Aladriel Cindel

Vital Statistics

Full Name: Aladriel “ Ally” Ceinwen Cindel
(AKA: Ally, Phoenix, Angel, Red)
Metatype: Homo Sapiens Sapiens (American)
Vitals: 5'5, 110 lbs, Cinnamon Hair, Blue Eyes
DOB: 2/6/2045 (Age 24) (Seattle)
Nationality: United American and Canadian States
(UCAS-00604-0003MI-0000LJ-L5J )


Distinguishing Features: Fair skin, very bright eyes, frequently changing hair colors. Dresses casually and with hermetic symbols most commonly
Mannerisms and Habits: Lighthearted and sometimes teasing, seems carefree. Casual magic tendencies. Frequently converses with talking monkey. Incredibly impulsive. Speaks her mind often to the point of rudeness. Seems surprisingly naive about the ways of the world. Reclusive and hermit-like fairly often. Gets attached easily to others.
Associations: Formerly Lone Star, active staff of Denver General Hospital. Gave birth in November to daughter Maya (elf)
Capabilities: Powerful mage with a huge library of learned spells. Seasoned astral traveler including many visits to the metaplanes. Rumored to have gone solo to face the Seductress. Rumored to be a decent shot with a pistol. Unknown physical capabilities. Registered nurse and extremely skilled magical healer

Other information


Aladriel? Oh, yeah. What I've heard is that she's decently dependable, merciful, fairly friendly and brave. But I also heard that she's somewhat naive, moderately rude, just a little arrogant and slightly disrespectful. I mean, she's a real professional. But overall, she's never done much you could call 'bad'. That's all I know.
Dependable 17 Careful 8 Rude 6 Honest 0
Merciful 11 Disrespectful 3 Tough 6 Brave 15
Naive 8 Decisive 7 Perceptive 5 Honorable 6
Arrogant 3 Accepting 2 Hard-Working 6 Open 1
Unbalanced 1 Generous 4 Discreet 9 Friendly 13
Forgiving 1
Total Rep: 132 points (+90 net positive)
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