Easter Surprise

The door opens after some furtive movement at the windows, at least opening an inch or so. Several whines and yips can be heard, and then the door opens more fully. Kass looks around, three large dogs on high alert.

Johny stands on the front porch, a box tucked under his arm. He's dressed in a casual set of slacks, a turtleneck and a sport coat.

Blinking, Kass opens the door. "Back! Back beasts!" The dogs back up a little, although Lucky stays close to Kass, watching Johny. "Good evening, Sam! What brings you all the way out here?"

Johny chuckles quietly, offer a smile and a slight bow. "Your Holiday Gift came in." He says, tapping the ornate wooden box under his hand. "The Cumin was my metaphoric, this… is the more solid."

"Aw, but I liked the cumin, I don't have to give back the box do I?" Kass motions you inside and Rollie will take off up the stairs, chased by Lucy. "Don't just stand out here, come inside come inside! Can I get you some coffee, or something stronger?" Lucky gives ground reluctantly, scooting back and sitting down quietly.

"Coffee would be nice, and no, its yours, free and clear." He says, stepping inside the house now. "Nice dogs. Need to get us a pack of them for the Vault."

Closing the door behind you, Kass will lead to the kitchen. "They are very nice dogs. Ally did a great job picking out good breeds and making sure they were set up and keyed to us. I've even started working on a spell for her to learn, one that will let her talk to dogs mentally."

Johny chuckles, following behind Kassandra. "Here. I wanted this ready sooner, but it was… delayed." He says, setting the ornate wooden box on the counter. His hand remains on top of the box, preventing it from being opened just yet. "I know you're not defenseless, with your ware gone, Kassandra. I know that. But part of me… is intensely protective of you. Rabidly so in some ways, both you and Ally. So I had this item made for you."

Kass pauses on the way to the coffee maker, as coffee was already made earlier. She blinks, listening, looking from the box to Sam and tilting her head. "Not very defenseless, no, although hiding keeps me a little safer." She grins at that, clearly trying to elevate the mood. She looks back at the box, "You had something made for me?" She looks curious, now, peering at the box as if she could see through it if she'd just try hard enough. She looks back up, "Thank you for thinking about me, wanting to protect me .. us. I know Aladriel appreciates that as well, she smiles every time she thinks about you doing that."
Johny takes his hand off the box, sliding it almost ceremoniously another inch forward.

Looking from Sam back to the box as he slides it forward, Kass takes a breath and reaches for the lid, murmuring, "Now I am almost scared to look." She laughs a little nervously and then opens the lid carefully, peering inside.

Looking quizzically at the hilt in the box, Kass will reach in to touch it gently before pulling it out. She looks at Sam curiously, then back at the hilt, eyes tracing the filigree and precious metals. She ums after a moment, "It's very nice, although .. " She laughs, and turns it over, then looks back, "There isn't a blade on this. I *think* I remember a story about a broken blade, …"

"Bring it out back." He says, picking up the box and heading for the back door… "And no, this is not the blade of the True King of Gondor."

Following, Kass travels out onto the patio, "Damn, it figures. Although, I don't know what I'd do with a Kingdom anyway .. too much work, and all the meetings." She turns the hilt over in her hands, running fingertips over the designs, Page's Mark, the name upon it.

Johny exhales. "Okay. Now." He steps back, out of a swipe range. "Hold it in your hand, then flick it downward, like extending a snap baton."

Raising an eyebrow, Kass takes the hilt carefully in her left hand. "Alright …" She snaps her wrist, bringing the hilt down as if she were extending a baton.

There's no weight added, as the 2.5 foot blade extends, made entirely of pure white light with the faintest cream tint along the outside. No thrumming, no sound effects.

"It will blind, at least for a moment, anything it hits, and it should cut through most materials. It's also pretty damn hard to armor against."

"Goddess!!" Kass stares at the blade in her hand. She resists the almost overpowering urge to touch it, looking back to Sam, almost squeaking, "You had a magic sword made for me??" She moves her hand, watching the blade and how it moves, any sound or trail that it may make. "This .. is too much!" She looks back over, still holding the hilt as if she is worried she'll accidentally cut something.

"To retract the blade, just repeat the motion you used to extend it. And Yes. I had you a magical sword made. You're worth it."

Spinning the blade of light, Kass tries a few times to get it to go out, figuring out the correct amount of 'umph' to give it, the right angle that will turn a chop into the 'off' command. Once the blade is retracted, she stares at the hilt a long moment before looking back up at you. "Thank you .. I don't have the words for more than that .. thank you so much …" She looks over the treasure in her hand, shaking her head with a smile.

He leans on the railing of the patio, a slight smile creeping to his lips. "I am glad you like it. You don't need more words, Kassandra. You've given me a lot. You may not realize it, but you've… given me an incredible amount I can't articulate."

Snapping her wrist again, the blade forms again. She looks it over carefully, still in awe over the blade. Kass blinks, looking around the mystic weapon, "I have? I've gotten you into a blood feud with Joey, probably given you a ton of headaches on a daily basis .. " She shakes her head, "And I think I may have offended your friend as well."

"Popper? No. He is harder to insult than hesitating at a handshake." He watches the woman as she explores the blade. "And you've also saved my life. You've given me… family, in its own fashion. You've listened to me and you've accepted my foibles as they are without judging me."

Kass makes a few exploratory cuts with the blade, hmmming, "No weight, that is going to take some getting used to." She looks back over, snapping her wrist the correct way this time to retract the blade.
She considers, then shrugs a little, her voice quiet, contemplative. "You *are* family. You've treated me well, better than anyone outside of Aladriel, you put up with the fact that I am crazy. You listen, you care." She shakes her head, "I am glad that I don't drive you crazy, at least, and that you feel comfortable enough to talk to me. That's hard enough in the normal world, not adding in all the things we deal with."

"I know. It's why I value you and Ally so much. I remember the things I said while in the tank, and I meant the words, just perhaps less narcotically induced. You both give me strength. I share what I can, care how I can. You deserve the best, but I will settle for giving you better."

"I have the best, though. I have you, I have Aladriel, I have Maya. I can't really ask for more than that, it'd be bordering on selfish." Kass shakes her head, "Thank you, tho, for the gift, the words. There are times I wish I could do more, somehow, be better. But we are both committed, even though we are hiding out here, we are still willing to answer the call, to do what needs to be done."

"If you were any better, I might simply explode in to a puff of logic." He says with a grin. One hand reaches for the pocket he might usually keep a cigarette pack, but drops away. He doesn't smoke anymore. Well, at least, thats the idea. "I know you're committed. I know you're there when I need you."

Kass snickers, "Explode in a puff of logic?" She grins, shaking her head, "I'll have to remember that." She considers, then shrugs, "Is Popper settling in? I shouldn't have reacted the way I did, just .. well." She looks down a moment, shrugs, "In any case, hopefully I got him what he needed, or at least wanted. He is dependable?"

"Once upon a time, he was. He had my back in my early days in the shadows. I don't know about him now, but thats the nature of rediscovery. I'll be including him on some missions as an outside asset, so don't reveal anything sensitive, obviously. He's a good man, if a little arrogant at times."

Nodding, Kass remarks, "I did a little searching myself. He's supposed to have been a wizard with a rifle, or so the stories go. Another good shooter will be a nice addition, if he shakes out, and even on an outside op asset. A little twitchy when I was talking to him outside, but I'm not one to talk."

Johny chuckles quietly. "Yeah, well, we all have our quirks. His is a little bit of the rod of god complex not uncommon in snipers. Tend to view a job trough a lens."

"I can see that. Still, you've worked with him and he is .. or at least was .. competent and has skills outside of 'kill stuff', which is always nice. With a little luck, he'll fit in." Kass hms, shrugging. "He's worked with Ally too, so that works out well."

Johny nods. "He was once the finest gunsmith in the Rockies. He made my thunderbolts. He's got the military mindset, and all the failings that come with it, but he's not a stone cold killer. Capable of it, but not internally it."

"He definitely reeks of military, that much is certain. I wouldn't want to send him into any sort of disguise based mission, not without some work. But having someone else technical on the team could be a real asset." Kass hms, "And nice to hear that he isn't another one of those people that just wants blood."

Johny nods. "He's not a bad sort, not that I remember. I remember him having a daughter, now that i think about it, but I didn't know how he got her. He keeps her, sort of out of the picture."

"Interesting. Hopefully he has a good nanny for her while he is out working." Kass chuckles a bit, pointing upstairs, "Ally and I are trying our hand at not doing that, just working to make sure one of us is with Maya at all times, or letting Sally watch her for short periods if we both have to be somewhere. We'll probably have to make other arrangements, but .. we'll see."

Johny nods to Kassandra, again instinctively moving for a cigarette thats not there. "About that. If I plan a mission, do I need to include both of you on it? Are you able to operate independently?"

"We prefer to operate together, truth be told, but we *can* operate independently. We'd prefer not to be thousands and thousands of miles apart .. if necessary the one not on the mission can follow and hole up somewhere. We haven't discussed it much recently, but we are trying to work on things so we can be a functional insert into a team, sort of our own little mini-team." She shrugs, "I'm probably the more paranoid of the two of us about this all."

Johny nods to Kassandra then. "I know. It makes it more problematic for me to plan missions, but if you can work independently, that is a load off my shoulders."

"We'll do our best and let you know if there are problems. We're pretty good about adapting and playing gypsy, so .. we'll work something out, even if it means that we have to stow away on the transport." Kass laughs a little, shrugging. "If nothing else, you get two for the price of one. We don't have a lot of needs, so we work cheap." She winks at that.

Johny grins. "Money's never been an issue for me. Oh!" He reaches in to his pocket, pulling out a chip. "This is for you. Paying down that loan I took from you."

"Aw, you didn't need to do that. You've been spending money like a drunken sailor recently, and I *know* this," she says, indicating the sword hilt, "cost you a pretty penny." She collects the cred, checking it. "You sure? I know you have expenses…"

Johny shakes his head. "Naw. I like to discharge my debts. And frankly." He says, gesturing to the handle. "You loaned me the money to buy the Orichalcum that made that thing even possible. It was an opportunity I had that I couldn't pass up."

"Oh? Oh! I had forgotten about Page's big sale .. Ally snagged some as well, and somehow this works out well for us since we own some of the shop." Kass chuckles, slipping the money away. "Well, alright. I am sure that I can find something to spend it on, or else I'll leave it out on the counter and Ally will squirrel it away where ever she hides all our money. She *loves* money .. just to horde it."

Johny chuckles quietly. "I used to be the same way, hording just to have it. The sense of security." He says, shrugging. "Like this place here. Having just to have though.. left me a lonely man in a big house meant for a family."

"Well, we work out well .. I tend to spend it if I have it, and she is more inclined to save it." Kass looks around at the house, the land, "Well .. it still ended up well, and a house is always useful, as is land. Sometimes its a sense of comfort."

He smiles then. "Yeah. It's good to have a family back in the house. It's a good house. When she's old enough,Maya's gonna love this place."

"I hope so. I know we love it, and I think she'll be happy here. It's part of why we stay so remote out here and don't come in much .. it's very tempting to just forget about things, get wrapped up in our own life here." Kass sighs, shaking her head. "We're getting better tho, every day, and working to do little things, things that are usually beneath the interests of the Foundation or even most fixers. It fits our sense of .. right, I guess .. and lets us work out how to be together on a run, how to function."

"Hey, look. Everything I do isn't Watcher-related, and I don't expect everyone to spend all their time saving the world. I mean, we have to have fun and pursue our own agendas too.":

Chuckling, Kass nods, "Well, we haven't actually done too much yet other than practice. But we are looking into things. We are .. remarkably on the same page on most issues, and things that upset us. So .. yeah. I imagine we'll do our little side business, which is good too because the better we get as a little unit the better we'll be for the Watchers."

"If you weren't remarkably on the same page, Kassandra… you wouldn't be getting married. At least, I hope not. A marriage isn't founded on good sex, or romance. It's founded on friendship, on compatibility in a long term sense. Sex and romance fade, especially in the face of a dirty diaper."

Kass laughs, nodding. "True. If I were in it just for the sex, the diapers Maya is producing should have dissuaded me." She shakes her head, "It's nice, though. We don't argue about much, although me staying out all night was a bit of contention. I was out for probably four or so hours after I left your place last night. I try not to do that anymore. In fact, we are fairly dull according to most. We go to bed early, don't go out on the town, sit around watching the trid and reading, studying .. " She laughs, "It may sound boring, but I enjoy it."

"Don't worry. Your lesbians. That makes you infinitely more interesting to any man than you really should be. Most people have an infantile association with same-sex relationships, either fear of catching, or jealous desire."

Kass looks amused. "Well, we're not really worried about being interesting to anyone but each other. We just .. well. We just do our own little thing and show up for the required meetings. Things just seem to be trucking along well in that regard. Are you having any luck with the shadow community and jobs?"

Johny shakes his head. "I've not been looking. I know the moment I want to work, need to work, have the time to work… I'll have work."

"Ah, confidence." Kass grins a little, "Well, I'm working on a few avenues to track down materials for the Vault. We'll have to liberate most of it, of course, but that's better than paying retail prices, and most of the places can either afford to lose the product or have other issues that need correcting."

Johny nods to Kass, thinking that over. "I hear you. I figure, with the setbacks I've had in rebuilding (Cost kept going up), I want to do this the right way, the first time. I've drawn up plans for a surgical bay for Ally and you to use… and for me, but I'm looking at a ritual space."

"Ritual space could come in handy, should we get some mages that can work together. Ally isn't much of a summoner, but others may be. And having the surgical ward all our own would be nice. Narnia is nice and all, but .. well. It's a basement. I keep expecting the Board of Health to come in or someone to get some exotic disease from the insulation in the place. Course, if we have enough setbacks we'll have our own little city down there. Might want to add steel reinforcements and other metalworking stuff to the list of things to liberate?"

Johny nods to the woman. "A metalworking shop might do us well, plenty of room in the garage for it. I mean, theres so much potential there. The sort of potential we can't afford to do poorly. It will become the heart and soul of our group as we move forward in time."

"Well, I was thinking on the metalworking as a short term thing to do any remodeling and reinforcing that we need. Not many welders on the team, but a good torch and some rebar can come in handy."
Kass hms, "We have plenty of time, really, just a matter of funds and working. I'll see if we can't get out that way and put in some grunt work moving things, painting, cleaning up. Once Ally learns her most recent spell we should have more time free in chunks, and it'll do us good to get out and do some honest work."

Johny nods. "Would be nice to get some more faces out there. I'm gonna show Slinger and Janie here in a bit, but they are harder to get a hold of than you might normally want."

Nodding, Kass remarks, "Giant Air Filtration system. Need about 10 of those, I think, given Slinger's obsession with tobacco and if Popper joins. But yes, they both have other engagements from what I hear. But once we get this batch of spells and research taken care of, we can do our fair share if not more." She hms, "Probably better that we do, elsewise Lil will come keep you company and her taste in colour and design might .. not be good for a group setting. We need to straddle the line between whorehouse and military base. Something more middle of the road would be easier to deal with."

Johny rolls his eyes. "NO PINK!" He suddenly rails, his hands raising to the sky before hand to demonstrate his jocularity and not to seem like a sudden snap of anger. "By god, no pink!"

"Ha! No, no pink. I like the colour pink but I don't want it all over the place. I'd prefer a more neutral design for a place with so many different personalities, and someplace I wouldn't be ashamed to take Brooks if she came to visit. A big fluffy pink place decorated with expensive vases and decorative art just .. doesn't really make us look good."

Johny shakes his head. "Frankly, brooks can, to quote the immortal bard, suck my two fair houses of Verona."

Smirking, Kass nods. "Still. I like the Apple. I've lived at the Apple. The Apple doesn't work for a place that you, and Marcus, and me, and Ally, and Janie, and the whole rest of these people are going to be running around in. It's .. no."

Johny nods. "Exactly. I never felt comfortable at the apple. Celia for certain, didn't feel comfortable with me at the apple. It was just… very much not me. Very much not me at all."

"I think .. it is what Lilith *wants* to be, or wants people to see." Kass shrugs, "I'm much simpler .. where she wants to hang a Van Gogh or some famous artist, I'm just as happy with a painting that I bought from a little shop in Manitou Springs of a bear out by a river. I don't need hundreds of thousands of nuyen worth of *stuff* to convince people of anything, or make myself .. whatever." She waves it off, "Anyway. I'm sure we can all agree on something more homey, and we'll do that."

Johny nods to Kassandra. "I think I'm going to leave the decoration of the Rec-commons to you. You have the eye for neutrality that Lilith lacks."

"She's not bad, she just .. goes overboard." Kass shrugs good naturedly, "It's her nature. We," she says, falling back into speaking of herself and Aladriel as a combined entity, "are pretty good about finding a middle ground on things and balancing each other's excesses or conservative natures. So we'll set it up right."

Johny nods to the woman. "I know. And thats why I value you both so much. You balance my professional nature with pragmatics that keep me sane, she balances my… professional nature… with emotional responses that keep me human. Between the both of you… you keep me a man."

Smiling happily, "That's our main job. The rest is just window dressing." Kass glances towards the house, "I should probably go to bed soon. I promised Maya I wouldn't oversleep again and not come get her." She looks guilty, shaking her head, "She was alright with it, but it was upsetting still." She brightens, "But thank you again for the sword! I think it will go a long way towards keeping me protected .. hell, I'd run away from someone with a glowing sword, let alone fight them!"

Johny grins. "Now, from what I understand… it's only about as strong on a sword blade as a weak nun, in terms of absolute force, but it cuts through normal armor…. like it was butter. I mean, really, it's deadly in the hands of a skilled swordswoman, but it can be very useless if used improperly."

"Well, I'm working to be a skilled swordswoman. One day, maybe, but a gift of this magnitude will certainly put emphasis on getting better. I'd hate to accidentally chop off my own foot." Kass laughs a little at that, "It'll make a good surprise attack as well, and the armour cutting capability is a nice hole card, considering my size and relative strength. It isn't like I can normally chop through armoured guys."

"Yeah. That uh… would be bad."

"Well, yes. But then I'm swinging around a big block of light instead of several pounds of sharpened metal. It is going to call for a new style of fighting. It's definitely something to look forward to figuring out AND it cuts down on having to slog around thirty pounds of metal." She grins, patting the hilt delicately.

Johny nods to the woman. "I'll make you something. Sword hilt with laser pointers built in, for training. It will do pretty good to help you get an understanding. This here is as dangerous as a monowhip."

Nodding, Kass says, "Yeah, I don't use that much either now that I am not chipped. I'm learning how not to hit myself with a regular whip first, and then maybe I'll try the monowhip again." She shakes her head and shrugs, "Best not to lop off any body parts, I can't really afford to have them replaced. But a hilt with laser pointers would be pretty neat and about what this is, really. Just to get used to where the blade will be."

"Any body parts you lop off, I get to keep."

Just a little creepy.

Kass snorts, "And with that, I think it is time to call it a night. It's late and Maya will be up in," she checks her wristwatch, no longer able to tell time with a look, "45 minutes for her early morning feeding. I have just enough time to clean up from earlier and then feed her, and then collapse in bed! And I thought shadowrunning was tiring."

Johny chuckles quietly. "I've not owned a watch in… 30 years, Kassandra. He says with a smile. "ANd fatherhood is perhaps the most daunting task I ever faced. Women feel the urge to nest, I'm told. Me, I have to save the fucking world."

"The world will keep. Go watch some trid and veg, I hear the monsters are going to wait a week or two to take over the planet." Kass grins, "I like nesting. I'm actually good at it, probably better than most things I've done." She yawns, shaking her head, "But I seem to sleep a lot less." She shakes her head again, "Good night, Sam. Drive safely."

Johny does exactly that, heading out to drive on down home.

April 15, 2009

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