Heart to Heart to Heart

From Private Apartment, Someone says, "Who is it?".

Kassandra says, "Girl Scouts." (To Private Apartment).

Learning from last time, Ally doesn't speak this time. She just grins a bit.

From Private Apartment, Someone says, "Just a moment".

Kassandra snickers, both hands coming up to brush hair behind her ears, and incidentally to let her check out her combat rig and the hang of her coat.

From Private Apartment: You can hear voices murmuring inside. One of them is Minos

Ally watches Kass check up on herself and smiles happily. She moves a half step closer and then leans over to kiss one of the ears just revealed. "Such pretty ears."

Kass blushes, her smile widening quickly, glowing at the praise. "Thank you." Her megawatt smile dims slightly as she overhears voices inside, "Alex is here. I hope he is .. more controlled than last time."

Minos opens the door from Lilith's room and says, "Would you girls mind, um, not joining us? We're having a private conversation and we rarely get the chance to, these days; it seems that everything emotional that goes on amongst the Watchers turns into a shared thing too quickly for us to get our grounding. Not blaming anyone, would simply like privacy, all right?"

Aladriel and Kassandra are waiting patiently in the hallway in conversation with each other. Something interesting to note, which Minos surely will, is that neither woman is dressed very much like a social call.

Kassandra simply stares at Alexander for several long seconds. "Whatever. Tell Lilith not to call us if she doesn't actually want to talk." Kass turns to go, apparently done with the little charade.

Minos holds up his hands and says, "I dropped by on her unexpectedly. If she needs to talk to you, then by all means, come in."

Ally sighs a little bit and gives a small shrug of her shoulders. "Well, its just that nowadays its a little bit of a drive for us to get out here. So… if its not the best time, it'd just be easier if she came out to see *us*. Y'know?"

Waved in. "Well come on, then," Ally tells Kass with a little nudge.

Lilith is standing by the bar. She looks…very unhappy. Hurt, again.

Ally and Kass come in looking…dangerous, for lack of a better work. Dark colors and hard lines and weaponry are the order of the day. "He ran down to the bar to refresh the bar. Hi, Lili."

Lilith turns on her heels. Her eyes widen. "Oh my sweet lord. You're not going to actually kill him, are you?" For just an instant, her reaction is almost comic.

Kass comes in with Aladriel. She looks already a bit put out from the conversation in the hall. One look at Lilith and her eyes narrow slightly, every wall she has slamming up.

Silk frowns, the sort of frown she usually gets right before someone dies.

Lilith pales in return. "Kassandra…what…"

Aladriel looks over the hurt looking Lilith and she looks concerned for the woman's well-being. "Well, we hadn't *planned* to. But you look upset again. Did he say something?"

Silk says quietly, "Are you all right, Lilith?" Her voice is the carefully modulated tones she adopts when working, quiet, each word picked with care.

Jester slips past the door and glances across the occupants. He passes between them with a raised palm, like a referee halting the play of game. His other hand is clamped over the crotch of his pants as he walks delicately toward the lavatory.

Lilith face calms. She straightens, looks stronger. "Ladies. You will sit and disarm. You will not, I repeat, not raise one hand against him. You will not overreact. You will calm down and let us discuss this like fucking rational adults, yes?" Her voice, although soft as ever, is set in stone. Commanding with absolutely no room for debate. Gentle, but firm. "Please. I ask you this as a friend."

Lilith says "People yell. People get angry. People fight. People hurt each other. This is life, this happens in a relationship. And that's all it is. It does not require one's friends to come over with the big guns."

Silk remarks, "Point one: No. Point two, we didn't know he was going to be here, Lilith. Were I to decide to remove Alexander from this world, I wouldn't do it in the same room with the man. And Point Three, I don't work for you. I don't take orders from you. We discussed this. I dislike repeating myself."

"I'll sit. I'll listen. You asked us to come, and we are here."

A light thump of a softly closed door, thick and oaken. The sounds of hardwood clanking delicately against cool molded ceramics. A trickle, another, a muffled but audible shiver. The stream.

Ally starts to frown. "Lil, we're not…." she turns as Jester comes inside and she blinks as her eyes travel down to the cupped crotch. She watches him head towards the bathroom and she cracks a smile. It stays on her face as she returns her attention to Lilith.

"Yeah. I'm like…well, neither of us would be coming with pistols and swords if we wanted to seriously scuffle with him, y'know. We're much cleverer than that."

Lilith nods, and her tone gentles down. "I did. And I'm sorry. I just…don't want want people being so protective. I don't like them telling me what to do. And I want an end to all this hurt, all this nonsense…Alexander just showed up. I did what you to come by so we could just sit and talk and have, perhaps, a pleasant moment together. I am rather confused as to why you showed up in full gear, and so I jumped."

"Aladriel had a premonition of sorts, so we took precautions. One listens when the World speaks." Kassandra moves through the room towards one of the seats, the happy-go-lucky girl of the last few weeks nowhere in sight. "I'm not telling you what to do, Lilith, nor am I protecting you from anything. You've made clear that you are a big girl and want to make big girl decisions."

She sinks into chair quietly, her jacket open with her hands in her lap. "You called. We came. Your tone didn't suggest a pleasant moment."

Lilith winces and sighs. "I'm sorry. I haven't been feeling very cordial lately, but I've been trying to fix that. I had hoped we could just talk some to clear the air, especially since you have been supportive, and caring for me and all that. You've done your best to help and I appreciate that."

Aladriel heads right after Kass, but rather than sit in her own chair she kinda perches on the arm of Kass' chair. Its almost a protective type of posturing. "The feelings aren't always right, but there's no harm in erring on the side of caution after all," she points out. Then she quiet downs to listen to Lili, to hear what she'll be saying.

Lilith sighs. "I can't understand why you'd get a premonition about me, Ally." A weak chuckle. "I'm emotional, not in physical danger."

Silk considers, rolling Lil's words in her mind. "We are trying very hard to be supportive, yes. Johny called and came by both last night, apparently in quite a temper about what went on. He seemed a bit put out with me; apparently you confessed that I had a hand in the seduction last night."

Jester slinks back into the room moments later, his hands clean and smelling of jasmine and peaches, he's somewhat quiet about it. Commando rolling across the carpet to a post behind the bed, its pretty obvious he's making a bid to stay in the room during the juicy conversation. He slinks under the bed and, aside a few shoe boxes he finds a good outpost beside the dresser. No direct line of sight, perfect.

«Auto-Judge[]» Jester (#10296) rolls Stealth:
4 4 9 10 10

«Auto-Judge[]» Aladriel (#604) rolls Intelligence:
1 2 2 2 2 3 3 3 5 7

Minos has arrived.

Lilith looks up sharply. "He…you…" She pinches her nose. "I…didn't think it was an issue. I mentioned you had told me to come by, that's all. I was stumbling for once and I couldn't think of what to say. Gods." She sighs. "I can understand why he did. I would also ask, Kassandra…Aladriel…and I know you must be upset with me, but…please, let us deal with this in our own way. I can speak with Samuel. I can speak with…" she trails off as Minos reenters the room.

«Auto-Judge[]» Kassandra (#9777) rolls Intelligence vs TN 10:
1 2 3 3 3 4 4 9 = 0 Successes

«Auto-Judge[]» Lilith (#8983) rolls Intelligence:
1 1 2 3 4

Minos comes back in. "Yeah, about that "hold on", we'll have to take that up later, Lilith; I didn't know you'd invited them and was inadvertantly rude. Then I had to dash to the jakes." He smiles a little bit embarrassedly and then looks to Jester and an eyebrow goes up but since he doesn't really know what's going on he doesn't ask any more questions and just lights another cigarette, smoking it and waiting for events to unfold.

Kassandra is currently seated in one of the seats in the room with Ally perched behind her. She shrugs to Lilith as Minos comes in, "If you wish."

"It's not a fair thing to ask, really," Ally says with a sigh, running a hand through her black tresses. "You need to realize some stuff. We hear things from both sides. I'm not going to spill, but… we hear things from everyone. And you tell us about stuff that we get upset about… like you getting hurt. We react to the things you say. And it's… ahhh whatever," she throws her hands up and surrenders it to the air. As Alex rejoins them, he actually gets a faint smile from Ally. She stabbed much of her momentary displeasure with him out the night it arose.

Jester lays his head down on the portion of the rug which slips beneath the furnature he is hidden under, the fabric is cool on his cheek.

Lilith looks sad at Kassandra, but nods. "Thank you, Kass." She looks to Ally. To Alex. "If I may speak? Alex, we need to address that issue right now…what we were just speaking off. We need to come to a decision, as it will likely relate to what I and the ladies are referring to."

Minos looks confused. "What are we coming to a decision about?"

Jester closes his eyes briefly, still listening, perhaps secretly revisiting some childhood moment when the same set of circumstances occurred.

Kassandra is currently seated in one of the seats in the room with Ally perched behind her.
Both women are very obviously armed and wearing dark colours, hard edges.
Aladriel is wearing her katana.

Minos looks around and rubs his temples as he puffs on his cigarette, when Johny comes in. He looks at Kassandra and Aladriel very curiously, now.

Johny pauses at the door. "So." He says then, looking in… "Uh… I think I left the iron on." He starts for the door again.

Minos says "Oh, no, Johny, stick around. We're having another heart-to-heart-to-heart-to-heart-to-heart chat."

Lilith looks up at him. "I want to know if *you*, personally, truely dislike or find what I do immoral. I need to know if you're just going to tell me never to do it again and deny part of what and who I am. I need to know…" She blinks and looks over at Johnny. "I…welcome. Please, stay. Alex…" She looks back to Minos. I need to know if we can work this out."

Johny huhs. "Can my cardio-vascular pump-system play, or do I need a real heart?"

Ally rolls her eyes to Johny and shakes her head a little bit.

Silk simply watches quietly. Not her conversation to have.

Minos pauses and thinks about this, shrugging. "Like I told you before. 'Wrong' is a difficult label to apply to metahuman sexuality, I don't consider myself qualified to judge. I know that I am not going to feed your masochism; not only do I derive little satisfaction from causing you *real* pain beyond the occasional spanking, I don't think I can bring myself to do it. Moreover, if other people hurt you*really* hurt youI can't let that happen unanswered, not to someone I love, not even if you want it to happen. That's the best I have for you right now. It's not a matter of immoral. I won't stop you from doing what you want to do. I simply know how I react to it."

Johny nods to ally as he closes the door. With an exhalation, he lets the Johny persona slip away.

Minos says "Why are Aladriel and Kassandra—" he turns to them, then continues, "why are *you* dressed to kick ass and take names?"

Kassandra remarks without a hint of sarcasm, "We've been selling Girl Scout Cookies in bad neighborhoods."

«Through the mindlink, Ally's voice floats in quietly, "Hi sweetie!"»

Johny nods. "I got thinmints."

Kass thinks to Aladriel, Ally?

«Through the mindlink, Ally sends the impression of her smiling. You don't see her smiling, but you can just imagine her doing so. "Its a spell. I've not used it in forever. No one else can hear us. Its just you and me."»

Ally fidgets a little bit at being present for a conversation such as this. She looks at Kassandra for a moment and then starts to examine the room at great length. Looking pretty much everywhere except at Lilith and Minos, that is until the big man addresses them. She just smiles and nods in agreement to what Kass explained.

Kass thinks to Aladriel, giving the impression of curiousity, "Huh, this is pretty neat! Am I being too .. bitchy? I am trying to be tough but I don't want to upset Lili."

Lilith crosses her arms over her chest as she rises to her feet. "Sir Michaels." She speaks *very* quietly. And uses the formal title. "I don't want you to hurt. I don't want to hurt you, ever. I want to love you, fully, and have you love me in return. Especially now. I'm willing to give up a lot for that. But you still…" she closes her eyes, pained. "You still broke my heart. Tenderized the bloody thing. Violence is my catharsis at times. It's not…screwed up, mentally, for me. I feel *better* taking control of someone, and I feel better getting a good slap and whip sometimes. I'll tone it down, but…I don't want you to feel like you have to punch people when I do it."

From under the bed, a very delicate snore eminates.

«Through the mindlink, Ally shakes her head: "You aren't being that way, sweetie. Lili has that demeanor about her where she's just…kinda imperious. I just let it roll most of the time, but sometimes it gets to me. And..yeah. You're being just fine."»

Lilith says "I'm going to need a moment to breathe, as everybody does. There's been entirely too much drama, and we need to get back on track with our lives."

Kass thinks to Ally, "Ah, good. I was worried I was overdoing it. And I can now tell you that I love you!"

Kassandra simply watches the interaction, a faint look of concentration on her face.

«Through the mindlink, "I love you too, sweetie. Going to show you something…don't get startled. It's just me sending you a picture. You can do the same thing." In your mind's eye, just kindof overlayed with everything else, is a picture of Ally and Kass standing on a beach hugging each other.»

Johny slowly edges over near the two bad-ass-babes-with-bullets-and-blades. "Anyone bleeding yet?" He murmurs, watching the others with a wary eye.

Minos looks around, curiously, and says, "Well. If that's the way your bread is buttered, that's fine. But I will tell you this much. You can have your fun however you want it. But if you come home with wounds. If you need medical attention because of whatever games you get up to. Whoever it is that has done that to you? They will reap what they sow. I still intend to have a little discussion with Mr. Jase, not about the fact that he had consensual sex with you, but because he did not have the self-control to know when to stop; this will be illustrated to him graphically and non-fatally."

A smile breaks forth on Kassandra's face for a moment, a flash and gone back behind the walls she wears. She glances to Johny as she scoots over, mentioning quietly, "Not yet. It's early, however."

Johny raises a hand, like a child wishing to speak in class.

Kass thinks to Aladriel, "Oh! That is beautiful!" An image slowly forms in her mind's eye and sent through the link, a tiny image that starts with Aladriel's eyes and then builds quickly outwards from there, showing her face from early this morning, her first smile of the day. It holds for a second and then vanishes, "Did you see?"

Ally is likewise a bit slow to react to Johny's question. Then her eyes drift to him and she gives a little smile before he raises his hand to talk. Oh boy.

Lilith nods briskly, and then…her face changes, just a little. A touch of hope, of realization. "You're protecting me." A blink. "From hurt. Because you…" She looks a little…shaken. "For the first time in my life I have a lover, I have a friend…friends…who will protect me for myself, not because I'm valuable property, and not because they dislike, from some moral bias, what I do."

«Through the mindlink, "I sure did! You sent it great! Though its a terrible look for me. Oy. First thing in the morning. Why didn't you tell me I wake up every morning as an ogre?"»

Lilith seems curiously shocked for a moment, then thoughtful. "Yes, Samuel?"

Kassandra interjects to Lilith, "I don't have a moral bias on what you do, Lilith. I've told you that before."

Lilith smiles a bit and nods.

«Through the mindlink, Ally gaps. "Did Lilith just…get it!?"»

Kass thinks to Aladriel, "I think so. She doesn't quite understand why we care."

Minos stops talking for a moment and puts his cigarette out in an ashtray, and as he bends down he notices a heat signature that he'd neglected to notice before. Leaning down below the bed, he spots Elvis. An evil grin on his face, he shouts out, "RISE AND SHINE, YOU HUNKA-HUNKA-BURNIN LOVE!"

Lilith gasps and jumps at the shout, clutching her chest. "GODS, Ye great feckin' idjit!"
Lilith says in Cockney Slang, "* * * * * *"
Lilith swears too, startled.

Kass thinks to Ally, "And you do NOT look like an ogre! Do you want me to show you what you looked like in the study?" A faint mental chuckle issues forth.

Johny steps forward, his hands wide. When Minos starts talking, he pauses until Minos is done… "I'm going to start with the basics." Says he then. "I had my time as a much younger man, in which I enjoyed some of the darker edges of sexuality. I liked to push my self harder, longer, faster and further than I had gone before. Both as a receiver and a giver." He says… "Torture, is something else, though I am experianced in that as well. The enjoyment of Erotic Pain as a -compliment- to Erotic Pleasure is not uncommon nor is it unhealthy in its self. I think it's entirely reasonable, Lilith, for Alex to ask that you not be injured in your play, and its not unreasonable for you to ask Alex not to try to remove your play. The key here, is Moderation. The term 'Safe and Sane' is the crux of the matter. The play with Jase, was neither safe, nor sane. The chance of periontitis for example, was very great."

"None of us look down on you for your profession, Lilith… All of us, are people who sell our bodies for what we do. Slither sells her body for erotic pleasure. Ally sells her hands for theraputic healing. Kassandra sold her mind for negotiation and discussion. Alex sells his hide for absorbing incoming fire and signing regional paychecks. I sell mine for a variety of reasons. But we are all sell-swords of a sort. Our weapons just change. All of us care for you. All of us love you. All of us want you to be -safe… and sane-…"

Jester slams up into the spines reneforcing the bed, and proceeds to pinball at superhuman speed back and forth across rug under the bed as he scrambles to get to safety. BAMSLAMBAMscuffle….OWwwWWww. Elvis elbow slides his way out from under the bed, bleary eyes and foolish looking covered with really refined looking dustballs.

Johny closes his eyes. It's so hard to be serious for a moment with these people. "Jester is herwith renamed Joker."

Lilith looks at Sam, her eyes bright. She murmurs something to him, softly.

Lilith leans against the bar, panting from shock, but she smiles warmly at Sam, at the group. And at Alex. "Sir bloody Michaels. Sir blessed, bloody, lovely Michaels."

Jester rolls over onto his back, prefering to stay low for the moment. "Periontitis?"

Johny translates in to jester-talk. "When shit gets in to your bloodstream."

Minos says "You know, properly, if you're going to address me by my title, it would be Sir Murphy. When you're dealing with Alex Michaels, you're simply taking a shadowy flight into the dangerous world of a man who does not exist." He smiles slightly. "Good morning, Elvis."

Lilith nods to Minos. "Sorry, Sir Murphy."

Jester exclaims oddly, "Dude, what the fuck is wrong with German people." as he rises and nods off his greetings, prefering to retreat from vocalizing and heading for more water from the kitchenette.

Lilith blinks. "German?"

Kassandra watches the others interact, nodding to what Johny said. She shrugs quietly, still concentrating on some other matter it seems.

Looking a bit startled at Jester's abrupt reappearance from under the bed, Ally tries her best not to let it distract her. She nods approvingly from what Sam just said. "I hope you really heard him, Lili. It's true," she adds quietly.

Johny waves it off. "Please… there's a time for amusement, Jester, and theres' a time for staying on target, on message and on-topic. Right now, we are casually explaining to Lilith why we care for and -respect- her."

Jester apologizes meekly "Sorry Omae." hoping that will suffice.

«Through the mindlink, "Thats really nice of you to say, sweetie," Ally murmurs, and you get the sensation of her feeling slightly embarassed at the thought of seeing what she looked like in the study. "As long as I looked good to you, thats all I care about, love."»

Lilith touches her cheek, and nods to Sam. She smiles again. "I…thank you so much. All of you."

Kass thinks to Aladriel, "Yes ma'am."

Johny nods to Lilith, ensuring she got the message. "Jester. You may continue." he says, turning his back to Lilith (Though not hostilly) to walk back over near where Kassandra and Ally are.

Lilith eyes don't stray, watching him walk away…nope…not at all. Tight ass.

Minos glances around and says, "I don't have Johan's psychological phraseology or BDSM experience or any of that shite. What I've got is what he said. When I decided to date you knowing you were a whore I was prepared to deal with lots of shite. I don't particularly care if you fool around with other people, either; I am not exactly known for my particularly monogamous tendencies and you don't have an issue with that either. Except you do tend to get jealous and all up in my face when I look at another girl with interest." He smirks. "In any event, do what you want to do, but if someone fucks you up overmuch I am going to hurt them. A great deal. And I will enjoy it. See, perhaps I am a sadist at heart, but only against people who I don't like."

Lilith shakes her head and looks up. Nice ass!

Lilith looks to Minos, and nods. She smiles sheepishly. "Not so much jealous as territorial, Alex. I don't care if you fuck another girl, I just don't like thinking someone's as good at sex as I am. And yes…I have my limits. What happened was an unpardonable mistake, an error a true professional should know better then to make. I won't do anything extreme like that again, ever."

Kassandra clears her throat, remarking, "Lilith told me that it was a professional error in judgement and not an act of malice. That is why we we are not hiding a body."

Ally perks up too, speaking at almost the same time Kass does, "So you two are still good with each other sleeping with other people, if you so want?" she asks innocently.

Lilith nods, waving a hand. "If things were otherwise, yes, believe me, the fellow would've been fed to the snake."

Johny eyes Ally -hard-. He shakes his head slightly.

Minos says "Whether it was a professional error in judgment or not, I'm going to beat the living shit out of him. A man should be able to control himself even in such a situation. He needs to learn that there are repercussions to his lack of control and I will teach that to him."

Kass thinks to Aladriel, "Seems Sam is shy all of the sudden."

Lilith nods to Alex. "All right. Thank you." She also shoots Ally a sharp glance.

"Please don't get in *another* scuffle with the Italian Mafia, Alexander. They are already a bit atwitter with the death of the Don. Perhaps just instruct a few of the lovely Yakuza fellows to discuss it with him." Kassandra leans back in her chair, looking up at Aladriel.

Ally seems very interested in Lilith's fireplace. Not looking at Johny, or Lilith, or Minos, or anyone. Course she doesn't mention that there's two people who actively enjoy Lilith's custom presently in the room. Nope. She's looking at the fire.

«Through the mindlink, "They're glaring at me, aren't they? Don't know why. Minos and that new guy both have sex with her. Just trying to have Johny hear for his future reference that he wouldn't be breaking the rules."»

Minos looks at Kassandra and Aladriel, and says, "This won't be me getting into a scuffle with the Mafia. This is me settling an issue I have with a specific other human being."

Kassandra spreads her hands as an answer to that.

Minos says "And, no, I don't care if she and Johan play hide-the-salami."

Minos says "I know mine is bigger."

Kass thinks to Aladriel, "Yes love, they are. They are a bit embarassed and hope that Alex doesn't explode again."

Lilith gasps again and then pinches the bridge of her nose. "Gods, Alexander. I do so love your bluntness."

Johny's head cocks, back to Minos, his jaw setting in to a grimace.

«Through the mindlink, "Well, that cut to the chase, didn't it?" Laughter.»

Jester returns now, glass in hand, propping himself nearby for the listen. He doesn't belong here, but they are letting him listen to all thier dirty laundry. His loyalty will be testing in the comin weeks for sure.

Kass thinks to Aladriel, You hear mental laughter.

Ally makes a little sound and throws her head down quickly, her hair falling over her face to hide her smile, which she tries to resist, while choking back a laugh.

Kassandra smirks slightly.

Jester asks "Was that a cock joke?" showing off his own bluntness.

Jester tosses up his hands slightly "I'm dreckin lost."

Lilith mutters in her home dialect. "* * * * * * * * * * * * * *" (Cockney Slang)

"Yes Elvis. That was indeed a cock joke, and an ironic one. Alexander has a penis roughly the size of a small child, and given his weight of some 1100 pounds, it is almost amusing that we are talking about Lilith getting injured by another person. I'm frankly surprised she can walk on a given day." Kassandra intones quietly, then winks at Lilith.

Johny turns, slowly, back to the group at large. "I would like to make… an announcement. I want it to be -very- carefully listened too."

Lilith gives Kass a cool, professional look and rolls her eyes….then turns her attention to Sam.

Minos holds up his hands. "Listen, if the BDSM maunderings of my relationship with Lilith are for public consumption, I feel completely entitled to bluntness."

Kassandra smirks at Lilith and then glances questioningly to Samuel.

Kass thinks to Aladriel, "Also, I am getting more used to the black hair. It looks interesting."

Jester raises a hand.

«Through the mindlink, Ally projects an image of her smiling at you. Its just her face, and hair. "I'm glad that you like it. It makes me seem really, really fair, which isn't terrible. I like doing it with makeup too. Especially since when I do it with magic it doesn't make my face break out. Like this one…" she shows off a 'crow'. Or this one, 'a Joker'.»

Lilith shakes her head to Jester. Shh.

Kass thinks to Aladriel, "That is really wiz how you can do that, how you can just change your look with the blink of an eye." The slow careful image forms again of Aladriel, coloured through the lens of Kass's perceptions. "I see you like this."

Johny gestures to the group at large. "Be that as it -may-, Alexander… And I appreciate the sentiment… I am saying very clearly… that my private sex life, is not for public consumption. If I choose to -ENTRUST- my secrets to you? Do not spread them. If I choose to be private with you… Do not share it. If I choose to be -human- with you… do not -abuse- it." he says, making eye contact with everyone as he speaks. "I am a private man. I am tired of being publically humiliated."

Lilith blushes.

Jester lowers his hand, rebuffed.

Minos says "Jaysus and amen. I'm fucking tired of the same thing. Enough with the SuperMoo shite, too."

«Through the mindlink, Ally awwws as she looks over her picture of herself. Its prettier than she's ever seen herself, in that its largely absent of all the things she sees in herself…or makes up that she sees. "Thank you, sweetie. She's…well, I'm…wow. .. … … When was Sam publicly humiliated?"»

Kass thinks to Aladriel, "Apparently when he comes and tells me things and Lilith tells me things and I put them together." She mentally sighs.

Sighing, Kassandra considers and remarks, "You know .. no. Nevermind." The elf shakes her head, settling back in the seat. She waves a hand to the room in a 'carry on' sort of way.

Lilith closes her eyes. "Elvis. Be a dear and get the scotch."

In shocking news, Aladriel has nothing to say. She looks at Sam unflinchingly and unlike the normalcy of the Aladriel Guide to Emotional Transparency….she's a bit hard to read.

Jester is a dear, and turns to perform the task without so much as a flinch. Handstanding in front of the liquor cabinet, he grasps the bottle with socked feet and teetertotters his way toward the group on his palms. Parrot requires attention, attention serves as a warning. Grunting and straining, he dips his legs towards her, arching his back amid air.

Lilith gasps and grabs it. "No! Bad! Not with your feet, not my bloody 25 year old whiskey." She scowls at and begins to get glasses out. "Anyone want a drink?"

"No, but thank you Lilith." Kass remarks quietly, "We're fine."

Lilith nods, glancing to Samuel, to Minos. "Gentleman?"

Kass thinks to Aladriel, "So how long until they start yelling at us about something else?"

Johny waves it off. "I've said my piece. I'll let you guys get back to what your doing." He looks to Lilith, pointing. "Love and respect." THen to Minos. "No More Supermoo." Then to Jester. "Time and place." Then to Kassandra. "You kick ass." Then to Ally. "Private things private."

"Three words to live by. Peace out."

Jester replies de-arching himself slowly "You didn't specify." and takes to the ground neatly, folding his legs indian-style, and slouching back on his palms.

Lilith smiles at Samuel. "So noted, sir."

«Through the mindlink, "Not sure. But…" Ally's side of the mindlink is suddenly like a sea during a hurricane. "Did I really say some big secret? Cause I don't think I did."»

The elven woman arches an eyebrow more at what Samuel says to Aladriel than his comment to her. Kass sighs again, asking in a quiet voice, "Is there anything else on the agenda?"

Kass thinks to Aladriel, "I don't think so, but apparently he is agitated that you mentioned his desire to fuck Lilith." She tries to project calm through the link, "I don't think you did anything wrong, though, love."

Minos glances at Johan and says, "Well, I've got three words for you. Stop psychoanalyzing everyone." He grins. "If you want to be human-er, it works better with small words."

Johny glances to Minos. "Fair enough, brother. Fair enough."

Kass thinks to Aladriel, "Plus, everyone here but Elvis knows he wanted to."

«Through the mindlink, Ally growls a little bit. "Alex already knew! Lilith already knew! The only one didn't know was that Jester guy, and I didn't say or give any sign that I asked that in regards to HIM."»

Kass thinks to Aladriel, "We are, as usual, of one mind on that love. I don't understand why he is upset."

Kassandra frowns a bit, a look of concentration on her face.

Jester explains "You guys are all really lucky to have each other."

Lilith pours a few glasses, just in case, and sips one for herself. She smiles ruefully at Jester. "And we're lucky to have met you, me lad."

Ally hops to her feet abruptly and glares at Johny. But in a bit of a departure, she doesn't yell at him. It quite looks that she was a second from doing so before something stopped. Though she sure as hell looks like she was about to. Instead: "I'm going to bed."

Rising in one fluid motion, Kassandra nods to Aladriel. "It's been a slice." She frowns a bit, glancing to the mage and nodding towards the door.

«Through the mindlink, "I'm going to my room. Things just settled down and I don't want to stir things up. But….argh!" Stormclouds. Literal storm clouds with thunder. You swear you can hear them.»

Lilith gives Ally and Kassandra a look. "Ladies…if you will…I'd like you to come by again. For a pleasant tea." She smiles softly.

Johny sighs, watching the woman as she has her fit. "Do I not have a -RIGHT- to be able to to have the DIGNITY to not have my sexual relations in the public scope, Ally? Did anyone but Me and Lilith and Minos -need- to know or be -reminded- about anything happening? I do everything I can to ensure the privacy and security of everyone in this -family-." He says simply. "Do I not have the same right?"

Kass thinks to Aladriel, "I'll come with you. I don't want to talk to them." She braces against the stronger woman's mind, whispering, "I am sorry, my love."

Jester begins to roll back onto his feet, glancing toward the door, as if to make a retreat.

"Which public scope? This room? We all *knew*." Kassandra frowns, "And I assume that Elvis is here and listening because we trust him or someone is about to shoot him and bury the body. So .. why?"

Lilith sighs, and looks distinctly akward. And embarrassed.

Kass thinks to Aladriel, "Let's just go. No matter what we say, we don't get to be right. We just get to be the bad guys because they come and talk about this and we do something to try and fix it and we are bad. I am tired of being bad."

«Auto-Judge[]» Aladriel (#604) rolls Sorcery + Sorcery Pool: 8 vs TN 6 for "Casting F4 Analyze Truth on Jester":
2 2 2 2 3 3 4 4 5 5 5 5 7 9 10 11 = 4 Successes

«Auto-Judge[]» Aladriel (#604) rolls Sorcery + Sorcery Pool: 8 - 4 vs TN 6 for "Casting F4 Analyze Truth on Jester KP!":
1 1 1 2 3 3 4 4 5 5 7 7 = 2 Successes

«Auto-Judge[]» Aladriel (#604) rolls Sorcery + Sorcery Pool: 8 - 6 vs TN 6 for "Casting F4 Analyze Truth on Jester KP just one more ;)":
1 1 3 3 3 4 4 5 7 23 = 2 Successes

Jester pauses, as if he forgot something, or was suddenly distracted, or like he smelled something sweet.

The *moment* Johny starts his counter, Ally rounds on him, and then, quickly looking around the room, she finds Jester and locks her eyes on him. Pointing to him firmly, she asks in a clear voice: "When I asked Alex and Lilith if they were still free to sleep around, did you think it had anything to do with Johny? Did you?" she demands.

Minos says "Well, shit, I didn't *know*, I thought it was a joke. Oops."

Minos grins.

Lilith snaps out. "Aladriel!"

Jester moves toward Ally slowly, foot over foot in a straight line. When he arrives before her, he kneels on two knees and rests on his heels as he explains to her quietly. "No, I was worried about my own hide."

Lilith glares at the girl. "My partners are MY own business."

«Through the mindlink, For a moment the link seems…not to shake. But kindof…supercharged. Like the signal just got a powerburst. Its not explained by Ally and it only lasts a few seconds.»

Johny just… stops. He stares at Ally for a moment, raising one finger to silence Lilith. He stares at Ally longer… longer still. After a moment he approaches Ally, slowly, purposefully, his eyes locked on hers. His stance does not seem overly hostile as he stops in front of her.

He pulls back a half moment, before he grapples her. Full body. Just fucking picks her right up and looks about to smash her frail little body in to the ground, or wall, or maybe Kassandra. He laughs then, not really GRAPPLING so much as picking up the short girl and hugging her. He whispers something to her, twirling her once.

«Auto-Judge[]» Kassandra (#9777) rolls Reaction vs TN 4:
1 2 2 4 4 4 4 5 5 5 = 7 Successes

The absolute second Samuel grapples Aladriel for whatever purpose a gun literaly appears in Silk's hand. The split-second after that it is pointed at the ceiling as Kassandra realizes that it isn't an attack, that the girl isn't in mortal danger

Kass thinks to Aladriel, An absolute torrent of pure and unadulterated *rage* pours through the mindlink with Kassandra screaming "NO!" over and over again before cutting off abruptly.

Lilith blinks in shock, her mouth opening, then shutting. She looks to Minos and shrugs. "Aye, I've been teaching the lad to fuck." She gives Elvis a sly wink.

Jester looks sharply to Minos and promises "Won't happen again I swear!"

Lilith laughs softly.

Jester explains stammering "I dont even know what it is about me, she like…she cant even help herself."

Lilith blinks.

Not even a glance is spared at Jester coming up in front of her, as Aladriel just has her eyes locked back on Johny. "He's telling the truth, Sam," she tells him firmly as he approaches. "I did not and would n…" she gets cut off, an utterly surprised sound cutting through the room as she is grabbed, picked up and spun. In his arms she'll tense, but she doesn't try to kick, knee, attack, headbutt, bite, or anything. She just looks surprised. Very surprised. And she looks at the mad oddly. Not at Kassandra, not at anyone else. Just him. "I did not mean to violate your privacy. I…" she says the rest very quietly.

Kassandra stands there shaking for a moment and then starts for the door, the gun still in her hand. She has a bit of a vacant look in her eyes.

Jester glances at Kassandra now, the whole scene has so many stimilus points, its starting to look like the end of Resivoir dogs.

Lilith gives Jester a *very* close look, then turns to Kassandra. "Kass. Easy there."

«Through the mindlink, The moment she's grabbed, Ally's voice cuts through the mindlink: "Kassie don't!" As though she knew what you might do. And she didn't seem afraid.»

Johny holds Ally for a moment, before he sets her down. "I know. I see that now. My own arrogance…" he didn't see the gun. That may be a good thing. He nods to something Ally murmurs to him, ruffling the hair at the top of her head. "Kass?" he asks, looking back to her now… "Hey. Uh. You are completely right. I'm an asshole."

Lilith groans and takes a seat, covering her eyes. She drinks whiskey.

Kass thinks to Aladriel, Her mental voice is barely there, a whisper and nothing else, "I'm sorry."

Jester eyes the door again, glancing around to judge his options.

Minos looks at Jester and says, "Mate, I have no problems with what you do with Lilith; she's her own woman." He glances at Aladriel and Kassandra and Johan, shrugs and takes out his cigarettes, and offers one to Jester, before lighting his own. He smiles at Lilith. "What *really* bothers me," he says, "is that we never got to have sex with Aladriel before Kassandra snapped her up."

Lilith grunts. "You're incorrigible. Pass over a fag, luv, before you get shot."

Minos shrugs and hands a cigarette to Lilith.

The distinct sound of a pistol being moved from single shot to full automatic fire is incredibly clear in the room. Kassandra's voice is soft, "Alexander? I don't really find that funny, and right this minute I am in a *very* *very* sensitive mood."

Lilith leans forward to light it with a stray spark from the fire, and takes a deep drag. Cigarette in one hand, whiskey in the other. Eyes closed.

Lilith says "Kassandra. Please don't muck up me lover. Or fire inside, it upsets Nerissa. Take a deep breath, calm down."

Jester covers his face for a moment and promises himself "I will never have sex again, ever." quietly.

As if to illustrate, a sort of "bump" sounds from somewhere below.

Lilith gestures to Jester to sit beside her. She passes over the whiskey glass.

Johny lets Ally go, nodding over his shoulder to Kassandra.

Ally looks closely at Johny, trying to read him. To be sure. That its real. Whatever she sees… she does not share. Her hair is ruffled and she cracks the faintest bit of smiles. Then she turns for the door and goes up behind Kassandra, taking the elf's arm. "We're going to head home, everyone. Glad things…got settled. Come on sweetie," she murmurs to the elf.

Lilith nods, and smiles. "G'evening, Ally, and Kass. I am glad you came by, and I hope I can offer better company later."

Kass thinks to Aladriel, A faint mental noise is heard from Kassandra, almost a sob, "I was scared. I'm sorry…"

«Through the mindlink, "Kassie?" Ally's voice comes, low, soothing. She puts forth a very, very subtle image. The kind that can be seen if desired and ignored if so chosen. Ally and Kass curled in bed with each other, illuminated only by the glow of the trid screen. "I don't know why you are? What'd you do? I just didn't want you to shoot him yet. And you didn't. I coulda been wrong, sweetie. You're so fast"»

Jester moves to sit beside Lilith, much more pensive now.

The gun in her hand clicks softly to 'safe' as Aladriel takes Kass's arm. The lets go of the breath she had been holding, holstering the weapon slowly and allowing the mage to remove her from the room. She doesn't look back, doesn't talk, just sort of stares at the floor as she puts the gun away.

Lilith whispers briefly to Jester.

Jester cranes his ear slightly.

Kass thinks to Aladriel, Her mental voice trembles a bit, "I .. he was so mad earlier, and you were casting something and I thought he was mad at you for doing it. I didn't .. I was just scared. I didn't want you to get hurt. I'd die."

Jester shoves to flat palms out toward the assembled "Look how much strife it causes." he asks "You think this would be like this if they werent all making hot monkey love in some.." he waves his fingers around "obfuscated way?" out of the mouth of babes.

Johny turns to leave as well. "Good night, familia." he murmurs, heading for the door as well. "Alex. You are a good man. Better than I. Good night to everyone."

Ally opens Lil's door and heads out with Kass without further ado.

Lilith thinks. "No." She looks at the boy. "It'd be worse." And winks at him, then smiles warmly at

Johnny, standing, walking to him. "Good bye, Samuel. Have a good evening."

February 27, 2009

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