Bug Spirits

Insect Spirits are a type of magical spirit. They are responsible for Chicago becoming Bug City in 2055. They are summoned by Insect Shamans who 'invest' a spirit into a living host, human or otherwise. They are categorized as either 'social' or 'solitary' spirits. The social category includes Ant Spirits, Termite Spirits, Wasp Spirits, Fly Spirits and Firefly Spirits. Their solitary counterparts include Roach Spirits, Cicada Spirits, Mantis Spirits, Beetle Spirits and Mosquito Spirits.

When an Insect Shaman is looking to start a hive or nest they must summon a great spirit of the spirit type they are aligned with. These great spirits become the 'Queen' or 'Mother' for the hive or nest and are responsible for investing force into hosts to make up the lesser ranks. Most hosts are involuntary and there are horrific side effects that come with being invested with such a spirit. Most end up a half spirit half host hybrid known as a 'flesh form'along with physical traits of the Spirit type- Mandibles, vestigal wings, extra limbs and insectoid eyes are frequent as the host becomes a gibbering slave for the hive mind. A small percent become what is known as a 'True Form' spirit- the host is killed and a perfect insect spirit is birthed on the astral plane. True form spirits are oftentimes warriors for their hive or nest.

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