Let's Dance

Light and darkness. Vibrant colours and cool black from the people dancing, sparkling lights and the occasional burst of cool air from the balcony overlooking Denver. The music flows and dips, moving currents of sound blending and muffling depending on the flow of bodies, the rise and fall of chatter, the clinks of glasses. A Hispanic flavour, and more then one girl twirls in a flare of silk and skirt. It's early in the week, but that doesn't stop the people from moving in, drifting back and forth from the bar.

Kass sweeps past security with nothing more dangerous on her body than the thousands upon thousands of nuyen worth of jewelry and clothing. She giggles and waits for Ally and the others, looking to all the dancers with glee. The elven woman seems excited, all but bouncing in place.

Right upon Kassandra's heels, Aladriel has no further trouble at the security than the elf. Nope, no hidden weapons on her. She smiles widely as she enters a new place, a new club, one she's never been to before. "Oooooh this is nice, isn't it?" Ally asks, grabbing Kass by the wrist to tug her with her around the room so they can take a peek out the windows.

Style. Class. Grace. It's a question of bearing. Of appearance, of the way you hold your head. Not social station nor even necessarily, the amount of money you have. A good man with a good form can hold court in an off the rack suit, while an old money cad will look exactly as he is even in a finely tailored suit of thousands.

Armando, old money and older name still, finds that he falls somewhere in the middle; a Fusion of money and a mix of grace. Of soft step and firm jaw. He arrives at the Higher Altitude with Lilith DeWinter, a lady of refinement and beauty. He is checked for weapons and found to be lacking. The check does not seem all that invasive despite its completeness; He carries on with the guardsman as though they were friends, a small chat. When he moves to allow the scanner, it is as though it were a natural thing, the sort of thing he was going to do -anyway- and therefor not an imposition.

The Check done, he crooks his arm back to DeWinter and proceeds in to the main room…

Lilith bows her head to the man, equally gracious, equally stylish. She smiles and gives the guard a wink, twirling to show, in a soft sussation of flowing silk, there really is no place to hide a gun. Then, she slides her hand into Armando's, pale beauty and bright colour to his dark warmth, and glides with the soft click of heels into the room with him.

Giggling quietly, Kass will be tugged along after her love, eyes flashing with excitement as she looks around the magnificent club. She is carried away by Ally's enthusiasm and heads for the window to look out over the Mile High City. She murmurs, "It's beautiful from up here."

The music hasn't started for them yet, really. Nor has the dancing. But Ally doesn't need it to have. There, framed by the city at night from so high above, Ally gives another pull on Kassandra's arm, this time pulling the shorter elf into her. And Kassandra will be met by a kiss and Ally's arms sliding up and over the elf's shoulders, hands clasping easily behind her neck. The kind of kiss that catches people's looks first because its a drop-dead-gorgeous elf kissing a pretty woman. And a kiss that gets a second look because love like their's is so noticable that it's nearly tangible in the air. Pulling back only when she's good and ready, Ally asks her, "Shall we dance?"

The music starts then, a slow, throbbing beat, with a quiet drum tick in the back ground, a slow jazzy crawl that reaches down your spin and along your skin like a rolling summer warmth, drawing you in, pulling you to the dance floor.
Armando steps in to the main room, his eyes drawn, like the crowd, along the line of the floor and then up the emerald and sapphire dresses, the way they compliment each other in the jeweltones and sparkle. The kiss is observed in minute detail, from the way they touch to the way they breathe. He does not leer, but does appreciate the beauty of form and emotion…

When the music starts, he steps on to the dance floor, one hand extended to Lilith…. "Swango beat.. I do declare, my lady, we should but move our bodies as the music moves our souls. You do know how to move, yes?" he asks, cocking his head to the side with a coy smile.

Lilith watches the girls for a moment, a brief, odd smile touching her lips before she casts her eyes away and looks at Armando. "Oh, I do." A quick spin, she's facing him, and then taking a slow, curving step back, in time to the music. "Is this sufficient?"

Tugged over, Kass looks questioningly to Ally before being met by the kiss. The *much* prettier human catches the elf off-guard, drawing a little muffled noise of excitement from her as they kiss. She blinks at Ally as the kiss is broken, for a moment having forgotten just about anything else. Turning her head to quickly kiss Ally's arm before she can withdraw it, Kass nods. "Yes, we shall." She demurely moves to follow Ally to the dance floor, if that is where she wishes, or indeed anywhere else.

«Auto-Judge[]» Armando (#799) rolls Dancing + Task Pool: 3:
1 2 2 2 2 2 3 8
«Auto-Judge[]» Lilith (#8983) rolls Dancing:
1 1 2 3 15
«Auto-Judge[]» Aladriel (#604) rolls Dancing:
7 11

«Auto-Judge[]» Kassandra (#9777) rolls Dancing + Task Pool: 1:
1 2 3 3 3 16

«Auto-Judge[]» Lilith (#8983) rolls Erotic Arts for "Comp skill. 'Cause, um, it is salsa ish.":
1 2 3 3 4 4
«Auto-Judge[]» Kassandra (#9777) rolls Seduction + Task Pool: 1 for "Comp skill, because we are sex on a stick.":
1 5 5 5 5 11

«Auto-Judge[]» Lilith (#8983) rolls Erotic Arts (Seduction) for "'Comp, 'cause I'm damn better":
2 3 3 3 5 5 9
«Auto-Judge[]» Armando (#799) rolls Parenting + Task Pool: 3 for "STOP DANCING SO CLOSE!":
1 4 5 5 5 9

Armando steps in with the music then. He moves smoothly in to it, finding the groove of it, the beat and sway. He watches the way Lilith moves, syncing himself to her. The next upswing of the music brings about a change in his posture. His back straight, his hips cocked… and he moves. Like a blaze, his feet slide in to motion, a fast and fluid dance with a saucy kick. A little swing, a little tango… All about poise.

Okay. No dutch courage, so Ally just needs to throw herself onto the dance floor and start moving before she thinks about it too hard and psyches herself out. She starts…feeling the music…just long enough to wait for Kass to join her so she can follow the elf's lead without making a fool of herself.

Lilith moves in perfect tandem to him, skirt snapping out in a bright furl, hands out spread, legs sliding forward in quick high step, fire to fire. She tosses her head back and rolls her shoulders, kicking a heel, twisting around him in an eyecatching flame.

Salsa dancing. Well, they covered some of this when she worked with the girls, and of course there was that dance reality show on the NBS station. Kass moves with the music, sparing the others on the floor a quick once over. She smiles to Aladriel, letting everything she feels for her show in her eyes as she steps out, stealing movements from those around her to augment the couple's dance. She snags Aladriel and spins her, trying less for the flashiness that other couples display and more for raw sensuality.

Armando snaps Lilith through a series of arm-twirls, spinning her on her feet before bringing her back close to him, his hand sliding down the length of her torso… He focuses on style and form, less on trying to be sex on the floor, a technical dancer if there ever was one. He looks good, looks like he's trying to seduce the other woman with his moves, but any dancer knows he's actually trying desperately to keep time with both the music and the unknown partner.

Lilith twists and bends her body around him, arching her back downwards then up in a sinuous, but quick move, snapping her hands and twirling them around him. She is moving now, really moving, letting the music sink into her bloody, rolling her head back to face him with a snap, letting her own skill with the body, with sensation, with sex, guide her senses. Runs her hands down his arms for a moment, guiding herself with pure touch and rhythm.

A novice in many senses, Aladriel proves herself a quick study though. Next to the far more proficient Kassandra who serves as an excellent guide, Ally simply lets herself go and follows the woman's movements, only a few times stepping out from that lead to throw in something on her own. Between her being a good follower and Kassandra being an excellent dancer, the rainbow-haired mage benefits from the rub of the elf, looking far better than she truly is. Lack of flashiness is made up for in physical closeness, of two bodies very familiar with each other, finding each other in a new way, in sync with a pulsing soundtrack.

With years of experience as a thief of talents, Kassandra reaches out to snag snippets from those around her and incorporate them into the dance. She moves with an easy grace, the smile on her face suggesting that she is having far more fun finding new ways to move with Ally than following the actual style of dance displayed around them. She doesn't try for some of the more intricate moves; instead, she steps in time with Ally and improvises off what the other tosses in, doing her best to make her partner look like the one that shines rather than herself.

Armando moves smoothly now, with the downturn of the music in to a sweeping bit of dance, with him gliding Lilith around like a paper-doll, punctuated with snippets of snap and pop to high notes. It's not as high stepping or as furious, but it moves a bit more sensual, more curves to the angles of before. All executed with grace.

Lilith rolls her back down again, matching his steps with that same sensual grace, her body then sliding back up his before snapping back, leg stepping out, then forward, just but not quite touching him as she slides over the floor.

Of everyone dancing in High Altitude, its the two couples that entered together that draw the most attention. Not just the skill and technical prowess of the dance, but the undeniable charisma and chemistry of the respective pairs. Ally tries to keep dancing when all she wants to do is hold Kassandra, which causes their dancing to come ever closer, while somehow managing to still be about the dance and not delve into something just trashy. It's close, though.

A hand, a brush of the body, a twist, a turn. Kassandra finds some way to keep a hand on Aladriel, moving with her in time with the music. Not trashy, never trashy, but teetering on the border, in the bleeding razor's edge of what is appropriate for the club and what might be better scene in some of the less exclusive nightspots, including those out Ute way. The elven woman has eyes only for Ally as they dance, their style much closer and more intimate than some of the other couples.

The dance comes to a close, the music fading and giving the dancers a brief interlude to get drinks and leave the floor… Armando drops in to a bow to the woman. "Divine. Eris would be proud." Says he, turning to find himself a drink from a passing server.

Lilith pulls back from in a quick flourish of skirts, one hand raised behind her as the song ends. Already her eyes are sparkling, new life being breathed him as the rush of warmth flows over her skin. She curtsies to Armando in turn, skin just now glowing in the light, giving her a warmer look. "Incredible. Pan would be prouder." A laugh on her lips as she snags a glass of cool ice wine and gives it a sip.

When at last the door is over, Ally ends up in an embrace with Kassandra. It, like the dance as a whole, looks like it was painstakingly choreographed and that all that would be left is the round of applause. Aladriel's left leg is raised and wrapped slightly around Kassandra's waist, and their faces are left very close together, looking deeply into each other's eyes. After murmuring something to the elf, Ally slowly unwinds from around her and will make to exit the floor with Kass, lest they get drawn into another dance.

The dance ends with Ally and Kass very close, looking into each other's eyes. Kass colours at the attention or perhaps the murmured comment from Aladriel. Her smile is virtually glowing as she leaves the dance floor with the other woman, staying very close to her and hand in hand. She nods her head towards several well-wishers and clappers, reaching out to snag a glass of ice water from a server.

Lilith looks over and smiles brightly, her expression surprisingly light and open, and she claps for the women as well.

Armando takes Lilith's hand, clasping it before raising it, then bowing to the crowd. He says nothing, then bowing to his partner. He releases her hand, then moves away from Lilith, not to leave her alone, but perhaps to speak with someone in the crowd.

Lilith then raises her hand with Armando and bows as well to the crowd, and gives the man a smile and a nod as he drifts off. Only alone for a moment, several men begin to make their way, hesitating at first, then moving forward like sharks seeking prey. And…nothing. Lilith laughs off a few admirers and drifts out of the main flow of action, shooting away the boys with an smiling but deadly glance.

Ally leads Kassandra in search of the rest of their party. The two women are very close, the heat and passion of the dance having them look even more glowy than they usually do when in each other's presence. They come across Lilith first, having to fight through the tide of men who she's turning down, before they can get infront of her. "Oooh I'm so glad we came out!"

Lilith turns slightly on her heel, and smiles at them, eyes snapping in a high bout of spirits. "Aye, I can see why." She chuckles, resting one arm over the other, leaving her ice wine free to sip. "You're getting better with your steps, Kassandra."

Kass stays very close to Ally, as always, when out in public and even moreso once they have finished their dance. She offers the ice water to Ally as they greet Lilith, remarking, "Why thank you, Mrs. DeWinter. I have an excellent partner who brings out the best in me. I must say, you and the gentleman you were with were quite the pair as well."

Ally slowly sips the water offered to her… until she's easily consumed half the glass. Then she returns it Kass, seeming quite refreshed from the liquid recharge. "Absolutely…you two were fantastic!" she gushes.

Lilith laughs, rolling her eyes. "Perhaps! I do know I was having a bloody lot of fun. I haven't been dancing in ages, and not with a man who actually knew how to move, in ages." Another quick sip of wine as she looks around, over the sea of heads. "Ah, well, said gentleman has left me for a bit. So many big names here, no doubt there is someone he needs to speak to."

Armando is lost in the crowd somewhere for a few moments, before he reappears behind Ally and Kassandra. He emerges like a ghost from the miasma of people behind him. "Radiant, as two jewels in the crown of the all-maker himself. Sparkling, swirling, entrancing. What I could see, of course, when my eyes were not upon my own partner."

Lilith blinks and then chuckles softly, looking down to her wine. "Liar. I hardly outclassed these two bright birds."

Kass drains the other half of the glass of water before finding a convenient serving person to hand off the now empty glass to. She looks around for Armando, squeaking as he ninjas in from behind them. She smiles brightly, giving Ally's hand a squeeze as they are complimented. She shushes Lilith, remarking, "We all did excellently."

Ally lets out a quiet yip when Armando comes up behind them, announcing his presence with his words. Shaking her head at the sneak, it doesn't stop her smiling. "It's just what we needed," she adds.

Armando is like that. A ninja. With style, grace, class and elegance. He's like the ninja you WANT to flip out and kill you. Because you'll enjoy it as it happens. "Indeed." He says, a smile on his lips.

Lilith licks a drop of wine of her lips. "Very much so." She sets the glass aside and bobs her head to Armando. "And with you here, sir, no man dares approach, and us ladies get to enjoy both a pleasant sight and a pleasant speech."

"There is that. I do get tired of Ally's gorgeousness getting us into a pickle everywhere we go. It is like traveling around with a trid star." Kass smiles to Aladriel, adding another point to their little scoreboard in her favor. She fans herself with her free hand, "They could make it a bit cooler in here, however. I feel like I am in a sauna."

Armando murmurs quietly… "That is because you are hot, Kassandra."

Blushing under Kassandra's praise of her, Ally sighs and waves her hand at Kass, "Don't be all like that, Kassie sweetie. We've been over this…. you're the prettiest one and because of my magic some of your beauty rubs off on me and it elevates us to being even, mm hmm," she says with a chuckle.

Lilith steps quietly back a bit, letting the prettier women and the man talk.

"Yes ma'am." Kass's lips flicker into a faint smirk as she speaks, glancing to Lilith. "Surely not tired already? All these men are waiting for you to get back out there and wow them Lilith." Kass speaks with frank sincerity, gesturing absently to the room at large.

Armando steps next to Lilith then, placing his body between her and that of an approaching young man who has been fortified with drink and his friends encouragement. "You are all ravishing. Shall we leave it at that?"

Lilith blinks and looks up, a look of momentary distraction her face. She doesn't notice the boy, and ignores the other men utterly. "Hmm? No, no…I was just distracted by an idle thought, that's all."

"Not just a great dancer, but a very wise guy as well," Ally compliments Armando with an affectionate smile. "Yes, we'll settle on we're all just great," she's quick to agree as she gives a quick squeeze to Kass.

Kass chuckles, nodding to Aladriel with good grace, "I'll agree with that. We are certainly better than everyone else." She grins at that, chiding Lilith, "Stop thinking, Lilith!" The elf looks around the room, "All these people, and they are watching us. Doesn't that put a little zing in your step?"

Armando straightens his tie, smirking slightly. "I am not even in the slightest, Italian."

Kass quickly leans over to whisper something to Ally before straightening and affecting a perfectly innocent expression.

Lilith laughs brightly again, moving a bit more forward, the black rose in her hair just brushing by Armando's nose. "I can think all I want, madam. A moment of reflection to gather my wits for another song, a pause to remember a dance." She winks, tidying some loose thread of hair. "I am used to people watching me. Let them look, I am not theirs nor shall I be, and they know it."

Ally glows from whatever Kassandra just whispered to her and the woman seems very content to just take some time to be content in the closeness to her love and the circle of her friends. Blue eyes drift to Lilith and a smile follows at the madame's words.

Chuckling, Kass nods and execute a little curtsy to Lilith, "Yes mum." She breaks into a wide grin, then looks to Aladriel and has a different sort of smile on her face. She mentions, "Another dance or two and then I am going to take you for a drive, maybe we'll go sit out and watch the creek for a little while before bed?"

Armando is quietly observing the situation, making eye contact with the occasional man, keeping them at bay, as well as the occasional woman. He glances to the others then, smiling softly.

Lilith smiles to the ladies as well, and then again seems to move back a little, sensing…her displacement. Her distance, being on the outside of a much closer family.

Armando stands amidst a Spanish-themed salsa/tango dance party, with a group of the most beautiful women in Denver. It's a good night to be Armando De La Vega de Cochenza de Honora de Bourbon. The group stands just off the dance floor as other couples dominate it. A large, upscale and wealthy crowd tonight at the Higher Altitude.

Ally oohs at Kassandra, her eyes alighting with the woman's suggestion. "That would be perfect as far as I'm concerned," she tells the elf, her mind's eye already traveling to the creek.

Kass looks at Ally a long moment, watching her eyes. She looks to Armando and Lilith a moment, then back at Aladriel. She comments, "Actually, if you won't think too terribly of us I think we are going to bow out now. There are some things I need to speak with Ms. Cindel about, a certain date that she hasn't settled on. I think we'll head out now and get in a little quiet contemplation before we sleep.

Forge steps out of the elevator, adjusting the fit of the sport coat he wears over khaki slacks and a black polo shirt. He examines the floor and seating, spotting a well-dressed man in a suit casually waving him over to the seats. He nods to the man and merges into the crowd of dancers and wait staff, on his way towards the dais.

Armando bows his head. "Please. Do not let my charms delay you from the arms of your lover, do not let the smoothness of my manner deflect you from the labors of el corizon. Do not let me, for even a moment, a beat that your heart could all but skip, hold you from the fire of passions and the warmth of soul."

Lilith nods faintly, chuckling. "Perhaps that is best for you." She shoots a quick glance to Armando, then to Ally, then shrugs. "I may head home as well. The dance floor is getting too crowded."

Ally gives Kass a look: slightly surprised, but also quite pleased. Then Armando's linguistic skill at practice fills her ears and she smiles at the man, giving a little curtsey to him as he bows. "It was a pleasure to be in your company tonight, signor. And yours as well, madame,
," she tells Lilith. At last, to Kass, "Come on then. You promised a good drive!"

Dipping in an elegant curtsey, Kass nods to Armando, "I shall be led by your advice in this matter," she says soberly before smiling to the Lady DeWinter. "I hope that the night treats you well, and that your sleep is full of wonder." She glances to Ally, "Of course. A drive to wake you up a little, then talk." She moves to lead Ally out of the club proper and back to the city.

Armando bows his head to the women then. "I will not hold you, Kassandra, Lilith, Aladriel. I will take my pleasures and moments where I may, holding them not by a grasping clutch, but instead, with open hand so they may ever come and go as they play."

Lilith bows her head and return to all three, and without another word, begins to slip silently away.

Ally lets Kass lead her out, throwing a wave to Lilith and Armando over her shoulder before she's out.

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