David Richfield


David Kincaid
Full Name David Richfield
Known Aliases David Kincaid, Mr. Pink, David Pink, 2-D.
Genotype Homo Sapiens Sapiens
Metatype Human
Nationality Presumed UCAS.
Height 6'2 (188cm)
Weight 205 lbs. (93kg)
Distinguishing Features Young to middle aged caucasian male, no scars, dark hair, dark eyes.
Preference for expensive foods and liquors.
Mannerisms/Habits Known to be obsessive, stubborn, and irritable.
Associations Becoming known among the Denver shadows as a sometimes-impulsive,
sometimes meticulous fellow whose strong points are not getting along well with
others. Previously associated with Antigone Johnson and E.J.'s Mercantile; a
falling out led to his seeking employment elsewhere and accepting an offer with
the Draco foundation.
Capabilities Magic, including a proficiency and tendency toward nonlethal spells and
Skilled at stealth and with a pistol. Prone to taking command and formulating
Extensive magical background knowledge, including knowledge of paracritters
and other magical threats.
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