Extended Masking

Extended Masking is an advanced Metamagical technique that improves an Initiate's ability to mask not only their own aura but that of carried objects and sustained spells in their vicinity as well.

  • Prerequisites: masking.
  • An Initiate with Extended Masking may automatically mask up half again their Grade in Force points of spells and foci rather than merely their Grade.

Extended Masking Table

Masking Conditions +/-TN
Per Spell Masked +1
Per Foci Masked +1
Total Force Points < 4 -2
Total Force Points > 8 +2
Centering Skill > 6 -1
Background Count > 4 -2
Quickened Spells Only -2
Foci is Power Foci only -2
  • In addition, he may make a Centering test using his Centering skill with a target number equal to 4 plus mods from the Extended Masking Table.
  • For each success he can hide an additional force rating beyond his normal.
  • Extended Masking lasts for (Grade) Hours, however the Initiate may permanently and fully mask one Spell or Foci per 5 Grades.
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