Meeting With Lilith

Lilith is moving slowly across the polished marble floors. Her black dress seems to drift with her, moving like smoke or shadow with each graceful stride, every soft breeze. Her back is to the door, and she's heading for the balcony, despite the cold weather and light snowfall outside.

Lilith is gazing straight ahead, eyes completely…masked, neither cold nor warm. If she sees him, she gives no indication, moving forward almost silently as she passes by. Men gaze, women sneer, but her complete…distance from the world prevents the usual suspects from drifting towards her.

Samuel flicks his eyes over to Lilith. He watches her with a detached coolness to his features, the sort of practiced inhumanity that creates a wall between the world and the man, a moat of motionlessness that protects the world as much as the man.

Lilith is almost at the doors of the balcony, shut tight tonight. Given how some women dress, it's hardly surprising…there, she's finally stopped, approached by a likely corper, rich, bold, self assured. She looks at him with the slightly chilling yet serene gaze, and he doesn't take the hint. Not the smartest, he smiles, winks, tries to place his hand on her shoulder. She bows her head to him to speak softly.

That draws Samuel's attention, but not directly. Via orientation systems, ultrasound and highented senses, Samuel has a clear idea of exactly what is happening despite looking the other way. He can also probably hear the conversation. He turns the page of his book, seemingly reading.

Lilith voice is as soft as it always is. But since she did, in fact, spot Samuel, it's as frozen as the rest of her features, with the same sort of tone that thin, creaking ice carries. She smiles at the man. "Yes?" He replies, seeking her company, perhaps a private drink. She shakes her head as his hand drifts down her arm. He scowls. Something about power, riches, the usual arrogant blather. She arches a brow. "Power? Riches? I have both. I have the power to make men beg, to make them cry out. More powerful men then you have bowed before me, begged my presence. Go away." The sharp…finality of the tone is so rigid as to be set in stone. Then man meets her eyes, takes a step back, the snarl disappearing. He backpedals, and heads back to his drinks.

Lilith voice is not so much arrogant as…simply stating fact.

Ahh yes. The old 'power and riches line'. Sometimes, they work. Sometimes, they don't. The thing about a whore of any level, is not wiether or not they are for sale; such has already been established in principle; the haggle is over the price.

Lilith faces the doors, places her hands on the handles, and pushes them open. The brisk, frigid air whips the fabric of her dress wildly, twisting the waves and strips of silk around her in a halo of black and shadows. In an corona of black, light, and air, she moves through, ignoring the offended murmurs of the other patrons.

Samuel turns the page of his book (the Merchant of Venice, should one look), wetting one finger to do so. He sips his brandy, puffs his cigar, and in all other ways, does not approach lilith until she decdides to approach him.

Lilith looks out over the city. Despite the cold air, despite her bare shoulders and collar bone, not a single goosebump can be seen. She goes still when Sam follows her, a silent, black wrapped statue for several long minutes. Then, her head moves slightly, spotting his book, his poise. She seems to move closer, enough to carry on a conversation, perhaps, but no more. "Good evening…"

Samuel looks up, over the rim of a pair of reading glasses… "Good evening, Ms. DeWinter. I trust you are well?" He asks, closing the book after laying a silk ribbon between the pages he had been on. "You look as fair as ever."

Lilith doesn't quite meet his gaze, lowering her head. "I am." Remarkable control and poise, to all appearances. "Thank you. You are well too, I hope?"

Samuel bows his head to the girl, putting his book to the side. "I am well enough for the conciderations of my station, my duty and my life, yes. Will you join me?"

Lilith pauses for a moment. Hesitates, the first small flaw in her perfect veneer. "I…yes, if you wish it." She draws herself back together, lifting her pale blue eyes to meet his.

Samuel's own deeper blue are partly hidden behind the reading glasses. THose are removed and slid in to a pocket as he straightens up. "I received your letter. I debated penning you a response, but I do not match your talent for the written word, alas."

Lilith freezes a bit, her softer expression going rigid in…terror? Not quite, but something close to it, before it relaxes again. "Ah."

"I felt we could just discuss it in person, and be done with the matter. In the end, Ms. DeWinter…" He looks to her. "It comes down to social understandings. We had one. Mr. Michaels removed the politeness from the understanding. It is incumbent upon us to return it, yes?"

Lilith nods. "Of course." She meets his gaze, as much as she can.

Samuel gestures to the chair. "Sit with me."

Lilith nods again and sinks with a soft sound of rustling silk.

Samuel sips his bourbon for a moment. "The shortest possible explanation for you, Lilith." He says, for the first time, perhaps, ever, using her formal name.. "Is that I know and knew, of your affection and feelings. WE had a proper arrangement where we understood each other. I was married, you were a lady of singular means. WE have a personal relationship of a friendly nature."

Lilith lowers her gaze, and again, that faint, far brush of pink crosses her cheeks before she looks up again. "Yes."

"And so we understand, in our places as they are… that nothing has changed. The words of a man who means well but came off as oafish, should not deprive us of our comforts, such as they are. Would you not agree?"

Lilith nods slowly. "Yes." She looks at him, eyes faintly sad, for the first time since he's met her.

"Then we have our situation, which has not changed in the least. We are restrained as our friendship allows. We do not allow any affections, such as they are, to dominate our relations. As proper people, we compartmentalize them, and yet, still move forward."

Lilith nods again. "A most commendable suggestion for this situation." She takes a soft, soft breath. "I was hoping that some…something could be arranged. You are as wise as ever."

Samuel bows his head. "It is the only arrangement possible. I am unwilling to cease associating with you… and unwilling to leave my wife."

Lilith bows her head in return. "I would have it no other way."

"This is the only time I will ever ask you this, Lilith." He says, stubbing out his cigarette. "Will you be able to accept these terms, going forward? Will they be a burden to you?"

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Lilith lifts her chin. Proud, yet still yielding, a little. "It doesn't matter if they are or not. I accept them as they are, because even burdened I…" Her spine seems to stiffen further, her expression carefully constructed into calm smoothness. "I…am able to enjoy your company. Your conversation." A crack as she looks at you. "I am sorry for the posistion I have placed you in, Samuel."

Samuel shakes his head. "You placed me no where. I walked in to the situation and I have made my self known. My wife knows my fidelity. My friends know my honor. These things not withstanding, I would not sunder you as a friend save the most dire of circumstances, that being a danger to you."

Lilith lowers her head again. Eyes unseen, face partially hidden by her fall of hair, a tear falls onto her clenched hands. "I understand."

Samuel sips his drink, ignoring the womans tears. It's the only thing he can do.

Lilith raises her face almost immediately, free of any redness or indication of her own weakness. "Thank you, sir. I can only take this as a lesson even I was previously unaware of." She quirks a short smile.

Samuel isn't trying to be cruel, it's just impossible for him to acknowledge the emotion of the moment by agreed upon social convention. He looks back to her, smiling just slightly. "THe world is full of moments like that."

Lilith nods her head. By now the cold air is getting to even her, and she can't supress a shiver that travels through her whole body. "Oh…hells. I could use a bloody drink." A soft, relaxed sigh as she closes her eyes and pinches the bridge of her nose. "Ain't 'alf a bleedin' poi as 'ey 'ave a pint 'ere." She mutters very quietly, to herself, forgetting for a moment that Sam likely can hear her.

Samuel raises an eyebrow, allowing her the moment to compose herself, and then dispose herself. He watches with some interest as she slides in to a cockney lowlander accent. "So." He asks, reaching for his bourbon. "Which is the real you?"

Lilith blinks and looks up. "Excuse me?" She realizes her slip and laughs softly. "Ah, that…a habit of mine, when under stress, or if I need to disguise myself." She brushes a strand of hair into place and looks at him. "As to the real me…perhaps you would understand that I have only one self, simply with subtler shades of personality." She leans back, perhaps more open and frank with him then she's ever been…now that all secret feelings are out in the open, what's the point not to? "I am told I have that rare, natural talent of being able to adjust, though in truth I don't always realize I am doing it. Part of it is my training, part of it is just knowing what people like or expect to see and hear with someone they're interacting with."

Samuel nods, sipping his drink. "I can understand and appreciate that to a very very large degree. Part of my job is being other people, at the drop of a hat, at a moments notice. You saw some of that at the Bank. I never did appologize for that. I'm sorry."

Lilith shakes her head. "What for?" She looks faintly surprised. "I can understand apologizing, myself. I lost my temper and nearly got myself shot. You, however, are a trained professional, you knew what you had to do to protect the others. I was confused for a moment, but given what I know of you, I figured you knew what you were doing, and went with it." Lilith looks thoughtful. "Had they not been restrained, I might have gutted them myself. I am not always a peaceable woman."

Samuel nods slowly. "My initial reaction was to respond to force with force. It was immediately clear that they would not respond well to that force and I didn't have time to try another violent tact. Social movements were what was required, I felt, so I went that direction. I am grateful that you went along with what I was doing."

Lilith smiles faintly. "It is no worry."

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