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Legacy of the Soviets

Kassandra, Lilith and Julian travel to a remote portion of the former Soviet Empire to track down an ancient artifact. Things do not go according to plan as the players drop in to a tense border war between Iranian refugees who settled after the fall of Tehran, and the local Russians and Georgians who actually live there.

My Kind Of Town

Kassandra, Ally, Johny and Marcus embark on seperate but linked adventures in to the city of Chicago. Ally and Johny to find Ally's mom and then Marcus and Kassandra to rescue Ally and Johny when they find Ally's mom and she's not what was expected.

Cold Stone, Cold Wind

Mafen and Kassandra venture in to the frozen wastes of Antarctica to discover the source of a mysterious radio signal. Along the way, they meet up with angry snow-drifts, angry snow and a secret nazi bunker.

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