Capital Atlanta
Government Representative Democracy
Leaders President John McCain
Vice President Scott Roberts
Population 105,867,000
GDP (total ¥) 2.7 trillion
GDP (per capita ¥) 25,500
Currency CAS Dollar (c$) 3/1 Nuyen (¥)

The Confederation of American States, abbreviated as the CAS, and sometimes referred to as the Confederated American States, is a republic in eastern North America, stretching from the Atlantic in the east to the beginning of the Sierra Madre. It shares land borders with UCAS, Pueblo, Aztlan, and South Florida.

The country has 13 states, which have a level of local autonomy according to the system of federalism. A CAS citizen may be referred simply as an American, a Confederationist, or a CASer. Calling a CAS citizen a "Confederate" (referring back to the moniker used in the American Civil War) is often considered an insult (albeit an unintended one).

After the merger of US and Canada into the UCAS in 2030, delegates from the southern states of the US/UCAS met in 2032 in Atlanta at the Secession Convention to discuss. On 10 November 2034, Alabama, Arkansas, North Carolina, South Carolina, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Texas and Virginia seceded from the UCAS and form the Confederation of American States. The Treaty of Richmond signed by UCAS and CAS splits the state of Missouri, Virginia and the UCAS Sector of Denver in two, and merged northern counties of Oklahoma with Kansas.

In 2035, Aztlan invaded Texas. Texas seceded from the CAS after its government refused to send troops to retake lost territories. Texas returned in 2036 after failing to reconquer its lost territories.

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