The Draco Foundation Ares Macrotechnologies
Not technically a Megacorp, but it is the largest non-profit in the world. American as Apple Pie and a Bucket of Ammo
Aztechnology Saeder-Krupp
As Aztech as blood sacrifice and slavery. What does the worlds largest mega-corp owned by a great dragon do in Europe? Anything it damn well pleases.
Shiawase Novatech
The first megacorp. Possibly one of the strongest. The second American Megacorp, and smallest of the big ten.
Wuxing Yamatetsu
A chinese corp founded in the wake of the death of Dunkelzahn. Formerly Japanese, this corp shifted to Russia when it didn't take kindly to Japan telling it to kill its Orkish CEO.
Mitsuhama Computer Technologies Renraku Computer Systems
Don't let the name fool you, this japanese corp is a heavy industrial player. Also, they all but own the Tsimshan Nation right now. Somewhat weakened after a series of disasters, this Japanese corp is primed for a comeback
Cross Applied Technologies Alban Shores
This is the youngest of the Megacorps, and is from Quebec. That alone is reason enough to hate it. Not really a Megacorp. Not even Cannon. This is a watcher-plot device
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