Contact Database
Contact Name Archtype Level Notes
Mark Johnson Fence (Fixer) 2 Old: (Mark is a college buddy who's managed to get a position as Disbursment manager for a national corporation) New: (Mark is a college buddy who's managed to get a position as regional manager for Novatech. He has a wide variety of contacts to ship and receive goods. He's based in Saint Paul.)
Xenon Racer 1 An rigger and owner of a ChopShop. He is a skilled racer and has several routes in to the Aztlan Sector that do not get inspected due to heavy bribes paid. This ork is Aztlan by nationality.
Rafe Bartender 1 The bartender at the catacomb club. A
Flys-By-Wire Smuggler 1 Flys-By-Wire is a Native American smuggler from Salish-Sidhe. An old friend of Johan's who recently became reacquainted with the samurai. Flys-By-Wire currently runs a smuggling operation down the 'Autobahn' (the Rocky Mountains) via hovercraft and ground vehicles.
Viktor Davion Arms Dealer 1 Viktor is an Ares Arms dealer who works in his boyhood home of Vladivostock. With the recent move of Yamatetsu to the Russian city there has been a call for Corporate freelancers of all sorts. Though Viktor works with Ares he has been known to indulge in shadow operations from time to time. He also makes a good nuyen acting as a Johnson and turning some surplus weapons into profit.
Ratface Burnout Mage 2 Ratface has a magic rating of 3 and follows the totem rat.
Keegan Bartender 2 The bartender at the Cybered Arms, Keegan is a highly respected former runner with extensive contacts in the runner networks. In the past, Keegan has served as fixer and as a resistance leader against the Knight-Errant 'invasion' of the Sprawl
JetWash Rigger 1 Jetwash is a freelancer who toggles between Jamming the Rockies and flying legit transfers across the Great Plains. Due to the events during the Great Machine run Jetwash's T-Bird was destroyed by a giant rock. The CAS Army however had her under contract at the time and her insurance bought her a brand new one even better than the last one. Johan saved JetWash's life during this run.
Cybered Arms Reg Barflies 1 The Cybered Arms Regulars range from freshfaced newbies looking to make a name for themselves to highly trained runners to over the hill ex runners. At any given time, almost any skillset can be found here.
Don Innocenti Mob Boss 3 Aspanu Innocenti is the head of the Innocenti mafia family and titular head of all Mafia in Denver. He is also the godfather of Benedicte — Samuel's wife. After many favors and siring Benedicte's child Samuel/Johan has become one of the Don's favorite 'nephews'.
Dr. Howard Mafia Doc 2 Member of the clinical team Howard Fyne and Howard. All three doctors work for the Mafia in certain ways when not attending to their usual customers. Dr. Morton Howard runs the darker side of the HFH clinic accepting patients in the back door and turning them into unwitting organ donors.
Monochrome Bartender 1 Monochrome is a bartender at Joe's Dropoff
Watt-Erp Ls Decker 1 A decker that works for Lone Star. First came into contact in an investigation into the White Phosphorous explosions at the Mile High Mall.
Dr. Alarius Marius Doctor 1 Doctor works for the Draco Foundation and re-installed Johan's arm after work he did for them
Colonel Jackson Daw Military Int 1 Military intelligence contact
Mrs. Browning Intelligence 1 CIA Comptroller for the Native American Nations (Excluding Aztlan). This is an Intelligence Contact - specializing in information and border crossing. She is not cybered save for informational processing ability.
Valarie 'Val' St Specialized 1 Ares Arms regional inventory control specialist. Mid level corporate suit - this is a specialized contact for armor and weaponry - specifically Ares
Captain Thomas Gill Knight Errant Watch Commander 1 Knight Errant watch commander for UCAS Downtown. Sam and he served together in the Marines back in the day.
Council Rep Falo Ucas Council 1 UCAS Council Rep - former street Samurai. Sam and he used to work together in the CIA for a short while. Hell of a poker player.
Sydney Greenstreet Cia Contact 3 Old buddy from CIA days for Sam
Sally Devries Gov't Offici 3 Sally Devries is the current UCAS CIA Operations chief submanager in California Free State. Johan contacted Sally through Sydney Greenstreets. Unfortunately the current political environment in the country prevents a centralized CIA operation but Sally is the closest thing to an operations manager that they have. Sally is a lifetime bureaucrat and paper-pusher but has a keen mind and quick reflexes and is an expert decker and Matrix operations expert.
Gary Grey Ke Supplier 1 Gained in a plot ran by Dib
Arquette Sanchez Ex-ls Manage 2 Arquette has been extracted by Samuel (for free) and owes him for uncovering who killed her husband. She is a black woman in her early thirties and worked in evaluation
Jay Johnson 1 An enormous human-looking ork with black skin
Tabitha Devries Shadow-op 1 Shadow-op amateur and daughter of Sally Devries. Owes Orphen and Samuel one after he spared her life and got her safely home.
Roger McLintock Yard Foreman 1 Plays legit but can help in acquisitions or rides if needed and paid.
Rachel Maroon Airport Adm 1 Small airport administrator in Yuba City. Lots of spare cargo space for dumping things.
Richard Redbluff Ute Security 1 GM Note: A watch commander with Sand Creek Security Services, he has large pull in the Ute Sector and strong ties to the Ute Nation. He and Samuel worked together in 56 to crack a magical-smuggling ring.
Diana Anderson Souix Securi 1 A dispatcher with Eagle Security Services Inc, Diana's husband served with Samuel during a cross-training exercise in 48.
Uwe Skalvenson Travel Agent 1 Fixer: Vehicles. Sometimes, you just can't find a plane large enough and slow enough to do what you need to do. Uwe can take care of that.
Mel And Vera Red Rock Owners 1 Owners of the Red Rock Diner.
Luther Sucreasi Capo Sucreas 1 capo sucreasi
Derek Simpson Capo Ratto 1 Capo Ratto
Joe Mancini Capo Mancini 1 Capo Mancini
Rui Cordero Capo Cordero 1 Capo Cordero
Dirk Kouglass Engineer 1 Dirk Kouglass is an enterprising young engineer involved in building Ares Macrotech Facilties. He's brilliant but a little batty
Undertown Denzie Unwashed Mas 1 The denziens of undertown (overall: with some exceptions) are generally friendly to Johan (just Johan: not any of his other disguises) and are willing to share information here or there- possibly even give him mystery meat for free or not bug him too hard for money.
The Draco Foundation Organization 3 The Draco Foundation is set up to administer the will of the late President Dunkelzahn. A private not-for-profit group - it has unprecedented resources at its disposal.
Raoul Chavez Cuban don 1 Samuel was introduced to Raoul by Don Aspanu.
Capo Chavez Cuban capo 1 Samuel was introduced to Raoul by Don Aspanu.
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