Jamileh Agassi

"Well, I better bloody be Sugartits."

- Jamileh Agassi, 2069

Vital Statistics

Full Name: Jamileh Agassi (AKA: Wisp, Jam, Jammie)
Metatype: Homo Sapiens Sapiens (Persian)
Vitals: 5'3, 100 lbs, Black Hair, Hazel Eyes
DOB: 30 September, 2047 (Sydney, Australia)
Nationality: Australian


Distinguishing Features: Middle eastern complexion, sometimes wears a small nose ring.
Mannerisms and Habits: Fidgets a lot. Speaks with a very broad Australian accent. Loves loud music and wears earbuds often. Smirks more than she should.
Associations: Been known to hang with a troll named Linc. Apparent friends with Popper and Cassidy.
Capabilities: Physical adept specializing in stealth. Can run up walls and move without leaving a trace. Speaks Farsi and Arabic very well, along with English. Very good at getting into small spaces.


The Agassi family has, for two generations, provided top-notch private security in southeastern Australian. Sanjar Agassi, second son of the founder of the simply named Agassi Security, has just retired from the business with his wife Laleh to a comfortable home in the Bahamas, leaving the security firm in the hands of their six children. Like Sanjar and his brother and sister, all six of the current generation have been trained since an early age to participate in the family business as future providers of private security, including the youngest, Jamileh, who was born in September 2047.

Alongside this very active training, Jamileh attended school with other children in Sydney, excelling in physical education as would be expected. Her grades were otherwise adequate, if not outstanding, although she paid closer attention to her tutors for her family's ancestral languages of Farsi and Arabic. Often a trace more slender and a hair taller than her companions, the dark-haired, olive-skinned Jamileh was a playful child, fitting in well with her classmates. Once her formal training with her brothers and sister began, however, she was forced into a more serious mien, a less-than-comfortable position for her. By her mid-teens, she was spending more time with her family than with classmates after school, particularly once her uncle Kian took her under his wing as his apprentice.

Six months into this apprenticeship, her magic emerged.

The first time that Kian Agassi noticed his niece's talent was during an infiltration exercise: she successfully avoided a barrage of training bullets (in essence paintballs) triggered after she tripped a trap. Her raw reflexes, as he later told her, were off the chart for someone other than a physical adept. As he and his wife were also adepts, they discussed at length her approach to magic, explaining their belief that magic came from Allah and that they had been chosen and blessed with these abilities. Muslim but casually so, Jamileh simply listened to her family and decided on her own that wherever these talents came from, they were cool. The notion that they were borne from her faith and from God was a good enough explanation for starters.

Her father and mother were beyond words excited that their youngest was being trained as a physical adept, a valuable asset in their business. The eldest of their children, daughter Parvin, had become the business manager and tried ardently to convince Sanjar and Laleh to use Jamileh as a bodyguard to corporate execs' children and blend in more readily. After Jamileh bungled (and some say purposefully) her first assignment, she was allowed to complete her training and education in peace.

For three years after graduation, however, Jamileh did work in the family business, happily working with her parents, uncle, and siblings in Sydney. But the subsequent retirement of the elder generation to the family's island home in the Caribbean left Agassi Security in the hands of Parvin and eldest son Aref, neither of whom Jamileh liked. The two had plans for expansion, and for that they needed to save money. For *that* they needed more work with fewer employees, and while most of the family was willing to put in the extra hours, Jamileh was not. She enjoyed her free time, enjoyed socializing again now that she wasn't in effect going to two schools every day. Working less appealed to her, not working more. When the others were informed of her lack of interest in contributing more of her salary to the business future, an argument ensued, and within a week, Jamileh was gone. Not just from Sydney but from the continent itself.

Initially Jamileh had intended to see what work could be gotten in the Bahamas, but as her parents had sided with Parvin and Aref, she realized such a thing was a bad idea. Her uncle and his wife remained in Sydney, which did not appeal to her (and likely was a closed door). The last door open to her, and a good door at that, was the presence of her friend Hugh in Denver. A Londoner by birth, Hugh had lived briefly in Sydney, had worked some with Agassi Security and left when the company was downsized; he was one of Jamileh's closest friends, her first lover and someone on whom she could depend. "Of course you can crash with me, love," was all he said, with a laugh, to her question about joining him, and to Denver she went in March 2069 with little more than her gear and some clothing.

The biggest item on her plate was getting a job. Hugh, a hacker, had no legitimate connections in Denver; he in fact hinted at his newer lifestyle as someone who did "contract work" for corporations. After years of towing the line and working with her family, the idea of shadowrunning had great appeal to Jamileh. Adopting the name Wisp (a tip of the hat to her slender form in her black working gear), she began nosing about for work as an infiltrator, capable of breaking in without a trace.

Her new career was going to be fun, she was certain, doing something that was just downright naughty and never discussed. The problem was that her former work in legitimate security was not quite the same as shadowrunning; mistakes were bound to be made and potentially fatal ones at that, and if she didn't learn quickly, her career was going to be a damned short one.


Jamileh? Oh, yeah. I ain't heard nuthin' bad about her. What I've heard is that she's slightly careful, just a little merciful, to some extent discreet and slightly dependable. I mean, she's had some definite practice. But overall, she's workin' for somethin' besides just the almighty nuyen. That's all I know.
Dependable 3 Careful 2 Merciful 3 Brave 1
Decisive 2 Perceptive 0 Rational 1 Discreet 7
Total Rep: 19 points (+19 net positive)
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