Serathelion Medaron

Vital Statistics

Full Name: Serathilion Danielle Medaron
(AKA: Whispering Breeze, Breeze, Sera, Annatheala Ki'Arnan
Cha'Kwaina Lok'Theelos, Annie, Medaron, Raunen )

Metatype: Homo Sapiens Nobilis (Mescalaro Apache )
Vitals: 5'4”, 100 lbs, Black Hair, Black Eyes
DOB: 5/16/1978 (Age 91) (Sedona, Arizona )
Nationality: American
(UCAS-05398-0009TK-0003VY-UBP )


Distinguishing Features: Possesses a wide variety of personas most likely enabled by the Physical Mask Spell. Her true form or appearance is unknown.
Mannerisms and Habits:
Associations: Tir Tairngire Citizen (Royal Rank) TTN-05398-0009TK-0003UD-779 , NAN Citizen NAN-05398-0009TK-0003VZ-1JG

Other information


Annie? Oh, yeah. What I've heard is that she's pretty dependable, fairly knowledgeable, brave and fairly perceptive. But I also heard that she's a bit cruel. I mean, she's somebody you can really count on. But overall, she's always lookin' out for the little guy. That's all I know.
Dependable 21 Careful 8 Cruel 1 Polite 1
Tough 10 Brave 11 Knowledgeable 14 Decisive 7
Perceptive 11 Honorable 6 Hard-Working 7 Rational 5
Generous 1 Discreet 5 Friendly 3
Total Rep: 111 points (+109 net positive)
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