Lilith DeWinter

Vital Statistics

Full Name: Lilith DeWinter
(AKA: Lana Schneider, Malus, Slither )
Metatype: Homo Sapiens Sapiens (British )
Vitals: 5'9”, 130 lbs, Auburn Hair, L. Blue Eyes
DOB: 2040 (Age 29) (Unknown )
Nationality: British
(GBR-08983-000E3L-0006KB-UH7 )


Distinguishing Features: Pale, aristocratic skin, Victorian-esque manner of dress, and usually appears modest and soft spoken.
Mannerisms and Habits: She has a very well educated, upper class British accent, London based. She's polite and formal in almost all her social interactions with strangers and acquaintances alike, though she has very few people she considers friends. Her clothing is old fashioned in origins but modern in style, always expertly tailored. She's exceedingly fond of old things, antiques and even languages, and can be more then a little possessive or territorial of items she associates as "hers". When startled or upset, which is infrequent, she has a habit of dropping into a guttersnipe Cockney accent.
Associations: The woman has recently arrived in Denver from Britain,
sometime in the last few months. She's an accomplished courtesan of some repute back in the Old World, though known only in a certain discreet set of circles. She's already made a bit of a name for herself in Denver as well, mostly amongst her high paying clientèle, which includes both corpers, old money, local mobsters, and some local Shadowrunners.
Capabilities: Lilith is skilled in all the arts of the oldest profession, speaks several languages, and adapts easily to various social encounters, as well as being burlesque dancer. She's not the strongest or the most skilled in melee combat, despite being somewhat lethal with her hand razors and pistol, which have till this point been mainly used in self defense or general protection. She's also skilled with the whip, intimidation and domination techniques suitable to her dual role as a dominatrix.

Other information


Lilith? Oh, yeah. What I've heard is that she's to some extent charming, moderately dependable, reasonably polite and to some extent perceptive. But I also heard that she's just a little naive and slightly cruel. I mean, she's seasoned. But overall, she's got principles, I'll say that. That's all I know.
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