Midnight Snacks

A while after the meeting goes down and payment is received, Johnny arrives back at Thistlewood in his vette, followed swiftly by the Shelby. He steps out of the car, a cigarette in his lips. "That went well."

Lilith nods, sliding out of her car and making sure it's securely locked. "Aye, it did." She says, slipping back into her usual form of speech and poise. No more street level stuff. "And it didn't spook the boy too much. All for the best, I suppose."

Kass drawls from the doorway, changed out of her 'Silk' clothes and into less formal threads. "The boy?" She grins, shaking her head, "How old is that guy, anyway? You act like he is 'tomi's age."

Johny chuckles as he glances to Kass. "She calls all her men boys."

Lilith snorts as she moves forward, flipping her hair into a ponytail. "20, I believe. It's more his manner." She shoots Johnny a look, frowning. "All my men?"

Johny holds up a hand… "Faloon." One finger. "Minos." Another finger. "Jester." Another finger. "Chairman Xinghao…" Another finger… "All boys."

Laughing, Kass will lead everyone into the house, "Food or just drinks?" The elf offers, wandering around barefoot, as she is wont to do at home. "And be mindful, Ms. Ally is asleep as is Maya."

Lilith just shrugs at Johny and walks past him, moving after Kassandra. "Ahh, it is late…just a glass of water's fine, thank you."

Johny moves in to the house. "Grilled cheese would rock, Dumplin." Says the southerner as he cracks his neck. "Lessen, o'course thats too much. I can hit a diner on the way home, so coffee'd be fine too."

Kass all but staggers, "Water? Good Lord, are you alright? I don't think I've seen you actually drink water. Scotch, the occasional other libation, the blood of virgins, but water?" She giggles, shaking her head to Johny, deviating to head towards the Kitchen, "Not a problem whatsoever. Cheddar or do you prefer something more exotic?"

Lilith just eyes Kassandra, not registering the joke. "I've drank water fairly often, you know. Whiskey or scotch is a habit I blame on Johnny there."

"I didn't hold you down and force you." Says Johny then. "Of course, thats not really my -kink-."

Lilith smiles to herself. "Indeed not."

Whistling, Kass bounces into the kitchen, the lights reacting to her presence and increasing to seventy-five percent illumination. She drops a cast iron griddle onto the stove, rustling up bread, cheese, butter and a glass of water. She hands the last to Lilith as she waits for things to heat up both on the stove and in the room. "What *is* your kink?" She grins at that, spinning in place to start making the sandwich.

Lilith perches on a stool and sips her water with a faint sigh of relief.

Johny comes to sit on one of the stools. "Elven fixers who smell like Pomegranate." He answers simply, offering a grin as he reaches for one of the fruit bowls on the counter.

Kass rolls her eyes and laughs, "Sure, sure, I hear that all the time." She starts putting together a sandwich, then looks at Johny and hmms, starting to make a second. "Lil, are you *sure* I can't get you anything? I got in some cherries this afternoon, and some fresh watermelon, and I am sure there is something less .. plant based .. in the house?"

Lilith shrugs, chuckling a little. "It's no worry, Kassandra, really. I'm not hungry, but thank you for the offer."

Johny settles back on his stool, pulling an orange out and starting to peel it. It looks like, for a half moment, claws extend from his fingers, slicing in to the peel of the orange. "Yeah yeah yeah. I know. All the guys say it."

Lilith watches Johnny for a moment, not entirely surprised.

The elf nods to Lilith, placing a hand just above the surface of the griddle. She shakes her head and turns to keep talking, "Oh, you'd be surprised at what all the guys say. It's astounding the things people say, actually. I think they believe that I grew breasts instead of ears."

Johny nods to Kassandra. "It's amazing the people will say when they think no ones listening." He says without any real emotion or note to his voice. "They are barbarous, vicious creatures when not held accountable to their actions."

Lilith speaks dryly. "I could hold conversations with very intelligent, rich, and sometimes noblemen and still…" she shrugs.

Nodding, Kass tests the griddle again, apparently happy with it this time. She quickly deposits both sandwiches on the hot piece of cast iron, the house's internal venting system cutting the smoke rising off it to almost nil with a minimum of noise. "Well, that is true. But eh, I just usually smile and nod or ignore it, whichever is simpler."

Lilith nods in return. "Not much else to do with it."

"Life is full of situations we have little to no control or say over, so we can but smile, nod, and hope the situation changes in the future, no?" Asks Johny, eying the samich now.

Kass doesn't bother with the clock in her head, watching sandwiches cook with a steady eye. After maybe a minute she will flip them both quickly over with a spatula, the side now up showing golden brown and delicious. She remarks, "That is about right. Depressing, but right. So, no problems with 'the boy' I take it? He showing signs of someone we need?"

Lilith nods slowly…carefully. She finishes the water quickly. "There you go then." She checks the time, yawns, and stretches her arms behind her back, straining a little and then sitting up straighter. "He's good enough, but of course I'm not the one to say so."

Johny glances to Kassandra. "Someone we need?"

Perhaps a minute later Kass will remove both sandwiches from the griddle, killing the heat to the stove along the way. She dishes the hot sandwiches on a plate, running a quick knife through them diagonally before sliding the plate to Johny, "Order up!"

"Yes. Someone who is useful to us, that we need for the Struggle, someone who isn't in the way, working for the Mob, or otherwise a useless git?"

Johny ahhhs. "He handled himself quite well. He played it by ear, he was cool under fire and pressure. He's young, but he's mailable and eager to please. I like him."

Lilith chuckles as she watches Kass serve. "He did do well." She glances at the clock then and yawns, speaks softly. "I think I'll go. It's getting late."

Glancing to Lilith, Kass nods. "Almost the witching hour, and when people turn into pumpkins. Be careful out there, it is still supposed to snow even after being hot today."

Lilith shrugs. "So it'll be a bit chilly." She bobs her head to Johny. "Good evening, Mr.Wulfson."

Johny tips his head to Lilith. "Drive safe. There's a storm front moving in from the west."

Lilith makes her way to the door, looking tired for once.

Johny turns his attention back to Kassandra. "It was a good run. Lil got to show her tits, Jester got to lift heavy things and drive. I distracted the doctor, your client has new cats."

Kass watches Lilith go, shaking her head. "I hope she gets home alright, she looks dog tired. Too much running around today. We'll whip her into shape though." She listens to Johny, "Good. I am glad that things went pretty well, otherwise I would be majorly disappointed."

Johny looks to Kassandra. "Well, I'd never ever wish to disappoint you. I hope your client is happy with the outcome. No need to kill anyone, though I Don't think Christopher or Dr. Wang will be keeping their jobs."

Waving a hand, Kass shrugs, "No plans on my part to kill anyone; one of my clients has a soft spot for animals and apparently these two were taken from a wildlife preserve and there were forged papers and all that stuff. So, they are on their way back to the wild, and the zoo gets a black eye and deserves it. Everyone wins."

"Well, everyone has a pet cause, don't they?" He asks, a slight grin coming to his lips. "You have Ally, I have my hobbies. Lilith has her girls."

Kass arches an eyebrow, moving to put the spatula into the dishwasher, "I am not sure I'd call her a pet cause, but yes, I see what you mean. She does tend to occupy my free time." Kass considers, "And my not free time too. I think she moves more into the 'obsession' category."

He chuckles then. "Thats the nature of love. It consumes. Like a fire."

"True. But what a way to be burned." Kass grins at that, shrugging. "It doesn't bother me. For the first time in a very long time I get to do the sort of work I want to do rather than that I have to do. And as such, it leaves me plenty of time to sit around being burned."

Johny nods to that, thinking it over. "Burning isn't necessarily bad. Ash is very fertile, allowing the cycle of growth to repeat. We burn for energy to continue forward, Nuclear or Fusion or Coal, we consume to power all we do. Your love, it's an uncontrolled forest fire right now. It will burn down to charcoals in a little while, maybe a few more months… its up to you then to form a more contained, fueled and fed fire to continue forward."

Nodding, Kass says, "We'll have to do that, then. I'm not satisfied with a few months, or even a few years. We'll find a way to keep things going strong." She says it with conviction, as if she's given the matter a bit of contemplation.

Johny nods to Kassandra, watching her contemplatively. Really, for the first time in a long while, critically. Examining her. What she's saying. "I believe you."

Kass smiles, "You better." She laughs, "Eat, you are too thin," she remarks in her best jewish mother voice, moving to carefully clean the likely still hot griddle. She does take the time to put on heat-resistant gloves with a guilty look towards the ceiling.

Johny glances at the Ceiling, eying what may be scorch marks from a burnt glove. HE takes the sandwich, biting in to the goey cheezeyness without really pausing for it to cool down. there are some advantages to nano-weave in your skin; it helps insulate from hot. He swallows, taking a sip of his water then. "This, Kassandra, is the first meal anyones made me in some time. Thank you."

No burn marks per say on the ceiling, but she is rather likely looking towards where Aladriel might be, in a general way, with the air of someone who gets scolded often for not being careful. Kass shakes her head, "It's just a sandwich," she remarks, adding, "But you are welcome. You've cooked for me often enough I thought I might return the favour, especially now that I am getting more domestic."

He nods to her, setting the sandwich down. "Its part of my coping mechanisms, Kassandra, to do for others. To keep their attention off of me. So it's… odd.. to have someone doing for me. And I appreciate it. Would you maybe… like to learn some more advanced dishes and concepts? I can teach, if you like."

She nods, perhaps understanding some of what he means by coping mechanisms. Kass says, "You'll have to teach me a few; I'm picking up what I can from the cooking networks and trids, lots of trial and error. You wouldn't believe how many eggs I went through trying to make omelets."

Johny chuckles quietly. "For me, it was pancakes." He admits. "I could never tell when they were done enough to flip. No, I'd be happy to show you some basics. The cooking shows are good if you already have a mid-level understanding, but they are horrible for question-and-answer."

Kass laughs, imagining stacks of pancakes lining the kitchen. "You are right, they are pretty bad for actually explaining the hows and whys of what to do. I mean, I could chip it and just be the best in the world but .. it wouldn't be real, you know? I want to *know* how to do it and not just be some puppet."

She shrugs a bit at that, "So yes, I'd love a few lessons. Keep in mind that you'll want a healer on hand, I burn myself every so often and pick up cuts every time I touch a knife."

Johny tilts his head. "Oh, yes, Kassandra." He says quietly. "I know the desire… the pull… of -real-. Of doing with your hands from your own ability… I know how important that can be. As to the healing… I'll bring superglue."

Kass laughs, "Superglue, eh? I'll use the gloves I bought, it should keep me out of *most* trouble. Plus, Ally can get loud if I get myself hurt. She'd be ten kinds of mad to come home with me covered in superglue and burns." She snickers, shaking her head.

Johny chuckles quietly, eating his sammich now. "See's really lucky to have you. I've watched her spin her wheels for years now. You've given her direction."

"Well, she helps keep me centered and focused on things, so I'd say we are pretty lucky to have each other." Kass reflects on that a moment, "And she keeps me from doing stupid things, always a plus too. I've done some *really* dumb things in the last few years."

Johny sips his drink then. "Like what?"

Kass shakes a gloved finger, "No scolding." She smiles a bit, "Let's say that I haven't tried overly hard to keep myself alive the last few years. I've taken dumb chances with my life that are, in reflection, not the wisest choices I could have made." She shrugs, "You live and learn."

He chuckles then. "Indeed. I know how that goes. It takes something like… falling in love… to teach you how little care you have for yourself. "

"Something like that, yes." Kass quiets for a moment, carefully drying off the cleaned cast iron and then turning the heat on for a moment. "It .. makes you remember that there are things worth living for."

"Exactly so, Kassandra. It takes something like that to pull your head out of the gutter, to point your eyes skyward, and see the stars again. Seeing them, makes touching them possible."

"Right." Kass smiles, shaking off the mood before it can take hold. "So. In any case, I give her direction, she gives me a center and focus for my life, one that exists beyond the next scam and the next pile of nuyen."

He settles back, watching her. "Focus, direction, being human. These are good things. They center us, make us real people as opposed to sacks of flesh that act in human ways."

"It's why I tend to stay away from people these days, except for the Watchers and on very rare occasions forays for parties or the like. I .. am fairly focused on trying to keep the moments I can precious, and dealing with these meat sacks isn't something that interests me overly much. Oh, I *care* in a general sense that they are all right and that things work out. But individually? Not so much."

He nods to her… "I should let you get to sleep." He says, finishing off the sammich quickly. "I know I've been moody recently. I'm looking to that."

"Well good. I know that things have been a little wild recently, but Ally and I are promising to stay out of your love life and let you do whatever and stop being busybodies. And Lil seems to be calming down, and everything seems to be settling nicely."

Johny chuckles quietly. "I think you and ally staying out of my lovelife is best for everyone." He says, grinning slightly. "For one, I don't think either of you want to see me naked."

She laughs, shaking her head, "No doubt. We are sorry for acting like pests, tho, we just get .. excited is all." Kass shrugs.

Johny smiles then. "Better to have you care… than to have your indifference. I think among all gods range of situations… your indifference would hurt the most."

"Well, we are *not* indifferent. We just made some .. not good calls." Kass seems to fall easily into speaking of herself and the mage as a 'we' or 'us', as if it were just something people did, like they were a group mind. "but no, not indifferent, just took the only logical choice in our minds and tried to hammer it into working."

Johny nods to her. "I know, love.. I know. I appreciate the care. I see it. I know it."

Kass kills the heat to the stove, "It'll all work out, I have faith."

Johny turns for the living room then. "Thats good. I know it will all work out in the end."

The elf laughs a bit, nodding. "I said that!"

Johny chuckles, leaving the room.

March 03, 2009

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