Family Moments

The Aurora Academy of Self Defense

Minos is currently teaching some students what it means to fight a troll. In the life of most martial artists, this is a key thing they need to learn. Until the first time they go up against a troll or an ork, they think that maybe, just maybe, if they train hard enough, and work hard enough, and study hard enough, they might just win. Minos is teaching them what 'hard enough' means. There are six men arranged around him, trying to take the minotaur on. He is, as you walk in, starting the fight prone and unarmored; they're on their feet and clad in training gear. Swiftly, he pops up as they approach, but not fully- his hands propping his body up on the floor, he uses his momentum to spinning-kick them below the knees as they approach, knocking three of the six on the ground as the other three approach him, two trying to distract him and get within his reach- which they succeed in doing—while the third attempts a grapple, much to his chagrin. The prone Minos slides out of the way of the grappler and pulls him down, while at the same time using that poor bastard's momentum to kick the other two from the ground in the jaw, knocking them back.

Johny's boots are kicked off, then set to the side in a respectful fashion. Fighting a lummox like Minos takes special skills, skills that Johan himself has never quite mastered. Never been a need for the Agent as he never tends to fight up 'close'. He watches the class, his jacket hung up near his boots. He doesn't interrupt, just standing off to the side.

Minos gets up from the fight and bows in succession to the different men, saying, "Now, not all trolls are going to have my skills. But for the most part, they don't need them. I can teach you how to win against multiple opponents; I cannot teach you how to be strong enough to get your attacks through. Skill will grant you victory over non-troll opponents; only strength will help you against those as large as homo ingentis. Dismissed." He stands up, grabbing a towel, and moves over towards the locker room when he sees Johan. "'Afternoon, Johan."

Johny offers a nod to Minos. "Alex." He says, stepping closer. "Strength, or the skill to know how to strike in such a way that the other man cannot simply endure the attack.. but the line on that is a fine one. Your class looks good. They are learning quickly." He observes, thumbs hooking in to his beltloops. "And I'm kind of trying out then name Johny right now. The girls seem to like it. Makes me more 'human'." You can almost hear the quotation marks.

Minos glances at you sidelong and says, "You are entirely too deadly to have a "y" at the end of your name."

Johny smiles innocently. "Thats kind of why I like it. It gets tiring being James Fucking Bond all the time, Alex."

Minos considers this and says, "Geist was James Bond. You, sir, are more of The Joker."

Johny considers that for a moment, clearly thinking it over. "Are we talking a Jack Nicholson, a Heath Ledger, an Armand D'Asagino or a Clive Butcher?" He asks, referencing the actors to play the Joker in the last hundred years.

Minos says "I'd say Nicholson with some Ledger thrown in. You're actually funny."

Johny chuckles quietly at that, stroking a hand down his chin. "I can live with that. Yeah…" he looks back to Alex. "You never cease to make me feel… good. But I gotta ask man. Whats been on your mind recently? Since about V-Day you've been pretty… I don't know. Not as jovial as your 'usual' self. I figured I'd give it a week or so, then talk to you if it was important. And since it hasn't been some fall out from an argument wiht a woman, or a broken toe nail or something more transitory… I'm a little worried."

Minos looks at Johny, pauses a minute, and simply answers: "My mother died."

Johny pauses at that. Alex has never really spoken about his family, but he has spoken about why he's not in england anymore. "I'm sorry for your loss, Alex." he says quietly as his brain works through the various social ramifications of that. Alex's late 'blooming' and the possible shame it brought on the family. "You ah… had a hard time at the services, didn't you?"

Minos cocks his head and says, "Well, there's a few things about it that were difficult…" he stops and says, "D'you want to go to somewhere a bit more private than this and chat?" he waves around casually. "I could use a drink. Last Chance seems interesting about now."

Johny nods to Minos. "Yeah. That works. Go change, grab a quick rinse. I'll bring my car around. Brought the Mustang out for a ride." He says, unhooking his thumbs to put a hand on Alex's shoulder for a moment. Nothing really said, but more a simple statement of support.


In one corner, an old man rants about how Denver and Colorado as a whole was a much better place before the stinking redskins moved in. Most of the patrons agree with him.

Minos has joined your place.

Minos waves to Slim, who pulls a bottle out of the back bar, bringing it to the table and a few glasses for the pair, then moving away. Minos says, "I have him keep one here for me; it's not something he'd usually stock. People don't like single-malts here."

Johny's already there, situated under the Bandersnatch. A small WNG is on the table, and when Alex comes closer, Johan enages it, his own senses greying out for a moment before he syncs to the frequency and filters it. He rubs one ear. "I hate that."

Minos says, "Nothing we're going to talk about here is particularly secret, I don't think." He pours a pair of glasses and sips one. "Right, then. The only other person I've talked to about this is Lilith and, she's been a help, but I've been meaning to talk to you, too. You're…well, you've known me for a very long time.""

Johny nods, leaning back as he fishes a pack of Marlborough out of a pocket. Hard pack. He flips the boxtop open, offering one over to Alex as he listens. The other hand slides a zippo out of the same pocket. One thing about immortality; You can smoke and drink all you like. May as well enjoy life's little vices.

Minos says, "So. I went back home. I wouldn't've known to even do that, except that Cassie gave me a call to tell me Mum was dying. I got there and…frankly, no one wanted me there." He shakes his head. "You see these movies and these books and they instill you with the idea that at the end of someone's life they're forgiving, and there will be this tearful reunion on the deathbed, and you'll see a final reconciliation between the two parties. Especially parent and child. I'm here to tell you that's a load of bollocks.""

Johny closes his eyes for a moment. "I've never known people to be forgiving on their deathbeds. Usually, its when they are at their most base, facing the end of all they are… and they don't want to be reminded of what they have done wrong, even if its only a self perception." He says, lighting his cigarette after Alex declines the offer. He doesn't try to give leading questions, like 'how did that make you feel' or anything like that, he just looks to Alex, listening. Maybe something in his features (Real, as opposed to plasticine) indicates he has an understanding.

Minos says, "I don't know what I was seeking. My mother wasn't bad about it. I mean to say, she wasn't warm or caring or loving, but she was distant. She acknowledged that I'd come; I think that she was pleased at least somewhere, but she didn't say anything about it. She was cordial and polite. I'd expect that from an Englishwoman, but my mother? She was Greek. It was pretty obvious that whatever she'd wanted to say she'd been cowed by my father." He takes another drink, and says, "It's a fucking rotten life where no matter how badly your father treats you, somewhere in every man, I think, is a desire to win his approval. Same way for you?""

Johny watches Minos for a moment, thinking over how to answer that. He blows out a line of smoke to the side, so it doesn't waft over the Minotaur. "Sam Thayer had a warm family life, before Chicago. Family dinners every Sunday he was home, His mother Deborah, his father Hans. Julia, his wife and Alicia, his daughter. My wife, my daughter. It gets jumbled sometimes." He says, tapping his head. "Loving family who had no clue what he did for a living. I think he kept it hidden because it would have torn his father apart, while recognizing the need for what was done." He exhales.. "Johan Von Dieter, however. His father was a drunk who blamed him for the death of his wife in VITAS I. Took out his frustrations, his little furies on him. And yes…" he looks to Alex for a moment then, matching eyes. "He still, desperately sought the mans approval."

Minos nods. "Samuel couldn't talk, Johan wouldn't get what he wanted. And neither did I." He stops and says, "He blamed me. Every promotion he did not get, every time he'd get turned down for a loan, everything he'd wanted but not gotten was my fault. I think he blamed me to stop himself from blaming Mum; and I think that she realized that; and that led her to wonder what she really thought of me. Because that's what he'd led her to believe…I don't know. We construct these frameworks in our minds of what people think or what they have thought and it's all smoke and mirrors, when it comes to our parents. But he was cold, distant, and angry that I'd come. I wouldn't've fucking known if it wasn't for my sister." He pauses then continues, "So that's what I've been dealing with. It's not guilt, it's…fuck. Maybe it is guilt. That's my problem now, actually."

Johny leans back, thinking it over. "Was he always like this, or just since 57?" Asks Johan, his brow drawn down in consternation as he thinks. "If it was before, I don't understand in some ways. YOu were the very model of a British Citizen. If it was after, I can understand it entirely. You were, well, fairly… opinionated before your change. Those opinions are formed in the home. A parent with those opinions passes them on to the child without thinking about it and the child is as a sponge, seeking the parents approval and molding themselves on what their parents like or dislike."

Minos says, "It was since '57. And yes, the racism was part of it, I'm sure, but you would think that what I've done since…ah, well. The problem is the Mission." He takes a drink. "I have dedicated my time to armoring myself against what we're going to face. Mentally, physically. But this? It's an exploitable emotional weakness.""

Johny nods to Minos. "Racism is one of those things. He probably learned it from his father, Alex. Just doing the generational math, your grandfather would have been the one who raised your father during the awakening. He lived his whole life hating a thing, then he has to face the reality that the woman he loved, and I'm making a base judgment here based on genealogy, carried with in her the 'taint' of metahumanity, and not even a 'normal' meta, but a very small subvarient. You're exactly right… you became, and will continue to be, a punching bag for his psyche. Only intense counseling and self-actualization will ever get him to see it… and that would require a lot of one-on-one contact."

Minos says "You're being a psychologist, and I understand that. Not what I need right now, though." He smiles, just a little but, but it's there. "I don't know. What I need is to get over it and suck it up.""

Johny sighs, looking a little chagrined. "Yeah.. sorry about that. I just… I don't know -what- to say. Sorry your dads' a racist cock who projects his personal failings on others, but probably, somewhere in his heart, still loves his little boy?" He just shrugs, stubbing out the cigarette. "You've got to see it from his point of view, in a way. His son, his pride and joy, his -knight-… was ripped away from him. Don't suck it up and move on, man. That just… trust me… it just… uh… it leaves a hole in you moving forward. Last things I ever said to Julia were to suck it up. I was deploying. I had a mission. And she needed to accept that. Words of anger, of frustration." He settles back, his hands now without anything to occupy them. "I regret that ever day of my life, Alex."

Minos pours himself another drink. "I know there's not much you can say. What I mean is, I need to find a way to limit my emotional weakness. The love I feel for people, that's not a weakness; that's a strength when it comes to fighting Them as I've been taught—so long as you restrict that love to others who *can* fight them. It's the emotional holes that they get you with."

Johny chuckles quietly as he pours himself a scotch. "Then we're doomed." He says, tilting his glass in Alex's direction. "Because brother, I'm a gigantic emotional hole. I just conceal it well enough to only look like a pretty big emotional hole."

Minos says "I don't know. I think you have more weaknesses than I do, to be honest." He sips his scotch. "I won't go so far as to say 'denial', because that isn't what you're doing, and I'm not a psychologist either. I do know that you do love, and have loved, but your way of dealing with it is to eliminate the source of your weaknesses from your life. The thing is, you can't limit your capacity to love, and you've got a heart in there no matter how blackened it is. You carry this torch of having to be to cold badass while I'm the nice guy, but that's a load of shit—you wouldn't even have that feeling if you were not, deep inside, trying to fool yourself into believing that you're the cold badass. You're not in touch with your emotions." He pauses, then continues, "Christ, I sound like a talk show host.""

Johny chuckles quietly… "Next on Alex Michaels, Cold Hearted Spies and the Women who Love them. But first, a word from our sponser, NERPS." He sips the scotch then, savoring it. "I'm trying to move beyond that. I'm trying to be more… open. More responsive. More human. It works, and then, theirs the issues where it -works-." He admits, setting his glass down. "The more open I am, the more emotionallt available I am. The more I am that, the more the little things hurt. It's just part of life. A part of life I excised a long while back, so you know. The flesh is tender."

Minos says "I can only imagine it's like being a teenager all over again, awkwardly longing after closer emotional ties but not quite being able to achieve them." He lets out a bit of a sigh. "What we need is to exchange emotional abilities, you and I. I need to learn how to compartmentalize the stuff about my family, and the emotions that brings up, and you need to learn how to love as freely as I do. Then we'll form a perfect warrior against the Enemy.""

"Ally asked me to take her stone shopping. They're so damn in love, Alex. It's amazing to be around, sort of like a contact high." He says, fingering the rim of the glass. "Like… watching the sun rise, over and over and over. So I flew her to Tel Aviv and took her stone-shopping… Talked about her family some, and life. She's a good kid. I spent the next 5 days shirtless in the garage as I made her engagement ring. You have no idea how akward that was."

Minos says "That's pretty intense. They worry me." He pauses. "It's not that their love is a bad thing- -it's that it's intense. I hope it mellows a bit and becomes comfortable before anything gets a hold of it. And the child worries me." He continues, "Children always worry me when it comes to Watchers. They can't fight back, they're easier to harm than anyone else, they've got the strongest emotional ties, and they're a weakness that none of the people with them want to talk about, because the contemplation of their being Marked or worse is unpleasant in the extreme.""

Johny nods. "It sets off my bells and whistles.. but what can I do? The first rule of leadership is never give an order you know will be disobeyed. Kassandra's… well… lets just say, this is Kassandra's first 'love' as far as I can tell. First time she's opened up, so f course its intense. And I'm worried about when it crashes, when the poles reverse. But I don't know. I sort of have to watch it and let them grow on their own."

Minos says "Do you think talking about the children would help any?"

Johny purses his lips at that, thinking it through. He tries to avoid saying anything off the cuff. "I think I'm the wrong man to talk about that. If I had my druthers, I'd just have put Weeko and her children in a ditch, and you know that. Maybe its something you can talk to them about."

Minos says "I don't know if *I* am the right person. I'm not talking about suggesting they kill their babies or send them away, so much as I'm talking about preparing them for the psychological shock of what might happen, and preparing them for even thinking about it. You're the psychologist, mate."

Johny watches his glass for a moment. "I'll speak to them about it." That does not seem to make him happy nor elated, but he takes it in stride.

Minos says "Let me put it this way: as gruesome as it might sound, you've already had to make that adjustment."

Johny closes his eyes for a moment. "It's ironic." He says simply. "You know Ally lost her mom somewhere in Chicago when she was like, 9?" He asks, looking back to the other man. "I flew her over the old CZ on the way to Tel Aviv… we went by way of New york, as all good jews do." He shrugs then. "I've not been back. Can't quite…" he swallows… "I just can't. It's still raw."

Minos nods. "I will not pretend to understand what that was like for you, because I cannot. I can tell you that I feel for you. And for her."

Johny nods, licking his lips before taking a sip of the scotch. "I know. Just came to mind… I'm going to have to take her in there for some closure. Her mother was a runner who went missing after the walls went up."

Minos pauses and says, "I think that's a different story. I mean it doesn't make it any better, but it's not as if she was an innocent, you know?"

Johny nods. "Oh, I know. But to Ally, it wouldn't matter. She still needs some closure. What happened to her. Maybe walk the same streets. It's not to say her mother wasn't stupid for going in.. but has that ever mattered to a child?"

Minos says "No, no. I didn't mean to belittle it…it is her mother. I just suspected a deeper thing than her being a runner from what you are saying." He drinks more scotch and says, "Talking to you and about this stuff…it does help, you know?""

Johny nods to Minos. "Its like a muscle. THe more we stretch it, the less it's sore." He admits, before sipping his scotch again. "Still hurts like a bitch." He admits then. "Anyway. I don't know the full story. It's hard to research shadow-ops that took place 12 years ago off the books. I'll know more in a few weeks."

Minos says "Why are you…doing archaeological spelunking into such a thing?"

Johny glances at Minos. "Same reason I killed 292 people in Bagdad three weeks ago. I hate loose ends."

Minos shakes his head. "Some things may well be better left buried, don't you think?"


Minos shakes his head again. "Sometimes, I wonder why you work for the Watchers. Curiosity isn't always a virtue, you know. Even the folks at DIMR can tell you that."

"I am not curious, for curiosities sake, Alex. I am curious so I can be sure of the emotional and psychological stability of my assets. Since I cannot be sure of the emotional stability, I am working for psychological. The last thing I want right now is her mother suddenly showing up and having a happy reunion -JUST BEFORE- she splits her skin and a flesh-form queen crawls out to take her kid or some bullshit like that."

Minos says "Mm, good point." He takes a sip. "While I've been in my funk, is there anything else I need to know?""

"I'm loosing my objectivity on Kassandra." He admits after a long pause. "I stopped wearing my nasal filters around her. I have to be able to accept her as she is, to work along side her. I'm… I don't know Alex. Schoolboy crush? Its… complex."

Minos says "Wow, and you didn't even pick a heterosexual woman. Good job, mate."

Johny rolls his eyes. "Yeah. Tell me about it."

Minos says "That I think you'll get over."

Johny nods to Alex. "I hope so. I had been just about to ask her… for dinner of a less than professional nature, like, in the same conversation, when she dropped the Ally-bomb on me. You called that ball right, even if I couldn't admit it."

Minos says, "Well, you know, I have to say that while I had a bit of a sexual infatuation with Kassandra, I don't know if I would've acted on it. I can't answer that now, though. You need to find someone else to carry a torch for, I think. Annie, perhaps. She's the advantage of being an immortal elf."

Johny quirks a brow. "She's not immortal that I'm aware of. She's just an elf. Do you know something I don't? Incase you missed it, Kassandra is -also- an elf."

Minos says, "Annie was born in 1978. That much is in her dossier."

Johny nods. "And that puts her at about 20 years old in human years."

Minos says, "She was also highly placed amongst the Tir Tairngere nobility. So, that's my deduction, though I should like to ask her those details. I would not, however, relish going spelunking in *her* past."

Johny chuckles quietly. "No. Thats… Annie is a trained operative who knows what she's doing. I expect she'll appraise us of any inconsistencies or loose ends. THe others, not so much."

Thistledown drinks his drink, and tips the bartender with a larger bill and a wink. He turns back to the crowd of people in the bar, taking a moment to pick out the regulars from the tourists. "You there." He exclaims pointing directly through the crowd past several tourists, his finger moves in a small circle so it seems to point at all of them and none of them before he turns his back on them completely to pick up his wooden case. As he spins back around he flips a catch on the case, and with an audible click for legs unfold so the case is supported about 3 and a half feet above the floor. "I see you're trying to figure out what exactly a Miraculous Cure-all is for, allow me to prevent you a long and sleepless night by explaining. No, no, you need not say another word, it is my duty and my delight."

Johny flicks his gaze up from the hushed and private conversation underway, when Thistledown starts his sales run. He murmurs something to Minos then.

Johny says, "Watch this. He's one of the ones I had in mind for the watchers…""

Minos says, "Either way, she's a spike baby, which speaks volumes about her abilities and the possibilities she has for both a mate for you, and her potential immortality."

Thistledown flips the top of the case open so that the artistry depicting the rosy cheeked individuals performing feats of strength is aparant and produces a brown glass bottle about 8 inches tall and half as wide around stopped with a cork and sealed with wax. The label is of yellowing paper and printed in black ink. "This friends, is Dr. Feldspar's world famous Cure-all. I say world famous because I recently flew around the world, and every single place I visited had at least one person in it who knew of this incredible elixer."

Minos turns to watch Thistledown do his magic.

At your table, Johny turns back to Minos, incredulity etched on his face. "MATE?" He asks, his voice a harsh hiss of a whisper. "Alex, she has vagina dentata, or maybe a fire elemental or good lord, she could have a -ghoul- living down there!"

At your table, Minos says, "How do you know?"

Thistledown taps the bottle, "Amazingly in almost every town square and meetingplace I visited an individual was extolling the virtues ascribed to the contents of this humble bottle. I therefore rushed to where? Here… To tell Who? You… About what? That's right, sir. Dr. Feldspar's Cure-all. You must be a very well traveled man yourself to know that."

At your table, Johny says, "She told me it's been 23 years since she had a man. Or the desire.""

At your table, Minos says, "And so?"

At your table, Johny eyes Minos levelly now… "She has no interest. It would be too much like fucking myself."

Thistledown smiles, "Now ladies and gentlemen I would not be this excited about a product for no reason, no sir. In fact there are only two things that would drive me to the level of excitement you see me at today, free money, and Dr. Feldspar's Cure-all, and ladies and gentlemen do you think I see any free money here? No, don't answer that for the answer is obvious. Dr. Feldspar's Fantastical Cure-All Elixer is the reason I am here today."

At your table, Minos says, "Hey, she's a carnivore, that's perfect. So you don't do parsley. Whoo hoo. Steak is just fine."

At your table, Johny says, "She's a carnivore who goes in to toxic shock if I use rosemary.""

At your table, Minos says, "So? It's a challenge."

Thistledown points to one of the more confused looking bar patrons, "You there, take a glance this way and tell me, do you know what this type of tooth is called." He waits a moment before the patron responds, "Canine?" Thistledown looks surprised, "Indeed sir, have you had some medical training that was very astute. These are in fact my canines, and I point them out to you know as a sign of the miraculous power of Dr. Feldspar's phenominal Cure-all. For as you look upon me and my canines I bet you would find it hard to believe I have had these teeth in my mouth for well over 140 years counting as canines." He picks up his case and thumps it down with a rattle, "That's right ladies and gentlemen what I have in this bottle is the formulae that has brought me health, wealth, and prosperity and kept me feeling youthful for years."

"Getten head from your MOTHER keeps me youthful!" Calls out one of the drunks at the back.

At your table, Johny nods. "I've already got a few recipes I'm working on… but still… I don't know. She's… attractive, when you -see- her. When you talk to her, she's a kindred spirit, but in some ways, it would be like… I don't know. Hard to express."

Thistledown smiles, "I'm sure it would sir, and that my mother can continue providing such services at her age is one of the many benefits of this elixer. In fact gentlemen I often feel guilty providing it to her with the knowlege of how it affects the fairer sex. No, I've said too much, I made an oath not to sell this miraculous cure-all to men simply because of the exciting and intoxicating effects it has on the women folk." He sighs, "I'm sorry, but I simply must focus on the healthful effects."

At your table, Minos says, "That's a little ridiculous. The idea that you could know as much about her as you presume to from such brief acquaintance is a tad silly, don't you think? You're an expert at convincing people to feel at ease as if they've known you all their lives. She's pulling up on a hundred years old."

At your table, Johny nods. "And I'm running a close second for 'elder of the group' at 60, Alex." He says, glancing back to him. "I'm trained to read people. But I take your point for what it is."

Thistledown points to Minos, "An excellent question sir, but no there is no blood used in this formula. It is derived from seawater through an extensive process known to only a handful of people worldwide. By refining the radicals found in seawater, the birthplace of life, they are able to effect this amazing restorative draught."

Thistledown smiles, "Unfortunately the refining process is extremely time consuming so there is very limited supply available, but fear not, You can be assured that your interest in purchasing this wondrous product will drive those creating it to make more." He pulls two additional bottles from his case. "Now then I have enough supply here for three couples. I found that when i should a single dose it frequently resulted in broken marriages and I will simply not have it on my conscious that I disrupt another couple by causing one to become youthful energized and sexually active while the other….well isn't."

Thistledown shakes his head, "Now then I only have time for one more question before I must ask who is interested in purchasing Dr. Feldspar's Cure-all. There is a high ranking clergy man who is expecting me and I would hate to have to beg his forgiveness for being late as well as telling him what I've done here today."

Minos says "What exactly does it DO?"

Johny lets Minos speak for him, as he watches the young green haired man do his thing.

Thistledown smiles, "Another excellent question sir, you are quite the inqusitive one. I wish that I had time to list all the benefits that have been attributed to Dr. Feldspar's Cure-all, but let me sum up by saying that this miraculous potion has put a spring in my step, a smile on my face, and kept me running at top speed for years. Now then, to the meat of the matter, i simply cannot let such a marvelous drink go for less than 300 nuyen, understanding of course that this is only a six month supply…not nearly enough I know but as I said it is in short supply, who is interested…"

«Auto-Judge[]» Thistledown (#9317) rolls Charisma vs TN 4 for "Let's see if anyone in the crowd took the bait.":
1 2 3 4 5 = 2 Successes

«Auto-Judge[]» Minos (#5291) rolls Willpower vs TN 5:
1 1 1 3 3 4 4 5 = 1 Success

Minos says "You mean I can't buy just one?"

«OOC» Minos says, "apparently, the minotaur is a retard"
«Auto-Judge[]» Johny (#799) rolls Willpower vs TN 5:
1 1 1 1 1 8 = 1 Success

«OOC» Minos says, "and so is Johny"
«OOC» Johny is drooling on himself.

Thistledown smiles as two individuals reach forward with money in hand, "You sir and yes you madam…." he winks at the gentlemen sitting next to the lady, "Sir, I hope you have a very firm matress." He turns abck to the minotaur, "The bottle holds two doses, you can share with your friend if you like, though I'd recommend being in separate rooms when you do so, the effects are quite strong."

Johny glances at Minos. "It's full of shit, but you know? Keeping snakeoil off the streets in a time like this?" He glances -meaningfully to thistledown-… "Without killing anyone to do it?" He pulls out his wallet. "Is a good cause."

Minos says "I don't know, Johny, I mean, I know you're a doctor and all, but there's all sorts of magical stuff and homeopathic remedies out there that medical science has only vaguely explored before writing them off as hokum, because they support only the megacorps' ideas of drugs. This thing might have something to it!"

Johny looks to Thistledown. "Settle me a bet." Says Johny, standing up now. "I say, your stuff is full of crap, but I'll buy it to keep these suckers from getting rooked. My friend here thinks there MAY be something to it. My bet with him, is that if theres nothing to it, I can snap your neck before you can blink. What do you think? Still want to sell the crap?"

Thistledown smiles at Johny and blinks, "I'm sorry sir you've lost both your bets, I've already blunk and there is absolutely no crap at all in this bottle."

Johny rolls his eyes, gesturing to the batch. "Gimmie it all. Whats the cost?"

Thistledown sighs, "I'm sorry sir but I couldn't possibly deprive them of thier chance at happiness, if you want to buy it off them you'd have to negotiate with them individually. Your bottle would be 300"

Thistledown sighs, "I'm sorry sir but I couldn't possibly deprive them of thier chance at happiness, if you want to buy it off them you'd have to negotiate with them individually. Your bottle would be 300"

Johny narrows his eyes. "I got 3,000 here that says you're going to sell it to me. And if you don't sell it to me, Alright. I'll just perform high velocity destructive surgery in both kneecaps with my boots. I mean, choice is yours. Pocket'o'Cash or screaming-bone-shattery-pain."

Johny smiles politely, rocking on his heels, waiting for the man to answer.

Minos looks at Johny and says, "You are *SUCH* a dick."

"It's my best trait." Says he.

Thistledown doesn't drop his smile, "Ladies and Gentlemen I'm very sorry but the young man here is quite insistent." He hands over the bottles taking the money. "I will do everything in my power to return with more at a later date."

Johny ahs! "Splendid!" He says, stepping closer and offering the stick over. His voice drops lower… "Hundreds, maybe thousands are sick outside these walls, you miserable excuse for skin… and they are desperate, pleading for any hope. You come here selling snake oil? Selling curative's made from sugar and alcohol?" He almost snarls, passing the stick over. "Come back here and try to fleece the people and by my pretty friends horns, I will end you."

Minos says "Don't swear oaths by my horns, you idiot. As for the starving, sick, fucked-up people of the Warrens? His shit can't exactly HURT them any worse than they are hurting now, can they?"

"For the price he's charging? It can ruin a family who pin their hopes on it."

Thistledown smiles at Johny, "Sir you wound me to the quick, I think only of their best interests." He taps the stick against his reader transferring the funds discretely in this scrip preferring bar. "In fact sir, I assure you if you were to present me with such a family I would have them in good health again in short order."

Johny kind of just points out the door.

Minos says "The kind of folk who could afford his elixir don't go to the Last Chance Saloon, Johan. Jesus, even if what he's doing IS a scam, you've run worse ones on a larger scale yourself. Someone should kick YOUR ass, throwing your weight around like this."

Johny glances over his shoulder… "This, from Supermoo?"

Minos looks at Johny with a venomous glare. "Don't make me punch you in the face, Johny."

"Oh come on. Minos… Don't give -me- the self-righteous talk!" Says Johny, grinning as he turns it back on Alex. "I mean, I'm the guy who's usually the one being all practical and professional, cutting corners and costs. I finally grow a moral spine and you're like, bitch please?"

Thistledown was already smiling, the entire crowd can back him up that he was smiling before the Supermoo comment.

Minos says "This is a moral spine?" He shakes his head and points towards the gangers in the back. "Killing THOSE guys," said guys rapidly exiting the room when he points them out, "that'd be a moral spine. This guy, on the other hand, is like having a moral toothpick.""

Johny considers that, looking back to Thistledown then. He looks back to Minos. "You have a point, but isn't a toothpick like a -really small- spine?"

Minos says "The temptation to make a dick joke right now is almost unbearable, but I shall resist it."

Johny grins. "Now that, is moral spine."

Hornet makes her way into the saloon and despite the crowd manages to naviagte through the room just fine. She steps up to the bar and says "Beer me." In her Isralie/Jewish accent as she idly drums her hands on the counter to get the barkeeps attention.

Johny holds up a finger to Alex then. "I'm sorry Alex, the playing field has changed. A hot, dare I say, explosive woman has entered the area, and we must now fight the PON FARR to dramatic music for which of us gets to hit on her." Johny drops in to a combat stance, making 'mouth music' to the tune of Startrek 'DRAMATIC FIGHT SEQUENCE'.

Hornet looks to johnny and rolls her eyes.

Minos looks at Johny and pauses. "You can have this one."

Hornet looks to indicate Minos. "Excuse me? he can have me?"

Johny straightens up then, turning to Hornet. "Well, that's what the big man said." He hooks his thumbs in to his beltloops. "I mean, I never go for the possessive types myself. So…." He glances around the bar. "You come here often?"

Minos just sort of stands back and watches Johny get his groove on.

Now you see? Thats friendship. Willing to let your friend make an utter fool of himself.

Hornet looks to Johny and smirks a crooked grin. "Your borderline amusing." She takes a drink of her beer. "Dont make me shoot you in the foot or something. Id hate to do it."

Johny looks down at his boots then. "I like these boots though." he complains, settling down at the bar next to her. "So. Lets play word association. I'll say something, you tell me the FIRST Thing to come to your mind when you hear it, okay?"

He pauses, then says… "Beer."

Hornet looks to Johnny and says "Gun."

Johny nods, thinking that over. He glances to Alex, giving him a thumbs up with a cheesy grin. This is going well! "Okay. How about… Mountain."

Hornet seams to think about it and nods her head. "Gun."

Johny nods, giving Minos a BIGGER smile. This is awesome! He reaches in to his pocket, pulling out, well, a massive GUN! It's a ruger thunderbolt, customized with sculpting along the barrel to make it look like a dragon's mouth. Specifically, Dunkelzhan. "Okay. Now, lets try… GUN!"

Hornet reaches into her own jacket and pulls out a Savalette Guardian that has been heavily modified and sets id down on the counter as well and says. "Shot." Okay so yours is bigger than hers.

Johny ooohs quietly. "Nice. I like the extra time in unholstering the lack of mechanics saves you. A real point and click model. Okay. Next concept." He says, grinning, looking back to her… "Sex with me."

He just kind of dives in.

Thistledown has been very quietly folding up his case letting those who are excitable and displaying weapons do their own thing.

Hornet says "Disquieting""

Johny glances over to Thistle. "Seriously though… " He says, letting the voice trail off. "Don't fuck people over, or you will be fucked. Scan me, greenie?" Johny then turns back to Hornet. "Interesting. Now… Steak."

Thistledown smiles at Johny, "At the moment sir you're the only one who purchased my draught and you seem rather chipper and sexually driven, are you arguing that you aren't virile with such a beautiful young woman present?"

Johny picks up his own gun, the massive ruger. It auto-safeties and he puts it, without fanfare, back in to its holster. "Boy." Says he, casting an upraised eyebrow to Thistledown.. "Do not make me reconsider my kindness." He looks back to Hornet, waiting for her answer to 'steak'.

Thistledown tips his hat, "As you say sir, though mind you follow the directions."

Hornet says "Vegetarian"

Johny glances at her. "Sex with me."

Hornet says "Disquieting"

Johny purses his lips. "This is not the answer I am looking for. How about… Hot tub + steak + full body massage?"

Hornet says "No the thought is rather disquieting really. Im sure your a good looking guy, or at least Ill take your word for it."

Johny chuckles quietly. "I'm kidding anyway."

Johny says in Hebrew, "You know how it goes. Faces in public and private."

«Auto-Judge[]» Hornet (#8963) rolls Psychology (Behavioral Patterns):
1 2 5 8
«OOC» Hornet says, "so are you? :P"

«Auto-Judge[]» Johny (#799) rolls Psychology (Impersonation):
1 1 4 5 5 7

You paged Hornet with 'He's very good. Trained, even. A face man. And while he is attracted to you, he is not ginuinly trying to get you in bed. Thats overblown for public consumption.'.

Hornet smirks as she tilts her head slightly and sips her beer. "Eh dont worry about it. I must still look good or I wouldn't get hit on so much."

Johny stands up from the bar. "The offer of a meal with no strings, all jokes aside, still exists." He says, turning for the door. (Hebrew)

Hornet shrugs. "May take you up on it some time. Maybe not, well see."

Johny shrugs as he straightens his jacket. "It's chill." He heads for the door then.

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