Katral jacks himself in, flipping that switch like he's done a million times… and the Matrix starts swirling into his vision…

As the gridguide server manifests, Katral's Icon can perceive a scaling cube of intertwining roadways, marked with traffic lights and little security drones, who scan the "Cars" as they pass. As he pulls into the first stretch of road, he finds himself coming up to an intersection with a red light. The security drone begins to scan over traffic ahead of him.

Katral hums as he sees the drone, his Icon a strange blend of a beetle and some kind of giant mutant. Don't think about it too much, he probably didn't. He creeps along the walls, trying to avoid the drone's scanning as he looks for his target data.

As Katral works, a pair of security choppers fly overhead, panning big search lights over the roadway. Due to his icon's stealth and agility, he's able to completely avoid any detection, left once again to his own devices.

The trail leads to a large tollbooth, leading into an express tollway ahead. At the entrance, a basket hangs from the booth, awaiting "Toll".

Katral grabs a small screwdriver, and starts fiddling with the tollbooths slot. Eventually, it lights up green, and allows him easy access to whatever lies beyond.

The new node spirals out in a highway of circling tollway, ever extending upward, snaking a twisted path to navigate endlessly in all directions. There is a mathematical perfection to it all, a brilliantly sculpted matrix topography scaling out, utilizing some of the most cutting edge Iconography ever seen.

The Ice unfurls from a sphere into the shape of a centipede, wiggling down from the sky, dancing through the air like an eastern dragon. It's antennae twitch, and his multiple eyes scan the topography for information. In his wake, a trail of silk is left behind him.

Katral grabs a scythe out of thin air, and meets the two IC as they descend upon him. In two neat and overpowered slices, the two flying nemesis are cut into database ribbons, crashing horribly as only something built on cheap manpower and corporate trappings can. As he lands once more, the few bits of data that survived his assault are caught up in his deck's persona, holding them down so they won't let anyone know he's there.

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