Problemsolving 101

[Watchers] «Dodec-a-lishious» Johnny says, "May I speak bluntly?"
[Watchers] «Dodec-a-lishious» Johnny says, "As your friend, not as an admin?"
[Watchers] Madame Lilith says, "err. yeah. I think I more meant I don't try hard enough and I more just goof around."
[Watchers] «Dodec-a-lishious» Johnny nods.
[Watchers] «Dodec-a-lishious» Johnny says this: In the time I have known you, you have made great strides in your thematic content and roleplay ability. However, when things get complex, you tend to get overwhelmed and rather than approach the problem in a logical fashion, you look at it and go OMG ITS A MOUNTAIN!
[Watchers] «Dodec-a-lishious» Johnny says, "When yes, it is a mountain, but its also a pile of rocks."
[Watchers] Madame Lilith says, "very true"
[Watchers] «Dodec-a-lishious» Johnny says, "Rocks that individually can be moved."
[Watchers] «Dodec-a-lishious» Johnny says, "move enough, and the mountain is now over there."
[Watchers] Madame Lilith nods
[Watchers] Madame Lilith says, "This situation, tho…"
[Watchers] «Dodec-a-lishious» Johnny says, "You have a tendency to let everyone else move your rocks for you."
[Watchers] «Dodec-a-lishious» Johnny says, "Or tell you what rocks to move."
[Watchers] Madame Lilith says, "nods"
[Watchers] «Dodec-a-lishious» Johnny says, "You need to learn to pick up, pick out, then move your own rocks. After, and only after that, can you start to figure out how to trigger a landslide."
[Watchers] «Dodec-a-lishious» Johnny says, "But you won;t, so long as you keep going OMG A MOUNTAIN."
[Watchers] Madame Lilith nods
[Watchers] «Dodec-a-lishious» Johnny says, "Take any major problem, and it consists of smaller problems. There is no problem that cannot be broken down."
[Watchers] Janie nods. In this case, you're seeing a mountain because you're focusing on a goal that you /can't/ attain too hard to consider the options you /do/ have.
[Watchers] Madame Lilith says, "Ok…"
[Watchers] «Dodec-a-lishious» Johnny says, "Ever played with Mazes as a kid?"
[Watchers] Madame Lilith just seems to be coming up against a wall with the Ute problem. Mainly: She's white, foreign, and a whore.
[Watchers] Madame Lilith says, "And nod?"
[Watchers] Madame Lilith says, "err, no?"
[Watchers] «Dodec-a-lishious» Johnny says, "You never had a coloring boko with a maze in it?."
«Game» Backup to offline storage commencing. Game may freeze for a bit…
[Watchers] «Dodec-a-lishious» Johnny says, "Never had a cereal box with a maze in it?"
[Watchers] Madame Lilith says, "No?"
[Watchers] Janie says, "Exactly. The first two aren't changeable; the third might be but isn't really the point anyway."
[Watchers] Magically Delicious Kassandra thinks part of the problem (And maybe for Hitmoi? dunno) is that if you arent here, things still go on. That can be overwhelming when you come back.
[Watchers] Madame Lilith sighs and nods
[Watchers] «Dodec-a-lishious» Johnny nods. Well, heres the thing about a maze, any maze.
[Watchers] Janie says, "If she hadn't been one, the MSD'd still evict her likely."
[Watchers] «Dodec-a-lishious» Johnny says, "Follow the left hand wall, and eventually you will get out."
[Watchers] Madame Lilith says, "ok…"
[Watchers] «Dodec-a-lishious» Johnny says, "Do you understand why? Because no matter what, there are only two walls in a maze. The one on the right, and the one on the left."
[Watchers] «Dodec-a-lishious» Johnny says, "And if all the passages but one end in dead ends…"
[Watchers] «Dodec-a-lishious» Johnny says, "You will EVENTUALLY find your way to the exit. Because its a single unbroken line."
[Watchers] «Dodec-a-lishious» Johnny says, "breaking down a seemingly insurmountable problem in to small, simple decisions."
[Watchers] Madame Lilith says, "ok…"
[Watchers] «Dodec-a-lishious» Johnny says, "The fact that the game progresses while you are gone is an issue, but one thats overcomable."
[Watchers] «Dodec-a-lishious» Johnny says, "So. Let me pose a series of questions to you."
[Watchers] «Dodec-a-lishious» Johnny says, "I will not provide advice or answers, but I will ask questions."
[Watchers] «Dodec-a-lishious» Johnny says, "Are you ready?"
[Watchers] Blue Hitomi would suggest reading through a bunch of the fluff text in the core and companion books. They contain a lot of info about how the shadowrun world operates.
[Watchers] Madame Lilith is really, really trying hard to think this through…ok, I see the final goal, and it seems like there's only a few options. Get information, try to be useful to Huhuesca, realize that there probably isn't a way to keep the house and business in Ute, so try and get what capital she can and relocate
[Watchers] «Dodec-a-lishious» Johnny says, "Lets put that aside."
[Watchers] «Dodec-a-lishious» Johnny says, "That, is your mountain. A jumble of conflicting goals."
[Watchers] Madame Lilith says, "I thought it was pretty basic…"
[Watchers] «Dodec-a-lishious» Johnny says, "So lets establish what the problem is in the first place. Lilith: Why are you being evicted from the Apple by the MSD?"
[Watchers] Madame Lilith says, "She's white and they're more then pissed off then usual at white folk"
[Watchers] «Dodec-a-lishious» Johnny says, "Okay. So. We've established that you have a pink skintone. Why else are you being evicted from the apple?"
[Watchers] Madame Lilith says, "Lil runs a whore house that spreads vice and sin and doesn't contribute to the betterment of the Ute people?"
[Watchers] «Dodec-a-lishious» Johnny says, "Okay. So we've established 2 of the 3 factors as to why you're being evicted. You're white, and you run a vice hall. Why else are you being evicted?"
[Watchers] Madame Lilith says, "That's just a result of the current ugly political situation?"
[Watchers] «Dodec-a-lishious» Johnny says, "No… not quite. There was something else the cops mentioned."
[Watchers] Madame Lilith says, "ah…"
[Watchers] «Dodec-a-lishious» Johnny says, "Pink skin. Den of Vice. And a third, critical componant."
[Watchers] Madame Lilith says, "Just a sec, trying to check the log…"
[Watchers] «Dodec-a-lishious» Johnny says, "It's the most subtle of the three."
[Watchers] Janie tosses out a guess?
[Watchers] «Dodec-a-lishious» Johnny says, "Go for it."
[Watchers] Janie says, "Not a Ute citizen?"
[Watchers] Madame Lilith says, "that too"
[Watchers] «Dodec-a-lishious» Johnny says, "DING! She's got no political recourse. She's a safe bet. A safe mark."
[Watchers] Madame Lilith says, "So? Still means there's a good chance of not being able to get around the problem"
[Watchers] «Dodec-a-lishious» Johnny says, "They can abuse her and she can't legally do anything. Shes' white looking, she's a whore madam, and she's not even a citizen."
[Watchers] «Dodec-a-lishious» Johnny says, "Okay. So. We have established that Lilith is being evicted from the Apple because of 3 specific reasons, one of of which is appearance, one of which is content, one of which is legality."
[Watchers] «Dodec-a-lishious» Johnny says, "Follow me so far, lil?"
[Watchers] Madame Lilith also kicks her Mozilla for not gorram working piece of crap
[Watchers] Madame Lilith says, "And yeah"
[Watchers] «Dodec-a-lishious» Johnny says, "Okay. So. Pick one of them and lets disect it."
[Watchers] Madame Lilith says, "Ah…"
[Watchers] «Dodec-a-lishious» Johnny says, "We've made the mountain in to 3 piles."
[Watchers] «Dodec-a-lishious» Johnny says, "Now lets make some smaller piles."
[Watchers] «Dodec-a-lishious» Johnny says, "Lil?"
[Watchers] Madame Lilith says, "It's all right…I'm not really overwhelmed, I'm just realistic about how much I know. Like, the legality? There's no real, feasible way for her to get citizenship and it's my own fault for not thinking more about where I built the place and understanding it."
[Watchers] «Dodec-a-lishious» Johnny says, "Okay. So. Legality."
[Watchers] «Dodec-a-lishious» Johnny says, "We've done some research on this one."
[Watchers] Madame Lilith says, "And it's not like she can raise a cry about how persecuted she is, being a whore"
[Watchers] «Dodec-a-lishious» Johnny says, "You have little standing as Lilith, Citizen of the UK. You can't get citizenship in time. You can't raise hue and cry, as you say."
[Watchers] «Dodec-a-lishious» Johnny says, "If the problem is Liliths' SKin TOne, Liliths' Nationality and Liliths' content, what can be legally done to overcome these problems?"
[Watchers] «Dodec-a-lishious» Johnny says, "Starting with the Skin tone. Can Lilith become an indian?"
[Watchers] Madame Lilith says, "Nothing can be done?"
[Watchers] «Dodec-a-lishious» Johnny says, "Not true. But lets walk there."
[Watchers] «Dodec-a-lishious» Johnny says, "No running."
[Watchers] Madame Lilith says, "Sure, they can make her look Indian, but no one's going to believe that she's got some blood there"
[Watchers] «Dodec-a-lishious» Johnny says, "Okay. So. That option is out. 2: Can lilith become a Ute Citizen?"
[Watchers] Madame Lilith says, "No"
[Watchers] Blue Hitomi says, "Why not?"
[Watchers] «Dodec-a-lishious» Johnny says, "NOt in time, not legally."
[Watchers] Madame Lilith says, "Yeah"
[Watchers] «Dodec-a-lishious» Johnny says, "Okay. So. That option is out. 3: Can lilith stop running a whore house (And would it do any good?)"
[Watchers] Madame Lilith says, "Not really. I mean, I doubt her high end client will raise that much of a fuss or will be so disappointed that the Apple is out of business, even if it is a unique establishment"
[Watchers] «Dodec-a-lishious» Johnny says, "Now we have exhausted the options as we see them. But wait… heres a new way of framing that question."
[Watchers] «Dodec-a-lishious» Johnny says, "The problem is no longer what Lilith is or is not."
[Watchers] «Dodec-a-lishious» Johnny says, "The problem now framed as: Why is the apple being shut down? Because its owner is anglo, forign and a whore."
[Watchers] «Dodec-a-lishious» Johnny says, "What can we do to solve THESE issues?"
[Watchers] Madame Lilith says, "Nothing?"
[Watchers] «Dodec-a-lishious» Johnny says, "Is that so?"
[Watchers] Madame Lilith says, "Pretty much, unless we dig up some info or can do something useful for the Utes"
[Watchers] «Dodec-a-lishious» Johnny says, "I disagree."
[Watchers] Madame Lilith says, "Which, being white and foreign, I doubt they'd accept Lil's help with anything…"
[Watchers] Madame Lilith says, "and oh?"
[Watchers] «Dodec-a-lishious» Johnny says, "Let me rephrase the question. I don't think I communicated the reframed question clearly enough."
[Watchers] Madame Lilith says, "How do we resolve Lil being a white anglo whore?"
[Watchers] «Dodec-a-lishious» Johnny says, "Thats not the problem anymore."
[Watchers] Magically Delicious Kassandra says, "Watchers «Dodec-a-lishious» Johnny says, "The problem now framed as: Why is the apple being shut down? Because its owner is anglo, forign and a whore.""
[Watchers] Madame Lilith says, "ah"
[Watchers] «Dodec-a-lishious» Johnny says, "We're reframing the issue. The issue is nolonger about lilith, but the Apple."
[Watchers] «Dodec-a-lishious» Johnny says, "The apple is the operator. It is being shut down, because its owner is these three things."
[Watchers] «Dodec-a-lishious» Johnny says, "What can we do to fix -THAT-?"
[Watchers] Madame Lilith says, "Somehow let the Utes take ownership/managerial control of the business?"
[Watchers] «Dodec-a-lishious» Johnny says, "Ohh… thats an interesting idea. Now lets talk about the Apple as we explore that idea."
[Watchers] «Dodec-a-lishious» Johnny says, "How many girls does the Apple Employ?"
[Watchers] Madame Lilith says, "I'm not saying Lil would like that at *all*, but…ah. Hmm."
[Watchers] Janie says, "We can have Lilith 'sell' the Apple to… Hmm, how do you feel about the name Layla Frost?"
[Watchers] Madame Lilith says, "I've always thought it around 30 ush"
[Watchers] «Dodec-a-lishious» Johnny says, "Janie, shush."
[Watchers] Madame Lilith says, "Ish, and aha"
[Watchers] «Dodec-a-lishious» Johnny says, "Working this through with lilith. :)"
[Watchers] Madame Lilith says, "…OH"
[Watchers] Madame Lilith says, "Oh"
[Watchers] «Dodec-a-lishious» Johnny says, "Yes?"
[Watchers] «Dodec-a-lishious» Johnny says, "I see a little lightbulb…"
[Watchers] Madame Lilith says, "Well. Err. What Janie said."
[Watchers] «Dodec-a-lishious» Johnny says, "Damnit."
[Watchers] Madame Lilith says, "Either sell it to or to and through false names and fronts to a supposedly Ute in origin business or person?"
[Watchers] «Dodec-a-lishious» Johnny says, "Why go through false names though? They will be found out if someone tries. With 30 girls…"
[Watchers] «Dodec-a-lishious» Johnny says, "You don't have a native american on your staff?"
[Watchers] Madame Lilith says, "But that might be overly complicated and prone to discovery…and yeah"
[Watchers] Madame Lilith says, "No, err, she does have some"
[Watchers] Madame Lilith says, "Natives, that is. At least four"
[Watchers] «Dodec-a-lishious» Johnny says, "Okay. So. The Apple has a problem. It's owned by a british national anglo whore."
[Watchers] Madame Lilith actually sat down and came up with a least of nationalities and ethnic groups represented.
[Watchers] Madame Lilith says, "least/list"
[Watchers] «Dodec-a-lishious» Johnny says, "But working for it, it has native americans who have a vested interest in its continued oporation, yes?"
[Watchers] Madame Lilith says, "yes"
[Watchers] «Dodec-a-lishious» Johnny says, "Do you see a possible solution?"
[Watchers] Madame Lilith says, "I think I did, at one point"
[Watchers] «Dodec-a-lishious» Johnny says, "And what solution was that?"
[Watchers] Madame Lilith says, "I was going to have her mention to the Ute agents that she had Ute girls working there, and they needed a home, but I also considered the agents might take that the wrong way and/or look at her as corrupting and using their women"
[Watchers] «Dodec-a-lishious» Johnny says, "They would, I agree."
[Watchers] «Dodec-a-lishious» Johnny says, "Because thats very patronizing."
[Watchers] Janie says, "Yeah. Sounds like the White Man's Burden rephrased."
[Watchers] «Dodec-a-lishious» Johnny says, "But, how could you utilize the Ute national women who work at the Apple, to overcome the issues facing the apple, those being: its wholly owned by an anglo british whore?"
[Watchers] Madame Lilith says, "Make them managers or take partial ownership of the Apple itself?"
[Watchers] «Dodec-a-lishious» Johnny says, "Now thats an excellent idea. If a Ute had partial ownership… it may be much harder to justify shutting it down, now wouldn't it?"
[Watchers] Madame Lilith nods
[Watchers] Madame Lilith says, "The girls could take ownership of the actual land and building, and Lil pays *them* rent, and yeah, lets them be managers or contribute in some other way"
[Watchers] «Dodec-a-lishious» Johnny says, "We arrived at this possible solution by distilling the problem down in to its core issues, (Lilith owns the apple, and is an anglo whore brit) then when we could not figure out a solution to one side of the eqasion, we flipped it (THe apple is owned by an anglo whore brit)"
[Watchers] «Dodec-a-lishious» Johnny says, "It may be an interesting idea to turn the apple in to a co-op of poontang."
[Watchers] Madame Lilith snrks
[Watchers] «Dodec-a-lishious» Johnny says, "I'm not telling you its the right answer, but it si an interesting solution, is it not?"
[Watchers] Madame Lilith nods
[Watchers] «Dodec-a-lishious» Johnny says, "This is the core of how I think."
[Watchers] Madame Lilith says, "Ok"
[Watchers] «Dodec-a-lishious» Johnny says, "Big pile.. little pile. If little pile cannot be handled… look at pile from different angle."
[Watchers] Madame Lilith nods
[Watchers] Madame Lilith says, "It's the angle part I have problems with, more so perhaps then the mountain"
[Watchers] «Dodec-a-lishious» Johnny says, "Very possible. I mean hell, look at Half dome."
[Watchers] «Dodec-a-lishious» Johnny says, "The mountain in Yosimite."
[Watchers] Madame Lilith says, "yeah"
[Watchers] «Dodec-a-lishious» Johnny says, "From one side, its a vertical cliff."
[Watchers] «Dodec-a-lishious» Johnny says, "But you can easilly hike up the other side."
[Watchers] Madame Lilith nods
[Watchers] «Dodec-a-lishious» Johnny says, "So anyway. Thats my lesson in logical progession for the day."
[Watchers] «Dodec-a-lishious» Johnny says, "I'm tired."
[Watchers] «Dodec-a-lishious» Johnny says, "I'm going to bed."
[Watchers] Madame Lilithsorries for the trouble
[Watchers] «Dodec-a-lishious» Johnny says, "No trouble. Just learn to think critically."
[Watchers] Madame Lilith nods
[Watchers] «Dodec-a-lishious» Johnny says, "Solving problems, not memorization of fact."
[Watchers] Madame Lilith says, "Yeah"

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