Flying High Feeling Low

Prep Time

Johny leans on the front fender of the sleek black corvette. He's smoking a cigarette in defiance of the clear No-Smoking signs posted around. A sleek black jet, much like the one which took you to Disney World is prepped on the hanger floor.

A cab rolls up to the airfield and spills out an older, Middle-Eastern woman with a pretty decent sized camo-bag slung over her shoulder. Tossing some money to the driver, the door to the cab is promptly closed up and the woman heads towards the corvette, a smirk on her face, eyes concealed by sunglasses.

Johny puffs his cigarette, using one hand to reach up and pluck it from his lips… "Now Ms. Cindel. Arabs are simply gauche in Israel. Look a little more olive, a little more European, a little less sematic. We're going to Israel, not Jorden. Remember, this is a country that erased Lybia, and earned itself no friends in the Sandbox."

Groaning, Ally just drops the spell and reveals herself as per normal, dressed in armored black leather and run-ready gear, which newly includes her sword. "Okay, okay, so that wasn't perfect. I'm not a huge history buff. Once we get on the plane just show me a picture of someone normal and I can go around dressed like that," she says with a grin.

Johny nods. "It was a good effort though. -Anywhere else- in the Sandbox, you'd have been fine." He says, gesturing to the plane. "I applaud the effort, I don't disparage it. Now come on. I have some ideas for your ring I want to discuss with you."

Beaming at the praise, Ally heads right up into the plane and into the cabin. With no pesky commuter airline rules to bother her, she's free to just tuck her bag into a seat, within reach. Her sword gets removed, sheath and all, and tucked next to her within easy reach. Sprawling out in her chair, Ally's hand darts into her pocket, comes out with a small pill bottle. Opening it, she sprinkles out two white pills, swallows them dry, then closes her eyes as she buckles her seat belt. Her eyes are closed for the amount of time it would take for her to count to ten.

Johny eyes the pills as he moves in to the plane. "Get motion sickness?" He asks, putting a hand on her shoulder as he heads for the cabin cockpit. "Want to ride up front with me for a while? Show you how to power up the plane if you like." he says, settling in to the left hand side pilots seat, the traditional captains seat. He apparently has his gear already aboard.

Peeking open her eyes, Aladriel shakes her head, though she looks a bit startled to not see a pilot already in the cockpit. Oh. Working up the courage to undo her seatbelt, Ally carefully heads up to the cockpit. "No…just don't like flying too much," she murmurs. "Not big on cars, either. Probably cause I don't know much about them."

Johny nods as he settles a headset over his ears. "Pick up that headset and put it on. It's how you're going to hear me best. The cockpit is sound shielded, but not completely because a pilot relies on audio information from the engines as well… This is a twin engine Embraer ERJ 245. It's an airframe thats about 20 years old, but it's a solid design used extensively. What I like most about it, ally, is it's all but invisible on a radar scope. And I don't mean stealthy, I mean theres 10,000 others just like it in the air."

Ally plucks up the headset and slides it over her ears before she starts the process of buckling herself securely in the co-pilots seat. Once she has it right, she throws herself against it several times to make sure its completely locked down before she relaxes. "Ahhh, I see. So its completely unremarkable. That's pretty clever…and a whole different kind of sneaky, isn't it? I like that. And…the autopilot is so good that it can fly itself and land itself, right?"

Johny nods with a smile. "I'm not an expert at being invisible. It's too hard in most cases, and it actually draws -more- attention than you would think. No. The best method of stealth is where you see me, but don't see me. Just like this plane. And, exactly so, Ally. Most Aircraft these days can fly themselves for most situations. Pilots have relied on autopilot for complex aircraft for a hundred years now, with the actual piloting only being for take off and landing, and even then, just for oversight. There was a movement in the early 2000s to remove pilots entirely, but this ace pilot by name of Sullenberger put a stop to that crap, when he put his plane down in a river after a catastrophic engine failure and managed to save everyone on board. No autopilot can ever replace a good pilot."

"That is pretty sensible," Ally murmurs as she thinks hard about it. "Yeah…I bet that really is true. I'd be much more interested in looking at the sleekest, newest looking car on the road than one where I can look in any direction and see ten more." She files away that information for future application as she is given a quick lesson in aviation history.
Her hands tighten on her safety restraint at the mention of the plane going down in a river. Taking a deep breath, she lets it out in a ten-count. "And you're a good pilot?" she verifies, forcing her hands to unclench from the restraint.

Johny smiles at Ally, glancing at her out of the corner of his eyes. He reaches over, patting her hand where it grips the armrest. "You've got nothing to worry about, Ally. I'd never put you in danger unnecessarily. The only thing in this airport I don't have at least a thousand hours on, is you." A grin is given as he looks back to the front of the plane. "Okay. Reach over to the radio pannel. It's labled there in front of you, 3 degrees up from forward and 9 to the right. Turn it to 'Denver Tower' channel… and tell me when it's ready, showing 3 green bars."

Raising up her sunglasses, Aladriel grins at the reassuring pat of her hands. "It's good to know. Probably stupid to be afraid of technology, huh? Typical mage," she grumbles. "I just need to keep remembering that if worst comes to worst, I *can* fly. Just…need to worry about the oxygen," she murmurs, that thought seeming to worry her for a moment. That worry is shrugged off as she is given an assignment. Leaning forward the inch or so that the restraint allows, she reaches out to the radio and manipulates the controls without hesistation. Fiddling for just a second more, she gives a thumbs up as the signal comes in clearly. "Good to go here, looks like," she says with a smile.

Johan grins, clicking the mike and going through the preflight discussion with the tower. He takes the moment where he can to explain whats being discussed. He offers her a list while he talks to them. "Locate these readouts in the main holographic controls…" He brings the holographic dashboard up for her… "And then confirm the readings they give, with the dials on the actual dashboard, along this line here.."

"Confirmed tower, we are calibrating holographics now."

Taking the readout, Aladriel begins looking around the display and carefully verifies them, line by line. No expert, but she's not unbelievably daunted by the task. "This would be a lot scarier if I was actually flying," she murmurs as she checks everything, and then re-checks, being certain to do that double-check for the safety of them both. As she gets halfway through the second check, she feels more confident to speak while looking,
"I wanted to thank you for the sword, by the way. I don't think I did a good job with the delivery man. But it is very much appreciated. My mother used a katana from time to time…she always amazed me with it. I'm very excited to have one of my own, and learn how to use it."

Johny glances over at it. "You did fine, but you should brush up on your Arabic." he admits, as he confirms his own dials..

"McCarron tower, we are green for holographic synch, uploading transponder and flight data now. Flight TwoFourNinerSix, with preapproval code is NinerZeroAlphaPoppaGolfOneThreeFiveNinerZero confirm."

"Confirmed 2496, you are clear for runway four."

"Confirmed Tower, Runway four. Beginning Taxi. Once we reach 20,000 feet I will be giving the stick to the student pilot with me, record on file as Marcus Von Gelder, confirm."

"Confirmed 2496, Supervised pilot change at 20,000 feet."

Take Off

Blinking at that, Ally almost asks how he knew that…and just thinks better of it. "Well, its on my list. Trying to find the time to learn more when….well, the last week has been a crazy one for me, as you well know," she points out, and even at the suggestion of events past, she can't help but to let a huge smile break out across her face. "I am going to learn more…maybe on this trip even. Brought some audio with me to work on," she murmurs, voice falling low.
"Student pilot? Marcus?" Aladriel blinks and leans out of her chair to try to look around. Nope, she doesn't seem him. Closing her eyes…Johny's perceptive enough to be pretty sensitive to magic being done. So he might get a tickle. "Marcus isn't on the plane!"

The plane smoothly rolls out of the hanger, in to the bright sunlight of Denver's 50 degree mid-winter day. "Of course he's not, but you don't have a students licence, and this is a nominally legal flight." he says, glancing over at her. He carefully guides the plane at 1/10th power around the taxi field, and then on to the runway. A count down timer appears on the holo display. "Set the flaps… " He gestures to where the control can be found. "To 5 degrees."

Aladriel laughs nervously, and then with a bit more enthusiasm. "Oooh I get it. Thats pretty clever of you, trying to make me nervous like that," the mage laughs as she follows the gesture to the flap controls. "Making me think….5 degrees, set,' she reports as she turns the control to the desired elevation.

Johny nods to the girl. "No, really. In 15 minutes, we'll be at 20,000 feet, and you're going to fly the plane. The best way to overcome a fear, Ally, is to master it. If you don't know about an airplane… I will teach you. I will show you. I will not let fear master you, and I will make you master fear." he glances at her. "You will need to do that, as we move forward. Fear is… death."

Johny then, without warning, pushes the plane to full throttle. It's both terrifying and exhilarating as the twin turbofan jet turbines roar to full power, fuel being sprayed in to them at a rate that is utterly obnoxious for any green-peace advocates on the ground. Fuck carbon offsets. The plane rockets down the runway, rumbling heavily and vibrating like a pleasurevibe from the friction of the tires and the tarmac.

And then… it's just.. gone. The airplane lifts up three inches and there's nothing but smoothness and the sense of acceleration as the plane climbs in to the atmosphere.

"I know that that is very true, but not everyone is supposed to be able to fly planes," Ally is quick to point out, a little shudder going through her. "'d be just my luck to die cause you stupidly gave me the AHHHHHHHHH!" she shrieks as the plane lurches forward without warning. She manages to stop screaming after a moment, but not quick enough for her own tastes. Oh, he'll not let that one go, will he? Closing her eyes tightly, Ally peeks one open just in time to see them lift off, as the vibration of the plane changes as it loses its contact with the ground. "Okay…okay…okay, we're okay….should've warned me!"

Johny gestures out the window. "Runway. Takeoff window. Common sense. You knew we would be taking off. You've flown before. On this very plane!" he says with a grin as he puts the plane on a climb vector. "If you look here…" he gestures out her window, using a light pen to highlight the area… "You can see the Apple And Snake as we bank out over the Ute Sector… Say hello to Kass and maya!"

"I know, I know, but there's usually more taxi stuff and then a stop and…okay, we're still okay," Ally repeats, and then her attention is drawn at the mention of the Apple and Snake. She cranes her neck and looks with interest, a happy laugh from her as she sees the building. "Oh wow…. it looks a lot different from up here! I don't usually fly up very high when I fly…wow…" she says, a sense of wonder in her voice that is unmistakable.

I just called to say…

Johny grins. "Want to call her?" he asks, gesturing to the holoscreen which shifts to reveal a comm-call protocol. Looks just like a normal phone, but routes to her head set. "Say good buy? You told her where we were going, right?"

Ooohing at that, Ally watches the screen shift, and then without hesitation she dials in Kassandra's number, a big smile touching her features. "Definitely. Ringing…" she glances over to Johan and shakes her head. "Oh no, didn't tell her exactly where. She's as clever as you, didn't want her to know what I'm doing exactly. Just told her I was going out of country for a day, and not on *business*."

You paged (Kassandra, Aladriel) with 'Kassandra's phone starts ringing. The number is unlisted.'.

To (Johny, Aladriel), Kassandra pages: Hello?

From afar, to (Kassandra, Johny): Aladriel's voice comes through rather clearly, with some background noise of a plane. "Kassie sweetie? Its me! We just flew over Lil's place!"

From afar, to (Johny, Aladriel): Kassandra sounds relieved and excited, "Baby! I am so glad to hear your voice! I miss you already!"

From afar, to (Kassandra, Johny): Aladriel giggles into the headset, "I miss you too! How is Maya? Are you both okay? Lil's place looks really different from up above. We're flying and….. *her voice lowers* I think he's gone crazy cause he's going to have me fly…"

Long distance to (Kassandra, Aladriel): Johny's voice is clear. "You realize I'm on the circut as well… and no, I've not gone crazy. I just like to multitask. A personal jaunt with a little training never hurt anyone. Now you will have basic familarity with a two engine turbofan jet turbine aircraft."

From afar, to (Johny, Aladriel): Kassandra voice carries a little smile, "She is fine, we both are." She laughs a little, "Silly, you can already fly! He's just showing you the harder way to do it." There is a faint pause, "Where are you kids off to? You never said, and if it doesn't ruin the surprise and alll .. and yes, Johny, I knew you were there."

Johny glances to Ally, as if to say its all on her to reveal or not reveal. The diamond markets of Tel Aviv are world renouned and are the home of Debeers-omnitech, the largest precious minerals company in the world.

From afar, to (Johny, Kassandra): Aladriel laughs softly when Kassandra does, a very common thing as of late. "Ooooh we're just going off for a little jaunt. Nowhere exciting or anything. Pretty boring all things said and done. You two girls are going to have a good time without me, you'll barely realize I'm gone. Where is Lil taking you out to?"

Ally looks to Johan and shakes her head as she answers Kass through the headset. Nope, the element of surprise must be maintained.

From afar, to (Johny, Aladriel): Kassandra hms, "I don't know, something came up at the house and she and I were chatting with Elvis about his .. problem. If nothing else Maya and I will go to the park and play for a while. And I *will* realize you are gone, every single second of it. But that will give me time to shop for something for you too. You and Johnny stay safe on this little trip, and I am sorry again for this morning."

Johny makes a funny face, tapping out a text based message on the holodisplay. "OOoooooooh! Troubles at home. someone unable to find the pads this morning? Someone leave the toilet seat up?"

From afar, to (Kassandra, Johny): Aladriel gasps into the phone and can practically be heard shaking her head. "You don't need to shop for anything for me, I think you've gotten me just plenty! And…" there's a pause and a faint 'grrr' into the headset before Ally's voice comes back on. "There's nothing to be sorry for at all. I was just overexcited and didn't explain. Please don't worry. But I love you, both of you, and I can't wait to be back. It'll be worth it, promise. Give Maya a kiss for me and have her give you one for me. And I'll see you soon. Love you!"

To (Johny, Aladriel), Kassandra pages: I love you too, baby. Be safe, both of you.

Long distance to (Kassandra, Aladriel): Johny comes over the comm again. "Don't worry Kassandra. I'll keep her safe. It's just a pleasure jaunt. Honest." Something about honest from him just doesn't -sound- right.

To (Johny, Aladriel), Kassandra pages: I will hold you to that, Wulfson.

You paged (Kassandra, Aladriel) with 'If I said you had a beautiful body, would you hold me to that, too?'.

From afar, to (Johny, Aladriel): Kassandra chuckles faintly, but sounds a bit strained.

To (Kassandra, Johny), Aladriel pages: She most certainly won't! Bye Kass, love you! *disconnect*

Ally holds up her hand and starts examining her ring (+view aladriel/engagement ring) as she's talking to Kass, and she gets distracted when the holotext comes up, spurring her 'grrr' towards Johan. Shooting him a brief, dirty look, Ally finishes up her goodbyes, and when the call is disconnected, she looks very relieved, and pleased from having heard Kass' voice. "Thanks for reminding me to call her," she says happily.

Johny glances back to Ally. "She's going to end up shooting me some day. She's probably convinced you and I are headed off for either, a risky spy op in the Swiss Alps where you will be tempted by blonds with matterhorns for hooters, or I'm going to be trying to tempt you. And it's alright. I know how things get… jumbled, in the first stages of emotional emeshment and euphoria."

"Shooting you? I don't know about that… you're pretty funny in a really rude type of way," Ally points out, a lazy sort of smile on her face. "But I told her she doesn't have to worry. I'm not so easily tempted. I looked until I found her…and I've found her so I don't need to look anymore. Don't even want to," she says with a big, cheesy grin. A grin that fades a little bit around the edges as she studies Johan. "Not meant to offend, but I can't imagine you being all…like us."

Johny's features don't really falter, but some of the spark in his eye fades as he reaches forward to input coordinates for the auto pilot. "I'm not like… you." he says finally, as the plane banks to head north by north east. "Our flight plan will take us over Chicago at 30,000 feet." He says, distracting the conversation on to other aspects.

Ally blinks and seems to know she made an uh-oh. Not a huge uh-oh, but one she would not have normally made. Regrouping to try and circle back, her mental train is derailed by hearing something very unexpected. "Chicago?" she asks in a small voice, completely surprised. She looks around the display to try to find a flight plan so she can verify that thats true. She looks out the window eagerly, even though its far too soon to be over the city.

The flight plan carries you almost directly across Chicago's midtown, down Cermack and then out over the lake along what -should- be a priority air corridor that is mysteriously clear. Some gifts are simply not obvious.

Ally studies the flight plan with interest and then beyond as she looks over it, long enough to memorize it. When she finally leans back from it, her eyes are distant and she's become lost in thought and quite probably memory. The cockpit will be thick with silence for several minutes if she's left to her own designs.

Those few minutes eat up the flight time inside the FRFZ's aerospace zone. "This is Flight 2649, FRFZ to UCAS, Pittsburg, handing off to Cheyenne Tower."

"Confirmed 2649, We have you on scope. You are cleared to proceed."

"Wah-do, Cheyenne."

Re-sorting her thoughts and sending certain ones away, repackaging others, Ally calms herself down to bring herself back to the present and the current. "So…um, how long is this flight anyways?" she asks finally. "I've not been to Tel Aviv before."

Johny glances down at the chronometer. "We'll be in the air to New York approximately 2 more hours, then we will proceed to a Sub Orbital to fly to Istanbul, then a private plane in to Ekron Airbase in central Israel. Tel Aviv obliterated in a chemical attack back on the cusp of the Awakening, so I don't suggest much magic there. It's why Israel erased the nation of Libya from the map with the only successful offensive nuclear strike in the post-awakened world."

A grumble. "Awhile," Ally realizes, sighing a little bit before she lets her mind digest some of the history of the region that they are going to, a small furrow of her brows resulting. "Chemical and nuclear attacks?" she asks, whistling quietly. "I imagine there's got to be a huge concentration of toxics there, no?" she asks. A small shudder. "Oy. Well, thanks for warning me. I've trained in ways to be able to do magic in corrupt areas like that…but nothing quite prepares you for what it must look like."

Johny glances at Ally. "You expect to fly around the world in a record pace? The suborbital is about 2 hours, and it goes halfway around the world. Travel takes time, kiddo. Logistics are the primary problems that a team will encounter. With solid logistics, we can do -anything-. Hell, with solid logistics, I could fly to Tel Aviv, kill a whole goddamn batallion and fly out before dinner was even cold on the stove back home."

"No, no, not record pace….I'm just…I don't know," Ally says with a shrug. "I'm not a fantastic traveler. Always the quicker the better for me in that regard," she explains before she settles in for a bit of a longer flight. "So um…Chicago. Whats… um, the situation there, now? Have you been recently?"

Johny shakes his head subtly. "I've avoided it for many years, kiddo." He says simply. "I know the walls came down in 57 and its as close to a large scale mana-ebb as you can get. FAB IV still has pockets existing that release occasionally… and the Bugs are -not- gone. All the nuke and FAB IV did was kill off the weaker ones. Who does Darwin say is left?"

Slowly nodding, Ally looks out the forward windows, letting her eyes focus on nothing but the horizon, or as much of it as she can see. "Do you know…..whats the longest time anyone survived in there? Like when the walls came down…..what were the people like?" she asks. She's startled out of her skygazing by a yoke that seems to just appear out of nowhere. Yiping in surprise, she grabs hold of it, but thankfully doesn't yank it any sort of direction. She holds it very steady.

Flying Lessons

Johny shrugs. "I don't know." he says. "Corporate investment is down a lot. Truman Corp, the primary rebuilding firm, has been muscling Ares out of its traditional midwest stranglehold and doing a good job, partly because Knight knows better than to be the one doing reconstruction the first time around. Always wait for someone to fail, or make them fail, then step in as the hero." He then gestures to the yoke.. "Treat it like a child. Soft and gentle. You don't need to yank.. the plane will respond better to soft, steady pressure. It works in three demensions. So pushing forward will tilt the plane to the forward, and we will lose altitude. Pull back, and if we have thrust, we will climb. If we don't have thrust, we'll do the same thing as what happens when you push forward, only with no control. Right and left will rotate the plane on its central axis." He demonstrates with his hand…

"And the foot peddles down there… one right, one left? They will move the rudder in the back of the plane, to actually -turn- the plane. A combination of rudder and banking is how we turn smoothly. Play with it for a moment. Get comfortable. You are -not- going to crash te plane."

Johny then clarifies, motioning forward and back. "Axis A." Then rotating side to side, along the forward axis… "Axis B." And then he rotates side to side, along the vertical axis. "Rudder, Axis C."

Listening to the details on the rebuilding of Chicago, Aladriel gently holds the yoke and seems ready to make a move. Good thing she doesn't, and instead listens first to the information on how to actually do it properly. "Okay…down first, just a tiny little bit," she murmurs, easing the stick forward a hair. A very, very slow descent. Super slow even. "Ooookay, I felt that. Back up now…straight…good. Now….turn just a lil bit…" she starts to slowly pull the stick to the side, "Ack, forgot the footpetals. Easy pressure on there…" she's doing fine so far because she's only doing ittsybitsy little movements. "Okay, okay this isn't the scariest thing I've ever done, but it is, kindof."

Johny nods, watching the way she handles it… The plane is forgiving. It's designed to be flown by barely competent corporate chimpanzes. More often than not, thats pretty accurate. He settles back, pulling out a small book from a pocket and opening it to a page. "THe yoke is yours for the next hour. Get comfortable, in 15 minutes, we play with throttle and fuel mixtures."

After a little bit of experimentation, Ally manages to pull the flight plan up to center so she can at least keep them going mostly the right direction. She banks slowly to the left, grinning as the display changes, and then she brings the stick a bit harder around to the right to more quickly come back to center. Which she most definitely overshoots. "Oops," she goes.

Johny smiles, just slightly, the sort of smile thats almost but not quite completely hidden. Pride, mixed with amusement, mixed with some more amusement.

"Okay….back to…..the right way…" Ally goes, and coaxes the plane back around. Learning from her previous mistake, this new banking is much more controlled and as she reaches her center line she eases off of it, straightening out the wings. Pretty close. "Whoo! Back to center! Back on track! That wasn't that hard….um…yeah. I bet its not good if you try to turn really hard, is it? SO I'm not going to," she decides right then and there. "Thats prolly for the planes with guns and stuff, huh?"

Johny shakes his head. "No. Turn to hard, and you can snap the wings off. This baby is for cruising. A family sedan in the air. You want aerobatics and performance, you need a fighter plane or at least, a delta-wing configuration. Remember, the wings are actually holding up the weight of the entire airplane, so if you suddenly remove that weight, or twist it, those wings could come right off." He makes popping noises. "And we don't have any parachutes." A pause. "but we can both fly."

Its amazing how fast a pale woman can lose even more color at the words 'snap the wings off'. "Yeah…won't be turning too hard, no sir," she says with a firm shake of her head. The realization of the big bads that can happen when she does that seems to have diminished a small bit of her enthusiasm for flying, in that she doesn't do any more banking. Though….the nose of the plane pitches down, pretty quickly, but thankfully not too steeply. Enough to give the stomach a good lurch though. "Oh WOW thats wicked," Ally bursts out as she levels the plane off. "That was…wow!"

Johny grins as he holds on, but not for dear life. "Yeah. Flying can be wicked cool." he agrees, looking out the window. "Oh look, thats the UCAS/SIOUX border. See the broad strip of nothing alive? One of the heaviest militarized borders in the world. Most of its from the days just after the Ghost Dance, when the Sioux were -convinced- we were going to march in as soon as we figured out magic ourselves."

Holding the stick steady while she looks at the border thats being pointed out to her, she wows, obviously impressed with bost the history of the area and Johan's knowledge of it. "And now its like what, a big stalemate? NO one moves cause it'd be ridiculous bad and crazy?"

Johny nods. "For the time being. Also, frankly, war is expensive and draining. The United States was humbled before the might of the Ghost Dance, much like Japan was humbled before the Might of the US Fleet and then the Atom Bomb. War may come, and war may go, but its just not our concern, as Watchers. I know it sounds stupid.. but our eyes are on a larger prize. I'll watch closely if Aztlan moves again, but otherwise… let them fight amongst themselves. It's human nature."

"Aztlan…it's strange that they are at the root of so much trouble in the world. I know its got something to do with, well, their leadership being open to ideas that a lot of other people aren't, but it still seems strange to me that so much…I don't know if evil is the right world, but bad things just seem to flow from there," Ally murmurs, in a sort of disjointed way as she stays focused on her flying.
"What do you think is going to come from that new guy and what happened along the border? Its…seeming like they were after our new friend. But if we, as a team, are doing good jobs…there's going to be eventually someone coming looking for the whole of us, isn't there?"

Johny shrugs as he watches Ally fly. "I can't speculate. Speculation codifies ideas before there's enough data. They did want him specifically, so it wasn't against the watchers so much as that boy. I need to have a long talk with him, one day when I have 26 hours in the day." He says with a sigh, leaning back in the chair now and closing his eyes.

"I tell you true, ally… I'm so exhausted."

Ally seems reluctant to take her eyes off of the sky ahead of her. That is until she realizes that there is absolutely nothing to see up there. There isn't exactly traffic she'll need to swerve out of the way of. So she looks to Johan. "You're working yourself too hard…. you shoulder a lot of the worry, you pretty much shoulder everyone's worry ontop of your own. And your own is more than everyone else's combined!"

Johny shrugs, eyes closed as his hands come to rest over his lap, entwined. "I don't know if I agree with that… I don't have a family, I don't have a home… no personal worries of note.." he says, a note of irony somewhere in his words. "I shoulder the burdens of the Watchers, yes… and I have to worry about the individual members… and carefully balance your background threats, your personal psychological matrices, and try and create a stable environment that will be conducive to the formation of long term bonds… without creating an enmeshed environment of psychologically damaging interdependence…"

Chicago Run

Johny shrugs as they fly along. The holodisplay beeps that they are 10 minutes from the course deviation to bring them low (10,000 feet) over Chicago…

"Alex and I have a bond I cannot describe. But it is not… it's not easy to put in to words, but it's not… anchoring. He lives in the here and now, Ally. Very much a reactionary creature, while I live, and have lived my life, in the future. Working to a goal, trying to make a difference. I know if you ask him, he'll say the same, but we have fundimentally different viewpoints."

Ally frowns at the display, wondering why they must go lower over Chicago, but she does not comment upon it yet. She's got ten minutes to do so. "Do you see it as a bad thing that you have different view points? It would seem to me like it would be a good thing. Balance in all things. For all that you see and plan for…couldn't there be something that he sees that you don't, cause of looking at it a different way? Putting various views together for the same goal seems a pretty big win-win for me."

"It is. But it makes it a very lonely experience." He says, his voice quiet in the cockpit. The plane is dropping lower because from this altitude… you can't see detail. Just splotches of color. The plane is dropping to show ally the city… "Imagine that you spend your life, 40 years, sacrificing your humanity to a greater ideal."

"One smaller than the watchers, the ideal of national security, about protecting your family and tribe… then your tribe betrays you and your family is killed… you wander in the wilderness, unsure of who you are and you find a new family… find a new tribe… and finally you start to understand your place. You look forward to retirement, where you can just be happy… stop being inhuman, open yourself to love, to emotion, enjoy your final years, those precious years between when you're too close to the game to kill and far enough out that old enemies can move against you… And then your retirement is taken from you."

"You are given a whole new mission, a mission so large, so encompasing it is literally -forever-… In conjunction, your wife repudiates you as inhuman, as no longer pure, as outside gods will… and leaves you. All of this comes to a head as the pe…" He trails off there. "Suffuce to say… it comes to ahead around now."

Ally's attention is divided in equal measure to looking towards the city that may well have claimed her mother, and being given rare insight into the psyche of a very mysterious man. She doesn't come back with a response immediately. Instead she gives it some very serious thought. "Y'know…it's terrible. And I don't mean that to sound insincere or anything. But it is terrible. And…well, I think I understand the rationale behind being so closed up. You were hurt, weren't you? By the loss that happened. But you've….I guess its not for me to decide. I'm not you. But I would think that even with the loss you've had and the potential of more.. it'd *still* be worth it for me to love now. To have someone, to be with someone, rather than try to cut myself off because I thought it would be easier."
Pulling her eyes away from the approaching city, Ally looks to Johan. "Is it truly easier to not open yourself to that, than it is to long for it and want it? This thing we have, its growing now. There'll be new people. Can't there be someone who will understand it and you can share it with? It doesn't have to be alone."

"I already answered that question, Ally, when you and Kassandra braced me in my penthouse… do you recall?" he says, taking manual control of the plane to start the decent.

Relieved to be able to take her hands off of the controls, Ally thinks hard about it and sighs, "No, I guess I don't," she admits with a small frown. "I'm kindof a jumble…that was a…it all is blurred together right now."

Johny nods… "The gash you will see here coming up, is the old Ares containment wall… it nicely cuts off downtown and central Chicago from the rest of the world. Just beyond, you will notice the Shattergraves… Thats where Sears tower fell when Almos 20k bombed it. I worked that case."

It says something about how interested Aladriel is in all of this that she actually unbuckles her seatbelt so that she may get a better look. She looks down with wide eyes, shaking her head at all that she is seeing. "What a mess," she murmurs softly. Biting her lip, "Its probably not safe to perceive, even up here, is it?" she asks.

Johny shrugs. "I don't know, honestly… I can't perceive. But I know the area is magic-low still. I don't know what you'd see and I don't have any Army Corps of Engineer warnings…"
It is an interesting note that it is the UCAS army corps of engineers, who are responsible for maintaining astral space.

Johny comments quietly… "I'm going to bank the plane to the left.. This will give you a better view, but I'm going to increase thrust to maintain lift…"

"Thanks for the warning," Ally says softly, trying to take it all in. "I'm going to perceive….um, if I start acting like really weird, knocking me out would probably be a safe bet," she muses. Taking a deep breath, not knowing if there'll be even the slightest interesting thing to see, Ally shifts her focus sideways, into that other plane just out of reach of mundanes.

Johny comments softly.. "I won't hurt you if I do." he says, starting the banking procedures… the city then starts to fill the view screen… all of it. An ugly, dirty town that was once the center of the UCAS… the center of the world. And Sam's supposed home town.

Ally perceives….and she is quiet for a long while. She blinks her eyes back into focus on the physical plane and she shivers a little bit. "There wasn't anything, really. I don't know if its cause we're so high up, or if there's really just nothing much to see. Kindof made me feel….sad. Strange too. I don't know if thats just my nerves or its real, though."

Johny nods slowly as he banks the plane back to a level azmuth. He starts the climb back to cruising altitude as Chicago disappears behind them… "I've flown over it a few times. I almost went in once. I still… can't."

"I've got a question to ask you," Ally says softly, "And please answer honestly. If you were….well, I guess if you were you. Can you think of a reason that you'd leave Viviana, just up and leave her at home, and go away for years without giving her a sign that you were alive? Just saying you were going out one day….and not come back. Not fake a death or anything. Just gone. Can you think of a reason you would do that?"

Johny shakes his head. "No. I would not do that. Closure is the most important thing a child can have as they grow in to the world. Even if I had to fake a death.. and I will end up doing that for her… I would give her closure and let her move on in to the world.."

"Oh," is all that Ally can think to say to that, and she leans back in her chair then, seemingly very much disinterested in looking out over the city then. "Makes sense, I suppose," she murmurs. She pretty much starts the shutting down process after saying that, getting herself strapped back into her seat.
"Every indication I have so far, is that your mother died in Chicago, Ally." He says honestly, his voice soft and quiet. AS comforting as it can be, almost paternalistic in its tone.

"I don't know if she did. Is hope a bad thing?" Ally asks quietly, and her voice is very controlled. There doesn't even seem to be tears imminent. One can only cry so much. "I don't know what I'd do if she turned up tomorrow. And still… I just want to try and think that maybe she's out there. There's some reason that even you couldn't think of, why she couldn't come back. Call me, write me, anything."

Auto Pilot On

Johny puts the autopilot on, then stands up from the pilots chair. "Lets go get comfortable. its 2 more hours to New York." he says quietly. "I'll get us some tea."

Unstrapping herself, Ally lets Johan lead the way and then she follows close behind. Keeping herself locked down pretty thoroughly, she refuses to let any sadness overwhelm her. "So….um. Whats your business going to Tel Aviv? Or is it secret that I don't know type?"

Johny glances back at her. "Just some contact work. Nothing important. A lunch date with the Mossad to wrap up a few loose ends." HE says honestly.

"Sounds fair," Ally replies with a nod as she takes her seat, looks from her bag to her sheathed sword and then settles on the sword. Grabbing it up from the floor, she lays it across her lap and idly runs her fingers along the sheath. "Well… I'll definitely not be in your way, then. I was just going to poke around, ask some people where to find the pretty things…did some up and bring them home. Kass has a lot more money than me, so heart felt is going to have to suffice." A pause. "I think it will, too.".

"Sounds fair," Ally replies with a nod as she takes her seat, looks from her bag to her sheathed sword and then settles on the sword. Grabbing it up from the floor, she lays it across her lap and idly runs her fingers along the sheath. "Well… I'll definitely not be in your way, then. I was just going to poke around, ask some people where to find the pretty things…did some up and bring them home. Kass has a lot more money than me, so heart felt is going to have to suffice." A pause. "I think it will, too."

«Stats System» You pay Aladriel (#604) 100000 nuyen for "Dowery".

Johny slides a credchip from his pocket, over to the girl. "Go wild." Johny then leans forward, taking her hand… "Don't… EVER… let material goods stand in the way of how you feel, Ally." His eyes, electronic though they are, almost… -almost- well up a bit… but not quite. Just a bit of shine… He swallows… "I love you both.. here…" he touches his chest… "More than I can express. More than I am allowed to, more than I have vocabulary for… and I want nothing more… -nothing- more than for both of you to be happy… Take this… and go -wild-."

Looking at the credchip thats been laid down before her, Ally doesn't even have a chance to examine it as her hands are grabbed. She startles easily and this is no exception. Caught offguard and incredibly moved by the man's words, her very real eyes do well up and start to spill over. "I don't even know what to say to you. You've given me a house, and I've always wanted a house… and now you're giving me this so…" she laughs softly.
"Thank you so much. Its…I'm going to take this and get her something that I know that she'll like and that she can always wear and show off. And you know what? I think…I think that'll be it. We don't need to always give gifts or anything. I've *never* wanted for extravagance. I've only ever just wanted to be content, and more than not to have things that I need to do my work, and my job. And with her I just….I feel like I don't even need to give her things and I want to though! I want to give her all that I can."
"It's funny…this whole team… I keep thinking I'm going to die on it. And I never once considered that it would bring me love. Real, actual love. I've got it and I'm going to enjoy it as much as I can cause…I don't know when it'll be over. And… do you know what I keep thinking? I keep thinking that I'm going to die before her because…I'm what I am and she's what she is. And it makes me so sad to think that she'll have to…deal with that."

Johny exhales then, leaning back, one hand rising to his eyes to either rub his temples or rub whatever emotion was in them away… "Trust me, kiddo." He murmurs… "You don't want immortality. You don't want to watch everyone around you grow old and die… It's not something she's thinking about yet either.. but it's… in my thoughts." He says simply. "I am nearly 60 years old, and when I am a hundred and twenty?" He asks, looking over to Ally. "I'll look just like I am now…"

"And I'll probably be having this conversation with Maya."

Aladriel looks at the man and even with tears down her face she looks pretty thoroughly stunned. 'Sixty' is what she mouths, and she still stares at him. "How…" she starts, then she laughs and shakes her head a little bit. "You're going to look the same…and so is she. Maya's going to grow up and I'm going to get all old and terrible, if I even live that long," she murmurs, a little shudder going through her.
"It never has…really scared me, the thought of dying. In the immediate. Right now…in a fight, something. The thought of getting old and….not being able to do things I can now….thats a lot scarier to me. And now with Kass and Maya.." she sighs. "I always knew about Maya. I can accept that. Its supposed to be that way and I'll hopefully live long enough that, well, she won't need me. So that'll be okay. But not with Kass. Thats all different now…"

Johny nods… "It's one thing to have a partner you grow old with." Says he, looking out the window of the plane, somewhere over the great lakes. "To match them in lifes steps, I know. I've been down this road. It's why my wife left. I told her the truth… and she… uh… freaked out.".

Ally fights to keep her face very still. It'd be pretty catty to whip out a line about how she never liked that woman and wasn't surprised, after all. "I'm sorry to hear that," Ally says honestly, her voice sincere. "Its…wlel, I suppose that would be hard for some people to deal with."

He chuckles quietly. "Go ahead. Say it. Do what you like. I know she was a hard woman to deal with. And you're trying to hold it in.. isn't so good."

"She was always so bitchy and cold! Grrr! I know you liked her and thats good, but I for one never liked her and it just fits with my picture of her that she'd run off after hearing something like that!" Ally lets it out. It isn't epic or anything, but she does let it out. "And it makes me feel like crap to badmouth your WIFE in front of you but…..what a…..what a something she was!"

Johny simply watches her. "Hey, your talking to the guy she left because he's no longer human…"

"Very true! But still. Gah.. and…….just….bah," Ally shakes her head, very truly frustrated at hearing such a thing. "Well. I think..if you decide to try it, you're going to be in store for someone else. Someone who won't be so..well, someone just more fun. Who you can be the entire YOU with…do what you need to do and come home and be accepted at night."

Johny shakes his head. "not gong to happen, Kiddo."

"Well at least you're doing fine with the friendship thing," Ally decides, not letting herself get over-frustrated with the man's refusal to partake in more serious relationships. "Really well, even. Just don't be…. I guess, I guess I just don't want you to feel like you have to do a certain thing, like cut yourself off. Thinking you need to or even want to…thats fine. But have to? You don't. You can change your mind. Even if you won't, you *can*."

Johny shrugs, leaning back and looking out the window. "It's more complex than that. I'm not closed off to the idea of getting close.. but I have three considerations that constantly weigh on me."

Three considerations. "I've got to take a try. You have to kill them? They want to kill you? And…um….jeez, I don't know, what are they?" Ally asks, making a stab at the guessing but abandoning it fairly quickly.

Johny shakes his head. He holds up a finger. "One, I can't love anyone on our team, for obvious reasons. Two: I can't love someone NOT on the team, because of the clear and present security risks that presents." he pauses, almost hesitant to raise point three… "THree. Because those I find who might tempt me to break the first two… typically don't return the affection. I'm a hard man to love."

Aladriel hmms, raising a hand to gently tap at her nose as she thinks about those reasons. "I hear your reasons. I don't like them….probably don't even agree with them, but I'm acknowledging that I hear them," she says quietly. "I don't know about number two, though. You've got…your different personas. Couldn't you have something with someone not on the team? Someone completely unconnected to all of this? You don't have to do the whole get-married-right-away thing," she grins despite herself. "But to have….someone."

Johny shakes his had. "There's also number four." A forth finger… "I'm incredibly fucking picky about who I think is worth the time."

Ally snorts at number for and waves her hand dismissively. "Well yeah, number four is pretty tricky. But you can play with that, especially if you're not looking for 'till death do we part'. I'm sure you could lower your requirements in the interest of…um, casual…seeings. But otherwise, well, it just might take a little longer."

Market Talk

Johny nods as he gets up to actually pour the tea thats been brewing while they chatted. "So. While in Tel Aviv." he says simply. "You will want to avoid looking like… well.. a -mark-. You can get most anything you want, at a decent price, if you know what you are looking for and know what it should cost already. If you don't, you will get rooked like… well… imagine that everyone across the counter is SILK.. not, I say, Kassandra."

Listening with all due attention at how she should behave while in Tel Aviv, Ally winces at the implication that she's going to have her sack of gold pilfered. "Okay…so, look like I know what I'm doing, even though I don't. Sounds good. I know that I want something in the area of a saphhire, alexandite or tanzinite, and a diamond of course, but I haven't the faintest what they cost." Hmm.
"Lets pretend I get into trouble. Whats a do and what's a don't?"

"Don't lose your cool. Do remember that I am only a few moments away. If you think I'm going to -risk- you loose alone in a diamond market full of cutthroats, bagmen and thieves, well, you're sadly mistaken. Staying with you lowers the amount of people I have to kill to rescue you and the less I have to lie to Kassandra when we get home."

Ohhing at that, Ally breaks into a grin. "Okay, so you're close enough to come to the rescue cause you think I can't rescue myself," she says with a wink. "Lets *pretend* you're not right there. What do I do? Spell, gun, or knife? If only to threaten even. Just good things you know. Planning ahead. In case you trip on your way to rescue me."

"Well, don't use any spells that you don't have permission to use. Remember, new nation, security license's don't mean jack to them. Use a knife. Use a gun. the Israelis are HYPER MILITARIZED…" he says, pouring the tea now… "Most people carry. Not carrying marks you as a foreigner. Also, do you speak Heeb?" he asks, bringing a cup back to the small table in the rear of the plane.

"Heeb?" Ally asks with a little squint of her eyes. "Jeez, I've never even heard of Heeb. So I'll take that as no! Oh boy," she looks slightly frazzled now. "Okay, at least one gun visible. Sword visible too. No heap-big spells, protective only.."

Johny shakes his head. "Not the sword. Sword will register as something to steal and mark you as magical. Leave the sword in the hotelroom or in the car. It's just not an effective tool for walking around with."

Johny then clarifies. "Heeb. Hebrew."

"I swear I've seen people walk around with swords openly, and they look pretty fearsome with it," Ally muses, tapping her chin thoughtfully. "Then again…they were bigger than me. And probably better with it than I am. And probably adepts. Okay, no sword. Knives, whip and guns," she settles on, a big smile touching her face. "Really though, don't worry. I'm going to march in, get my gems and march out before they steal all my money. Only part of it."

Johny chuckles quietly. "I'll tell you what. You're going to have a communit… and I'm going to whisper in your ear decent prices on the open market for your goods… and before you commit to buying, I want to inspect the goods, to check for microfissures and such that they will try and pawn off on the foreigners."

Aladriel's eyes postively light up. "I brought mine! That'll be perfect. Okay…I'll look at the things I want. You tell me the prices. When I do this…" she mimes picking up a little gem, then with her left hand reaches up and touches her ear, "Thats the one I want you to come look at. If its good, you can compliment the merchant. If its bad, start coughing, and I'll select a different one. We'll keep doing that until we find the perfect ones. Sound good?"

Johny raises an eyebrow. "I don't have to -speak- to use my communit." He says, a slight grin coming to his lips. "So I'll just -stand there- and still be talking in your ear, little miss Matahari… Yeeesh, its like you've been doing the Spy game for -so long-." he grins, reaching for his tea.

Ally's face falls as Sam points out some particulars. She hmmmphs and crosses her arms, "Mine was much more spy-esque. Like they're not going to wonder why some weird guy's just standing there staring."

"Actually. You don't try and out spy the Mossad, hon. They will know exactly why I am there, and what I am probably capable of. It will keep you safe, and ensure they don't try and gouge you too much outright."

Ally's brows arc slightly and she looks carefully at Johan. "Wait a minute. You're saying that the merchant, the guy selling diamonds, is actually a super-spy, and the reason he's not going to bend me over price-wise is cause he knows YOU'RE a super-spy too?!'

"Well, they are Israeli."

Rolling her eyes, Ally sighs and sits back. "Fine then. I'll leave the sneakiness to you. When do we land," she says impatiently.

Johny glances at his watch. "We land in New York in 20 minutes, then it's a quick 2 hour Semiballistic to Istanbul… then 2 hours by plane to Ekron. We've covered this ground, hon. Get some sleep. Take a nap. Well be fine."

Ring Talks

Aladriel lets out a big, deep sigh. "Four hours! I should've brought a spell to work on. I suppose I could meditate…no, nah. Hate that. And I could…mm…fly home to see Kass, but if I get lost and can't find my body I'll die, so better not do that. Um…… damn."

Johny nods to the woman, thinking it over. "No, don't astrally project. But here. Take a look at this." he says, sliding his poc-sec in to play. He taps it a few times, bringing up a three dimensional display of a 4 ring band, inset with the stones as previously described by Ally. "Theres some variations on the theme, but I thought perhaps, you might like to step 'outside' the box with Kassandra.."

Aladriel blinks in surprise as she's handed the pocket secretary and its got a very interesting drawing upon it. "You're not going to believe this, but…" she reaches into the inner pocket of her jacket and unfolds a piece of paper. On it is a crude, quick, squiggly-line drawing of a ring. Its -very- similiar to the one on Johan's poc-sec, except that it has three bands instead of four. "Thats like….crazy. I was thinking about something more entwined and windy and……thats like perfect!"

Johny nods, looking it over. "Thats no problem. Some extra time in the forge, but I can arrange that with Annie. May need her help on some the finer settings… but it shouldn't be an issue, over all."

"Three or four….four is even, three would be for me, Maya and Kass….but Kass isn't marrying Maya…." Ally thinks aloud as she goes through different ideas. "No, no, I think four would be just fine. Even's better than odd. Annie, how is she? I haven't seen her on the astral lately, I need to, its so nice having company on the metaplanes," she goes on in that sort of random-speak that she often whips out.

Johny nods, thinking it over. "Don't put to much in to an engagement ring. It's a promise of unity, not a lifes statement or resume. You want to keep it simple, classy, and stately. YOu want to show some measure of bling, because these are statements of wealth, to be sure… thats tradition… We go with a white gold, which will offset the blue well.." He taps the bands, shifting their colors… "We get medium colored stones, with enough transparency to allow light to penetrate and rebound up out…"

"Those are all good things. I'm not rich but I can fake it. So yes, a little flashy but restrained..okay. Well, this looks like…" Ally watches the design being shifted around and her smile grows. "Thats looking nice. That looks like it fits the bill of what I need. One of these days I'm going to find something you're not so good at…but hopefull its not something that'll really help me out," she chuckles.

"I'm thinking I might get an extra thing or two while I'm here..maybe an extra stone or two, so Kass and I can make the other rings together. But I think that looks just about perfect."

Johny continues to dither with the design, smoothing out a moment here, shifting a micro-setting there… He glances to Ally and smiles. "I'm actually very poor at many things. I just try to shift any situation I am in, in to a situation that plays to my strengths."

"Well, I for one need to start learning new things. I'm really good at a few things, because I like to be an expert. But…I need to diversify. I wish I knew how to just go make a ring," Ally grumbles good naturedly. "Cause right now I can only shift things to magic or medicine, and thats not really all that useful, truth be told. On another note…Kass and I have to talk about a wedding date. I wonder if she wants to rush. I'm thinking spring…I bet spring in Thistlewood is beautiful, isn't it? Try for a nice warm day where we could be barefoot in the grass."

Johny grins… "Yeah, it really is pretty, but if you hold the wedding there, and invite many people… it loses what makes it so powerful; Anonymity. Starks didn't know a damn thing about it while I lived there… It's something to consider."

Ally tilts her head slightly, clearly not having considered that. She tsks softly….and then a new thought seems to dawn on her. "Maybe we could do it somewhere else entirely. Nowhere even near the house. Have a little tiny pavilion built just for the ceremony. Big tent for a reception… no one would even know there was a house around." She shrugs, "Or maybe somewhere else entirely. I'll ask her. I do like that no one, or mostly know one knew about it."

Johny nods… "That could work. I mean, there's a lot of national parks. You may even consider a weekend trip to Teluride out in the Ute… a -beautiful- resort town where I have a nice cabin…"

"Of course you do," Aladriel lets out through her wide smile that she really can't hope to keep off of her face. "We'll definitely keep that in consideration. I know why you must've gotten the place to begin with. After being out there, even just when it was visiting you, it made it a lot harder to live in the city. The city can be nice, it has everything you need, but….there's really something about being able to go outside and not hear anything. And to just be able to see the real earth. And Kassandra loves it too. We've already planned on taking walks every night."

Johny smiles, offering a nod. "Take a flashlight and a pistol. Coyotes." He advises as he leans back. "Yeah, I built the place while Bene was pregnant with Viv… but she started going crazy about 4 years ago… and just started spending more and more time in Europe. I'm not a European and I have no desire to live in Europe. So… it created strain. She found an excuse… and now no more Benedicte. I'm not selling the place, because eventually I want to live there again, but for the foreseeable future.. it's yours."

Human Trafficking? Me? Never.

"Well, as long as its long enough to save up money to build our own place," Ally murmurs, a touch of sadness in her eyes at the mention of the ill-fated relationship, "That's just fine. I think you'd have to blow us out of the canyon entirely after even a week. It's just wonderful," Ally murmurs.

Taking out her own pocsec, she taps through it for a few moments and brings a question out of nowhere. "Have you been watching the news lately, foreign. Human trafficking ring torn up?" she asks very mildly.

Johny waves it off… "I don't intend on returning there for several years, if not decades, hon.." Johny did infact, just ignore or blow off the human trafficking question.

Just as Sam ignored her question, she ignores his comment about years. "Cause, well… it was just interesting timing on such news. It was at a time I'd been possessed with a very strong urge to go to the Middle East and start killing a bunch of people. Not sure which ones…I was still working on that."

Johny glances at Ally… "Eh?" he asks, reaching down to pick up his tea cup. "The Middle East is a dangerous place for a young white woman with red hair. Kassandra would be very displeased if I got you mixed up with unsavories such as slavers. No, we're there to get -jewels-, not… whatever."

Ally rolls her eyes and gives Johan a look. "I'm not stupid you know. I wouldn't just galavant in like this and think that I wouldn't get into trouble. And I know we're just here to get jewels. Its just…" she sighs and runs a hand through her hair. "I'm just saying that if you said the people who tormented Kassandra in her childhood were in the next market, I wouldn't have any problem with going in there and separating their bodies into individual components. Just saying."

Johny comments simply… "You went to Disney Land." he shrugs. "I went to the middle east."

Its more of a smirk than a smile, and just a hint of one at that. "I think we definitely had more fun," Ally murmurs, looking down at her hands. "Well. I… well, I appreciate what you did. I don't ask her that much about it. So I don't know…well, everything. But anyways, if there are still some left out there, or some got away, you don't need to go on a solo trip next time if you don't want to. I know it probably doesn't seem very me…. but people like that, I could do what you do and not have trouble sleeping at night."

Johny smiles quietly… "No. You couldn't. And thats okay. It was a finesse operation. You would have stood out unless I was trying to sell you. As it was, Armando de la vega de garza de castro… ar…" he pauses a moment, his head -almost- cocking to the side. "Ah… Kassandra is now aware of my involvement… and there is not a SAM currently chasing the plane, though I dare say she'd just get to Istanbul head of us and arrange herself in a sniper position rather than risk hurting you…"

Its funny. Not a moment later, Ally's pocsec gives a little chirp. She taps it and an image is put up that makes the woman smile hugely. A cute, freshly taken picture of Kassandra and Maya.

"She's been busy," Ally says with a little smile, sighing happily as she immediately sets the picture to the wallpaper of her pocsec. "Fine, fine, maybe not what you do. But I could kill them. Want to, even. And I'm serious. Really, I am."

Johny smiles slightly at the picture. "Very cute. Children and hot babes, a photo spread for modern motherhood."

Fade to black, fly to Tel Aviv! Buy Jewels, Fly Home!

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