Alex Michaels
Alex Michaels
Full Name Sir Alexander Emmanuel Murphy, KMV
Known Aliases Minos, Little John, SuperMoo (much to his chagrin)
Genotype Homo Sapiens Ingentis - Minotaur variant
Vitals Metatype Height Eyes Weight Hair
Minotaur _ Black 8'0
Black 804 lbs. _ 364 kg Black
w/black fur
Nationality SIN
UCAS Citizen
(though declares 'American')
UCAS-05291-0006I5-0002N5-97V (R8)
British Citizen
(though see Background)
GBR-05291-0006I5-0001YY-HGR (real)
Date of Birth Place of Birth
May 17, 2032 New York, NY (Recorded)
April 17, 2032 Liverpool, Merseysprawl, U.K. (actual)

"Honi soit qui mal y pense." <Shame on him who thinks this evil.>
—King Edward III of Britain, 1348 (Motto of the Knights of the Garter)

Black thin fur, forward-swept (removable) horns.
Inobvious cyberlegs, thick skin.
and Habits

pausing often between statements. He is also known for a white-hat streak of honor. ||

Associations Alex Michaels is primarily known for his association with
The Draco Foundation, for whom he often acts as a Johnson, operative and
fixer. He is also known to work security for Lilith DeWinter's Apple and Snake club.

kill, as well as one of the most accomplished martial artists (kung fu) in Denver. He
is fairly athletic as well as a great deal smarter _ and better-spoken than most trolls. ||

Alex Michaels
Full Name Alex Michaels
Known Aliases Little John, Minos
Genotype Homo Sapiens Ingentis
Vitals Metatype Height Eyes Weight Hair
Black 804
Full Body
Nationality SIN
UCAS Citizen UCAS-05291-0006I5-0002N5-97V
Date of Birth Place of Birth
May 17, 2032 New York, New York
Black hair, skin, and thin fur; neatly groomed; forward-swept
horns kept sharpened and often decorated; cyberlegs (not obvious)
and Habits
Speaks with a distinct British accent, very deep voice,
Liverpool/Merseysprawl regional accent; almost always seen with a walking
stick/telescoping staff that has a dragon's head at the top and claw at the other,
made of redwood; favors a custom armor jacket with Dunkelzahn's portrait on the back.
He is well-known for his aversion to killing, always preferring to leave his opponents
alive. He has a penchant for using pool balls as throwing weapons.
Associations Michaels is well known to be the Draco Foundation's on-the-ground liaison
with the shadow community of Denver. While it's never been officially confirmed, it
is widely assumed that he is directly employed by the Foundation.
Capabilities Michaels is a minotaur with a long-term visibility in the shadow scene
around Denver. He has no magical abilities, but displays a marked resistance to magic.
He's a highly accomplished martial artist specializing in kung fu, staves, polearms,
and throwing weapons. However, the most notable quantity about Michaels is
that he is nigh-impossible to hurt. Tales of his having taken RPG rounds and
walked away from them are rife, and the rumor net has quite a few stories that
have him surviving impossible altercations. To what extent these are true is
unknown; needless to say Minos has a reputation for being one of the toughest
individuals in the Denver shadowscene. He is known to have cyberlegs, certainly
has bone lacing of some sort, has a pain editor, as well as some form of reflex
enhancement. He has also been known to use combat drugs at some times.


December 2068

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