Final Answer

Kassandra is currently lying across the bed talking to Maya, who is laying next to her cooing. They are watching a show on the trideo, with an assortment of foodstuffs fit for both nearby and she is dressed.

Johny steps inside the room, closing the door firmly behind himself. He looks through the room, locating Silk before nodding to her. He moves in to take himself a seat. "So. Talking." he says, exactly 3 hours after the sub-orbital touched down from Istanbul.

Kassandra pauses the movie, some sort of fairy tale animated fantasy love story. She looks over as Johny comes in, telling Maya, "It's Uncle Johny!" She seats herself, one hand steading the child as she moves around. "Did you have a good trip?"

Johny smiles slightly, to the child. "Uncle Johnny and mommy ally had a good trip. She minded her manners and managed to not get herself in to to much trouble." He says, looking back to Kassandra, observing her. Sort of waiting to get shot.

The elf doesn't seem armed. She nods, "That is always a good thing, or Maya and I might get angry. Maya is a demon with a rattle." She motions in a general manner, "Can I get you a drink? I don't have much in here, but I can snag something from Lil's room if she is done whoring, or else from downstairs?"

Johny shakes his head, clearly waiting for the other shoe to drop. Tense even. He doesn't make the mistake of opening his mouth though. Once you start talking, its hard to stop, and thats the trap most criminals and guilty men fall in to. Let me just explain…

"I spoke with Marcus today; we managed to .. find some common ground." She chuckles at that, "He is actually very sweet once he isn't wanting to poison my drinks or otherwise be angry."

He nods, settling back in to his seat, one leg coming up to cross over the other. Trying to look at emote relaxation, but clearly not. His hands stay on the armrests of the chair… clearly in sight. "MArcus.. is a good man. If a little besetupon by his own worries of inadiquency."

Kassandra tilts her head, hair tickling Maya. She offers, "I think he is more complicated than that, really. He is very smitten with you, Samuel, on any number of levels." She tells Maya. "Remember, I told you Sam is Johny? It's complicated."

Johny nods to Kassandra. "Indeed." he says, looking to maya. "I am very complex, Just like your…" A glance to Kassandra… "Just like Kassy."

Kassandra chuckles. "Hard to find a good word for it, no? Mommy isn't quite right, but .. what else do you say?"

Johny chuckles once, maybe twice, sitting forward in his chair. "Can we stop dancing, Kassandra? I don't usually mind, but I'm really very jet-lagged." He says, looking to her.

An eyebrow goes up, "Dancing?" She ohs, nodding, "You mean the part where you went and killed a few people?" Kassandra watches Johny, remarking "You seem a litle tense, Old Man, like you expect something bad to happen."

Johny nods to the woman. "I'm not sure if you're going to kiss me or kill me, or something in between. I dislike being in a position of uncertainty."

She waves a hand, shaking her head, "I don't have any designs on killing you, or even harming you. That wouldn't be very wise of me on the best day." Kass rolls Maya over and the back on the bed much to the baby's delight, the laughter echoing, "I was .. uncertain of why, however. Marcus was not very forthcoming with information, even after I threatened him with burning oil." She says the last dryly, clearly a joke.

Johny tilts his head. "Why… what?" He asks, curiosity etched in his features as he allows himself to relax somewhat.

"Why did you do it? I mean, it's .. in the past." Kass plays with Maya more to distract herself, or perhaps it is all of Aladriel she has that she can physically touch, her voice steady, calm. No tears, no weeping, "I don't say that I don't rejoyce at their death, but .. it was unnecessary, a risk for no gain."

Johny exhales. "I asked myself that 30 times as I sat having lunch with this man, casually inquiring about human flesh for sale. Girls for barter and trade, no longer human." He closes his eyes, leaning his head back. "My thoughts are incredibly quick, you must understand. Most of my head is manmade." He explains…

"And each answer came back with the look of you, in my house… terrified. Grasping on to Ally like she were the only rock in the sea. It's not derogatory… but… I needed to understand. What made you so… afraid underneath your exterior. And each time I asked the question, you came back. So when I inquired about you specifically, referencing a time I saw you in Ankara nearly a decade ago and was besmitten by your charm despite only seeing you in passing… he expressed… such.." he keeps his eyes closed…

"Such… -greed-. Such avarice of soul. Such lip-licking gluttony of the flesh. No… if this man ever learned you lived… he would come for you. And he would come for ally. And he would come for anyone possible… and he would…" he shakes his head, snapping his eyes forward to Kassandra.. Murder is in his eyes, the sort of murder that brought troy to the ground. "I set my plan in motion minutes later. No one -dares- harm those I care for, kassandra… -no one-."

The elven woman sits quietly for a few moments after that, her hands busy with the child. She considers, "I spent .. a very long time among people such as those. I .. only Aladriel really knows about this, besides yourselves and Marcus. I don't know how much the two of you know, but I imagine it is enough to know the broad strokes."

Kass shrugs, keeping her words even, her face soft for Maya's sake. "I .. hm." She sighs, looking back at you, "Yes, I cling to Aladriel right now .. I have spent virtually every night, save for the last few weeks, in abject terror. Nightmares every single night, waking up in a cold sweat, just knowing that the sound I heard is the sound of a cage closing, that *they* are taking me back."

"I've tried .. and done a bad job if Lilith is any indication .. to put some of that aside. Given that I all but threw up on Marcus today, I still have a long way to go." She muses, eyes on Maya.

"They…" He says simply, placing the two shells from his collection on the table next to him… "Are very.. very dead." He swallows… "Because I will not have that cloud over you. Because I have spent to long myself, under such clouds. They exhaust, they terrify, they rob of joy and vitality. And you deserve better."

Kassandra lets out a quick, shuddering breath. She gently lifts Maya, rising with a slow grace, shifting her weight to accomodate the child. A few quick steps brings her towards you, bare feet nearly inaudible on the carpet. She stares down for a moment at the rounds, eyes flickering with any number of emotions: anger, sadness, loss, humiliation. Her eyes shift to you, swallowing and blinking back tears before speaking, "Thank you." Two words, simple words, but they say everything she can put into words.

Johny turns his eyes downward as he rises up. One hand, his left hand, which may mean very little to Kassandra other than its not his primary hand, comes up to touch the childs brow, trailing down along her cheek. He looks back to Kassandra then, offering her a nod. "Ally asked me why tonight on the planeride back. She said she was sad that she didn't get to take part, that she felt she could justify, to herself, killing those people." He smiles slightly. "And thats the second reason I did it." The unspoken, is so that she didn't have to put that thin rational to the test.

"I appreciate that. I .. she .." She breaks off, trying to find the right words, "She wants to, but I don't want her to, if that makes sense?" A faint laugh catches her, half self-depreciating, half nervous, "Although that is somewhat hypocritcal, given what I've said today to Marcus." Her eyes go back to the two rounds, her voice soft, "I promised myself I'd kill them one day, but .. as the years went by, it was just easier to try to pretend it didn't happen, to just wall it all off."

Johny nods slowly, looking back to the rounds… "The nature of time is it makes loose ends seem less important. Like they can't possibly reach out from the corner. But all it takes is one better on a unique race to see the driver of the flashy limo… or the Trid of that race to make it somewhere, where someone sees, and suddenly, they come from the corner and you're entangled again like no time had passed." he says soberly, looking down to the child. "You deserve better. In that moment, 30 times 30, the answer came up that he and everyone associated with him died. The entire upper level of the organization and most of its on-site foot soldiers. Killed them all in 2 hours. I do not regret it." He says, looking to Kassandra. "You are my friend. You are my… fellow seeker… on a strange path. I don't have more poetic words, I am sorry. But it is our job to banish the night. I would be a poor friend to you, if I did not start with you." He pauses, then turns for the door. "Sleep well tonight, Kassandra Depavia."

A hand reaches up, brushing his arm quickly, a fleeting gesture. She says, "Thank you again, Samuel. I .. thank you." She step back, shifting Maya and holding her tight. Kass watches you head for the door, murmuring very softly to Maya in Elvish as she watches, "It's all going to be alright, everything is going to be ok now." She smiles, just a little, before letting her eyes close.

Johny smiles then, offering a nod to the ladies. "Ladies, rest well." With that, he turns and exits, his shoes not echoing in the hall. (Sperethiel)

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