Black Snake Moan

Lilith knocks on the large front door, standing rather small against the size of the house. It's probably bigger then hers.

The door will open, Kass halfway dressed at least: jeans and a leotard, no shoes. She waves, making a quick curtsey, "Come in, come in, out of the cold." There are a number of moving boxes in this room.

Lilith nods carefully and moves in, taking off her neat little hat. "Thank you…goodness."

Lilith looks around, smiles. "It's lovely."

Nudging the door closed with a knee, Kass says, "All Sam and Bene, I am afraid. Ally and I have contributed to the mess, but little of the decor, yet." She chuckles a bit at that, fluffing her hair out a bit, asking, "Tea? Or something stronger?"

Lilith nods. "Stronger." She sets her cane and hat aside. "Now." A breath, and then she scowls in an almost comic fashion and points dramatically behind her. "I asked for a snake, Kass! Not a great bloody TWENTY-FUCKING-FIVE FOOT MONSTER! I've got a legless dragon terrorizing the girls in my fucking living room! 25 feet! I asked for an anaconda to dance with, not a great bloody…!" The tirade continues as she slips into completely unintelligble Cockney slang, a masterpiece of London gutter vocabulary. At the same time, however, her cursing lacks real heat, and she seems very much as frazzled as Kass did trying to propose.

A pause. Another. Then Kassandra bursts out laughing, leaning against the door. She snickers, shaking her head and putting a hand over her mouth as Lilith continues, watching her with wide eyes. The elf laughs, motioning towards the Study, "We better move in here," she says between laughter, "Ally doesn't know I am up, and she'll flay us if she hears all the noise." The woman giggles, heading into the study, "Twenty-five foot you say?"

Lilith stamps her foot, all fine fury and bustle. "Ye fucking gods, woman. YE FUCKING GODS. I'll have every fucking Aztlaner RIDING my ass after this! And not in the fun way! Do you have any fucking idea….oh LORD, I'll have to renovate and add a gigantic fucking room just to display it! I'll have to order goats! I'll have to…all right, ok, no. I'm not going to lose my rag again. I've promised to stop doing that.

Kassandra leans against the wetbar, pouring a scotch for Lilith with shaking hands. She laughs until tears roll down her face, taking a moment to get her composure. "Well .. um … maybe you can have a group dance?" She bursts into laughter again, handing the drink to the woman.

"Maybe it was a problem with the translation? I knew his Spanish was a little off, and that Portugese is somewhat close …"

Lilith wails and takes the scotch, downing it…quickly…then slamming it down without a blink. "Sweet blessed Eris. The bitch. I made all the prayers, all the right sacrifices…damn her to hell." She stomps back and forth. "Oh, it's all very well and good for you to laugh, my dear, but I'M the one that has to deal with the thing now. Good lord. ERIS! Kassandra, you've landed me with an oversized garbage disposal! What the hell am I supposed to…oh." She suddenly, frightenly, looks thoughtful.

Kassandra reaches in to refill the glass, a grin firmly plastered to her face. "Well, I can, um, order another? I mean, I am sure I can make him understand that you want something smaller, maybe like six or seven foot long?" Kass snickers, replacing the bottle on the bar.

Lilith grabs at the bottle, GLARES at her, and then presses the bottle firmly to her lips. She tilts her head back and…good heavens…chugs a few healthy swallows of the fine, aged liquid.

Kassandra just falls out again watching Lilith, leaning against the desk. She fans herself, dabbing at her eyes. "Oh my God that is hilarious. I am so sorry, Lilith, do you want me to get rid of it? I am sure that I can find someone who needs a .. er.." She laughs again, shaking her head.

Lilith snarls quietly, setting the bottle down. "Oh no the hell you will NOT! I've got it, I'm damn well going to keep it. Besides, where else will I hide the bodies? Damn thing only needs to eat, like, once a month.

Lilith mutters something under her breath.

"Ahhh .. ok, well, I can see that. Maybe he, she, or it will need a little friend? Or do you think it would eat it?" Kass snickers, "But it would make a good intimidation thing, and hell, good PR. It'll keep down trouble."

Lilith grumbles again, and mutters. This time it sounds something like, "…mutter…called her Nerissa…follows me around…"

"Well, … if Alex ever gives you trouble, you have something bigger than him to make him back down?" Kass sniggers, sitting up on the desk. Sam would kill her. "But seriously, I'll see about getting you something smaller to dance with .. that seems a bit large for most erotic dancing, I'd guess."

Lilith grunts and nods. "If you could. Nothing over five feet, please."

Kassandra makes a 'tiny' gesture at Lil, laughing. "I'll make sure they get it right this time."

Lilith grumble again, looking sulky. It's probably the alcohol. "As well you should." She reaches for the bottle again and sips healthily. "It LIKES me, Kassandra! It's like a great bloody puppy! I fed it a steak and it put it's head in my lap!"

Lilith all but wails again.

Peels of laughter echo off the wall before Kass clamps her hands over her mouth, shoulders shaking as she drops her head, hair falling over her face. It takes several good minutes before she will be able to speak again.

Lilith looks VERY sulky now, hunched over her bottle like a miserable British cat caught in the rain. "Stupid snake…it needn't have looked at me like that…great bloody brown eyes…"

Kass pants, catching her breath, "Oh my. Well, um .. you were feeling lonely, so .. " She snickers, waving a hand and giggling. "The big one won't eat a little one will it?"

Lilith grunts, weaving slightly as she sets the bottle down. "Not when I have them seperated." She gives Kassandra an evil glare, and an even wickeder smile. "Unless the big 'un tries to bugger the little 'un. That'd be a sight, eh?"
Her eyes go wide as Kass thinks about that, her snickering lessening. "Wow. That would be like you and Minos, no?" She grins at that, shaking her head. "Oh lord, I don't think I've laughed this much in a while now. It's .. not funny, and yet one of the funniest things I've heard."

Lilith sulks some more. "Bloody laugh, me luv. Bloody laugh. Feckin' 'ilarious!" Drunk enough to be Cockney now. "You…you are going to order me the supplies for a display room. We'll..*hic*…put her off the club room, 'ave a big bloody glass wall for the punters to look at. I'll 'ave a spot inna dungeon for 'er too, to scare the cunts we drag down there onna run or somethin'."

Grinning, Kass mentions, "Well, we can do that. We can have a hole .. a big hole .. for it to slither down to the lower levels and back up. I mean, it'll be a really nice thing for the girls to have aroud, and something for the folks to gawk at. You'll be rolling in cred."

Lilith wails a little again. "Oh eris! The snake'll eat it all up! And…and…" She regains some control, taking a shaky breath. "You're forbidden, FORBIDDEN, from having the baby anywhere near the house. Y'all have to get a sitter when Ally comes over."

Lilith shakes her head. "I mean, at least till the bloody thing has it's own bloody room."

A faint laugh, "I don't think it will eat Maya, but we'll be careful. Probably shouldn't let her near it, tho … either it will eat her or she'll want it." Kass giggles, watching Lilith lose it.

Lilith groans and collapses into a chair, arm thrown dramatically over her eyes. "Oh, heavens, what did I do to deserve this! Other then all the sinning?"

"The sinning probably had a large part in it all." Kass snickers. "Seriously, it'll be good for the club, and it'll be a nifty little thing. You'll probably get even more punters in to the place, and you'll be rolling around in a bed of cash. And people will ask for special snakes, and want to breed with it .. I mean their own snakes. Now you just need special apples."

Lilith snorts and waves her hand. "As you say." She continues to lounge, then suddenly points at the short little woman. "You! You'll have to accept this as my apology! I was such an utter bitch earlier and now you're laughing because of me!"

She nods, "I will of course accept, Lil. And it is nice to see you so .. relaxed." Kass watches the woman, her lips curled into a smile. She starts to say more but just laughs.

Lilith moans and just slouches. She's relaxed, all right, and drunk on the better part of a 50 year old bottle of scotch. "Ha. HA! Now…now…ye'll 'ave to get me 'ome. I can't drive." Another sip. "Aye, ye'll have to drive. Ally's 'ere witha babe, aye? So ye can get me 'ome."

"I can do that, sure. We *do* have an extra room or six if you'd rather just crash and I can take you in the morning?" Kass slides off the desk, adjusting her top carefully.

Lilith shakes her head, rising to her feet. She moves with the careful, studied grace of a professional dancer, and a drunk. She sets the bottle down, very carefully, and moves to the door. The tail comes in handy sometimes. "Nope. Gonna go 'ome. And ye can see me Nerissa."

«OOC: They travel to the Apple»

Lilith staggers into the room ahead of Kassandra. She holds up a hand at the woman. "Jussa sec…" Waiting, Kass can look around Lil and see….a massive, massive set of coils, lumped around Lil's bed and the floor. As Lilith enter, the pile shifts, and a black scaled head rises slowly, eyes blinking, tongue flicking in and out rapidly. It looks at the taller woman almost mournfully, and then slowly slinks over to her with a groaning sort of hiss. "Awww, there's my baby. Hey there, me love, did you miss mommy? Whassa good girl, yes she is…" Lil seems to soften like butter when she spots the snake, moving forward into the room.

The elf stares at the giant of a snake, tipping back her cowboy hat, "That .. is one big fuckin' snake." Kass watches the scene like something out of a trideo, staying where she is. It has to get past Lilith to get her, after all, and that gives her time to run.

Lilith walks carefully towards the snake, and by the fireplace the massive creature rears it's head up, and with a glad expression…as much as a snake can…places it's head on Lil's shoulder. Lil coos and pets it…pets it!…and giggles softly at Kassandra. "Thassa good girl…now now…" The snake closes it's eyes and goofily rolls over, laying itself in front of the fire with it's head up. Lil scratches it and it hisses happily again, and the woman grins at Kass. "C'mon in, she's just a big sweetie."

Kassandra steps inside carefully, watching the giant snake with a mixture of awe and anticipation. "That .. is way bigger than I intended you to get. I am so sorry, Lil." The elf keeps back, watching the woman and the reptile interact.

Lilith giggles drunkily as she scratches the snake, and then staggers towards the bed, unconcernedly discarding clothes as she goes. "S'all right. Ye got a chuckle outta it, eh? And I like it. It really will be handy to get rid of bodies." She's casually, frighteningly serious, the simple plainess of a drunk person with no inhibitions. She plops on the bed, half naked, peeling off her stockings. "Might have to chop 'em up a bit…and, for interrogation, nothing like this beast lying there lookin' pretty."

"Lil …" Kass pauses, watching the woman disrobe, looking at the snake, "You are NOT going to sleep in here with that thing are you?"

Lilith blinks, looking at the woman. "I've nowhere else to put it…oh, no, wait, I can put 'er in the dungeon if I get some space heaters. Otherwise she'll getta chill."

Lilith flops over backwards on the bed, curling up with the sheet dragged over her breasts, then sliding upright in a toga-wrap. "Come along, luv, mum's gotta put ye to bed." She beckons the snake, and the creature once again contently follows her. Eerie image, Lil wrapped in a black silk sheet, leading a black snake as easily as one would a dog.

"Space heaters. I'll get them. Space heaters." Kass shakes her head, moving to get whomever is up to help her set up a good place for the giant snake. She shakes her head, flying around the house to get things ready.

Lilith brings the snake downstairs, gets her safely and warmly esconced, warns the girls, locks, bolts, and nails the door shut. She then, with Kass's help, staggers back upstairs, collapses on the bed, curls up. "Thankee, Kass."

Kassandra helps tuck Lilith in, "Take care." The elf will head out, driving back home.

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