Kika Elo

Vital Statistics

Full Name: Kika Elo
(AKA: Weeko, Tusks )
Metatype: Homo Sapiens Robustus (Asian/NAN )
Vitals: 5'3”, 154 lbs, Black Hair, Green Eyes
DOB: 6/23/2051 (Age 18) (Aurora Warrens, Denver )
Nationality: Sioux Nation (FAKE)
(SIO-01957-000E0W-0006IC-MGT )


Distinguishing Features:
Mannerisms and Habits: Weeko Speaks with a thick Warrens accent that can limit her ability to
operate in higher class locations. Late observations indicate she worked on her language, though.
Associations: A known associate of the Decker known as Katral. Additionally, she is
known to associate with Lee Wu, a monk in the CAS Asian district.
Capabilities: Is an adept with a prime focus on martial arts, acrobatics and
stealth. She used her powers to get out of the gutters, and was trained in
Martial arts by the shaolin monk Lee Wu, that serves a small shrine in Asia town.

Other information


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