Journal of new Life

Febuary 28th 2069

I gave birth to 3 cute little healthy kids today. It was a revelation to see them in the flesh, now that I had carried them about 5 months in my womb. That were eventful 5 months that brought some new and frightening realities to my life. I still wonder. I cannot believe the Watcher can just have them be born. Some kind of test is shure to come, but by whom? And will it give the result I hope for? Watching my kids now is both a pleasure and pain. I always have to think about the price I had to pay to the dragon. Well, for now I'm just enjoying a respite from the troubles of birthgiving. But I guess I'll have to check the state of those orphanage kids some time soon.

March 2nd 2069

Today it finally happened. Janie visited me, all taught with tension. Obviously she didn't like the thought of what she would have to do if the result of her test would not be good. I was only realizing that when all was over. In a way she probably had the worse part. I don't really know what I'd have done if she had tried to kill one or all of my kids. I don't think I'd have had a chance, but well…I fear motherly instincts are stronger than common sense. No one can spoil this day for me. My kids are not tainted, I can see them live, grow and maybe take on the task I learned is neccessary to maybe make the world save for what is to come, if what I learned is true. Though I have little doubt it is.

March 3rd 2069

I feel the lack of sleep a bit. The kids seem intend to be awake in shifts. I feed them sleeping most of the times now. Doing what I need to do outside mostly with them in a sling around my neck and fixed so I can feed 'em under the poncho. I have had a few visits during the last days, the DeWinter woman even leaving a few presents for the babies. Others I've been meeting on the few tasks I have set myself that need to go outside. This was the first day I felt good enough to start a few exercises in the dojo we installed in our place in the Towers. There is only a trickle of blood left and the vagina is slowly healing off.

March 16th 2069

Been quite busy lately. A nice kind ofbeing busy. The kids needing almost all my time. I've been thinking I could start working so soon again, but life taught me otherwise. I had the luck or tragedy, depending on the view, to gain some new powers to my magic. Sound dampening and the Sustenance power. Seems my magic adjusted to Takoda's crying in my ears and the lack of sleep caused that. Well, I'd have wanted the Ki used for some stronger power, so it's really a loss. Well, I'll hopefull gain some more Ki in time.
The kids on the othe hand develop nicely. I had a few talks with Johny. It seems he's trying to keep me out of duty for a while, till the kids are grown out of breast feeding, or so. I'll still try to check out the fates of the orphanage kids. I'm not shure if I'll like the results, but in a way I feel responsible for them.

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