Membership Requirements

Membership Requirements

Personal Induction

To join the Watchers Division, you must have RPed with one of the Founders and been invited to join the group. This is also required to have In-Character access to any part of this website. While a player can be recruited and added to the member list/channel on an Out-Of-Character basis, it is not a promise of joining the group as a full member. That requires interfacing well with the other players and working well on the team as a whole.

A sample log of an initiation/induction RP session can be found here: Vixen Recruitment

Non-Competition Clause

A member of the Watchers may accept other shadowruns from other agencies, groups or factions for personal gain and profit with only one restriction; Should a Watcher be involved with or hear anything that may harm the Draco Foundation or its interests as that Watcher understands them, the Watcher is expected to report, in detail, any aspects of what has been done or was learned with that impacts the Foundation. Otherwise, A Watcher's privacy and discretion will be his or her own.

Thematically speaking, A Watcher of the Draco Foundation wouldn't be allowed to take ANY run without informing the foundation of the scope beforehand. However, this is both invasive and unwieldy in a MUSH setting, not to mention the long standing associations players have before joining the Watchers would make this problematic. We have no desire to dampen anyone's fun.

Non-Disclosure Agreement

While membership in the Watchers does not forbid membership in other organizations, it does require secrecy as to the existence and nature of the Watchers Division. No membership is forbidden unless it runs counter to the Draco Foundation's interests (though exceptions can be made) or that group would interfere with primary loyalty to the Foundation. As such, membership in such organizations as Yakuza, Mafia, Seoulpa or Triad organized crime families or standing employment with any megacorporation or Great Dragon is not allowed.

Shared Universe

The Watchers Division will be developing a Wiki-style site that will contain thematic information that will be consider to be canonical for the Watchers. Any member is welcome to contribute or critique the information we develop. Members are expected to treat the canon that is decided on as the thematic canon on the Denver game. What this means is that if we agree that UCAS President Kyle Haeffner has been assassinated by Lofwyr, Nadja Daviar has gone missing, and the Speaker of the House, Bob Dobbs is now the President, Bob Dobbs is the accepted President.

Members will be solicited for input and their contributions are gratefully accepted. However, for editorial direction and continuity, final say will lie with the Founders to arbitrate and edit.

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