Lilith enters from the hallway.

Lilith knocks politely before entering. When she walks, it's with the neat click of spiked pumps as usual, without the heavy swish of skirts though. She looks…well, normal. Ish. And she's carrying a large white plastic container, a smaller one carried on top of it.

Sam is currently on the couch, a controller in his hands as he plays some kind of Video Game. He glances over at Lilith as she enters, which earns him a car bouncing in to the wall. "shit! Sorry! be with you in a minute!"

Lilith has to bite down on her lip to repress the laugh that tries to pop out. It is to no avail, however, as it reaches her eyes with a bright sparkle and a soft exhalation of air. "Emmh…oh, do excuse me, Samuel. I didn't mean to interrupt." No, not the faintest hint of sarcasm or humor in there. She's getting good. "Take your time…I'm just dropping something off for you and Marcus."

"Alright." he says, regaining control of his car to leap it over a bridge. THe Dukes of Hazzard, 2069. The newest SLAYSTATION 9 game. "This game is awesome. I never really liked video games much, but this is pretty cool. Wanna play?"

Lilith eyes the screen. Eyes Sam. Wonders about trauma some. Eyes the screen again as she begins to fuss with the containers, setting the top one aside, opening the bottom. There's the faint whiff of honey. "I…suppose…you can always eat later."

Lilith reaches her long, pale fingers into the container and lifts out… a cake. A small, perfectly rounded little three tier cake. It is, of course, impeccably presented, a exceedingly smooth, offwhite colour, with a few delicate flowers traced out in some green and light red decorative substance on top, leaving "vines" to trail down the sides.

Johny raises an eyebrow, tossing the controller (and the game) to the side. "Well now. Thats quite the cake." He says simply, standing up and approaching. "Did you make it yourself? The decoration is actually quite… professional."

Lilith tilts her head, the faintest of pleased looks modestly crossing her face. "If one isn't going to do it *right*, Mr.Clemens…" She settles the plate holding the cake down delicately. "One may as well not serve it at all. I have been taking lessons, you know." She glances his way, allowing that smile to peer through a little. "Do you wish to return to your game?"

He smirks then, shaking his head. "No, it's fine. It's just a game." He says then. "Where are you taking classes? I still can't decorate a pastry to save my life."

Lilith sniffs. "London, once, when I was younger, and so far a decent place downtown." She smiles again. "Care to get a plate, then….as it stands, sometimes things need a woman's touch. I'm fond of decorating and really all it requires is some bloody irritating patience and time."

"The CIA doesn't teach cake decoration. One of its failings. Poisoning, assassination, combat driving, intrusion and countermeasures… But no cake decorating. I tried having that addressed, but some how, the suggestion box was never receptive."

Lilith shrugs. "Uncultured Yanks. MI5 and 6 might've been cold necked bastards, but dammit, they could serve a tea." How she knew that…anyways. "A plate, a fork, and a knife, if you want to try this."
Lilith says "I'll not rummage around in your kitchen for you, heaven knows what I'd find."

"fourteen guns." Says Sam as he moves in to the kitchen. "And a shitload of sharp knives." Says he. A pair of plates, forks and knives is produced.

Lilith looks up and smiles gently. "Forged knives, I hope. That stainless steel shit just doesn't…cut it." She holds out her hand for a plate and a cutting knife.

Johny snerks, offering them over. "Something like that. I order my knives from a small cutlery shop in Damascus. They make their own blades."

Lilith doesn't miss a beat as she raises the knive, holds the plate ready, but she does look over at him again. "Oh my good heavens. Damascus steel?" The shining blade in her hand makes a graceful downward motion. "Lucky bugger." It must be a very, very sharp blade, for with little effort she slices through the material…odd. From the looks of the way she presses down, the angle, any man with expirience with sharp things and cutting knows she's…meeting more resistance then simple icing and fluffy cake would provide.

And then, as she quickly and neatly flips the hearty slice onto a plate, the cut cake reveals it's true nature. A rich, warm scent of honey garlic drifts out in a sweet blossom of air, the white of the "icing" revealed now to probably be potato, the dark interior, layered between honey garlic sauce, some sort of well marinated and barbequed steak.

"Samuel. Your fork?"

Johny raises an eyebrow…. "Meatcake." Says he with a huh on his features. "Meatcake." He says again a moment later. Then, one fork in his hand, one plate lifted high…


Lilith doesn't look smug. She just knows she's good. "The icing is mashed potates with just a faint touch of honey and extra butter to smooth it out, pinch of salt and pepper. The decorations are a spinach/potato puree and the red a red pepper puree."

Lilith also, with surprising speed, whips out her pocsec and takes a picture of Samuel's pose. Then makes it disappear.

Johny moves then in to a primative jerking dance, from one foot to the other, fork and plate raised high. "Meat-cake. Meat-cake. Meat-CAKE! MEAT-CAKE! MEAT-CAKE! MEAT-CAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAKE!"

Lilith takes a few more quick, silent pictures. He seems pretty absorbed at the moment. Again, the pocsec disappears. She quietly folds her hands behind her back and watches the scene with the greatest amount of British dignity she can muster. With tears of laughter just starting to form at the corner of her eyes.

And now back to the counter. He thrusts his plate down with a clatter, hands to either side of the cake. "MEAT CAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAKE!" He then comports himself, offering his plate over. "Please, I would like some."

Lilith just nods her head and quietly takes the…good quarter of the rich, meaty MEATCAKE and places it on his plate. She smiles only a tiny, tiny bit.

Johny takes a bite then, cutting in to the body of the cake. He chews it thoughtfully, giving it all due concern and consideration. "Flavorful. Robust and hearty without being overpowering. Not cloying, which is good, but also not light on the tongue."

Lilith does show some more obvious reaction at his words, another pleased look crossing her face, a faint blush of pride. "Thank you. I thought it would be something you'd like." She brushes a strand of hair from her face, glances over at the other box. "Oh, deary me, tho…"

He takes a few more bites, not meal-time hungry, but enjoying the various textures and flavors presented by the MEATCAKE. "Oh you?"

Lilith looks quite innocent, never a good sign. "Mmm. I made…" She reaches past him and grabs the smaller box. "This with Marcus in mind, but I wonder if it's too much. And you're busy with the meat cake, I don't want to drop anything else on you at the moment."

Johny gestures expectantly.. "You're gonna have to show it to me… else I'm just gonna open it up myself and take a look inside when I have picked the bones of the Meat Cake.

Lilith giggles softly and opens the box. Inside…oh, inside is a true monster. A beast. It that shall not be namesd. A massive log of rolled…bacon…rich with the scent of bbq sauce and more bacon, a good 4 pounds of solid wrapped and glazed heart torturing, mouth watering, steaming spicy pork sausage wrapped in bacon.

Lilith looks over at Sam with the smile of angels. "You think Marcus would like a pork log?"

Sam eyes it for a moment. "This…" he says, point to it… "Is an abomination. I mean, it's an interesting use of meat, sure…" He sighs, poking it. "But damn. So much sauce and salt, its impossible to taste the meat."

Lilith face falls a little. "Oh, bugger. I didn't use any salt, and I got this bacon specially ordered…oh dear, it was the sauce, wasn't it."

"The pork has salt in it; it's a salty meat." He looks to Lilith then. "I'm sure Marcus is going to adore it, its just not -my- thing. I like a good, simple meal, with complex flavors, yes… but this?" He gestures to the meat log. "Is just not me."
Lilith nods, sighing as she slides the log onto the counter. "Well, now I know, at least. Blast." She chuckles a bit. "I do hope the meat cake has perhaps done well?" She looks back over at him with a smile.

"Quite well. The budding chef must always remember that palets and tastes shift as rapidly as anything in the universe, and are often shifted by the taste just consumed; so perhaps, next time one serves meat cake, your follow up could be something light, without grease or salt. Perhaps a salad."

Lilith nods, listening carefully and ruefully sealing away the bacon log. "Ahhh…I shall do so. My little efforts here were offered partly in jest, but you do make a good point. I've got a few salad ideas I need to try out as well."

Johny grins. "It's always hard to tell, when someone brings you home cooked food, Lilith, what is a joke and what is honestly offered. I took the meat cake as a joke, and yet I still really really enjoyed it."

Lilith laughs outright this time, although quietly. "I'm glad you did." She meets his eyes, her own still shining with good humour. "To be perfectly honest, I might've been acting selfishly. I did expect you might leap and jump around a bit, as I've heard you're fond of your meat, and I wanted to see if it was true. But yes, I offered them as both a jest, and with the realization that it would hopefully not go unenjoyed."

Johny nods his head then, leaning against the counter. "THe meatcake was actually very tasty. The garlic helped bring out the flavor."

Lilith nods in return, shifting a little so she can hop neatly up onto a seat and begin placing the cake back in it's container. "I thought it might. I roasted it lightly before hand, and I added a bit of onion in as well, to give it a bit of sweetness that would meld well with the honey." She licks a bit of potato off one finger. "Mmm, yes. And the meat itself I left somewhat unseasoned…I figured the dressings would suffice, and I wanted to really bring out the solid, natural flavour of the beef."

"Well, it did." He says then, moving to the fridge and pulling out a pair of drinks; two sodas. "HOw long did it take you to make these things, then keep them warm for eating?"

Lilith shrugs, neatly piling the boxes together. "Not too terribly long. It took me about 15 minutes to prepare the log, but 3 hours to roast it in the barbeque. In that time I was able to put the meat cake together and get working on the decorations." She crosses her legs and lets her eyes follow him as the sodas are brought out. "The log kept well, the decorations took some time to actually apply."
Johny nods to the woman then, offering a soda over. "It's good stuff, but if you think that meat cake is leaving this house, you're a very wrong woman."

Lilith bites back a giggle as she takes the proffered beverage. "Oh, don't be silly, I wouldn't dream of it. I was just putting it away." She sips, savouring the carbonated flavouring for a moment.

Taking a moment to screw his features up, he adopts a high-browed persona, jutting jaw. "To meat-cake… temple shall be built, of stone and strong wood! Carved with power! Fine furs and great fires will be lit in its honor!"

Lilith has to cover her mouth as she chokes back a laugh, spilling a bit as the soda come dangerously close to tickling her nasal passages. She swallows and attempts to repress a laugh, pointing a shaky finger at him. "You bugger! I was drinking!" Another fit of giggling, despite her attempt at a dignified pose. "A temple, ha. I'd expect nothing less."

He bows his head. "Well, I aim to please. Let every woman who makes for me a cake of meat be given a temple. A temple for all my women!"

Lilith is having more trouble with her composure. Damn that man. She even wore the business suit tonight. Lil raises a hand to cover her mouth and hide, in vain, the giggles, watching him with paroxyms of delight contorting her features. "Oh my. I feel so honoured and overwhelmed!" She rolls her eyes a bit, fluttering her eyelashes in a false, overly dramatic faint. It's not a *good* impression, then again, it's not likely meant to be.

Johny grins amusedly. "Anyway. You wanna play video games or something? I was just decompressing from the day, ya know?"

Lilith pale blue eyes widen at him, this time surprised as she shakes off the giggles. "Oh! Um…well…I suppose…" She glances hesitantly towards the TV. "I've never…ever….played video games before. I'm not quite sure how to go about it."

Johny raises an eyebrow. "Never played a video game. Thats about as criminal as never having kissed a guy or a woman dying a virgin."

Lilith actually…sticks her tongue out at him. "They were discouraged at the abbey." She huffs, then slides those long legs off the chair. Shame she hides them so often. "Football, now, there's a game, and not the kind you Americans have."

Johny chuckles, stepping twords the door. "Well, I think I'm going to turn in early."
Lilith blinks, looking at him. "I thought you were going to play video games?"

Johny shakes his head. "Meat coma."

Lilith giggles. "Perhaps I'll go then. It wouldn't be polite, me sitting her playing your video game while you were trying to rest."

Johny grins, bowing his head to the woman. "Have a good night, Lil… thank you for meat cake."

Lilith chuckles, heading for the apartment exit. "You are very welcome."

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