Great Form Spirits

The Metamagical technique known as Invoking can be used to summon a Great Form Spirit - essentially, a larger and much more powerful version of a given spirit type.

In addition to the stat bonuses described on the Invoking page, Great Form Spirits gain the following abilities depending on type:

  • All Great Form spirits gain the ability to use any of their powers on a number of targets equal to their Force.
  • Great Form Blood Spirits gain the ability to Engulf their victims (although in blood rather than, say, water). They're also not bound to remain close to sentient beings (although they generally do anyway).
  • Great Elementals can Engulf an area (and everyone inside it) with a radius of up to their Force in meters. Additionally, they can cause effects according to their element anywhere within their line of sight — Fire elementals can cause things to ignite, water elementals can burst pipes or direct massive amounts of water, air elementals can whistle up a storm and create Difficult Ground conditions… And Great Form Earth Elementals can cause a Richter-5 earthquake in their vicinity.
  • Great Loa can possess other astrally active beings and maintain the possession for as long as they want. The possessed takes on the physical appearance of the Loa, and they gain Immunity to normal weapons in the bargain.
  • Great Form Nature Spirits are capable of crossing Domain lines. Great Spirits of Land, Sea or Sky gain the power to create and direct Storms, while Great Spirits of Man gain the Divination power within their Domain. Additionally, a Great Form spirit does not count towards the Shaman's limit of one spirit bound per domain; instead they can bind up to their Charisma in Great Form spirits at a time.
  • Great Form Spirits of the Elements can cross domain lines and don't count toward the Wujen's limit of one spirit per domain, as per Nature Spirits above. Additionally, they gain the powers of both Storm and Cleansing, with the spirit's Force used in place of the Sorcery skill.
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