Heart To Heart

Minos is sitting at his desk smoking a cigarette waiting for Samuel to return. He gestures to the seat by him and takes from the drawer a bottle of Glenmorangie 20-Year and pours two small sipping glasses along with water on the side. "Sit and drink, old friend."

Samuel does exactly that, one hand reaching up to scratch at his datajack. "I hate the matrix, you know." He says simply, pouring himself a drink. "I'm sorry about the conference room, but I think its important that they see we have two different mindsets and are not always in lock step… and also that they understand the stakes of this game are something beyond denver, or any single one of us."

Minos says "I don't really care much for disagreements in front of the 'troops', Samuel. Not with a group this new and this untested. They need confidence in us both." He takes a sip and says, "You were right about the Watchers and a street-level fight; I have other assets for that. I'll only use them for the key efforts; the assassinations that'll be necessary.""

Samuel nods. "You are correct. I'll hold my disagreements for back channel communication, but also?" A pause as he sips his drink. "Give a man a warning before you declare war on a mafia family so I can get my objections out of the way in private."

Minos nods. "I got caught up." He smirks. "But the primary reason for wanting to take out the Cortez family? Practice. We have a reason, two goals in fact to be met: showing others what happens when you pull the dragon's tail, and simply because it's what would happen if you eliminated another corporation's operative. But it also serves as a testing ground for 'runners; not least of which the Watchers, who I expect will be dealing with a lot scarier things than a local crime family or even a Mob war."

Samuel shakes his head. "I don't like it, Alex. I just don't. It's bad business. When you eradicate a faction, and good luck; The Chavez in Denver are a front-team for the Dallas based Chavez family.. you create a vacuum. In to that Vacuum, all sorts of bad things come. I feel like you're getting your ego involved here. Our job is not to.. proactively defend the foundation from gangsters who have nothing to do with our interests other than a casual crossing of personell… Our job is to defend humanity from itself and external threats."

Minos says "Mm." He pauses and sips the drink, taking a puff from the cigarette. "The only time my ego got riled lately was with Starks, and I kept that under control when I dealt with Pulse. As it is, I'm prepared to go hat-in-hand to them to get Cash sprung. Ego's not really a problem for me, Samuel." He scratches his chin and says, further, "I know what our job is; I am just worried that tossing them into what they're about to face may be just a bit bigger than some of them can chew. This is large enough, it's off the megacorporate radar, and it's within their capabilities. The Chavez family may be large, but they don't have our resources. If we lose some, well…that's just pruning." He shrugs."

"Your right, Minos. The Chavez family does not have our resources. They have -so much more-." he says, shaking his head as he reaches for a dossier. "Made up mainly of Mexican ex pats who hate Aztlan -as much if not more than we do-, they number about 20,000 in terms of manpower, operations and muscle in and round the Metroplex of Dallas and Fort Worth. They have serious inroads to Houston and are cannibalizing it. They absorbed Austin and they have inroads in to Cuba. They are a -big- family, and eradicating them only creates instability in the region. You want to kick someone over? Shit. I'd be happier with the False Face or going in to Chi-town to kick over a hive or going to rough up Kenji Sato. Seriously." He says, tossing a paper with the figures to minos.

"And Alex?" He asks, leaning forward. "Your the idealist. Don't start talking about pruning the team like that. It's disturbing."

Minos looks at the figures, nodding quietly at them as he reviews them. You also get the feeling he's thinking about something else before he answers you. The large minotaur looks up at you, his face…very hard to read. He says, "The point, I think, in terms of what is required for our street operatives in Denver to be taken seriously is to eliminate a threat that is obvious to Denver, big enough that other organizations and individuals will recognize the effort it took to eliminate it, as well as put us on the map. The reason that I believe it's important for us to be viewed with this sort of respect is that it will be a definate help to us in future endeavors, as well as a means of access to resources we wouldn't otherwise have and a disincentive to others to disrupt our personnel or operations."

Samuel exhales. "Look, I agree, you have a valid point about respect, but we really aren't supposed to exist to have respect, you know? I mean, it doesn't serve the foundation to go making enemies of major mafia families. Think of the Mafia like a labor union. We make waves in Dallas, suddenly, we have ripples in New York, Rome, London, Boston and Chi town. It's the way they work."

HE takes a swig of the mighty fine scotch, savoring it a moment before he continues. "But Alex, one of the hardest aspects of running for the Company like I did, was never getting the respect I deserved, for my actions, my sacrifices, my service. We're not going to get that here either, because if we do? We've already kind of blown it."

Minos shakes his head. "I think you're misunderstanding my goals: I don't want public acclaim. I want the wheels of the shadows and the streets to be more greased for the purposes of our activities; in order to do so, we need to establish a position of strength. This came to light when dealing with the Steel Tide and with Starks. I don't want them to fear meor usper se; I want them to have a very healthy respect for what we can bring down if provoked. We don't have that, and in order to have things work properly and keep the little shit out of our way in the future, we require it."

Samuel nods, thinking that over. "You have a valid point." He stands up, pacing the room. "I don't want to destablize Denver. Denver's a powder keg, always has been. Thats why the Commission forbade the Denver and Dallas mobs from open war. They have skirmishes, but nothing prolonged or large in scope. A cold war of influence. So far, Aspanu's winning. If we start rubbing out CHavez, back them in to a corner…" He shrugs. "It gets messy."

Minos says "Well, we don't really want the Innocentis to be the only game in town. That'd just inflate Starks' ego too much, and force us to have him killed, which has repercussions close to home that I'd rather not deal with." He finishes his drink and lights another cigarette. "The other point you make…well, hm. The Chavez family is a useful object example in that I believe that eliminating them achieves these goals *without* overly revealing our activities or drawing the gaze of other corporate agents in the area. However," tapping the paperwork you handed him, "this data here regarding the Cortez families' utility as foils for Aztechnology's goals argues for a limited war; we fight until they say "Uncle" and then turn them more directly to our use. Alternatively, we find another similar target—but few fit this profile so neatly." He looks up at Samuel and says, "Insofar as my idealism is concerned, I still have it to a great extent, but there are other things that are at times more important in order to achieve the greater goals we have in mind.""

"Starks does not work for Innocenti." Says Samuel simply. "There are 7 major players of the Denver Underworld. Well, 8, with the Chavez." he says, sitting back down. "THe five of the Commission, which are Innocenti, Ratto, Sucreasi, Mancini and Cordero. They form the Mob as we know it. Starks works for Ratto, and he's fairly low level. Then you have the Twins, Yakuza bosses mostly dealing with BTLs and Smuggling, in ASian Town. After that, you have some various Vory and Native Crime."

Minos says "Starks isn't -really- the point, though. The point is, I think we can safely eliminate one of these several factions without too much of an imbalance occurring; some readjustment, to be certain. After all, we won't be taking any territory to hold it, so it'll create that vacuum and they'll kill each other off claiming what we leave behind." He takes a drag and says, "Unless you have other target profiles that fit my needs better and achieve the same goal?"

Samuel thinks that over. "I don't want to get involved in internal Mafia business. Lets rub out the Vory or the Yaks, if we have rub anyone out to make our name known. I think this is in the end, fruitless, but if you really think its necessary, I'll help with it."

Minos says "Just a second." He picks up the ringing phone. "Hello?" A pause. "Put him through.""

Samuel raises an eyebrow. "I have Ally on my line." Samuel taps his forehead, then stands up. "Ally seems to have located Cash. I'll be back."

Minos says "I'll come with you. That was Cash on the phone."

Samuel raises an eyebrow. "Well then. Lets go have some fun…"

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