Jim Rose Traveling Show

The Opening

Welcome to Jim Roses' Traveling Show!

It's one part state-fair, with rides and games, it's one part genuine freak-show (Which is harder than you think in the 6th world), and another part big top circus, with a petting zoo, a not so petting zoo and a Zoo of things that want to pet you.

The area is under secure watch from the Steel Tide gang of mercenary gangers, directing some of the smaller gangs in making sure things stay simple and safe. No one is divested of weapons, but it's made abundantly clear that using them will bring swift, deadly response. People sort of listen.

The rides on the Midway creak and groan, with Sprawl-kids yelling and screaming, mostly in the good way, not so much in the bad. Music by the Jim Rose band plays, while this staple cultural event of the North American Nomad bands carries on around the man made lake. There's something here for everyone, and someone too.

Blindside is currently on a patio chair, on the top of his big rig. MASSIVE power cables run from the Carnival, up in side his rig. A multicolred, almost hawaiian umbrella keeps any errant snow and wind off him, while his eyes and hair flash different colors. He's got the back of the truck open, and is charging 1=Y= for a minute of hot, steamy warmth. A lot of people are taking him up on it. People are mingling, riding rides, seeing the Freak Show and otherwise, having a DAMN fine time.

Bunny walks along, her coat pulled closed around her and her hands in its pockets. She's added a black knitted stocking-cap to her ensemble, out of respect for the weather, and has it pulled down over her ears to keep them warm as she walks around, taking in the sights of the fair.


Tanasen has join the festivities, bundled up against the cold like everyone else while working through the crowds, looking at the various things to be done while his nearly silent bodyguard hovers dozens of yards overhead.

Bunny walks away from the hawker calling out about the freaks, and wanders towards the area with all the booths and stalls where games are being played and food and drink are being sold. She pauses at one booth, buying a large, disposable cup of hot chocolate to sip at as she continues her wanderings.

Tanasen pauses at one of the food vendors, pulling a few script out to pay for …something on a stick. He thanks the seller and continues on his way, gnawing at the tough roasted meat. Lots of noise, lots of people, and he looks happy to be in the middle of it all.

Bunny walks past Tanasen, nearly bumping into him. "'Scuse me", she says to him as she skirts around him to get into line at the 'meat on a stick' booth. She takes another sip from her big cup of hot chocolate, which steams happily in the cold air.

The Hawker is wearing a red and black tailcoat, like you might see on a vaudville performer. A black goatee and a top hat complete the look, his waxed moustache. "Thats right my friends! Cheap thrills are so cheap they come by the pound these days. Anyone can magic up an illusion or you can see a troll when you look in the mirror. But Real freaks… now THOSE are rare, and thats what I'm offering here! Freaks! People unlike you or I, relatively normal as normal goes these days, but average joes! These people, are so unlike you or it boggles the mind!"

Sakura humms softly to herself as she pads along through the crowds. Her custom insulated kimono keeping her nice and warm and looking rather fabulous a she examines the foods and the rides. "My, a real freak show. How quaint."

Kassandra is dropped off by a rather battered black van. The elf makes her way down towards the shore of the reservoir, hands tucked into her pockets.

«OOC» Bunny has to leave to make room for someone with whom I'm not supposed to associate.
Bunny goes home.
Bunny has left.

Silk makes her way around the travelling show, eyes scanning the various rides, the zoo, the petters and petties. She dawdles here and there, looking over product and people, drinking in the sights.

Tanasen continues to gnaw as the hawker tries his best to sell the freak acts. Well, might as well take a look, and see just how poorly the plastic surgery was done. Always fun to see what lengths people will go to for a few bucks. Finishing the stick and dropping it in the nearest bin, if it is a bin, and starts making his way along, the ever present shadow hovering over him from a few dozen feet.

Certainly is moving to check out the freak show herself. None of the food looks very safe and the rides aren't quite as exciting to her as they would be to some. She waits at the entrance, wondering just what could be in a place like this.

The Jim Rose Band kicks up a lively tune, sounding something like Psycho-billy crossed with Zydico.

Velena Drives up in her Ferrarri. Which would sound fancy if the thing didn't look like it has sat in a landfill for fifty years. Several gangers dive for cover as her car backfires loudly just as she turns it off. She climbs out of the car and gives it a loving pat and then starts looking at everything there is to see.

Kassandra will take her place on a few rides before the auction starts, laughing and playing like a kid. The elf looks happy to be out in the freak show, watching people play, taking her mind off some of the less desirable portions of city life.

Tanasen slowly works his way through the crowds, towards the loudly proclaiming one yelling about how freaking his freaks are.

Benedicte parked somewhat far away, not really caring to get her nice car near this mess. So the quiet click of her high heels echoes down the paved parking lots before she ends up on the softer land, heels sinking into the ground just a bit. She's got a very heavy, long, dark jacket wrapped around her body with a thickly fur lined collar just silken enough to probably be real, if dyed black. The olive skinned woman can't be seen much otherwise. She's freezing in this weather.

Ghost is drifting through the crowd, watching the shoppers, trying to decide who has more cred on them than they know how to protect …

Lilith grumbles her sweet little Shelby onto the scene, smiling as she taps the wheel. She pulls in, finds a spot to park, and gets out…spots Minos, waves. "Mr.Michaels! Fancy seeing you here."

Kassandra slips in and out of the crowd, her smaller than average size giving her both advantages and disadvantages. The woman pauses, peering around as if looking for something. She makes her way towards the festive umbrella, giving Blindside's operation a speculative look.

Kassandra slips in and out of the crowd, her smaller than average size giving her both advantages and disadvantages. The woman pauses, peering around as if looking for something. She makes her way towards the festive umbrella, giving Blindside's operation a speculative look.

Minos wanders over towards Lilith. "Everyone loves a party."

Lilith grins and clambers up on the hood of her car, to take a comfy spot to watch the proceedings. "Looking to get something nice?"

Lilith nods, resting her hands on her knees. "Aye. What's on the list so far?"

Blindside looks down at Kassanra. "eeeeeey Silky!" Says the Halfer, giving her a big thumbs up. "COme on up! Ladder on the lee side there!" He's got an electric heater, it seems, blowing hot air on him directly.. he's in a short sleeve shirt, bermuda shorts and has suntan-lotion on his nose.

Selene walks silently into the carnival and through the crowds. While she looks curiously at the sale items, she seems rather more interested in the critters in the not so petting zoo and heads over that way, until the actual bidding starts.

Kassandra snags the ladder, climing up to where the dwarf is. The woman glances around, getting a better view of the marvelous sights..

On the outskirts of the carnival, a big, generic bulldog rolls up. When it stops, Tig steps out, taking a look around the place before moving around to the driver's side and waiting for her escort to get out of the big vehicle. The escort is a huge troll that lacks horns. "I don't mind telling you sometime, just not before biz, yeah?"

Minos is looming.

Lilith is near Minos' looming.

Snow. Frankie Ghostfist can't say as he would expect a fair, even one for the Warrens, to keep operating in snow. The troll shrugs a little bit, passing some scrip to a vendor once he's got his… His… What is that? Plague-Rat-on-a-stick? Well, whatever it is, Ghostfist seems interested in eating it. Largely this interest is obvious because he is, in fact, ripping a grand ol' chunk out of its flank as he strolls through the fair.

Tanasen is spotting a few familiar faces among the crowds, edging towards Selena and giving her a wave as he nears. "Hoi!"
Blindside gestures with a drink with an umbrella in it. "Maitai? I got more." He says, gesturing to a blender on a crate, then to another folding chair. "Plenty of heat, plenty of fuel, I got it -made- here.".

Selene turns around and spots Tanasen when he calls, "Tana.. hey.. "

Sakura sways a little bit as she watches things going on curiously, her money quite secure where she's hidden it.

Lilith stays safely on her car.

Kassandra snags a Maitai, settling in with Blindside in his heated wonderland. "Thanks, omae. This is quite a show they have here, eh?"

Begby gets out of the Bulldog that sets the vehicle right as it was leaning grossly to one side, adjusting a large backpack on his shoulder. The hornless Trog closes the door with a mumbled, "Yea, yea.." he moves to Antigones side and cracks his neck, black eyes absorbing the sights around him. One hand keeping on the street of the bag at his shoulder, left hand reaching up to remove a large cigar from between his teeth.

Tanasen smiles to the elf as he manages to catch up to her. "Didn't expect to see you out this way. Didn't think it was your kind of thing."

Blindside can generate a lot of extraneous heat with a massive power generation station and a diesel engine. "It's somethen else, but I got a cool 5 kay for providing electricity. I get paid to go to a party… Wicked chill."

Kassandra snickers at Blindside, nodding, "Always the best way to party, that." The small woman watches the action, keeping an eye out for certain events taking place, any problem spots, that sort of thing. Otherwise, she basks in the heat and sips her drink.

Selene shakes her head, "it's not generally. I was hoping there might be something I wanted up for bid." Waving in the direction of the Crystal Ball tent, " While a few of those foci are *very* nice… I was more interested in a type they don't have."

Velena joins Tanasen and Selene as they get ready to auction stuff off. "This is fun si?" She rubs her hands together though looking for all the world like a popcycle.

Heat! Heat near the bigrig! 1 Yen for every minute! Buy a seat for the night for only 300 Yen!

Selene smiles at Velena, "hi! It's at least interesting.. you take a look in the tent over there yet?"

Antigone frowns faintly, then dismisses the response, saving the conversation for later. Relying on rep, pheros and magical aid to keep the path clear, she moves to the thick of the party, leading Begby. Even with a massive escort and all those things helping her find a path, it's slow going - just too many people to dive right into. Rumors of what is to be had circulate and she grins a little at a couple of items, already working on the value of the things in her head.

Tanasen chuckles and nods. "They got quite the selection. Some stuff I'd really like to get, but probably out of my range. But won't know til it all starts."

Selene shakes her head at Velena, "Well.. I would get some use out of the power foci.. but I really want a spirit foci. What are you interested in?"

Tanasen smiles to Velena as he thinks on that. "There's some cyber I'd be interested in getting. Some of those weapons as well in the commando area."..

The Auction Starts

After some hunched and tattooed freaks set up the stage, a man in a purple suit (my desc) takes the stage, tapping the mic for everyone's attention. He comments, his voice boyish and catty, "Hello ladies and gentlemen! Boys and girls of all ages! We hope you've enjoyed our FRREEEAAKK SHOOOOOW!", twirling his jeweled walking stick dramatically. He continues, "But now, for the moment we've all been waiting for, let the auction begin! Bidders please come to the stage!".

Blindside gestures, almost giddily, with his umbrella drink. "ooh! Its starting. If you wanna bid, just use this." He says, gesturing to the small control box on a crate. "It will light up the whole rig… it's AWESOME"

Begby stays near Antigone, the cigar placed back between his wolfish teeth and massive tusks. The hornless Trog pets his mohawked hair back while his eyes steal glances at various vendors hollaring out their food wares. Sneering and probably silent cursing himself for not thinking about snagging some tasty viddles before he let the cat girl lead the way.

Casually Ghostfist strolls toward the stage area, still eating that… That whatever it is on a stick.

Selene takes Tanasen by one arm, and Velena by the other, and skips towards the stage, "c'mon."

Kassandra laughs and snags the control, "Oh, I want to bid, believe me. I have all sorts of things I am interested in. You see something you like?"

Lilith grins at Ally and heads towards the stage.

Tanasen chuckles at that, following at Selene's pace. "Trolls and orks and auctions, oh my!"

Blindside's truck is sort of the 'backdrop' to the stage, the photovoltic paint swirling in color patterns that suit the setting… So Kassandra and Blind, and anyone using the trucks copious warm air (in sub freezing temperatures) are near the stage and able to bid.

THe Beta Clinic

Ring master smiles, showing a row of cosmeticly perfect teeth, "First up for bids, we have this Fine, luxurious Beta Clinic! It's got nanotech and all the latest doodads! You can give your baby a boob job, or just rip out those nasty unwanted cranial bombs! Earn respect from your parents! Turn your pets into war machines!", pacing the edge of the stage as the parts are wheeled out and displayed. He cries out, "Opening bid, do I hear 250,000?", holding a white gloved hand to his ear

Tanasen wouldn't mind having such a nice clinic, but seeing as he already has one to use, it would be rather redundant. "Too bad, Could use the nano in that thing. Don't have that option myself yet."

Velena follows Selene and huddles between two warm bodies.

Tagging alongside Lilith, Ally whimpers which she hears whats up for auction and how much its going for. "If I had the money I would totally get that. My own clinic…" happy-sigh.

Antigone stops not far off from the heated van and cock-bearing Minos. "Let me know if you want anything, Begby. I'm only hoping one or two things pop up, myself." she intones to the big fragger accompanying her.

Sakura frowns a little bit as she shifts around, sighing. "Such a high starting price, what kind of auction is this going to be." She mmpmhs, hands inside of her kimon sleeves. She looks to be nice and warm out in the cold with such an odd outfit on.

Bannon comes on scene just as the Beta Clinic is going up for sale. He smiles slightly, moving through the crowd with a slow and easy step. His eyes, aside from checking out the 'ware, scan the crowd with a shifting gaze.

Kassandra watches the auction, eyes lingering on the clinic. She fingers the control unit Blindside gave her, but doesn't press the button.

Blindside taps a button. The truck lights up with 5000!!.

«Plot» Blindside says, " 5000!"
Blindside murmurs… "Had to. They are too quiet!"

Velena doesn't think she can afford a beta clinic and wouldn't know how to use one even if she did. She shivers up against Tanasen. "Warm isn't it?"

Begby grunts, "Food." is all he wants. Pretty shiny bits and the like seem to hold no real interest to the rather large Trog as he keeps a guardians eye over the slender Neko girl that isn't out of his arms reach. Puffing that cigar like some fleshy locomotive.

The Ringmaster laughs, "Oh no, I dont see any bids! We have an offer for 5000…. Maybe if someone will put up the additional 245000

Tanasen smiles and slips an arm around Velena, and the reason he's not shivvering becomes apparently. His clothing is emiting heat! "Oh yes. Quite the balmy day, I'd say."

Frankie leans against a conveniently placed section of fence and continues his munching. Apparently a clinic isn't on his grocery list.

Selene nods to Velena, "even if I could afford it, my talents don't run that way."

Blindside taps a button. The truck lights up with 5001!!.
«Plot» Blindside says, " 5001!!"

Ghost looks to see who is interested in the big ticket item, as possible marks

Selene elbow's Tanasen, "you might."

Sakura grumbles a little bit as she shakes her head, "No one is going to ahve that kind of scrap who'd put that thing to good use. Hmmm…" She sighs very softly and wishes she'd taken the time to get some kind of mind influencing spells written and learned before now.

Tanasen grins at Selene. "As I said, I would, if I didn't already have one back at the compound. No point in buying it again, I don't do that much work!"

Blindside murmurs.. "Look at it this way, if he takes me seriously, I get a clinic. I don't know what to do with it, and I'll probably trade it for a car… but ya know? Whats the worst that happens. They break my legs… its alright. My legs are short."

Kassandra snickers at Blindside, nodding, "True. And you do not need legs to drive, really, if you just jack in."

Antigone chuckles, the sound lost to the people. Snagging a passerby, she stretches up and murmurs something, gesturing to Begby. The guy gives a nod and Tig smiles. Left untended, the random dooder heads for the food stalls to buy a bunch of munchies for the trog at her side.

Minos lights a cigarette and starts smoking it. He's no need of such an item. Minos calls out, "Save that one for later! Nobody can afford it or those who can, don't want it!"

Kassandra watches the crowd with interest, seeing who is going to nibble at the item.

The Rail Gun

The Ringmaster moves on, "We're putting this back behind the curtain for now! Moving on to our next item!", taking out a large Viola case, "Is the ODINSON RAIL GUN!", whipping out the railgun, and setting it up with noteworthy expertise. The Rangmaster pantomimes humping it, calling out, "80000, starting bid. You knoooooow you want it!".

"Shit, that's discontinued…" Tig murmurs, raising a hand and jumping up and down a bit to get her bid seen.

Kassandra leans in, looking at what the Ringmaster has for sale. She eyes the railgun, a heads up display offering a variety of information to her. She hrms, chewing on her bottom lip.

Sakura rolls her eyes for a moment and smirks. "Jeez, no one wants to buy a clinic but everyone wants a gun."
The Ringmaster claps his hands and gives the railgun another humping, "That's the spirit folks!"

Blindside pops himself a halfer stiffy, a half cord of wood, a popcicle stick… "JEsssssssssusu…"

Minos says "Hm."

Lilith looks over at the bull. "Interested, sir?"

Minos looks at Lilith. "Not particularly, but I'm considering it for a friend."

Lilith nods. "Well…hmm. It's already a bit much, but I can kick in a little if you want."

Tanasen calls in his bid, giving a grin to the two gals keeping him company. "Hey, I have compensation issues." He says as the bids quickly go up. He frowns a bit, doing the math in his head and giving it a shake. "Sigh, that quickly went beyond what I'm willing to spend."

The Ringmaster shouts, "I have One-Twenty Five going ONCE!"

Ally looks up at the tall guy called Minos and shakes her head, "I could totally see you using that. Its like, your size."

The Ringmaster shouts, "I have One-Twenty Five going TWICE!"

Minos says "Where would I wear it? It's not exactly…subtle." Minos is obviously well-known for his subtlty.

Some time later the man that Antigone had sent off returns, handing various treats up to Begby who has a hard time juggling them all. Sticks with meat on them, most of it questionable. Bags of 'Ork Rinds' and other such smegma. "Ohkay.. ohkay. Shit.. here.." he picks out the stuff he wants. "Give dis to dem kids.." he says, motioning off to a group of Sprawl kids that play off in the distance. Begby still has alot of grub stuck between all his fingers, trying to figure out what to eat first.

It would make a dashing codpiece.

"You carry it when you're going to kick down a door, of course," Ally tells Minos, nudging Lilith.
Lilith rolls her eyes.

Tanasen will just have to settle for missiles for his long range weaponry.

Selene grins at Tanasen, "want it, but not that bad, eh? Too bad, woulda paid money to see you fire it once."

The Ringmaster convulses orgasmicly "AAAAAAAAND SOLD! To the gorgous knockout kitty girl with the tits that don't quit!", pointing his walking stick to Antigone.

A large hunchback troll breaks the gun down, and presents the case to Antigone.

«Plot» Tanasen says, "80k"
«Plot» Antigone says, "85k"
«Plot» Tanasen says, "100k"
«Plot» Antigone says, "125k"

Antigone looks at her chest. "Whaaaa?"

Minos says "A giant railgun as an intimidation tool isn't usually necessary when you can bounce said railgun's bullets off of one's chest…" he pauses, "but then again, it's not as if I'm sure whether I can bounce even that."

Tanasen laughs and grins at Selene. 'I would love to have it. Heavy firepower for long range support would have fit well with my new drone."

Selene smirks, "no, I wanted to see you stand up, hold it, and fire it. Just once."

Begby looks at the drek in his hands and groans, having to stuff some of it in his backpack for later. "..always when ah'm about tuh eat.." he drawls out with a Southern twang to his voice. Lifting the heavy Railgun and tossing it on one of his large shoulders. Cutting a rather striking image of just what a gun like that in the hands of someone the size of Begby could do.

Tanasen guffaws at that and shakes his head. "I'm not that crazy. I'd be lucky to lift that thing up on my own."

The Magic Dagger

The ringmaster gives way for Lady Donatella, whom is dressed in fortuneteller garb. She comes out, juggling knives, a display of dance as ethereal sitar music accompanies her. Into a wooden block, She throws a long ornate Stiletto, calling out, "Magical in nature, this dagger will slay man and spirit alike, in the proper hands.", looking over the crowd.

Lilith raises an eyebrow. "Ooh. Shiny knife."

The Gypsy points to Sakura, "You! You could be the one, my child! For only… 40,000?".

Lilith nudges Ally. "Oi, Ally? What's up with the dagger?"

Selene nudges Velena and points to the dagger, "you could actually make use of that.."

Frankie rubs his chin thoughtfully, his gaze intensifying even as his eyes seems to unfocus. The troll finishes his something-on-a-stick and muses over the focus. He shrugs a little, seemingly uninterested still.

Lady Donatella waves and dances, "Oooooh, I can feel it, the surge of power! The blade, she wishes to dance again!Too long has she collected dust."

Blindside stands up on top of the truck, running a blender for a moment. Grinding Ice, Fruit and some liquor, he pours Kassandra a Maitai, putting a little fruity umbrella in her drink.

Lady Donatella chants in ancient tongue, trembling and shaking. Her focus drifts between bannon and Velena.

«Plot» Bannon says, "40000"
«Plot» Kassandra says, "45"
«Plot» Bannon says, "50k"
«Plot» Velena says, "60"
«Plot» Bannon says, "75k"
«Plot» Velena says, "80"
«Plot» Bannon says, "90k"
«Plot» Velena says, "95" - SOLD

The Ringmaster declares, "SOLD!", withdrawing the stiletto from the wooden block and running to the edge of the stage. He calls to Velena, "To the exotic and classic beauty, a blade to match her sharpness of character!".

Velena smiles and say's, "I win?"

Selene grins at Velena, "yeah, you won. Got get it."

Tanasen grins. "Good going! I'm sure it's worth every penny!"

Velena steps up and takes the stiletto from the ringmaster.

The Stick of Doom

Lady Donatella draws out a long, gnarled staff, holding it to the heavens. She casts a low level foreboding spell, "Behold, the power of the ancent Anasazi tribe! This artifact, once in my care, can make your powers now UNMATCHED!", her aura bristling with lightning. She cries, "It cries out for action, to tip the scales of balance once more. I am but a wandering salesperson, but in the right hands, this artifact will make your power envied by the spirits themselves!".

Velena looks at the staff and the Lady Donatella's performance and her eyes get wide. "Mama mia."

Blindside atop the truck, seems to be offering suntan lotion to Kassandra.

Kassandra accepts, dabbing a bit on what skin is exposed, eyes on the prize, so to speak.

Antigone's skin crawls and she edges up on Begby, offering to hold his foodstuffs for him so he can eat AND look impressive.

Begby holds the large weapon on his shoulder, gnawing at what could of been a cat on a stick. It's body so charred and blackened though it is hard to tell what it was to begin with but it is suspicious overall.

Lady Donatella shouts dramaticly, "To even CONSIDER passing on the POWER, I would ask 450,000".

Blindside almost drops his Maitai. That would be a sin. "HALF A MILLION SLOTTEN YEN???" He calls out. "Its a bleeden STICK!"

Blindside seems -deeply- impressed by something Kassandra says, peering closer at the stick now.

Kassandra's eyes travel the crowd, looking to see who will snap at this treasure. She nods, noting where the bid comes from.

Tanasen lets out a whistle. Half a mil for what is basicly a magic stick. "Damn, and I thought my gear was expensive."

The old woman points the staff, "I hear your bid! Do I hear more!?", slamming the stick down on the stage.

Velena eyes her 95K dagger and say's, "Yeah. Its more expensive than my car!" Looking a bit pale she simply holds on the dagger. Looking for all the world like she's about to stab herself.

Kassandra taps her nails on her glass, considering the artifact being displayed before them.

The Ringmaster calls out, "450K going once!"

Blindside gestures out to the stick… "Where's this shit -come- from? I mean, -drek-! I wanna go find the shiney half million nuyen stick mine…"

The Ringmaster calls out, "450K going Twice, a Travesty! You're taking food from our childrens mouths here!"

The Ringmaster wipes away a tear, "Four Seventy five! Four EIGHTY! Open your hearts, and stab a credstick into it and make a withdrawal!".

The Ringmaster calls out, "480K going once!"

The Ringmaster cries, "Rape me with a chainsaw, FIVE HUNDRED!"

Blindside winces. That sounds painful.

Minos says "Give it to her, sir."

«Plot» Selene says, "450k"
«Plot» Minos says, "475,000."
«Plot» Selene says, "480"
«Plot» Minos says, "490."
«Plot» Selene says, "500" - WIN

The Rapier of Jean Laffite

The Ringmaster pulls fourth a rapier and makes a cunning display of it's use, cutting down a sandbag and riding it up to the second level, hopping onto a catwalk, "But that isn't all my magically enhanced brothers and sisters, I have a rapier that allegedly belonged to the Pirate Jean Lafitte! I dont know if it's true, but its certainly an artifact of unmatched quality!" Opening bid, 150K.", holding the rapier out for all to see, it's blade gleaming in the neon.


Minos looks at the rapier and says, "That," he pauses, "has to be the most homosexual-looking weapon foci in the entire city."

Lilith scowls at Minos. "It is NOT! It's pretty…" She stops and thinks. "Damnit all man."

Ally, drained of much of her color, looks at Minos like he's crazy. "Quiet you. In the right hands that could probably run you through."

Minos looks at Ally. "I just risked almost a half-mil bidding for you, wench; don't get snippy with me."

Tanasen smiles at Selene. "Mighty fine twig you got there."

Selene nods to Tanasen with a crooked smile, "yeah, and all I have to do is get it out of her in one piece, without getting spotted by the Star… or anyone who wants it too badly."

The Ringmaster cries out, "Where's the swashbuckler in you people?" swinging down from a rope to the stage. He does some more shadow-fencing and says, "I have 150K going ONCE!"

Minos calls out, "My services as a bodyguard are available for only a small fee should anyone require an escort once the auction is over."

Lilith peers up at Minos. "How much, sir?"

Tanasen pats Selene on the should and winks, thumbing up into the air where a black drone with a red hourglass painted on the bottom hovers. "Trust me, if someone wants it that badly, they won't for long."

Lilith peers up at Minos. "How much, sir?"

Tanasen pats Selene on the should and winks, thumbing up into the air where a black drone with a red hourglass painted on the bottom hovers. "Trust me, if someone wants it that badly, they won't for long."

The Ringmaster double somersaults to a leap off the stage, sheathing the rapier and kneeling before Antigone, holding the blade out to her. He shouts, "Milady, your blade!", eyes averted to the ground.

Frankie eyes the rapier thoughtfully for a while before shrugging. The troll folds his arms across his chest and watches the on-going auction.

Antigone laughs at the man's antics, taking the blade and struggling with the weight a little - no fighter. No siree. The sheath is added to poor Begby's burdens.

Blindside leans forward to see the next item… Maybe it will be his one chance at a girlfriend this century…

Antigone laughs at the man's antics, taking the blade and struggling with the weight a little - no fighter. No siree. The sheath is added to poor Begby's burdens.

Blindside leans forward to see the next item… Maybe it will be his one chance at a girlfriend this century…

The Ringmaster takes out a bundle, displaying it's contents to all, "What we have here, is a cat burglar kit! Everything a good thief needs! And a bargain, lets start with 5000!

Velena looks over at Tanasen and say's, 'I guess I can use this to chop vegetables with." Slowly finding the brightside of her edged purchase. But then…she hears something interesting.

Kassandra leans back, sipping her MaiTai and watching the bidding, flicking a glance towards the gear offered and then the general populace.

Velena looks over at Tanasen and say's, 'I guess I can use this to chop vegetables with." Slowly finding the brightside of her edged purchase. But then…she hears something interesting.

Kassandra leans back, sipping her MaiTai and watching the bidding, flicking a glance towards the gear offered and then the general populace.

Selene grins at Velena, "remember the swamp deathlite, or whatever that horrid thing was? That thing would help you, in that case."

Tanasen chuckles at that and nods. "Gotta look at the bright side of life." Whistles a little tune before smiling. "I'm sure there'll be more to interest you."

Blindside flops back in to his chair, disappointed. "I could totally program her to make coffee, make my bed, do my dishes, keep my shop clean… man, all the things I could do with an anatomically correct anthropomorphic humanoid drone…"

Velena nods to Selena and say's, "Oh." Then smiles

Blindside is so misunderstood.

The Ringmaster cries out, "25K going Twice!"

Velena looks over at the elf who bids against her and sighs, "He too cute. I suppose I let him have it eh?"

The Ringmaster cries out, "Sold! To the young Tattoed Asian man with the palm beach tan!"

«Plot» Darkwynd says, "5000"
«Plot» Velena says, "10"
«Plot» Darkwynd says, "15k"
«Plot» Velena says, "20"
«Plot» Darkwynd says, "25k"

Darkwynd bows low to Velena, "M'lady is most gracious. Perhaps I will have oppurtunity to employ this gear in your services." He bows again, then steps forward to claim his prize.

Selene winks at Velena, "I think you found a new friend… and he really is kinda cute. Maybe cuter than any of the Lucciano's."

Tanasen grins a bit and chuckles. "Seems he has similar tastes to you, as well."

Minos spins his walking stick around in his hands a bit.

Velena chuckles, "And a gentleman." She grins at Selene as she watches him make his way to the stage. She glances at Selene, "He is a Lucciano?" She shakes her head, "How many Lucciano's in this town anyway!"

Selene shakes her head, "he's not.." then she points to a male human with dark hair, "but the one over there is."


The Ringmaster hucks out a pair of belt fed PACs, the wiry gent strong enough to hold one in each hand, barely. He shoulders them, "The Panther Assault Cannon… Belt Fed. For when everyone in the room has to die. This is not a weapon, it is RETRIBUTION, the most famous and feared of all assault cannons on the market. It sets the standard. Opening bid for one is 15,000!"

Tanasen chuckles softly. "Well, you two gals have managed to get something. Hopefully I'll find something I can get soon."

Blindside leans forward, seeming interested and eager in this next item for bid. "HOOHA! I GOT 16!"

Blindside sighs, then sits back down. Bah. Guns. He needs a woman.

Kassandra bids, eyes watching the crowd, looking to see who is countering. The elf smiles, finally something in her field.

Tanasen sighs as yet again he is outbid.

Tanasen shakes his head. "Just more than I'm willing to pay for that."

Selene nods to Tanasen, "something will come up."

Kassandra flicks a hand, dismissing the item. She leans back to suck on her drink.

The Ringmaster calls, "39K going twice!"

The Ringmaster shoulders a cannon, "Sold, to the man with ham sized hands! Come get this big boy, BIG BOY!", crouching at the edge of the stage.

Antigone offers to stay and guard the growing stash so Begby can egt his toy.

«Plot» Kassandra says, "15"
«Plot» Blindside says, " 16"
«Plot» Tanasen says, "20"
«Plot» Kassandra says, "25"
«Plot» Kassandra says, "26"
«Plot» Kassandra says, "27"
«Plot» Begby says, "30"
«Plot» Kassandra says, "35"
«Plot» Begby says, "37.5"
«Plot» Kassandra says, "38"
«Plot» Begby says, "39k"

Cannon Companion

The Ringmaster cries, "Don't be down you silly little clowns, I still have one more for sale! One hundred round belt included! Let's start back down at 25000!".

Begby sets down the rail gun to go and claim his prize. Hefting it in his massive hand like a childs toy he moves to go set it down with all the other stuff that they got. Looking at Tig with a smirk, "Ah lak how it looked." he shrugs his shoulders, taking the cigar from between his lips and looking it over proudly.

Velena holds Tanasen's hand up and say's, "30."

Tanasen looks at Velena and shakes his head. "Thanks for bidding for me." He says and smiles. "Guess I should try for one thing tonight at least."

Kassandra shrugs, leaning back again. She salutes Tanasen, letting the bidding go in preparation for more of her lovely beverage.

Blindside eyes those drones… "Oooooooh. Those would be AWESOME for my rig… I could like, call them Droids, and program them to make funny noises."

The Ringmaster says "37 going once!""
The Ringmaster says "37 going twice!""

The Ringmaster cries, "Sold to the mop top that just don't stop!" pointing to Tanasen.

«Plot» Kassandra says, "25"
«Plot» Tanasen says, "30"
«Plot» Kassandra says, "35"
«Plot» Tanasen says, "37"

The Amazing Droid Twins

Blindside is torn though. "Man… I just don't have the cash for it. I mean, those things retail for like, 45k each… so his opening bids gonna be half that… and the check for that thing I did ain't cleared yet… and no way am I taking a loanshark slott-me-in-the-ass loan…" He glances at Kassandra. "You think Starks be pissed if I sell his car?"

Velena claps and say's, 'Oh well done!"

Kassandra snickers and murmurs something to Blindside.

Next, the stage flashes in neon backdrops as the Ringmaster begins to do the robot to the tune of funky music, "Next up, meet the robotwins!", as a pair of obvious droids come onto the stage, hobbling around in an idiotic dance routine programmed by an amateur.

The Ringmaster waves his arms angrily, "STOP! STOP!", signalling the freaks to stop the music, "I Hate this number, I hate it. And I hate these robotic men. They give me the creeps! Get them out of here for only 25000 A piece! I dont wanna split them up, that would be cruel, so let's call that 50K!"
Kassandra awws as the robots stop dancing.

Minos says "I won't bid that much, but I'll bid…"

Tanasen chuckles as he moves up to take the large weapon, struggling it up onto his shoulder and stepping over to a semi-clear area while the hovering drone comes to the ground, eletric engines sending out a blast of freezing air. "Wonderful! Never thought I'd get one of these things." He says with a wink to the girls while he pops the top of the drone and secures it inside. A slap to the hatch as it closes and up the drone goes again, safely out of reach and back into overwatch of its owner. "Well girls, I'm happy now!"

Velena blinks, "But what do they do?"

Minos looks over at Velena and says, "They clean your house."

Velena blinks, "Oh. But I do that better than they could si?"

Selene nods to Velena, "yes, but with those, you don't have to."

Velena grins at Minos, "I come clean your house for 20K."

Kassandra watches the crowd murmur and shuffle their feet at the now quiet robots.

Blindside gestures. "Neat, but junk.".

Velena thinks she should rethink her career path.

The Ringmaster calls out, "No takers at 50? And offer for 20? Hrm…… I'll take it! Just get them AWAY from me!", cringing at the corner of the stage. He cries into the mic, "Going once!"

Blindside calls out… "21!"

The Ringmaster cries, with more emphasis, "20K going twice!"

Blindside murmurs. "Gonna call em Mutt an JEff."

Minos glances over at Blindside and waves it over to him. "Let him have it, and the naked girl-bot too!"

Lilith laughs out loud. "Bloody fembots 'ey are!"

The Ringmaster cries, "21K going once! Going Twice!"

Blindside nods vigorously. "AND THE girly bot!"

Lilith is clearly refencing an old movie from the 20th century.

Velena grins, "I'll even wear a pretty maid outfit." She teases the minotaur.

Selene giggles at Velena.

The Ringmaster says "Going three times and SOLD to the man who takes the junk out of our trunk!"

Lilith looks over at Velena. Then Minos. Her face is calm. Absolutely calm. Biting her lip doesn't mean she's restraining a fit of giggling.

«Plot» Minos says, "20000"
«Plot» Blindside says, " 21"

THe Fembot

Velena grins, "Well that would cost you extra." Then she looks over at what is being auctioned.

Minos says "If I were going to be taking you to my house, Miss, I'd have better things for you to do than clean it."

Selene smirks and murmers to Velena, "least you know he's a bull and not a steer, eh?"

Next up, a beautiful young woman comes onto the stage, dressed as Milla Jovovich in the 5th element. She has a confused expression, asking, "Leeloo Dallas… Multipass?", as she wanders aimlessly on the stage, all done up in the bandage suit.

The Ringmaster cries out, "And this young lovely thing…… Now I wouldn't sell you a human slave, but there is literally no difference I tell you. She is a pinacle achievement of the modern age, "Milla", yours, forever, for the opening bid of 180,000!

Blindside stands up. "HOO YEAH! 190!"

Lilith blinks. "Oh, good HEAVENS."

Antigone cracks up.

Minos glances at Lilith and says, "Shush."

Selene mutters to Tanasen, "… … … … … … … … for … for …"

Velena laughs and glances over at Minos, "Well I cook too."

Kassandra rises up on the truck, making her bid. She glances to the dwarf next to her, remarking, "I thought you were broke!"

Ghostfist facepalms.

"Is she warm? And does she self lubricate?" Tig calls.

Ally's eyes go wide and whats being sold on stage at the moment. "What would anyone want with THAT?" she exclaims.

Lilith rolls her eyes at Minos. "I don't have to shush." But she's hiding a smile.

Selene mutters to Tanasen, "… … … … … … … … for … for …"

Tanasen says " Oh, if only I had that much. But I really can't justify it :)"

Velena laughs and glances over at Minos, "Well I cook too."

Kassandra rises up on the truck, making her bid. She glances to the dwarf next to her, remarking, "I thought you were broke!"
Ghostfist facepalms.

"Is she warm? And does she self lubricate?" Tig calls.

Ally's eyes go wide and whats being sold on stage at the moment. "What would anyone want with THAT?" she exclaims.

Lilith rolls her eyes at Minos. "I don't have to shush." But she's hiding a smile.

The girl falls to her knees, pouting, "Pleese. Haaalp!", teary eyed over the crowd.

Lilith nudges Ally, whispers. "What is it?"

Minos turns to Velena and says, "So do I, actually."
Minos says "Dinner sometime?"

Blindside calls out "I GOTCHER MULTIPASS BABY!"

The Ringmaster calls out, "190 going oooonce?"

Velena smiles at Minos and say's, "Si. We can exchange recipes." She winks.

Kassandra sighs and sinks back into her chair, scowling at the dwarf.

Blindside comments to Kassandra… "I uh… saved some cash… and like… took a loan… cause I -reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaly- wanted that bot…"

"It sure isn't a human…but I sure haven't seen anything else like it before," Ally says with a shake of her head to Lilith's question. She peers around Lilith to glance at Velena, then looks at Lil.

Lilith looks back to Ally and just arches her brow. "Yes?"

The girl handsprings backwards in a display if athletics prowess, drawing out a pair of pistols and shooting a couple of the high rise baloons in the air.

The ringmaster adds, "She's also like a personal bodyguard! 190, going Twiiice!"

Kassandra makes a gesture to the dwarf, still looking miffed. The gesture could be read as 'go ahead then.'

Blindside is on the edge of the rig's trailer, looking out over the crowd. The Truck itself pulses with the number : 190! in forty different colors and 9 different languages.

Ally shrugs her shoulders lightly. "Just thinking the robots are all weird and creepy," she mumbles.

Lilith leans over to whisper to the girl.

Tanasen chuckles and gives Velena and Selene a squeeze each. "I prefer the company of real ladies anyways."

The Ringmaster screams, "SOOOOOLD! To the stubby man with the trailor van!", pointing to Blindside. He adds, "Here's here key, if I may get my creds, sir?".

Kassandra takes solace in her drink, dark eyes casting around for the next item, something to take her mind off of things.

Velena laughs, "Well some people don't seem to." She laughs towards the antics of the dwarf…

Blindside all but does the 'golemn dance' when he gets the ring for the last time. He dances and dances… "WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!"

Velena says to no one in particular. "That is what happens when a man doesn't get enough sex."

Minos says "Yes, Velena, that's true. So, please. Help save me from becoming him!"
Minos smirks.

Lilith snorts to herself.

Blindside does 'the robot'. "Ah-Got-Ah-rooooobot, Ah-Seckey-secksy-Roooobot. Ah-Got-Ah-Rooooooobot-And-She-Can't-Giggle."

Velena looks over at Minos and laughs, "Oh somehow I don't think you're in much danger of that."

Kassandra watches the dwarf, rolling her eyes. The woman sips her drink, shaking her head in mock sadness.

Ally and Lilith are in whispered conversation. And Ally now looks at Lilith, gives a slight shrug, and very deliberately starts looking around for something to seem interested in.

Ally and Lilith are in whispered conversation. And Ally now looks at Lilith, gives a slight shrug, and very deliberately starts looking around for something to seem interested in.
Lilith pats Ally affectionately on the shoulder.

«Plot» Kassandra says, "180"
«Plot» Blindside says, " 190"

The Grudge Axe

Minos arches an eyebrow at the axe being brought out, then frowns. "Why is every damned weapon here a fragging -focus-?"

Lilith looks up. "Oh, damn! Can't you use it?"

Ally blinks at Lilith and says something hurriedly back, and then she looks to what has just been brought out. And she oooohs. "I sure could…" Ally murmurs. Then tilts her head a bit. "If I could lift-it."

Velena chuckles, "I wouldn't mind having a weapon focus on a whip."

Minos looks at Lilith. "I can -use- it, but it's magical. In a way that doesn't benefit me. At all."

Lilith frowns. "Oh, bugger. I'm sorry."

Ally clears her throat gently and yawns a bit, "If anyone was shopping for me for Christmas, that might be on my list, just to let ya know," she kinda says to her group. "Would give me incentive to hit the weights too."

Lilith laughs. "Maybe, Ally."

"GYYYYAAAAAAAAH!" Cries the Ringmaster, all coked up and back from his break. He hiccups into the mike before stating, "Behold! The Legendary battleaxe of Grom Hellscream, the great orkish warrior from beyond time in the dawn of magic!", his eyes, widened and crazy. Lighting strikes the stage, causing the neon to spit sparks -EVERYWHERE- The ringmaster cleaves it into the presentation block, nearly splitting the wooden block in two, on accident. He looks alarmed, as if maybe the lightning was unplanned.

Lilith oooooohs.

The Ringmaster adds, "Asking 200K opening bid!"

Lilith winces, Lilith nudges Ally again. "You really want it?"

Ally nods her head rapidly at Lilith. "Uh huh. That would be a very good thing for me, mmm hmm."

Lilith nods. "Righty oh then."

Velena eeps as there's a crazy man wielding an axe and steps behind Tanasen -just in case-.

Minos picks up the phone and makes a phone call.

Lilith looks to Minos, arching a brow. "Mr.Michaels?"

Tanasen grins and shields Velena as the show goes on. "He ain't so bad. Just a bit unbalanced."

Ghostfist studies the battle axe in the Ringmaster's hands. He strokes his chin thoughtfully, "Could have its uses… Not real sure how to use a toy that big though…" mutters Frankie.

Lilith nods carefully to the minotaur.

Minos holds up his hand and makes a bid. "Two and a quarter."

Kassandra eyes the battleaxe, considering the ramifications of something from some great whozits. She starts to bid, cutting herself short as the minotaur speaks.

Minos says "Two hundred seventy-five thousand." He is very, very serious-sounding."

Velena swivels her eyes back and forth between Minos and Antigone. Kinda like watching Tennis…only they are speaking big bucks.

Minos says "Three hundred and twenty-five thousand nuyen; and I might add, this isn't for me, it's for the Foundation."

Blindside ehs, looking to Kassandra. "Foundation? What, he's in construction?"

Kassandra leans over, saying something to the dwarf.

On the stage, Kassandra says, "The Draco Foundation. The company that cropped up after the President died.""

Blindside quirks a brow. "WE HAD A PRESIDENT DIE?" Asks the rigger, eyes wide. "Holy drek! No one told me!"

Minos says "Three hundred and twenty-five thousand nuyen; and I might add, this isn't for me, it's for the Foundation."

Minos looks over at Antigone. "I could let you have it; but I'll warn you beforehand, just to see how well you can hold onto it: we'd have to retrieve it from you. It was stolen from an archaeological dig run by the DIMR."

Minos says "So, three hundred seventy-five thousand nuyen."

Antigone arches an eyebrow. "Threats now? Afraid the Foundation doesn't have enough yen? Fascinating." She nods towards the Ringmaster, upping it to Four hundred.

Lilith mutters to Ally.

Kassandra laughs at the dwarf, shaking her head. "Um. Yes, a few years back now. You remember, the big dragon?"

Blindside asks Kassandra. "What president died? Who's president?" Lets see. 24 years old, Dunk died 11 years ago. Yeah. He'd have been 13. And utterly uninterested in politics.

Minos looks over at Antigone and asks, "Can you really afford to make enemies with another corporation, Miss Tig? I bear you no ill will; no one does. I'm not threatening you, either. I am merely informing you that this item belongs in a vault, being studied for its cultural heritage, not as a toy for the streets, and it will become that very thing. You could, of course, generously purcahse it and then donate it to the Foundation."

Tanasen frowns a bit at the overgrown cow. Threading to take an item even if lost in a fair bid is rather uncouth, and grounds for major distrust.

Antigone shakes her head slightly. "Corps don't mean shit where we are. And if you lack the cash, what happens to it is no concern of yours. Six hundred thousand."

Minos says "Fine."

Lilith groans and covers her eyes.

Minos says "One million, three hundred twenty-thousand nuyen."

Lilith chokes.

Minos says "Which I believe is the current price on the street for such a thing."

The Ringmaster strokes his walking stick in a disturbing display! "One…. Million…….. Three hundred th-th-th-thousand! Ugh! Uhhhhh!"

Antigone smirks, inclining her head. "And for that price, you may have it." Smug. Far too smug.

The Ringmaster says "Going once!""
The Ringmaster says "Going twice!""

Ally's eyes can't get any wider, and she looks at everyone like they are crazy. Good grief.
Blindside chokes, falling back… "See? She like, totally did what I said she would! SHe ran up his price, cause she didn't care about it, then the bull, like… GAH!"

Kassandra slow claps at the show, seemingly amused at the proceedings on both sides.

"… I think the Ringmaster is going to either need new pants or a new ticker," mutters Frankie. The troll leans back against the fence and sips at a beer that he has, somehow, managed to acquire during some of the bidding frenzy. Maybe when the droids were up?

The Ringmaster cries out, "Sold to the big black bull who's nobody's fool! Come sir minotaur, and claim your axe!", kneeling to the side, cane in the air as a saluting knight..

"THAT WAS THE LAMEST THING EVER!" says the Halver. "He could -buy me- for that much! I mean, really, my networth, compounded by depreciation, subtract the miles on my vehicles… He could buy me -twice!"

Antigone glances sidelong at Begby and nods to him slightly, grinning.

Blindside calls down. "Hey! Cowboy! I gott'a wrench thats a real old artifact, 50,000 opening bid!"

Minos heads over and, very gently, picks up the Axe. He makes a comment on his telephone and hangs up.

Kassandra laughs at Blindside, waving to a few nearby who look up at the daft dwarf, shaking her head as they look to be considering to bid.

Lilith whispers fiercely to Ally. "Wot the 'ells is up wit' 'at axe?!"

«Plot» Antigone says, "200,000"
«Plot» Minos says, "225,000."
«Plot» Antigone says, "250,000"
<Plot» Minos says, "275000"
«Plot» Antigone says, "300,000"
«Plot» Minos says, "325"
«Plot» Antigone says, "350k"
«Plot» Minos says, "375"
«Plot» Antigone says, "400k"
«Plot» Minos says, "450"
«Plot» Antigone says, "600k"
«Plot» Minos says, "1,320,000"

Begby smiles, showing enough teeth to show he is quite satisfied. Removing the cigar from between his wolfish and tusked teeth. "Ah love you." he says to her with a bink wink.

Tanasen shakes his head. Bad mojo there going, and one to avoid. Whoever that foundation is, he's going to make sure to add to the short list of people to avoid, for their health and his.

Velena watches the richest Minotaur ever…well not so rich anymore…get his axe. She say's, "Wow."

Antigone's grin grows. "I thought you might, Big B." she says, offering him one of the big bags of caramel corn.

The Halfer calls down. "It's a CRAFTSMAN! Drop forged and nickle plated! It's -real- old! Come on man, after THAT, 50k's a STEAL! I got sexbots to feed!"

Ally inclines her head towards Lilith and is about to answer, but then she looks at Minos like he grew a second head. "Holy crap," she about spits out, whistling.

Battle Axe of Retribution has left.

Lilith blinks. "What?" Lilith stares closely at Minos.

Frankie takes a sip of his beer, pauses mid-swallow, and promptly spits his beer back into its plastic cup. The troll promptly and quietly takes several steps away from the minotaur.

Lilith eyes widen dramatically as Ally speaks. She really *looooooooks* at Minos now.

Begby takes the bag of caramel corn with a faint snort at her response and a roll of his dark eyes. Dumping the popcorn into his mouth rather than bother using his massive mitts.

The Ringleader comes out wearing a backpack battery, with a large, ridiculously shiny laser cannon on his shoulder. He says, "Tetsuooooooooo! Kanedaaaaaaa! It's the big boy laser, like in all those classic films! Those pesky helicopters after you again? Let them trouble you NO MORE!".

The Ringmaster adds, "Starting bid 50K!"

Velena looks at Minos too…but only see what she saw the first time. She glances at all the mage types and asks, "What?"

Blindside says nothing as his new Sexbot comes up on the roof, bringing a plate of pizza rolls. They smell NUMMY. He snags a few, then the leelooo dallasmultipass moves to Kassandra, offering her some.

Minos moves away from the middle part of the space in front of the outdoor stage.

Minos moves toward the middle part of the space in front of the outdoor stage. (Place #4)

Kassandra leans forward, eyes bright. She motions with her drink, signalling a bid with Blindside's Truck Bidding System. It lights up with a massive FIFTY KAY!

Kassandra snags a few of the pizza rolls, keeping her eye on the crowd.

It's all kinds of anime too, flashing like Batman-oldschool. POW! BIFF! BAM! ZOWIE! 50 KAY!

Lilith has to suck in a breath, skin tingling just as she looks at the bull. She's no mage, but…she needs a drink of water, her mouth is damn dry.

The Ringmaster totes the laser about, shooting pieces of the set, literally disintegrating them. He cries out, "50K going once!"
The Ringmaster says "50k going twice!""

Minos takes the axe with him to Lilith's car, and opens the trunk, from which he grabs a blanked to wrap it in. He holds it up. Shortly thereafter, an astral mage manifests in front of him, accompanied by a very powerful air elemental. Minos nods to the astral mage and hands the axe to the elemental. The astral form and the elemental then fly off into the distance.

Blindside thinks it over, then glances over to the old Pontiac…. "Oh man… Laser or -sweeeet- car to take my girl for a ride in…"

The Ringmaster smiles, "Sold to the veluptuous elf I'd love to keep on my shelf!", obviously pressed for rhymes, dabbing his forehead with a hankie.

«Plot» Kassandra says, "50"

Kassandra squeals, leaping up to slide down the ladder and claim her prize.

Velena blinks as she watches the astral form scoot off with the axe and raises a brow. "Don't see that everyday." She notes.

Lilith continues to watch the Minotaur.

Minos wanders back over to the crowd and has a seat near Aladriel and Lilith. He looks over at Antigone, a curious look to him.

Blindside calls down again… "I STILL GOT THE CRAFTSMAN! I'll toss in a socket set, too!"


From the sky, a heavy pressure can be felt, as a hot rodded out VTOL (Check out +vinfo vtol/1) roars across the skies, coming down in passes over the carnival, showing off it's agility in the air. Magnificent design and high class paintjob… And is that a remote turret under the nose?

Darkwynd watches the Minotaur's proceedings, a nearly dumbfounded expression on his face. After the spirit departs, he recovers his composure and leans against the wall, trying to look at ease again and almost succeeding.

Kassandra struggles with the massive weapon, dragging it back towards the truck with effort. She seems happy, patting the new toy with a look of joy. She eyes the ladder, the laser, the ladder. She yells up to Blindside, "Hey, can your new biff help me with this?"

Begby takes the cotton candy but only a large peice of it, leaving the rest to Antigone. He watches the minotaur, when the bull looks in Antigone's direction and the hornless Trogs. Well, he just grabs his crotch, winks at the bull and blows him a kiss.

Tanasen hmms as he watches the aerial acrobatics. Very nice.

Blindside stands, transfixed now by the new VTOL…. "Bambi… I need… new pants… -now-.."

Antigone snickers at the display, then looks up, studying the nimble Vtol display. "Mmm, still some nice shit cruising around." she says, nibbling on the sticky treat of the cotton candy.

Fuck. Blindside is all confused by more riggerstuff. She sighs and holds onto the massive weapon, straining her way up the ladder.
Kassandra said that.

Velena looks at Tanasen and nudges him. "Oh there's something else you should get!" She smiles as she watches the aircraft.
The Ringmaster twirls his staff, "I'll remind you all, there are loan agents out in the crowd, standing by. You can ally amongst yourselves, buy it as a team effort. We'll even throw in a trailor to haul it on. Let's open the bids and ONE MILLION DOLLARS!" putting a pinky to his lips.

"FUCK YOU!" Calls out the halfer…

Blindside is like, the collective id of the group.

Velena looks at her credstick, "Well I could…but no

Kassandra sets the weapon down with a ker-thump on the top of the truck, panting from the effort. The woman glances to the hovering vee-toll, shaking her head and sinking into a chair. She looks for her drink, waving a hand to fan herself.

You paged The Ringmaster with 'Whats the term on like, a one million dollar loan?'.

Tanasen shakes his head at Velena. "Not at that price. I can get a fully kitted out chopper for that much, and it would carry a whole team of people."

The Ringmaster clears his throat, "I mean two hundred thousand

The crowd collectively "ooooooohs"
Then there's a sound of crickets.

The Ringmaster scowls and shouts at the crowd, "Two hundred thousand! For a Vectored thrust aircraft! You'll be the coolest kid at the clubs!".

Minos, having sadly neglected VTOL training in his education, doesn't bid on the thing, though he thinks it IS pretty awesome.

Blindside hrms… "Too much… toooooo much… Nice, but too much for me."

Velena hmms and looks at the flying wonder, "I should get it for Cassie. You think she'd like it?" She wonders.

Lilith grins at Minos. "Think it'd make an acceptable Christmas gift?"

Minos says "For -who-?"

Lilith smiles at Minos. "Oh, I dunno. Just thinking."

Minos says "Pretty gorram expensive Christmas gift."

Lilith laughs. "I jest, sir."

Tanasen shrugs. "If you think they'd appreciate it. If I remember right, they have autonav in them, so you don't really have to know how to fly em."

The Ringmaster comments, "Just two hunned thousand! Cmon people! It's all tricked out and cool!".

Minos says "I'd buy it if it was a blimp made out of giant panties, though."

Blindside just kind of blinks. "Did the troll just say he would buy a blimp made out of giant panties?"

Lilith covers her mouth with her hand as she looks up at the bull. Her eye bright as she begins to giggle. "Mr.Michaels!"

Velena chuckles softly, "Oh I have to fix up my car still. Shouldn't buy that."

Ghostfist shrugs a little at the Ringmaster. "Can't fly it. Don't have a use for it."

Kassandra shrugs to Blindside, "Wouldn't you?"

Minos says "Yeah, Sam flew one once. Ask me about it later."

Blindside calls out… "10,000!"

Blindside thinks that over. "Yeah. I really would…"

Lilith eyes kind of…glaze over at that. Mental pictures. Ow. Sam. Ow.

Blindside sighs.. then calls out… "10,000 and a months dedicated work by a Vehicular engineer with his own tools!"

Blindside sweetens the deal.

The Knuckle Dusters

The ringmaster falls in a pile onstage, crying, "Fiine, Fiiiiiine, bring out the next item! Bring me Milton Burle's trusty paperweight!", a hunchback bringing him a small ornate case. The ringleader pulls out a set of brass knuckles and slips them on, shouting, "These knuckledusters will knock the dust off of even an earth elemental in the right, capable hands.", balling up his fist and displaying them to the crowd. He calls out, "Opening bid, 30000!"

Blindside mutters as he sits down again. "Hey, it was worth a shot."

Kassandra chuckles grimly, rising to make a deal on the knuckledusters.

Velena grins, "50. Oh FIFTY!!!"

Lilith stands and ooooohs. "Minos! Lookit…oh, damn! Are they magical again?"

Minos says "Everythin around here's magical, Lil."

Lilith frowns and lets her bid fall away. "Blast!"

Ally noddles her head at Lilith. "Yep. Punch a spirit with them and it brings the ouch."

Minos says "Well, the melee weaponry I've seen so far, at least."

Lilith sighs. "Damn it all…that would've made a lovely present."

Velena knows someone that would definatly like those.

Kassandra sighs, running the numbers. The elf stares at the dusters, drumming her fingertips on her thigh.

Frankie starts to say something several times, but trails off as the bidding war starts up. The troll sighs and shakes his head.

Velena glares at Darkwynd.

The Ringmaster calls, "80K going once!"

Velena sends him messages via osmosis. You want to let the woman have the brass knuckles…you want to let the woman…

The Ringmaster calls, "80K going twice!"

Velena closes her eyes and crosses her fingers.

Lydia shivers a little as she slips into the carnival, glancing around curiously at all the people congregating. She checks a little piece of paper she had in her hand before nodding and heading towards the stages.

The Ringmaster cries out, "Sold! To the mediteranian lady who….. I'm sorry, I cant think of a rhyme for that one.", shaking his head, "SOLD!"

«Plot» Kassandra says, "30"
«Plot» Darkwynd says, "35"
«Plot» Kassandra says, "40"
«Plot» Darkwynd says, "45"
«Plot» Velena says, "50"
«Plot» Kassandra says, "55"
«Plot» Lilith says, "60"
«Plot» Darkwynd says, "65"
«Plot» Velena says, "70"
«Plot» Darkwynd says, "75"
«Plot» Velena says, "80"

Lilith smiles at Minos and nods. "Of course."

Velena jumps up and down happily, "Oh beuno!!!"

Kassandra eats more Mini-Nukem Pizza Rolls, now with fake fake cheese.

If I only had a brain

The Ringmaster presents a chip library of skillsofts, calling out, "All of these! Knowsofts! They're worth tens of thousands! I'll sell `em to ya for….. 40K, opening bid! The whole jigger!

Antigone glances to the trailer and shrugs. "Two hundred."

Minos watches the thing between Antigone and Kassandra with some interest, amused.

The Ringmaster calls out "200K going once!"
The Ringmaster calls out "200K going twice!"

Kassandra waves a hand to Antigone, leaning back with her drink. She smiles a little smile, shaking her head.

The Ringmaster calls out, "Sold to the kitty girl who rocks our world!", pointing to Antigone. He places it on the edge of the stage and an ogre moves to take payment as they move on to the next gem.

Antigone watches Kassandra for a long moment, curiosity on her features rather than that smug look. When she concedes, she smiles, waving the other Fixer down towards her.

«Plot» Kassandra says, "40"
«Plot» Tanasen says, "60"
«Plot» Kassandra says, "70"
«Plot» Tanasen says, "80"
«Plot» Kassandra says, "100"
«Plot» Tanasen says, "80"
«Plot» Kassandra says, "100"
«Plot» Antigone says, "150,000"
«Plot» Kassandra says, "160"
«Plot» Antigone says, "200k"

The Bandit Rides Again

Vroom Vroom! The 2016 Banshee Rolls up, a total speedster rocket. This was only a concept car. Only one like it. "Opening bid, 150K!".

Lilith bites her lip as she looks at the car. "Oh, my."

The small elf rises, sliding down the ladder to see what is up with Tig. She casts a glance towards the car as it rolls up, more out of curiosity than desire.

Blindside raises up… and then… slumps back down. Nice car. Too expensive. He bids anyway. "My immortal soul, slightly used!"

Antigone takes the chipcase and pads over towards Kassandra. A bit of rummaging and she pulls the pocsec out, dropping it into a pocket. "Still want the chips? Let you have them for your last bid." Forty thousand yen for a pocsec.

The Ringmaster points his cane, "HOW DO YOU KNOW I'M NOT THE DEVIL?!?!?", looking nefarious, then calls out tanasen's bid, "I see 150K! Do I see 160?"

Lilith mutters to herself. "I don't need it. I don't need it…"

Velena looks at the car and looks like she might melt, "Oh its soo pretty." Somewhere behind her, Christine, her rustbucket of a ferrari growls. She glances back a bit nervously. "No did I say pretty. I meant. Bitty. Its too small si."

Tanasen chuckles. "Well, that aught to pretty up right nice, and give Starks a run for his money once I'm done with it."

Minos looks at Lilith and says, "You already own a nicer car."

Lilith nods. "I know. I know. It's just…tempting. Dammit."

Kassandra raises an eyebrow, watching Tig pocket the pocket secretary. She shakes her head, shivering a bit against the cold now that she is away from the dwarf's heat. The woman smiles, "Thank you kindly for the offer, but my client lost interest in the items, which is why I didn't raise. He said he found an alternate source." The small woman smiles an apology, casting another look at the car.

The Ringmaster notes, "150K going once!"

The Ringmaster notes, "150K going twice!"

Antigone nods. "I'll find a use for them. New toys for my boys and all, thought I'd offer." she says, moving back towards Begby, the chips landing in her pocket.

Blindside bites his lip. That was the last thing he REALLY wanted… but he's got two robots and a… uh.. bed… maker. YEah. Thats it.

Kassandra nods her thanks to the other fixer, heading back to the relative warmth of Blindside's truck before the next item comes up for bid.

The Ringmaster cries out, "Sold to the racer who'll never replace her! The Her being this beut of a car!" Tossing Tanasen the keys.

«Plot» Tanasen says, "150"


Velena smiles at Tanasen, "Si. Though don't tell Christine. She gets jealous eh?" The gypsy turns her attention back to the bidding and grins.

Next, a spotlight hits a large, steel box, riveted shut. The Ringmaster creeps a circle around it, "The Mystery box!", queing dramatic music and flaring lights. He turns to the crowd, "50K is our starting bid! What is it? Who knows? Awfully big box!".
Blindside leans forward.. "What the…" he asks, narrowing his eyes.

On the stage, Blindside murmurs… "Don't bid."

Lilith scowls, but playfully. "Oh, that's just cruel!" She laughs.

Begby looks down at Tig and sniffs, taking the cigar from between his teeth to lick at one of his tusks. "Got a good jiggle today, boss." he rumbles out, looking back towards the stage when he replaces that cigar back between his teeth.

Minos smiles.

Lilith grins at Minos.

Minos says "I'll start this one. I find mysteries amusing."

Kassandra gulps some of her drink, trying to warm back up. She eyes the mystery box, shaking her head and leaning back again.

Lilith says "Very well then, Mr.Michaels. Have your fun. I prefer not to gamble."

Velena grins over at Minos and says…

Minos continues bidding, actually looking pretty happily amused at this point. He turns to Velena and says, "I'll show you what it is if I win!"

The Ringmaster cries out, "I hear 80, do I hear 90?".

Minos says "Aaaannnd…"

Antigone chuckles at Begby. "Surprised you can tell from up there." she quips, looking at the box and pondering. "Hmm. You know, even if it's empty, we could stick our new toys in it." She says, then tosses her own bid in for one-ten.

Velena grins, "No I'll show -you.-" The gypsy chuckles,

The Ringmaster laughs, "One twenty five! For the mystery box! What could it be? What drives them! One thirty! One FIFTY!"

Kassandra laughs at something the dwarf says, taking another pizza foodlike substance from Bambi.

Its sooo hard but the gypsy drops out of the race with a breath.

The Ringmaster calls, "160K going once!"

Minos looks pleased as punch, even if it turns out to be underwears.

The Ringmaster calls, "180K going once!"

Minos looks at Antigone, then asks a question.

Minos looks at Antigone and says, "Spite, or do you just want it? You can have it."

The Ringmaster calls, "225k going once!!"

Antigone shrugs. "Curiosity killed the cat, neh?"

The Ringmaster calls, "225k going twice!"

Velena watches the bidding top astronomical numbers…and no one knows what they are getting! She raises a hand.

The Ringmaster calls, "230k going once!"

The Ringmaster calls, "230k going twice!"

The Ringmaster calls, "250k!"

Blindside just… watches, agog. His jaw hangs. "Thats gotta be the best box EVER!"

The Ringmaster calls out "275k! Going once!"

Kassandra gets up from her seat, moving to the back of the truck. She may be taking a call, it is hard to tell.

Darkwynd shakes his head. "It is a nice box. Very solid construction."

Lilith eyes the cat woman. "'ell, she's roight up 'e apples and pairs." She murmurs idly to herself.

Minos looks at Velena and considers.

The Ringmaster calls out "280k! Going twice!"

Antigone glances at Velena, seeming to consider the near-panic. Drive it higher? Or buy her out? Cruel or quick? "Three hundred."

Velena growls, "Someone knock me out!"

Velena nods, "Quickly now eh? Before I say…305."

Lilith calls out to Velena. "Let it go, signora! Not worth that much!"

The Ringmaster calls out "305k! Going once!"

Blindside is on the edge of his seat… "WHATS IN THE GODDAMN BOX????"

Antigone grins at the other, eyes sparkling. "Three fifteen."

Minos shakes his head at Velena. "Let it go, Velena; let the cat have it."

Lilith rolls her eyes. "How very silly, for a box."

Velena glances at Minos and then chuckles, "Kay."

Blindside is on the edge of his seat… "WHATS IN THE GODDAMN BOX????"

The Ringmaster calls out, "My ears are RINGING, 315000! What the hell is in that crazy steel box!?!?!? You could fit a troll in there!".

Briefly, Frankie makes sure that he is, in fact, still in the middle of the crowd and not mysteriously translocated to the interior of the box. Satisfied, Ghostfist goes back to sipping his beer.

Lilith smiles at Velena. "* * * * * * * * * * * * * * ***" (Italian)

"Hope it's not another troll. I have two of those already." Tig says, glancing at Begby.

A rumor passes throughout the crowd that the contents of the box is actually a mechanized war troll robot, from the desert wars. Or a variant, that it's a baby dragon egg.

The Ringmaster calls out, "315K going TWICE!

Begby shakes his head, "Nah.. ya got one Trog and one jackass that brings knives to a gun fight." he explains coldly around his cigar clenching teeth.

The Ringmaster cries out, "SOOOOLD! To the curious little kitty lookin‘ fine in the city"
You paged The Ringmaster with ’My cut is… 157.5!'.
You paged The Ringmaster with 'For 1 1,000 Y chip!'.
Velena laughs, "* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *" She nods Lilith. (Italian)

Antigone can't manhandle the box, and has doubts to even Begby's strength. Hopping up on the stage, she sets about finding a way to peek.

At first, when the box opens, it appears to be empty, but after closer inspection, a tiny datachip can be found in the back corner.

Velena glances at the box and laughs, "See. I should never gamble!"

Antigone crawls into the box, tail tip poking out and twitching. Hmmm. Grabbing the chip she slots it in ehr forty-kay pocsec and then giggles. The sound echoes in the big box. It's a /nice/ box.

Begby stands there, he doesn't make a move from the stockpile of weapons. His eyes roll when he hears that giggle, rolling his head on his shoulders. "Oooohhh, frag.. not that giggle.."

«Plot» Minos says, "50"
«Plot» Velena says, "60"
«Plot» Minos says, "70"
«Plot» Velena says, "80"
«Plot» Minos says, "90"
«Plot» Velena says, "95"
«Plot» Minos says, "100"
«Plot» Antigone says, "110k"
«Plot» Velena says, "110"
«Plot» Velena says, "120"
«Plot» Minos says, "125"
«Plot» Velena says, "130"
«Plot» Antigone says, "150k"
«Plot» Minos says, "160"
«Plot» Antigone says, "180k"
«Plot» Minos says, "200"
«Plot» Antigone says, "225k"
«Plot» Velena says, "230"
«Plot» Antigone says, "250k"
«Plot» Velena says, "251"
«Plot» Antigone says, "275k"
«Plot» Velena says, "280"
«Plot» Antigone says, "300k"
«Plot» Velena says, "305"
«Plot» Antigone says, "315k"

Glandular Problems

The next item up is a rack of cybernetics and bioware. The Ringmaster takes up a vat bearing a gland and calls out, "Suprathyroid gland! Cultured to whatever specs you need. Opening bid, 20,000".

Minos arches an eyebrow. "20K."

The Ringmaster calls, "I hear 20K! Do I hear 25?".

Lilith tilts her head, curious. "What's that thing do, exactly?"

Antigone giggles more. "Hey Begby? Did you know it's called a 'camel toe' when a chicks panties get pulled up into their slit?" Cackling follows. "Bring the toys, they have a new home." She crawls out of the huge box, shaking ehr head.

Minos says "It…makes your thyroid super."

Lilith blinks, then nods. "Oh! Right, right…goodness. You already eat like a…err. A bull." She grins.

Blindside glances at his pocsec as his bank account alerts him to a transaction. He shows the pocksec to Kassandra…

The Ringmaster calls, "20K going once!"

Begby grumbles, "Ah call 'em 'moose knuckles' mahself." he hoots out to her as he goes about picking up the various bits and peices they have bought today to put them in the box.

Blindside raises an eyebrow. "Like he needs a thyroid problem!"

The Ringmaster calls out, "Sold! To the bull headed guy whos always on the fly!"

Lilith claps her hands politely. "Well done."

«Plot» Minos says, "20"

The Ringmaster calls, "20K going twice!!!"

Blindside raises an eyebrow. "Like he needs a thyroid problem!"

Plenty of room in Tig's box. "No, just cram it in, hon." she quips, then giggles some more. "Ooh, ooh, did you know 'Quack Candle' refers to virgin drugs users that get piss poor quality when they pop their cherry?" Whatever was on the chip, she seems bound and determined to get her yen out both objects.

Velena hmms, "I really really need to find gift to buy for Cassie." Looking worried that she'll not find something special for the elfen musician. She glances at Minos and nods, "Beuno signor. Beuno."

Forewarned is Forearmed

The ringmaster pulls out a cyberarm, really novahot stuff, a big poky spur poking out from the fist. He calls out, "This cyberarm used to belong to a vampire hunter! They say the blade is enchanted!.

The Ringmaster says "Opening bid, 50K!""

Velena looks at the cyberarm and almost shudders.

A phone bidder: 50k.

Minos says "My, my."

The Ringmaster calls out, "I have 50K! Do I hear 60!"

Ghostfist rubs his chin as he studies the cyberarm and its protruding spur. "Fifty-five."

Begby grunts, "Nevah 'eard of a Quack Candle.." he rumbles out as he starts to shove those weapons into the box. "..what else is on dat ting? Dey got that Koma Suture in there or whatevah its called?"

The gypsy glances at Lilith and say's, "Where would you like to meet you for tea bella and when?"

Antigone snickers, shutting the box up and locking the thing down. "Now we just have to get it home." she muses.

The troll looks toward the minotaur and rumbles. "Feh. Too expensive for my blood, omae." Frankie folds his arms across his chest, snorting in aggravation.

The Ringmaster calls out, "Going once, twice, for 200K!"

The Ringmaster calls out, "Sold! To the bull head man, again and again!"

Lilith grins and then claps. "Oh, I say! Bloody marvelous, Mr.Michaels!"

Mainlining the Mainframe

The Ringmaster wheels out a large mainframe computer. He calls out, "This is some kinda computer, I think…. Ummm. 100K? any takers?"

Velena laughs, "* * * * *" She nods, "* * * * *" (Italian)

The Ringmaster calls, "How about 10K?".

Lilith suddenly YAWNS, looking at her pocsec. "Good HEAVENs, is that how late it is?" She smiles at Velena, addressing her in Italian again

Blindside is silent.
Lilith says in Italian, "* * * * * *"
Lydia thinks for a moment and then speaks up, "I'll give you 2000 for it, take it or leave it!" She grins at the ringmaster.

Antigone checks her box for space, moves some stuff around. "It can come home with me." she says wryly.

Velena nods and rifles in her purse till she finds a piece of paper and a pencil stub and writes down the address. "Si. Should I call first?" Switching back to english now.

Jock's Rocks

The Ringmaster frowns, "I see yawning! How about the rest of Doc Jock's cyber, for the price of 50K? Any Bids?"
Janie looks unimpressed. It's probably a nice enough machine, but she doesn't exactly have any use for it. Then again, if it's powerful enough she has a friend wo might…

Lydia frowns a little bit as her offer is apparently ignored. She crosses her arms and glares daggers into the Ringmaster.

Velena looks like she's freezing to death now that Tanasen and his heated armor has left and pulls her coat around her body. "It never get this cold in Italia." Cyber holds no interest for the Gypsy. A warm bath…now that she would bid on.
Lilith smiles at Velena and nods, scribbling down her number. "No worries." She eyes her car. "i best head off before I'm too addled to drive."

Velena nods and say's, "Si. Nice to meet you signorita."

Ghostfist scratches his chin thoughtfully as he studies the 'ware from Doc Jock. "Might be able to…" Frankie frowns again and glances toward Minos.

Janie nods at Velena. "It doesn't usually get this cold in here either," she replies.

Lilith nods in return. "You as well, signora Velena." She crooks a smile. "My name is Lilith DeWinter. Have a good evening."

Minos heads over towards Frankie.

Minos whispers to him.

Lilith waves at Minos as she walks off, gives Ally a brief hug. "Good evening, Mr.Michaels!"

The Ringmaster calls out, "100K on Doc's cyber, 11K on the mainframe! Going once!

The Ringmaster says "Going Twice!"

Minos holds up a hand to the Ringmaster.

Lilith gets into the sweet little Shelby, clicks the keys, lets the engine warm up and then roar.

Minos says "Just a moment, my competitor and I are conferring."

The Ringmaster calls out, I have 12 on the mainframe! And an offer on the cyber?", looking to minos

Ghostfist scratches his chin and continues to confer with Minos

"Twelve kay on th'mainframe," Janie offers. Should make a nice christmas present for Kabuyashi, especially if she can install it somewhere remote.

Minos nods to Ghostfist, and says to the Ringmaster, "I'm done bidding."

Lydia huffs softly and shakes her head, calling out, "Twelve and a half!" That would make a perfect gift for Kabuyashi and some other friends of hers after all.

Velena repeats Lilith's name a few times to commit it to memory. She waves to the woman and then edges closer to Minos who looks like a bit like a fur coat. Perhaps she's about to pick pocket his body heat.

Frankie nods to Minos and looks up to the Ringmaster. "My bid stands," he intones before taking a sip of his beer.

The Ringmaster calls, "100K going once on the cyber!"

The Ringmaster calls "Sold! Too three separate parties, arent they all smarties!

«Plot» Ghostfist says, "50k"
«Plot» Minos says, "55"
«Plot» Ghostfist says, "75k."
«Plot» Minos says, "85"
«Plot» Ghostfist says, "100k."

Janie has money to spare right now, and feels the need to give a good friend something nice. "Eighteen!"

Begby grunts and moves to close the lid of the Big Ass Box. He makes sure it is securely locked and with a loud growl he manages to lift the box up and get it onto his shoulder from a crouched position. Making his legs do most of the work. He begins to carry it back to the Bulldog.

Blindside stands up and calls out… "THirty! If she goes on a date with me!"

Blindside is not choosy, either one will do.

The Ringmaster calls, "Thirty thousand dollars! Ah, Ah, Ah!"

Frankie smiles and nods to Minos. "Same, omae. Glad we could reach an agreement."

Lydia crumples a bit and makes no further bids, the price having been shoved outside of her price range by the mysterous other bidder. The irish elf, brushes a little hair out of her face and slinks back further into the crowd.
Antigone follows in Begby's wake, pausing to glance at Lydia. Tugging a blank stick out of her pocket, she works some yen transfer fu and swings by where Lydia, offering the stick with a grin before padding off, leaving yen in her wake.
The Ringmaster calls, "30K going once!".
A droid, a sort of undetailed, ungainly humanioid form about 2 feet tall, trundles out of the truck, meandering through the crowd.
Minos leans close to Ghostfist and whispers something.
The Ringmaster calls, "30K going twice!".

Lydia blinks a bit at Antigone and the stick, blinking and turning around. "Ahhh!!!! Thirty-two!"

The Ringmaster cries out, "And once again! The revenant of auctioned goods! We have 32K!"

Ghostfist chuckles at whatever it was that Minos said, whispering something back.

The droid about faces, heading back to the truck. "Aw man! I was gonna give it to her fer' a date! Your ALREADY HOT!"

Begby looks to favor his left leg moreso than his right after a while of carrying the massive, heavy box that he could probably hide inside of. Upon reaching the Bulldog he grunts, stretching out his arms and shoulders with a look of pain on his face as he rubs at his right hip. "Fraggin' bullshit.." he rumbles out as he opens the sidedoor.

"If ye want t'pay t'go on a date, ye should've talked t'Lilith while she was still here," Janie replies to the dwarf. "Thirty-five, final bid."

Minos steps away and wanders off, with a friendly pat on the other troll's shoulder.

Blindside debates. Lydia. She's hot. She .. has more money than Blindside.

The Ringmaster calls out, "45K! Going once!"

The Ringmaster calls out, "45K! Going twice!"

«Plot» Lydia says, "11k on the mainframe"
«Plot» Janie says, "12 on the frame."
«Plot» Lydia says, "12.5 on the Mainframe"
«Plot» Janie says, "Fifteen."
«Plot» Lydia says, "Fifteen and a half!"
«Plot» Janie says, "Sixteen, btw."
«Plot» Lydia says, "….seventeen…."
«Plot» Lydia says, "32k!"
«Plot» Janie says, "35."
«Plot» Lydia says, "45!"

Blindside mutters. "Well. I got a twatbot…"

Lydia bounces around happily as she craddles the new credstick like it was a precious child, only it was a credstick. "Hehehehe!"

The Ringmaster calls out, "SOLD! To the red haired goddess who's ever so modest!", rolling the mainframe to the edge of the stage


Antigone opens up the back of the bulldog for Begby and steps back. "Got more than enough left over to get you that upgrade." she says with a grin for the trogger loading her box.

Janie shrugs, and makes a mental note to find something else to buy Kabuyashi for christmas.

Lydia rushes foreward to the stage to get her precious new mainframe, quickly starting to wheel it back towards her van.

Janie gives the case one glance, then shrugs as none of the items really spark her interest.

Velena looks ill as she looks into the case. Course the healing tank is interesting. But who needs a tank when one has several mages in the house?

Begby loads Tig's box good too. Tight fit, but it gets in there. He sighs, "Yeah, well.. maybe Crimmus will come early this year, eh?"

The Ringmaster also rolls a classic bike onstage, bristling with new shiny parts. He cries, "10K opening on the bike!".

Blindside calls out… "5 Kay! It's a relic!"

Velena glances at Blindside and chuckles. She happens to like relics. She nods, "10K"

"A very handsome relic - which gives it a one-up on ye," Janie calls back. "Ten.'

Blindside drops out of the bidding.

Antigone studies the big trog and then nods. "Just might." she says, shutting the doors of the bulldog and moving around to the passenger side door to climb in. Good deed for the month done, new toys to play with. Some christmas gifts, and lotsa yen left over. Not a bad night.

Geeze, it's hard to buy a nice christmas present for a friend these days. "Twenty-five," Janie calls out.

Velena glances at Janie and smiles, "I know." She glances at the bike and then at Janie and nods to the woman and stands down.

Velena glances at Janie and smiles, "I know." She glances at the bike and then at Janie and nods to the woman and stands down.

The Ringmaster calls out, "20K on the bike! 30k bid on the glass cases!"

The Ringmaster says "Going once!"

The Ringmaster says "Going Twice!"

The Ringmaster calls 25K on the bike, going once! Cyber SOLD!"

The Ringmaster says "25K on the bike going twice!"

The Ringmaster calls out "Sold! To the irish cutey with the big booty!", pointing out Janie

Begby gets in, slapping at his right knee and cursing at it before he closes the door to the Bulldog.

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