La Costa Nosta

La Costra Nosta of the FRFZ

The Mafia of Denver is a unified (mostly) force of six major families and many different crews. While traditionally Italian, the Denver Mob is a fusion of African American, Old School European, Las Vegas Syndicates and refugees from half a dozen cities and nations. Magic and Metahumans are used without prejudice by the majority of the families, with Native Americans serving alongside Italians and Hispanics. The Japanese or Asians are still distrusted however, given the wars in Seattle and the aggressive conquests of California. You will almost never find an Asian in the employ of the Mafia.

The other four families come in two tiers; The big guys and the little guys.

  • Head Family: Innocenti Family (Don)
    • Mid Level Families: Sucreasi, Ratto
      • Lower Level Families: Mancini, Cordero

Now when some people think of Mafia, they think of moonshine stills, speakeasies and guys stealing parking meters for dimes. On the other hand, they may think of back-alley massacres, gun-running and shootouts with the coppers. Unfortunately, thats not accurate in the modern world. The Commission of Denver, comprised of the heads of the five families, is a fully fledged corporation in its composure and structure, with stiff rules and regulations for how the families can interact. The rules keep people in line and keep the families strong with only a minor amount of infighting.

As expected, the families of the FRFZ are less 'old school gangsters' (Though make no mistake, they are gangsters) and instead are more a grouping of people who run businesses, each using their business to complement another's in ways that are both legal and illegal. The families don't tend to overtly or directly violate the law in so much as they will bend and warp the law to suit what they are doing.

The families will hide behind confusing layers of legality, using shells and blinds. In the corporate world, delaying payment of taxes is just as good as not paying, and they will work hard to delay paying as long as possible, within the letter of the law. The families play ball with the sector politics and keep the wheels greased and greased well. They bribe extensively, with violence being a last resort for anyone above soldier level.

Most of the business ventures the families run are entirely legal, operating normally like any business would, paying taxes, being inspected and running entirely above board. It just so happens that Tommie's Deli orders its meat from a company that is mafia owned, who buys from a slaughter house that is mafia owned, is serviced by a garbage removal service that is mafia owned.

Using accounting tricks, these firms will all show lower profits than are actually generated, resulting in more money kept for the owners; the syndicate. This is doubly true in the Denver FRFZ where different nations have different laws on what is legal. For example, in the Ute sector, prostitution is legal while in the CAS sector, gambling is legal.

The Families not totally nice guys, of courseā€¦ they deal with Murder-for-hire, Matrix crimes, Counterfeiting, Insider trading, Extortion and other wide scale corruption. The bread and butter of the Mafia is and will remain Vice, with its high profit margin, and Financial Crime with its complexity and the difficulty of tracking such things. If you attempt to muscle in to the families business, they will ruthlessly suppress you, either through complex legal maneuvering, politician manipulation or outright violence. They are equally adept at all three.

The families do not, by tradition, deal in or with chips and recreational drugs. This might seem odd, but being businessmen at heart (not to mention the cops in Denver are retired Recon Marines), an all out turf war was deemed rather unnecessary by Aspanu and the Yakuza who peddle them. In addition, the police pay far more attention to drug crimes than other, less 'damaging crimes' and so its a good bussiness move to ceed that arena to the competition.

The Mafia have a nearly total hold on their main industries, though, and keep an steel-fisted grip on them.

The Innocenti

Capo: Don Aspanu Innocenti


Despite their name, the Innocenti's are far from Innocent. Raised in Sicily, he was educated in Oxford and Harvard Universities. He was the son of Mercetti Passitempo of Palermo. As the second son, he never stood to inherit much more than a support role to his older brother, Leo 'The Lion' Passitempo. Aspanu however, wanted greater things and was never good at playing second fiddle. While studying abroad, something his father and brother never did, he got a greater appreciation for the nuances of international law and finance.

He returned to Palermo and tried to apply what he learned, but immediately ran in to opposition to his ideas. He wanted to include more meta-humans and take advantage of magic, but these were considered by many of the old guard, including his father, to be 'unclean'. They didn't understand or appreciate many of the finer points he was trying to utilize, such as international money transfers, currency exchanges or stock market manipulation. They favored the classic roles and the old ways of doing business.

Leaving home and Sicily behind, Aspanu traveled to Boston where he cut his teeth on the American methods of doing business. He spent 10 years working his way up the chain, coming to Denver and setting himself up as old man Casquilhos's Consigliarie in Denver. It was in that position that fate catapulted him to power. The Chavez of Texas had finished consuming Austin and were moving to take control of Denver's lucrative smuggling markets. To do that, they had to remove the existing order.

In one night, The Chavez family hammered the Casquilhos, killing a variety of Sottocappos and capos, succeeding in killing Don Casquilhos. Aspanu himself was targeted, but due to the intercession of Benedicte Passetempo and a runner by name of Helios, he survived to rally the troops. Aspanu's deft use of legal maneuvers soon slowed the Chavez advance to nil, and some think he is preparing to launch an offensive soon. Rallying the families, he was able to establish the political capitol to

In the years since taking over, Aspanu has proven himself to be a canny operator, fully capable of taking advantage of the multi-national nature of Denver. His primary company is actually a legal firm founded by himself, Anthony Ratto and Luther Sucreasi that specializes in criminal and financial cases. His other holdings focus on Real Estate and entertainment companies.

  • Innocenti, Ratto and Sucreasie
    • An international (North American) Law Firm specializing in multi-jurisdictional financial and criminal matters. Conversant in every legal code from the Denver FRFZ, business in Denver is always smoothed by retaining this firm.
  • Innocence Corporation
    • A real estate holding corporation that owns large office parks and residential districts. It owns a variety of smaller corporations that sprawl through all six of the signatory nations, making getting a handle on its actual finances to be a very hard thing to do.
    • Innocence Corporation owns the following aspects of Denver
      • The Mountain Dragons Urban Brawl Team
      • The Denver Rockies Baseball team
      • Castle Midevio Casino Complex.
      • Catacomb Club

The Ratto


Capo: Derek Simpson (Steward for Rudolpho Ratto)

This family is the result of several smaller families folding and their leadership being decimated in the Chavez conflict. Stepping down from his roll as trusted friend and Consigliere of the Innocenti Family, Ratto took charge of the fragments and formed them in to a single family. This family is a hodgepodge of Spanish, Italian and Native American crews, but this diversity is not a weakness, Ratto has made it a strength.

Ratto focus's on high class prostitution and Vice Peddling to the elite. Just recently, Anthony Ratto was assassinated in downtown, broad daylight in a challenge to the Families power and influence. The shooter was identified as a young Latino male with no direct family affiliation. The shooter later was found down the South Platte River.

Since then, the Ratto family has expanded and strengthened, focusing on finance, tax and construction work. It has a strong hold on the construction industry of the UCAS, Sioux and CAS sectors. It has less success trying to break in to the PCC sector. Currently heading the family is Derek Simpson, former Consigilarie to the Ratto Family. He holds this position until such time as Rudolpho Ratto, the eldest son of Anthony, is of age to take the family. In the mean time, Derek holds his position by dent of Aspanu's support.

  • Innocenti, Ratto and Sucreasie
    • An international (North American) Law Firm specializing in multi-jurisdictional financial and criminal matters. Conversant in every legal code from the Denver FRFZ, business in Denver is always smoothed by retaining this firm.
  • Frankies Bar and Grill
  • Freight Systems Inc

The Sucreasi


Capo: Luther Sucreasi

Luther Sucreasi is said to be the biggest, meanest, blackest Ork in Denver in all of Denver. He known to be the only known family head in North America who is a Metahuman. The son of an Italian and his Kenyan mistress, Luther grew up in New York and ran its streets as a numbers man. Along with Anthony Ratto, he helped solidify the city in the wake of the Chavez attack. He has an outsiders point of view on the Mafia, a cold rational businessmans heart that Aspanu values. As a metahuman, he's had to work for every ounce of respect he's gotten in the Mafia, as a black man and an Ork, he's had to work for every bit of respect he has in society as a whole. It's left him with a most demented sense of humor.

Aspanu earned this orks continued loyalty when after assuming control of the Denver Mafia, he supported and funded Luther's expansion and founding of his own family. Luther focuses on the Prostitution, Insurance/extortion and smuggling in the FTZ, using a string of stripclubs and warehouses. He also runs a lucrative string of chopshops.

  • Innocenti, Ratto and Sucreasie
    • An international (North American) Law Firm specializing in multi-jurisdictional financial and criminal matters. Conversant in every legal code from the Denver FRFZ, business in Denver is always smoothed by retaining this firm.
  • The Dripping Clam
  • Durham Security
    • A private security firm that contracts out as security guards and on-site protection.
  • The Rumble Pit

The Cordero


Capo: Rui Cordero

Rui Cordero is the son of an Italian woman and a Spanish man, born and raised in Denver. He's seen changes come and changes go. He knows he will never be the big time and is happy with his role as a numbers man and smuggler. Only recently, in the vacuum left by the battling, has his crew become large enough to justify him a seat on the council of families that run Denver.

His crew was mostly neutral in the Chavez Conflict, but he supplied crucial support and information to Aspanu on the sly. Aspanu was smart enough to know Rui was looking out for the best of his people. The Chavez could have wiped him out in just two or three hits. The Cordero family focus's on numbers and running underground pit fights. Recently his family has come under attack from the Mancini's, and it is only the don's word that holds back this families old-school fury.

  • The Baxter Building
  • Cordero Construction
  • Alamo Waste Management (CAS Sector)

The Mancini


Capo: Joe Mancini

The Mancini family typifies the arch conservative Mafia family, passing over the previous Capo's daughter in favor of Joe, his brother. While small, this family is known for it's loyalty to each other. Joe rules with an iron fist. This family has extensive contacts in the construction industries, as well as minor influence in Prostitution and shipping.

There seems to have been a tenseness between this family and the Cordero's over the shooting of Paulie Manicini, Joe Mancini's son, which Mr. Mancini blames on a Cordero crew. While this took place a few years back, old wounds die hard. This Family has recently been reduced in power, and now faces extermination at the hands of the Cordero's.

  • Marconi Freight and Dreyage
  • Mancini Erection and Public Works
  • Chachkies Restaruant Chain

The Chavez of Dallas/Ft. Worth


Don Juan Diego Chavez
Denver Capo Julia Maria Chavez

The Chavez have been a thorn in the side of the Innocenti's for some time. A massive crime family centered in the Dallas/Ft. Worth Metroplex, the Chavez also control Austin and have all assumed control of Houston. Well connected with the Cuban cartels and South Florida, if it comes to smuggling in and out of Aztlan, Chavez are the ones to do it.

The family was formed in the early 2020's out of the influx of displaced Texans and Mexicans with the forming of the NAN and Aztlan. A dash of Las Vegas, some Santa Fe, a bit of California all mixed with Mexican Brutality. They number some 20,000 strong in terms of brute strength, but it is diluted by the ground they cover and the 2 active wars they are currently fighting, one in Denver, one in Houston.

The wars in Houston and Denver were ruled on by the North American Commission a few years back, and full court brutal war is not allowed. As such, their expansion has slowed down, and in Denver, may even be being pushed back by the Innocenti lead commission there.

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