Hestaby; The Orange Queen

Hestaby is a female Great Dragon who lairs in Mount Shasta north of the California Free State and south of Tir Tairngire. She is a Western Dragon with dusky copper scales. Her metahuman form is that of a human with striking features and long auburn hair. She sits on the Tir Council of Princes, occupying the spot vacated by Lofwyr, and portrays herself as a Dragon Keeper of Metahumanity, picking up the "fight", as it were, from where Dunkelzahn left off.

Unlike other Great Dragons, she does not use an interpreter, but instead uses spellcraft to project her voice so it can be heard. If space permits, she often makes media appearances in her true form, aweing the cameras and audiences with her enormous visage. She is something of a media darling, and she seems to always try to put forth a "good face" for dragonkind on the cameras, similar to Dunkelzahn.

Despite her obvious Green agenda, she also has an interest in the Matrix and computers. She occasionally appears on the Shadowland BBS under the moniker "Orange Queen". It is rumored that she has her own group of otaku working for her who call themselves the Clutch.

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