Broken Lock

The CIA agent between the two of them, can quickly get a safe house set up on the fly, for temporary measures. A call is made, some work done… and by the time Lockstep wakes back up, the room is constructed and in the background, a track of 'natural' sounds plays. It's a 2 hour loop, so its unlikely Lockstep will ever catch on.

Johan, dressed in a suit, looking like a somewhat middle aged Russian gentleman, is seated in a plush chair. A fire is burning in the fireplace behind him, in which a collection of impliments are heating… He has a cup of coffee in one hand, a cigar in the other, one leg cocked up and over the other one. He awaits his 'friend'.

Lockstep had been sitting quietly in his restraints. His head cleared about an hour ago and he'd started reviewing the events past. His head is hung, as if he is deliberately avoiding seeing anything he might have to pay for. He's been getting ahead on his long trip of convincing himself its gonna be ok, murmoring lips issue inaudible affirmations.

The sound of heels on the floor marks Kassandra/Anastacia's presence in the building, the stiletto heels striking the ground with mind-numbing repition. She has stayed near Lockstep as he wakes up, letting him breath in the dangerous pheromones. Her features have been altered: hair blond, eyes blue, features distinctly European. She simply stares at the man as she stalks around him.

Johan puffs his cigar, watching the man for a moment. "Well." Says he, not rising. "This… is an interesting situation." He glances to Anastacia as she moves around… "Perhaps, my friend, we shall start this… civilly. Like friends, having a -conversation-. I, am Mikail." he says, shifting to take a sip of his coffee. "And you are?"

Lockstep explains quietly "I don know nothin." he continues "You aint gettin nothing." he begins to rock the chair "YOU AIN GETTIN SHIT!" he nashes and hops the chair up and down slightly "BIT YOUR TITS OFF BITCH! YOU CAINT HOLD ME! AIN NO FOUR WALLS HOLD LOCK! SLITCH YOU AINT DREK! YOU GOT NOTHIN! COME CLOSER SLITCH! I BITE YO FRAGGIN TITS OFF!" his eyes widen dramaticly, nostrils flare as breath charges into his lungs.

Anastacia raises an eyebrow at the man, letting him rant. She simply looks to Mikail, remarking in a faint Russian accent, "I believe he is not willing to have a conversation." She keeps her distance from the man, still walking around him slowly, the sound of her heels in his ears.

Johan raises an eyebrow, flicking the ash of his cigar off to the side. "Americans. Always with the bravado." He turns his attention to Anastacia, a smile coming to him. "No, did you not hear? He gave his name. Rude, but he gave it." He looks back to Mikail.. "thank you. Now, we have a relationship forming. You are Lock, I am Mikail… and so long as you answer my questions… you need not answer hers…"

«Auto-Judge[]» Johan (#799) rolls Psychology + Task Pool: 3 for "Being scary calm.":
2 2 3 3 4 4 5 9
«Auto-Judge[]» Lockstep (#9916) rolls 5:
2 2 5 5 8

Lockstep howls, stringy wisps of saliva looping down from his tusks, whipping with every word "HOME OF DA BRAVE! FRAGGA! CEE AYY ESS! CEE AYY ESS!"

Lockstep is obviously petrified, and his overly zealous demeanor is a sure sign of a weak defense by Johan's estimation. For the moment though, he seems animalisticly incensed.

Anastacia shakes her head, moving over to one of the tables nearby, looking over the collection of tools warming, several vials and old style needles as well as newer medical equipment. She sounds bored, "Always the same in the beginning. It is so tiring. Should we ..", she trails off, leaving that to the immagination.

Johan ahhs as he holds up a hand thankfully. "Look, you see, he's willing to have a -conversation-… He is from the Confederated American States… the poorer, smaller of the American nations…" He smiles then, leaning forward on his elbows, to sip his coffee and peer at the man carefully. "Now. Perhaps, we shall have a more -serious- conversation now. You are a smart man, Lock. I can see that. We are men of a mind. I want information. You want to live. We can -help- each other."

Lockstep eyes Ana warily, assuming they had left the instruments in view they are making him uneasy, its this and the intensity of her magnatism that drive his eyes back and forth between the cool reason of the Vory and the threat of certain torture from the ice-queen. He seems breifly unable to focus. Then he has a moment of inspiration "You ain let me live no how. Die with my lips shut like a MAN."

The faint sound of a hypodermic needle slurping up chemicals can be heard from where Anastacia is. She doesn't pay much attention to what Mikail is talking to Lock about, or so it seems. Instead, she preps the equipment, old equipment from before the UCAS and CAS split up, possibly from before the awakening itself. She doesn't do any of this theatrically; rather, she does her work in a quiet fashion, that of someone going about their daily routine: get some coffee, check email, torture guy to death, go to Applebees.

Johan mmms… "Perhaps that is true, Lock. I cannot tell you honestly I will let you live. If you cooperate, it is possible. If you do not cooperate, you will die. If you make the processes of determining that difficult? You will die… very painfully. Anastacia here… she is very good at what she does. But I have a weak stomache and I dislike to watch. So I would need to leave. And once I do… there is only one path for you."

Lockstep e glues his eyes to the needle, instinctively leaning away from Kass when she approaches with it. But not like leaning you do in an elevator, or over the John in the morning. More the kind of leaning you did when you where a kid and you mom tried to put your winter coat on. His body leaning toward Johan in a limp, flat, straining way, he wants no part of that needle.

"Hold still!" Anastacia barks at the man, eyes narrowing, voice then coming as a hiss, "If I miss your vein, I will be *very* angry." She looks questioningly at Mikail, "Now? Or are you going to coddle this American longer?" She steps back, holding the needle ready, a drip of chemical showing at the tip.

Johan getures to Lock. "Let him answer. Tell me, Lock. How -will- we proceed?"

Lockstep breathes his words through his nose, air contaminating his words as he looks to Johan with stoic features, eyes bleeding urgency as he pretends to be cool "Call dat bitch off, den I tell you what you need to know."

Kassandra scoffs, turning away from Lock, her words coming in a flurry of Russian, "Typical. A little needleplay and they cry for Mommy."

Johan nods to Anastacia, waving her off. "Now. Mr. Lock… tell me everything as regards to the mission you undertook 3 days ago."

Lockstep begins to explain, eyes tracking Ana, but clearly his lips are talking to Johan. "Short notice. Fixa says old Jay in town. Ain been round a looooong time." he swallows "Fixa say last time he in town, big job, big money."

Johan thinks this over, nodding to Lockstep. "Go on, Mr. Step. Tell me and my daughter about the mission you were given… in specifics. Leave nothing unsaid, for if you do, I will be forced to assume you left other things unsaid… and my dear Anastaica is -very- good at getting things to be spoken aloud…":

Lockstep continues unsteadily, lowering his voice as you do when you betray. "Fixa said it was all laid out, had ta get der early, setup the rig on the 'tenna."

Johan slurps his coffee. Noisily. "Are you thirsty, Mr. Step?" he asks, setting the coffee, steaming, to the side. "Maybe when we're done here we can get you something to eat. You must be very hungry."

Click. Click. Click. Click. Anastacia stalks across the room, arms crossed as she watches Lock, eyeing him the way you might a nice steak at a resturant.

Lockstep explains low, watching Ana's every move with attentively widened eyes. "Said you'd bring da boy to us, only thing we had to do was rope em. Jay take care of da rest." he explains "Then we use the packs and dump off to Ayzee. Jay come pick up da kid."

Johan thinks this over, looking at Lockstep. "The… boy?" he asks, curious. "What boy is that, Mr. Step?"

"He is lying." A pronouncement comes from Ana, her tone suggesting something horrible to come, something likely involving the red hot tools across the room.

Lockstep calls out in anticipation of being hurt, answering by raising his voice "Da slinga boy, Lowblow hadda sense him, he gots da mage eyes…till yas blew his eyes outa his head."

Commlink-«<Nacht»» Johan says, "They had no way to know I would bring him. None whatso ever…"

Johan leans forward now. "That… is interesting Mr. Lock. And… why did the Fixer want, this particular boy and how did this fixer know he would be coming, in specific? I want you to think before you answer, because the next words you say determine how this conversation proceeds."

Ana doesn't answer the comm, instead glaring daggers at Lock. She moves across the room in a pointed fashion at Mikail's commentary, selecting something that looks like a dentist's tool … if Satan were a dentist. It is currently cherry red on the end and smoking.

Lockstep nods with each word, his head crashing into his own shoulder and shaking the chair "YOU TINK I FRAGGIN ASK QUESTIONS!? SHOW ME DA MONEY, SLOT! Dats how I's OPERATE."

Smiling slightly now, JOhan nods. "And that is why you are tied up in a chair, having a conversation with me, Lock. Now is the one chance you have to redeam yourself and walk out of here with your knees and…" A glance is given over to where Ana is selecting her tools… "Oh dear… manhood…" He looks back to Lockstep. "Intact. I want to know everything about your fixer. THe person who got you the job. YOu will start speaking now, and when you are done, you will have told me everything you know. You may nod yes or no to tell me if you understand what I am saying… any other words, must be the information I require."

Anastacia starts back across the room, muttering in Russian under her breath. She doesn't slow, doesn't speed up, just approaches as implacable as Death, the tool glowing red in her hand. She stares at the man, her eyes showing no remorse, not the slightest bit of mercy.

Lockstep rocks the chair, stringy saliva thickened by fear and desperation lacing acros his chin "FRAGGIN DEAD MIKE! DEAD MIKE! DEAD FRAGGIN MIKE! AINT NO GODDAM SECRET I WORK FOR CADAVER." Cadaver might be a known alias of Dead Mikes, a knowledge skill roll would confirm what you suspect.

«Auto-Judge[]» Kassandra (#9777) rolls Street Rumors for "Dead Mike?":
1 1 3 5 5
«Auto-Judge[]» Johan (#799) rolls Shadowscene Players + Task Pool: 3:
1 3 4 4 4 5 5

«Auto-Judge[]» Kassandra (#9777) rolls Shadowscene Players + Task Pool: 1 for "Dead Mike?":
1 4 5

«OOC» Lockstep says, "Dead Mike doesnt sound familiar, Cadaver does. A known Ghoul who fixes, secluded, hard to reach, and yet known. Hes local, and could probably be tracked down."

Johan nods to Silk as he stands up… "Now, Mr. Lock… that wasn't so hard, now was it?" He asks, stepping closer. "Cadaver. He is known to us. We dislike people trying to capture one of our own. We will pay him a visit. Now. You have pleased us. YOu have worked well to satisfy our desires. For that, I will give you a choice in how this meeting ends."

He turns for the door. "You may tell Anastacia how you prefer to to die. She may even listen to you."

Lockstep howls and rocks the chair "OK! OK! YOU WANT BIG SCOUP?! I GOT BIG SCOUP. YOu let me outa here! I GIVE YOU SCOUP!"

Johan pauses at the door, looking at it. He blows out a puff of Cigar smoke.

Anastacia looks towards the departing Mikail as Lockstep starts howling. She casually backhands him across the face, leaning in to him. She doesn't scream, she doesn't raise her voice. The smell of burning metal is close the man, very close. "Shut. Up. You will talk. You will tell me everything you know or I PROMISE you, you will pray to die."

Lockstep growls and shakes his head "NAH NAH, DIS HOW DIS GO DOWN. You call my boy, you TELLS HIM where I AM. HE COME HERE, I SEE HIS FACE, DEN you GET SCOUP and I walk OUT." he shakes his head furiously "DATS HOW DIS GO DOWN. SCAN?"

Johan places his hand on the doorknob, his body tensing to pass through it.

Commlink-«<Nacht»» Johan says, "HE's really not very good at this."

Ana stares at the man, then casually pushes the burning poker into his left kneecap.

«OOC» Lockstep says, "And summarize! He has nothing left of use to you, if you put him down after some torture lets pose a summary, and then move on to other rp. :)"

«OOC» Kassandra nods. Okie dokie.

Horrible things will happen before Johan and Kass are sure that Lockstep has nothing left to tell them, nothing of use. It's not pretty, but in this world few things are. Kassandra looks to Johan, mouth a tight line. "That was fairly useless."

Johan nods to Kassandra, his features as impassive as they come. "But cathartic in its way. We know it was targeted at the boy… so this is no longer a watcher issue. From here, if you choose to assist, it's personal, not professional. I rather like the young man and Alexander supports him, so I am inclined to clarifying the nature of Cadaver's mistakes to him."

"Might be handy to have more information on him. Alexander hasn't been around much and all I know is Lil is facinated with him, and something about an artifact." Silk sighs, "I need a bath," she says aloud, more as a placeholder for actual feelings, her expression dour even through the mask. "If you need help, we will of course be there."

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