John Wayne Cash

Vital Statistics

Full Name: Duke William Harley
(AKA: John Wayne Cash, Brian Fury )
Metatype: Homo Sapiens Sapiens (Caucasian )
Vitals: 6'6”, 260 lbs, Alpine White Hair, Chrome Eyes
DOB: 4/13/2039 (Age 30) (Arlington, Texas )
Nationality: Confederation of American States
(CAS-01575-0005X3-0001OB-L5A )


Distinguishing Features: Unmistakably tall and large for a human.
Mannerisms and Habits: Teaches Martial Arts, Known Philanthropist
Associations: Watchers, Diamond Dogs
Capabilities: Combat and infiltrations, Mercenary Warfare, Experienced Doctor and surgeon.
Recent Activity: Magical threat disposal, Robbery and Moonlighting on
Org buildings (Both mob and yak), superhuman strength training,Hermiting up in his apartment.

Other information


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