Kassandra Cindel

Vital Statistics

Full Name: Kassandra Anne “Kass” Cindel
(AKA: Silk, Tapestry, Blue, Kassie Andrews, Kalila, etc)
Metatype: Homo Sapiens Nobilis (Euro-Persian)
Vitals: 5'2, 118 lbs, D. Brown-Black Hair, Brown Eyes
DOB: 4/26/2043 (Age 26) (Unknown location of birth)
Nationality: United American and Canadian States
(UCAS-09777-000E7F-0006LZ-FBM )


Distinguishing Features: Smokey brown eye colour not commonly found in metahumans. Smaller than average for an elven female.
Mannerisms and Habits:Very quiet and taciturn, especially around new people. All business in professional settings, uses full names and no contractions. Much more talkative around friends and close associates. Does not drink or take drugs of any type.
Associations: Married to Aladriel Cindel, mother to Maya Cindel. Unclear association with the runner Geist. Numerous contacts throughout the shadow society.
Capabilities: One of the better fixers in Denver. Well versed in tactical thinking and improvisation. Known to be an good shot with pistols and long guns. Unverified reputation that she is a dragon.



Journal (Strictly OOC): Reflections

Other information


Kassandra? Oh, yeah. I ain't heard nuthin' bad about her. What I've heard is that she's brave, awfully dependable, very generous and pretty hard-working. I mean, she's a modern legend. But overall, she's giving Dunkelzahn a run for his money. That's all I know.
Dependable 43 Careful 12 Charming 5 Honest 10
Merciful 2 Polite 0 Tough 9 Brave 14
Knowledgeable 6 Decisive 9 Perceptive 7 Honorable 2
Modest 2 Accepting 4 Hard-Working 19 Rational 12
Generous 26 Discreet 13 Friendly 6 Open 3
Forgiving 2
Total Rep: 206 points (+206 net positive)
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