Cassie Chat

You paged Cassie with 'Ironically; what drives people away from a game is not me saying my mom is the best mom, but exclusion, snubbing and rudeness. Just keep that in mind; you are evidencing in your actions and exclusions all the ills you claim I bestow upon the world. Nietzsche would be validated, were he alive.

I am not what you think of me; and I've made every effort to show you. I'm sorry your misconceptions and those of others rule you so completely.'.

Cassie pages: Your efforts to show me include all the bad mouthy and bashing publicly. If thats trying to make amends you've got a really messed up concept of it

You paged Cassie with 'I've never tried to make amends for things said in the heat of argument. THere's no point to it. I didn't not mean it, anymore than you didn't not mean it. Hollow apologies are pointless. In the moment, I was attacked for defending myself and playing fairly; even if I didn't know what was happening staff side; that some ques were dropped on his side (And I had ques dropped too, so in the end, it evened out) I played fairly.

But I was called a cheater, a liar and many less savory things. And in that moment; you meant them too. Do I ask you to apologize? No. It would be empty and pointless.'.
You paged Cassie with 'Instead, I've tried to be communicative and open, rational and conciderate. Willing to talk, and move forward, than endlessly rehash the old.'.
You paged Cassie with 'To focus on having fun, than in holding grudges.'.
Cassie pages: Yes it was so fairly that all Starks backers were jailed and punished my queues were held after it was 'over' all for opposing you yes alll sooooooooo soooo fair…and you've never once tried to be rational and reasonable or even offered anything don't try to play that

You paged Cassie with 'I have logs that show otherwise, Cassie, and I wasn't on staff. I don't know why they were jailed. You cannot accuse me of manipulating staff because I wasn't on it. I played by the rules as they were presented to me.'.
You paged Cassie with 'I had ques ignored as well, so don't nail yourself to a cross for that one.'.
You paged Cassie with 'It was a two edged blade.'.
You paged Cassie with 'And for the record?'.

You paged Cassie with 'I was jailed too.'.
Cassie pages: I was blatantly told that my queues were being held for backing starks during the dispute. So you lose that one
You paged Cassie with 'Who told you that?'.
You paged Cassie with 'Because I never heard that.'.
Cassie pages: And nooo no staff involvement when Kakashi scripted starks death and told him what he could and couldn't do so things went in your favor..He ignored Kardis getting invovled told her she couldn't play just so you could win
Cassie pages: Sooo nooooo noooooo was totaly totaly fair

You paged Cassie with 'Look, don't mock me. Thats not being open to communication either.'.
You paged Cassie with 'THats just childish and you're better than that.'.
You paged Cassie with 'A lot of things went down that were bad on both sides. but you only hear, or want to hear, the things that went bad for you, because it reinforces this idea that I've somehow bent the entire game to my will for nefarious purposes.'.
You paged Cassie with 'Thats just… not who I am.'.
Cassie pages: Why not you take the chance to publicly bash me every chance you've had. You and your 'best rpers' have created an NPE here that has driven people away
You paged Cassie with 'NPE?'.

Cassie pages: Non-playable environment

Cassie pages: NPE is a common term in gaming these days for a change in the game that ruins the game and makes it less playable. Your whole kill starks started a hell fo an NPE here for alot of people

[Watchers] Magically Delicious Kassandra says, "Ooo, Navy SEALS"
Cassie pages: You know what I learned.. I learned that I can do anything I want as long as it dosen't oppose the admins pet players..or player with Pet admins..thats what alot of people took out of the last 6 months here not just me. The model of Denver is crushed and ruined

You paged Cassie with 'I don't see a non-playable environment. I see you, and I see sheba having a serious grudge for things that were not in my control. The difference between you and Sheba is you at least, are open to talking about it.

I never wanted to fight starks. Remember that. I never wanted to be involved in PVP with him. I tried for a month to find a peaceful solution that simply involved him taking the bounty off -my- head. I didn't put a price on his head. He put one on mine.

Remember; we didn't attack him. He attacked me.

As for the pet admin players. I think you're doing Wyld and Athena a great disservice. You forget that Enki, as Grammercy, worked for starks. You're forgetting that Katral and Annie, worked for starks. You're overlooking that mistakes were made in BOTH sides. For example, there was an invisible chopper we were not even allowed to roll to see, that shot missiles that hit the same moment they were fired, even though the chopper was a mile and a half away.'.

You paged Cassie with 'These things happen, and we move forward. The only NPE, as you term it, is the one you create for yourself.'.

Cassie pages: So blowing up frankys wasn't an attack BS bashing his Rep wasn't an Attack
You paged Cassie with 'I …'.
You paged Cassie with 'I did't do that.'.
You paged Cassie with 'I never blew his anything up.'.
You paged Cassie with 'No watcher did.'.

You paged Cassie with 'We were NOT involved in that.'.
You paged Cassie with 'And I did attack his reputation after he put a price on my head.'.
You paged Cassie with 'I did that.'.
Cassie pages: I truely don't believe that at all ..AT ALL
You paged Cassie with 'The person who attacked FSI and Frankies was Antigone.'.
You paged Cassie with 'NOt a watcher.'.

You paged Cassie with 'Starks even knew that.'.
You paged Cassie with 'I thought you knew that!'.

Cassie pages: Your little powerplay destroyed characters because well what was learned your RP means nothing unless it benefits the watchers and you in particular thats the lesson learned about this game. When Kardis got told she wasn't allowed to play that proved to me that your only going to do what benefits the pet players…than Wyld has enforced your his pet players rather vocaly. Athena to her credit has helped to ease that but the sting is still there

You paged Cassie with 'I don't know what happened with Kardis.'.
You paged Cassie with 'I can't claim to.'.

You paged Cassie with 'I ddn't make a power pay.'.
You paged Cassie with 'play. I defended myself when someone put a price of a half million on my head.'.
You paged Cassie with 'I wish I could show you what I saw. I don't like PVP, I don't want PVP and it's always a zero-sum game.'.
Cassie pages: So saying all your Mafia contacts out did starks invaldating all his RP and managing to get that approved when there was no way in hell it should have gone?
You paged Cassie with 'Everyone loses.'.
You paged Cassie with 'Uh… What?'.
You paged Cassie with 'Can you clarify your question?>'.
Cassie pages: It was clear enough
You paged Cassie with 'No, it really wasn't. Can you clarify what you mean?'.

You paged Cassie with 'I want to understand you.'.
Cassie pages: Your never going to because you've already chosen not to
You paged Cassie with 'No, I'm asking you please, to help me understand.'.
Cassie pages: You made that choice months ago

You paged Cassie with 'Look. What happened months ago - I cannot fix -. It's colored by perception and prejudice. By conflict and by turmoil, between 2 staff administrations. I never made the choice to not to try to understand you or I would not repeatedly try to talk to you; to understand and to work with you.'.
You paged Cassie with 'Seee, and I'm not sure why, but I kind of like you. You're passionate, you're dedicated, and I know what its like to get beat the hell out of by a fast moving vehicle. Been there. Doing that right now.'.
You paged Cassie with 'I -want- to understand.'.

You paged Cassie with 'You have veiwpoints that sort of demonize me, but I've dealt with that in the past. But I am not attacking you; I'm trying to work to find an understanding.'.

Cassie pages: And I had a reasonable solution to everyhting which is my policy of not co-existing you can keep your 'were the best there is' policy and attitute thats fine but clearly your to good to be in the same game as me hence why I refuse to acknowledge A watcher presence. Has this hurt me yes it has since Im pretty sure a player will never log on a character that is intergal to Cassie. But oh well I feel more than right and justified oh hell yes. Because A) Icly Cassie has no love and WILL speak ill and be less than coperative B)OOCLY proven to not be reasonable..hell calling yourselves a dillusional best rpers is proof enough thats arrogant egotistical and frankly demeaning to everyone else so that alone makes me tell you to go fuck your self with a broken tobasco bottle

You paged Cassie with 'Then do me one favor.'.
You paged Cassie with 'If thats your final answer; do me one thing.'.

Cassie pages: I don't owe any favors and I've been around this game long enough this isn't the first time you've tried to Power play to control the grid and while many people might be fooled I am not and you can deny it but really I am not convinced. All I can do now is ignore you which I was doing till you decided to dig this all up tonight I was content with the policy of ignoring

You paged Cassie with 'Ignore me; ignore my alts, but place your anger squarely on me. Don't hurt Weeko with it, don't attack other people. If you have to be angry, if you have to ignore my efforts to be conciliatory, to work with and not against you; then leave the others out of it. Your problem is not with the Watchers; but with -me-.

And I'm not making a power play. I still don't see what I gained out of any of this, other than a headache, a heartache and a whole lot of frustration.'.

You paged Cassie with 'I only defended myself. I didn't start the fight with Starks, I tried to stop the fight with starks, but he refused to deal honestly. I'm sorry that staff botched it; but when someone puts a price on my characters head and won't back down, my character reacts as appropriate. Which is to defend himself. I know you think I'm talking out both sides of my mouth here, and I can't really care much about that; I've made every reasonable effort to communicate with you.'.

Cassie pages: No this has been your first communication attempt and all you have said is 'things are fair I deny any and all wrong doing' Your previous 'attempts' include calling me a raving lunatic on boards so stop seeming so self righteous. My problem is with the watchers. Because there are several others that have been rather billgerent to me OOCLY so weeko might be an exception to the rule as the only oe who hasn't given me shit. So to avoid continued conflict I avoid and ignore. Do you want to go back to public shouting and yelling because we can?

Cassie pages: So if staying out of my face is that much of a problem my point of conquering the grid is all the more valid since you can't leave one person alone. And Cassie isn't a fixer or anything shes a car thief and half way reliable infiltration speced shaman. I'm sure you can live without having to add that to your little flock of followers because that will never happen. And if thats a problem having someone who refuses to play your way well guess you'll just have to get me banned

You paged Cassie with 'Well, then, I'm sorry others have wounded you. My previous attempts were honest efforts to try and figure out why you wanted my spleen on a spit, given the fact we've never really RPed. And yes, I called you a raving lunatic. Maybe nto in those exact words, but in the intent yes. I felt you were being irrational and aggressive. You may not feel I am being honest, but I don't feel your being reasonable. The truth is not my story; because my story will always gloss over my imperfections. Your story is not the truth either; because of the same thing. We are human and our faults frighten us.

My problem is not your PC, Cassie. Thats never been why I keep trying to talk to you. My problem is your issues with me, which I feel are the result of biased information you've received from others, because we've never -interacted- save when you started slagging me on the boards and I, rather stupidly, responded.'.

You paged Cassie with 'I'm not evil. I'm not trying to take over the grid. I'm trying to tell a set of specific and interesting stories. To have fun with my friends. The whole starks affair was -not- what I wanted.'.

Cassie pages: Just bend and break rules so your stoires are told no matter what. Hell your antics all but drove KATER to quit….KATER so don't tell me your not trying to warp things your way

You paged Cassie with 'KAter's still on staff.'.

You paged Cassie with 'Looks like he was on yesterday. I didn't do anything to Kater.'.
You paged Cassie with 'I've… worked with him for 7 years now.'.

You paged Cassie with 'Off and on, mind. But 7 years.'.
Cassie pages: I've known him for awhile as well I've been playing here for alot longer than people think. So the whole property transfer thing that Wyld just turned a blind eye to that was money laundering nooo noooo that was totaly cool
You paged Cassie with 'Now. You want to talk about that? I mean, you show clearly someone cheated to give you details on that, but heres what it comes down to.'.

You paged Cassie with 'Here's the -frigging details- if you want them.'.

You paged Cassie with 'Skye and Ally were sisters, with Maya the old purple haired fixer as their mother. When Skye left town, she sold several properties and gave the others to ally as the -sister still in Denver-.'.
You paged Cassie with 'And I CLEARED IT WITH STAFF.'.
You paged Cassie with 'I filed ques.'.
You paged Cassie with 'Hey.'.
You paged Cassie with 'Get this.'.
You paged Cassie with 'QUES THAT URIEL PROCESSED.'.
Cassie pages: I got the details on all of it
You paged Cassie with 'NO, you really didn't.'.

You paged Cassie with 'Tell me, if it was wrong, why did Uriel, my -least- friend on staff, process my ques without a problem?'.
You paged Cassie with 'If it was illegal, why didn't she stop it?'.
You paged Cassie with 'answer: It wasn't.'.
Cassie pages: Say what you will defend it as you will thats your perogative but know that it damn near cost this place a damn good person
You paged Cassie with 'If defending myself when accused of cheating, when I didnt… is costing this place a damn good person?'.
You paged Cassie with 'I'll keep it in mind.'.

You paged Cassie with 'Wanna see the log?'.
You paged Cassie with 'The one where I defend myself?'.
You paged Cassie with 'I got it here.'.
Cassie pages: No

You paged Cassie with 'Why? Don't you want all the details, to make an informed decision? Or do you just one one side of the story?'.
You paged Cassie with 'Sorry. That was not cool. I appologize.'.

Cassie pages: See again I have a nice little solution your unwilling to accept. You and your little groupies stay out of my shit I stay out of yours..notice I won't go to any property owned by a watcher I don't want thm on my property and respect my own choice enough to avoid your shit. But you seem unwilling to accept something thats not totaly your terms

Cassie pages: I'd be willing to let Weeko slide and was going to say that to her till you jumped in my shit and distracted me

You paged Cassie with 'I paged you after she logged out.'.
Cassie pages: I don't have her watched for so I can't monitor log on/off times

You paged Cassie with 'No, I'm simply wanting to find a way to bridge the gap; you're a seemingly rational person, and I actually liked working with you. I felt, maybe, if I tried again; tried to be reasonable and talk to you, that maybe we could find the core of the issue and work it through like adults, because I thought you were worth the effort.

I still do.'.

Cassie pages: The gap is alittle large and frankly you've only served to ensure it stays that way more than anything..if your objective was to bridge a gap you must have dined on a burger with extra fail-sauce before trying

You paged Cassie with 'So it would seem. Let me ask you; since my methods don't seem to be working. What could I do to bridge the gap?'.

Cassie pages: Leave me alone is a start? Your antics and actions have driven away alot of friends I had here and have no real desire to just jump in bed with the group resposible for that. So you stay out of my face I stay out of yours. And again till you decided to reopen this today I have been doing just that…Yes I did a 100% ic queue that Me and Aladriel discussed the details of for quite a bit of time. And is saying the watchers as a group is bad for Cassie ICLY IC yes because she works with Kardis and Starks and the Watchers have hurt both of them thus hurt Cassie so why should she ever speak anythig but ill? And again long talk about that was the interest of things not blowing up again we worked out an alternate solution see there is no alternate solution to deep seated distrust and dislike. I have no desire to be associated with you or the desire what so ever.

You paged Cassie with 'I've never roleplayed with Kardis but once. I don't have antyhing against her. Even the scene were we did RP was retconned. And I work with starks too.'.
You paged Cassie with 'I left you alone for several months before I tried talking to you again.'.
You paged Cassie with 'I didn't appeal your rep que, I didn't argue with it.'.

Cassie pages: Again I am perfectly content with the polciy of leave me and I will leave you alone If thats not going to work for you your going to make thigns keep getting worse by annoying me because really I've found this an annoying rehash of the last 6 months

You paged Cassie with 'Unfortunately, so have I.'.
Cassie pages: Simply telling me to forgive and forget months of abuse and insults …not gonna happen..Your the kind of person in the navy that would be waking up every day with your boots filled with shaving cream and your clothes soaking wet. Because you can't ever see your own faults. Me I am a bitch I know that I have a temper. But you seem to keep clinging to be a helpless victim in this evil evil world that is wrogned all the time and does nothing wrong.
You paged Cassie with 'And thats where you're wrong.'.
Cassie pages: Thats not what you've been saying for the last hour or so

You paged Cassie with 'I've never said I was innocent; I just said I never knowingly cheated. That I never knowingly abused Starks. That I responded defensively.'.
You paged Cassie with 'That I tried to broker a peace.'.
You paged Cassie with 'That he wasn't the only one who had ques ignored and things go unexplainably wrong for him.'.
You paged Cassie with 'But if thats pure and innocent, Cassie? I don't knwo what to tell you.'.
Cassie pages: Everything you say is that you never did anything wrong never wronged anyone. Only defended yourself and totaly a victim..whihc is total BS and we both know that

You paged Cassie with 'No. We really don't. I never wanted to fight him. I tried to avoid it. I Can't help it if he was drunk or on drugs or otherwise frustrated with his real life and couldn't back down.'.
You paged Cassie with 'And I won't appologize for that. Nor would -you- in my place.'.

You paged Cassie with 'I'm no victim. I just wasn't the agressor.'.
Cassie pages: So you say
You paged Cassie with 'Well. I didn't blow up his buildings.'.
You paged Cassie with 'Antigone did.'.
You paged Cassie with 'Antigone wasn't a watcher.'.
You paged Cassie with 'And she wasn't even a friend.'.
You paged Cassie with 'She was a crazy crazy woman.'.

You paged Cassie with 'And thats sort of why she blew up starks's shit.'.
You paged Cassie with 'On what I think was a -reaaaaaaaly- stupid reason.'.
You paged Cassie with 'If I was starks, I'd have hunted her down and killed her. And I'd have helped him.'.
You paged Cassie with 'You do know why she did it, right?'.
You paged Cassie with 'He overcharged her for some bullets.'.
You paged Cassie with 'Stupidest reason to initiate PVP -ever-.'.

Cassie pages: Your still playing that victim card just being more passive aggressive about it
Cassie pages: And thats what makes you even more of an Asshole. You try to smear everyoe in everything you say to make yourself seem so victimized and wronged
You paged Cassie with 'Okay. So let me understand this. If I attack, I'm the evil dominator making a power play, but if I defend, I'm a victim.'.
You paged Cassie with 'Where is your middle ground?'.
You paged Cassie with 'Cause thats where I'm at.'.
You paged Cassie with 'I could have ignored him; I could have done nothing. I could have taken his price and hidden behind consent.'.

You paged Cassie with 'But I didn't. I responded ICly and tried to broker a peace. Because wars are expensive.'.
Cassie pages: First of all I know you can't be trusted
You paged Cassie with 'You know?'.

Cassie pages: Yeah I do..ben aroud along time

You paged Cassie with 'SO have I.'.

You paged Cassie with 'Given that I spent the better part of the last 3 years idle… I don't think you know me anywhere near as well as you think. But; You are dedicated to the ideal that I'm a lying evil bastard.'.

You paged Cassie with 'I'm just tryign to find reasonable middle ground. But I am starting to think that my best hopes aside, you don't possess any.'.

Cassie pages: You learn things and remember things. See I just generaly trade out characters enough that people don't remeber me..Cassie has been the sole exception to the rule 2 years is my new record. I've heard and seen alot of things in my 8 years here alot of things and I don't trust you when things are in the past are factored in

You paged Cassie with 'Such as?'.

Cassie pages: Why go through a list of things that will just be denied argued about for another several hours? Is it not enough that I DON'T trust you and probably won't

Cassie pages: Frankly I am tired because it is damn near 3am and ya know I was thinking about changing my finger info in just rest the counter tonight

Long distance to Cassie: Johny sighs. Now that, is passive aggression. Accuse, accuse, back peddle and reverse when asked for specifics. I've done my best. I really, honestly have. Good night, Cassie. I hope you heal from your accident.

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