food will arrive shortly thereafter, and Kass will look over it critically before shrugging and poking at her salad.

Julian reaches into a pocket, pulling out a credstick and pressing one tip to the pocsec he is handed, not even bothering to read the bill displayed on it. After a second, he pulls the credstick away and pockets it, beginning to stand.

Ally seems much more pleased with the spread that arrives than Kass does. "Ooooh, all this good stuff. I love a variety and I love it even more when it's all no worry stuff!" With that she digs in, a wedge of apple, a bite of salad, a heat-test of the soup. Then she ooohs and cuts up some pear into tinier pieces, and shovels it and some grapes into her salad, which she then digs into. Mmmmm.

Ally's enthusiasm is catchy, and soon Kass will find herself digging more fully into the food. "Well, it isn't bad for something I didn't have to make myself, that much is sure." She grins at Aladriel, shaking her head and remarking quietly, "Even when I am feeling bad you can make me smile and get over it."

March 29, 2009

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