The California Free State calfree.jpg
Population: 18,137,000
Per Capita Income: 28,000
Estimated SINless: 32%
Below Poverty Level: 27%
Corporate Affiliation: 48%
Educational Levels:
…Less than 12 Years: 34%
… High Sch. Equivalency: 39%
…College Degrees: 23%
…Advanced Degrees: 4%
Major Language: English (85%)
Spanish (10%)
Japanese (5%)
Currency: Nuyen
Capitol: Sacremento

California Free State is a global hotspot at the moment. The Northern Crescent, which borders Tir Tairngire and has the largest redwood forest in the world has long been a target of the Tir elves. Until recently this land was protected by the Great Dragon Hestaby, who's lair in Shasta Dam, provides the Northern Crescent with a majority of its hydroelectric power. Recent events have seen Hestaby joining the Council of Princes (in Tir Tairngire), leading many to believe a Tir invasion is imminent. Down in the Central Valley, Sacremento is in the control of rogue Japanese Protector-General Keiji Saito, who's iron fist and bigotry has sent metahumans fleeing from the Bay Area to the Crescent, aided by gypsy bands in a modern Underground Railroad.

With the turmoil gripping CalFree at the moment, things are in a certain state of flux. The Northern Crescent's income is based largely around criminal waterjacking, stealing water and selling it for profit. With General Saito rumored to have an interest in Chico-Oroville, location of a dam that is the Central Valley's largest watersource, and organized crime stepping up its operations in the 'water wars', many are left holding their breath to see what will happen next.

Relations are tense throughout the entire state, as many local megacorps have not taken kindly to General Saito's invasion of the Central Valley and subsequent shutdowns of non-Japanese-owned facilities, and rivals to the Japanacorps. The Pueblo Corporate Council has laid claim to all of Southern CalFree, and the Ute Nation has made moves to stop this claim. With the PCC making advances to the South, Saito controling the Central Valley and the Northern Crescent fearful of a northern invasion by the Tir elves, only time will tell what will come next in this volatile situation.

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