Mission Statement

First Contact for reawakening Magical Beings

  • The return of magic to the world, called the Awakening was not a simple switch, magic on/magic off. Instead, the Awakening is a tide and as that tide rises, more magic floods the world, bringing with it new kinds of magic, spirits and beings that reawaken. These beings will awaken and return to a world still vastly unprepared for their return. The Watchers team is tasked to engage in first-contact with these awakening creatures, to establish peaceful communication where possible and to contain violence where it is not.
    • Additionally, the special case of the Drakes. Drakes are magical servants of the Dragons, created in the 4th world. Both created drakes, presumingly immortal and slumbering like dragons, and bred drakes, humans who bear genetic linages tracing back to a drake progenitor, require guidance in understanding the world and protection from Dragonkind, who would poach those servants of dragons deceased.

Investigation of magical anomalies and places of power

  • Human understandings of Magic and the effects it has on the environment, and vice versa, are rudimentary at best. It is in the interests of humanity as a whole to have a clearer picture and understanding of the effects changes to the environment have on the flow of Mana, to prevent Fovae, Shallows, Toxic zones and the accumulation of Background Interference. Further, where possible, the Watcher teams are to ensure blockages to the flow of Mana, cleaning the taints which bind or to mark and understand how they affect the overall flow.
    • Special investigations will be undertaken to determine the damage done by;
      • The Aztlanner Civil War to mana-lines leading in to and out of Aztlan
      • The Fracturing of the City Spirit of Denver
      • The corruption of the Spirit of the Mississippi
      • Discovery, restoration or destruction of Locus nodes.

Removal of magical threats to stability

  • In coordination with local authorities where possible, the Watchers will undertake missions to investigate and remove Insect-Spirit Individuals and Hives, Toxic Shamans and corrupted spirits, Blood Mages, Nosferatu and conspiracies of a magical nature both mortal and immortal. The Watchers are charged with the investigation and removal of any cult or group which could cast ritual magic of such a scope as to cause a Mana Spike and remove that threat.
    • Specific attention shall be paid to;
      • Insect Hives
      • Blood Cults
      • Fusion of Nuclear and Metamagic disciplines.
      • Shedim Infestations

The recovery and/or destruction of Artifacts

  • The cycle of magic is not a new phenomena. It has cycled up and down for longer than even Dragons can remember. Though thousands of years in the past, the Fourth World is not gone. It's ruins and its artifacts litter the world, under a layer of legend, erosion and forgetfulness. From Theran Behemoths to Dragon Lairs full of unknowable artifacts, more has been forgotten from that age than will ever be remembered. It is incumbent upon the Watchers to recover, for the Draco Foundations study and safe keeping, or destroy where not possible, the artifacts and relics humanity is not ready to understand.

Prepare Humanity for the Scourge


State of the Watchers Updates

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