Gear Acquisition

Gear Acquisition

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What is Legality?

Legality is, quite basically, whether or not the item of cyberware, bioware, equipment, or other good is considered legal in the area you are in. The book uses Seattle/UCAS as a baseline, with various sourcebooks filling in the blanks for the different countries and kingdoms.

The legality code is made up of three parts, and is shown as such: 6P-C.

  • The first number is the Severity of Restriction. The lower the code, the more restricted an item is. This number serves as a Target Number for any Police Procedure Tests for various law enforcement officials to find the weapon suspicious (assuming they see it via Perception) and take action.
  • The letter P in the code denotes that a Permit is availiable to carry or conceal said weapon or item. Basically the Permit gives you the right to have the item in question and pass most security tests regarding it.
  • The final letter is the area of restriction the item belongs to. There are letter notations for everything from blades to military-grade items. The type of notation helps indicate what sort of penalty would be involved with possessing or using such an item.

What is Availiability?

Availiability is how hard it is to get an item or service as well as how long it would take.

The Avail code is written as follows: 14/7 days.

  • The first number is the difficulty in aquiring the item or service. The number serves as a Target Number for aquisition through the Etiquette skill and any associated comlimentary skills. The higher the number, the harder something is to aquire.
  • The second set of numbers is the Base Time to aquire an item, measured in hours, days, weeks, or months. This number is divided by any successes on the Aquisition Test, giving the Final Delivery Time.

An example: Kassandra wishes to aquire an Ares Predator III, which has an avail code of 5/24 hours. She would roll her various skills against the Target Number of 5. Let's say for this example she gets 8 successes. This means that she takes the base time of 24 hours and reduces that down to 3 hours total to get the gun.

What is Street Index

Street Index is a measure of what sort of mark-up an item or service has in the black and grey market as compared to being purchased legally in a store. This may be for a number of reasons: high tech, hard to get items have high Street Indexes, as does military grade gear, for example.

The codeblock for Street Index is always presented as a number, up to two decimal places in size, which is used as a multiplier against which the Base Cost is factored against.

Example: The Ares Crusader Machine Pistol that Kassandra just purchased has a Base Cost of 950 =Y= and a Street Index of 2. This means that on the street would cost 1,900 nuyen. The Streetline Special, on the other hand, costs 100 =Y= normally, but with its Street Index of .75, it would only cost 75 nuyen to pick up from her ganger contact.

File User Notes

Beware the yellow tape.

It doesn't like people touching it and all the code is unprotected, so be careful. It's safe to toss shit in on the left grouping, the right grouping is where lowest TN stats for the item are at. Availability time has to be entered in hours, it'll show up properly on the other side in ###d ##h format, and there is a days to hours converter up on the top right. Tags currently doesn't do anything. At this time you can't alter the mod Tn value, it ALWAYS goes as low as possible.

I'm currently working on adding buttons and features such as allowing you to change the modified TN to whatever valid value you want, simply by clicking a + or - button, and having it recalc the modified street index. Also working on vbasic script to format time the way I want it, and then next comes contact associating, and finally automatic queue formatting output for a shopping cart style system.

The file below (Click 'Files') is a .ODS file format, for open-office, a google product available free.

- File made by Jiles, 'Fixer of the Future'.

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