Enemies and Allies
Icon Name Category Status Notes
FlagUCAS.gif United Canadian
and American States
Nation Allied The remnants of both Canada and the United States. A world Superpower.
FlagCAS.gif Confederated American States Nation Friendly The CAS is the southern portion of the United Canadian and American States that broke off in 2034. A poorer, but powerful reflection of the UCAS
tn2_gary_oldman_3.jpg Representative Jeremy Faloon Individual Friendly The UCAS representative on the Denver council. A personal friend of Samuel Thayer's.
EhrantheScribe.jpg Ehran The Scribe Individual Allied The head of the Dunklezhan Institute of Magical Research and foremost scholar of the Scourge and flow of magic. Also, an immortal Elf.
Fence Sitters
Allysmom2copy.jpg The White Queen Individual Ambivalent Anya Cindel is the mother to aladriel-cindel. She's also a ghoul and a powerful magi, if very insane and warped by her exposure. Last seen in the Shattergraves of Chicago.
NO ICON The Aelph Society Conspiracy Adversarial A cult that promises the return of magic to burnt out mages. The problem is they seem to be -able- to do exactly that.
hector3.jpg Hector Ramirez Individual Ambivalent Aztlan representative to the Denver Council.
Less than Friends
Neverwhere___The_Marquis_by_darkangelkelos.png The Marquis Spirit Enemy A malignant spirit known to exert influence over the White Queen. May have a vendetta against Kassandra
SR_Logo_Aztechnology.jpg Aztechnology Megacorp Enemy Second Largest Corp in the world. Heavy magical and consumer-goods basis. Also, controlled by blood magi and horror tainted individuals.
elmagoii5.jpg Salvatore Individual Enemy Salvatore is one of the best shadow-operatives in the Denver Area, answering indirectly to the current Aztlan Representative to the Denver Council. A physical adept of considerable power, he is known to possess considerable cyberware as well. Salvatore is linked to the recent break in, accessing the lower levels of Draco Tower with a small team of shadowrunners. He escaped with an undisclosed artifact. His team was found dead in the Platte River later in the week. His whereabouts are currently unknown.
wow.jpg Unknown Unknown Enemy No data known at this time.
fadil.jpg Fadil Azad Slave Trader Enemy One of the largest slave traders in the Middle East and a part of Kassandra's past.
Enemy Open, unrestrained hostility.
Adversarial Civil dislike, but shadow hostility
Ambivalent Neutral relations
Friendly Beneficial relationship, sometimes at cross purposes.
Allied Close alliance, cooperation
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