Theme Files

General/Random Theme

How It Came To Pass, the FTZ The History of the 6th World
A historical file that outlines how Denver as we know it came to be. A file that provides a thematic overview of entire universe of Shadowrun. A must-read!
Thematic Baseball Teams The Cycle of Magic
A file outlining the leagues and teams of Baseball in the 6th world A visual Aide to understanding the ebb and flow of magic
Fourth World Lexicon Spirits
A gathering of words from the Last Age of Magic A brief document on Extra-planar beings
The Invae Vampires and Nosferatu
Not all spirits are created equally… Not the sexy kind.
The Shattergraves The Italian Crime Families of Denver
A really, really bad place in the middle of a worse place. A file that provides a thematic overview of the Criminal Families of Denver.
Surgical Chart
A listing of plantimes for various procedures

Mega Corp Files



Shadowrun Nations of North America

Other Stuff

Great Western Dragons
Alamais Celedyr Dunkelzahn
Ghostwalker Feuerschwinge
Kaltenstein Lofwyr
Rhonabwy Schwartzkopf Sirrug
Great Eastern Dragons
Lung Masaru Aden Ryumyo

Greater Feathered Serpents
Arleesh Hualpa Mujaji

Vehicular Statistics
Cars Trucks Motorcycles

A Stock market model I am currently working on for amusement.

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