Night Time Revelations

The Garage, Thistlewood

Samuel is currently stripped to the waist, grease smearing his right shoulder and arms, as he, cigarette in between his lips, forces a transmission in to place on an engine assembly. He's friggen hot for a 50+ man, but we always knew that.

Silverfox drives her van which is now looking pretty damn beat up and in need of some serious repair, through snow and sleet, and all that shit that ensures your mailbox is full of them cheesy advertisements: Buy Now…Buy Cheap! The van is done up in black with red flames. She's muttering the whole way, "Could a flown in. Sure I may not be the BEST pilot in the world…but I sure as hell wouldn'ta taken out his damn house." Mutter mutter mutter. She parks the van with a sigh at having made the drive without getting stuck in the driveway and steps into a big puddle of slushy yuckiness. "Oh yuck!" She shakes her leg free and its soaked past her ankle. She sighs and walks to the garage and knocks on the door, "Yo! Anyone home?"

Samuel calls out from the Garage, where his -own- helicopters are stored. THe bell, the wasp, the stallion, all covered and kept mothballed save when needed. He tosses a broken bolt in to a trashcan next to him. "I'm in the Garage, kid. Come on in."

Silverfox comes inside and takes off her glasses cause that's the polite thing to do and say's, "Hi." She places her hands in her back pockets rocking on her one soaked foot and her other dryisher foot and from beneath a pile of scarfs say's, "Mfiot. mekir fmoe a" She lowers the scarf and say's, "Hey. How are ya."

Samuel raises an eyebrow at the woman, a smirk coming to his features. "I'm pretty good, all told. I mean, I'm alive, I'm sexy as fuck, I've got a garage full of more vehicles than most nations, I am going to live for a while longer yet, and I get to help save the world. So." A pause. "Wanna fuck?"

Silverfox looks around at the garage and sort of drools a bit. You're not nearly as sexy as tool set. She sorta wanders over to it and bends with a whistle. "I sure as hell need to do some work on my van. Been meaning to take it over to Wrenches, but everytime I'm there I get a little sad."

Samuel shrugs, not really understanding the reference. "So whats on your mind? Hell of a drive out here, to talk to me." he says, looking up to her and wiping off his hands on a red shop-rag. He tosses a wrench in to a tool tray, it clattering on others of its brood.

VROOOMMMMmmmmmchuggachuggachuggachuggachugga -click-. The sound of a big-ass motorcycle pulling up outside is followed shortly by the sound of someone getting off of it and knocking on the garage door.

Samuel is currently naked to the waist, but its not what it looks like. He's also smeared with engine grease and appears to have been assembling an engine on a portable hoist. He's got a red rag in his hands as he chats with Silverfox-vixen-harley-somecrazybitch. Not that Sam can cast many stones.

Silverfox glances over at Samuel and stands up rocking on her heels again and then clears her throat. For some reason Samuel makes her really nervous. She licks her lips, "Uhm." She shrugs, "Well I had some questions…bout some things." She wanders over to another set of hydralics and runs her hands over them a bit. Picking up stuff and then putting it back down. She glances over at Samuel and wishes he'd put a shirt on. Jesus. Then the sound of a motorcyle draws her attention.

Rock Hard. Rock hard, diamond tipped nipples.

It's cold outside

KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK. "Let me in, you rotten bastard, it's fragging cold out here."

The main doors are open, which is why its cold. Portable heaters churn out a lot of heat though. Sam doesn't skimp on the energy bill. "Come on in, Bull!" Calls Sam, reaching for his tee-shirt now. And the engine seems to be in working order, just not in a car. He should probably reseat the fourth sparkplug, it may misfire.

Minos wanders in to the garage, because he obviously is retarded not to notice it was open, so we'll skip that retarded part. He says, idly, "Jaysus on a popsicle stick, man, put a shirt on; you'll blind me with the light off of your pasty white skin!" Brought up short by the presence of the woman he says, "Hoi there…" leaving off the name because frankly who knows which one of the multifarious personas that are Vixen inhabits the body right now.

Silverfox moves to look at the engine. Running her eyes over it like a woman might over the body of her naked lover. Well not that bad. But Silver loves turning a wrench. She notes to Samuel, "That sparkplug needs to be looked at." She shrugs. Then in comes Minos. Silver is a bit leery of the beast. Its not everyday you see a Minotaur though she's probably heard about him and maybe saw him in passing once or twice. She can't recall h aving any conversations with the bull.
And seems to agree about the shirt part. Only may not have objections to the color of Samuels skin.

Sam slides his shirt on, cracking his neck and picking the cigarette back up. "So whats up?" He asks, turning his attention to the spark plug. He taps it once, twice, then turns it, with a PANG, it settles in to its seat. "Nice catch. Would have bothered me for hours."

Silverfox isn't sure who Samuel is talking to but defers to Minos… Whom she waves a little to. Then say's, "Silver. You know its the only name that you can use that all of us answer to. Or Harley. We answer to that one too." That is Silver trying to be helpful. Cause she is aware what a pain in the ass her mental illness can be for some people.

Silverfox can now look at Samuel without blushing.

Minos says "All right, Silver; I don't actually believe we've met. I'm Alex…but you know that." He looks to Samuel and says, "Actually I just dropped by to see how things were.""
Samuel moves to a sink, to wash off his hands. "Things are okay enough. Kassandra's -very- cross with you. SHe'll adress that wiht you herself. Whats on your mind, Silver, you said you had some questions."

Silverfox nods, "Oh right. Alex." She watches Sam wash his hands for a bit then jumps when he addresses her. "Oh. Yeah. I did." She says, "About this Watchers gig."

Minos arches an eyebrow. "She is, is she? I expect a number of people are going to be cross with me throughout 2069. I'll talk to her and see what's bothering her, though."

Samuel turns to Silverfox, raising an eyebrow. "WEll, you've got the right two men in the world in the same room to talk to about it. Go ahead."

Silverfox nods and say's, "Well what is it exactly you want me to do?" She shrugs, "I don't deck, I'll fight to protect my life but in as non lethal a way as possible. Maybe I'll try to kill is like a monster that's gonna swallow me alive. So uhm….Yeah." In short she doesn't see herself as a runner.

Samuel glances at Minos, then to Silverfox. "I think yuo need to refine your question, Hon. What is it your asking? Am I going to ask you to kill bad people? Yes. Am I going to ask you to kill 'eh' people who are doing bad things? Yes. Am I going to ask you to kill perfectly innocent people who have the misfortune of being in the wrong place at the wrong time?" A pause. "No. I have other people for those missions."

Minos remains quiet and lets you two talk for the nonce.

Silverfox frowns, "Well…maybe you need to define 'Bad People?' Cause I mean some bad people are just good people caught in bad circumstances. Like Slythe. She was bad. But does that make Vixen bad cause she took her on?"
"Kid." Says Samuel, crossing his arms and sucking on his cigarette for a moment. "I need you to be able to trust me, to trust Minos, that if we say someone needs to die, they really, honestly, need to die."

Silverfox frowns and isn't sure she does trust Samuel. Therein lies the root of her problem. There is a memory…she can't quite get over. "Uhm. Like the time you said that waitress and that custodian needed to die?"

«OOC» Silverfox says, "Wait waitress/hotel clerk"
«OOC» Samuel says, "Refresh me."
«OOC» Silverfox says, "You did a cleaning job for her. She woke up with Slythes kill in a hotel room."
«OOC» Samuel says, "I'm not sure I recall it very clearly. What exactly did I do?"
«OOC» Silverfox says, "You killed the hotel clerk and some other guy to make the killing look like a love triangle gone bad. Set the hotel room on fire."
«OOC» Samuel says, "Oh yeah. That was awesome."
«OOC» Silverfox nods, 'There ya go."

Samuel's expression doesn't harden, it doesn't get angry. He shakes his head. "Look. Kid. What we are doing here, is a numbers game. You don't yet appreciate the scope, but heres this line." He draws a line on the bench in grease. "On one side, we have X. On the other, we have X+1. One of these sides is going to -die-. Gone. Caput. No more. No mas. My job, is to make sure X+1 lives. The greater fraggen good here."

Minos says "You have such a refreshingly simplistic view of things, Samuel."

Samuel glances at Minos. "Yeah. It keeps me grounded."

Silverfox isn't sure. She's the philosophical, tree huggin, motorcycle lovin, artist. She's no runner. "I haven't run in a long time." Crisis in confidence.

Though she is trained.

Sam exhales, looking to Minos, then to Vixen. "Look, I brought your… incarnations.. on board because I know you're slick in the saddle wiht the matrix, your good with your fists and I can rely on you. Right now, Silverfox, I'm starting to doubt the relying on you part. I need people who will appreciate the nature of the battle they are fighting, why they are fighting it and why, yes, innocent bunnies with big floppy ears, soft eyes and beautiful fur are going to have to be fed in to a /fraggen wood chipper/. Because sometimes, the world sucks. But its the only one I got, so I don't want some host of extraplanar assholes shitting all over it."

Minos clears his throat slightly. "When I interviewed you, Silver, you all conferred with one another and claimed to understand the nature of what was going on. Did I mention to you that you'd have to kill people? Not particularly, no—but what did you really expect when signing on with the Draco Foundation? We follow Dunkelzahn's ideals; and Dunkelzahn was a generous, caring, kind, and idealistic dragon who believed in the potentiality of the human race. But dragons aren't the biggest, baddest, wisest, and oldest carnivores on the planet because they're nice. The Foundation's work isn't always nice, either. The PR firms and the charities do the nice, smily stuff. We do the stuff that comes out the other end of the smile…the fangs, the talons, and the tail."

Silverfox say's, "I'm not going to follow a /blind/ order to kill anyone. You want my sisters and me on your team that is my one condition. Don't point me in a direction and say kill. And expect me to drool and jump up and down and do the hoka polka and turn myself around dance. I expect to be leveled with. Trust and reliability go both ways Samuel. You prove to me I can trust you, I'll prove to you that I'm reliable." She shrugs, "Seems only fair."

Sam puffs the cigarette. "Let me be frank with you kid." Says Sam, stepping forward, jetting the smoke from his nostrils. "I am not going to ask you to do something I don't think your capable of. I'm not going to give an order I'm not sure can be followed. I'm not going to put you in the black hat until I know it fits, so if thats all your worried about, it's null-sheen. I got other people for black bag operations I don't think you have the equipment to handle."

Minos eschews comment at this time (if you're waiting for me in general, don't; I'll talk when I'm ready)

Silverfox nods, "Just so we understand eachother." The way she acts she just wrestled a dragon to the ground and it sorta came out a stalemate. She'll settle for the stalemate. She glances between Minos and Sam a bit and say's with some openess, "I've..I've stepped aside in deference Vixen and Chameleon and the work they do. A lot. Well…that's really all I wanted to talk about."

Samuel shakes his head slowly. "So you came out here to tell me something I already knew, that anyoine who's ever worked with you knew. What the frag was the point to -that-, kid? You got something more pressing or was 'don't ask me to kill kittens' really pretty much it?"

Minos holds up a hand to Samuel.

Samuel glances to Minos, but falls silent.

Silverfox blinks at Samuel, "Well Vixen told me…to come talk to you about shit. And she assured me I could trust you to listen…" She turns and heads out of the garage and wraps her scarf around her. Trudging through the snow and trying to avoid any more ice puddles.

Minos pauses and says, "This is how it works around here, Silver. Samuel and I run the Watchers. It suits him to be the bad cop and it suits me to be the good cop, but appearances can be deceiving…as Samuel's slowly been discovering about me lately. The one thing you need to know right now is this: A new war has begun in the Sixth World. I'm not talking about corporations or countries or anything else, I'm talking about a threat to the very existance of everything everyone you know knows and loves. This is a war that is going to be fought in the shadows, and we are the front line troops in it. There are a lot of fragging people who don't agree with how we fight it. Fuck them." He pauses. "Samuel doesn't know this, because I haven't shared it with him, but your name and a handful of others were on a list that came out of the Draco Foundation's vaults recently. That list contains a number of suggestions from Dunkelzahn. People who would be…suited for the things we are about to do."

Silverfox blinks at Samuel, "Well Vixen told me…to come talk to you about shit. She assured me I could trust you to listen…" She turns to Minos and listens quietly to what he has to say. She lifts a brow as he talks then settles back a bit as if all the air has been removed her body and displaced just out of reach. "You're jokin right?" Looking from one to the other and then shaking her head, "That's crazier than I am!" Then takes a breath, "That's just…" She seems lost for a second and then laughs!!! "Well he must have had an incredible sense of humor."

Samuel looks to Silverfox, not blinking an eye. "If Alex said it, its the chip truth from Gods own mouth." A glance is given to Minos, but Sam's used enough to operating in a world where he doesn't have all the intel and still has to make decisions.

Silverfox nods, "OK. Well I guess that's settles it. A dragon say's I'm need to stand between the apocolypse and mankind. Well I guess color me armed and dangerous. So Sam. When ya gonna give me flying lessons." She perks a brow. Change of subject and a crazy cola needed.

Minos says "I'm not joking. I will tell you that I trust Samuel implicitly. I would like to trust you. We're not stupid. Samuel's a psychologist who's dealt with…agents and their limits in the past. He will not ask you to do things you can't do…but even you are a challenge for someone with his experience due to your unique nature."

Silverfox nods, "Yeah I'm a pain in the ass." She admits.

Samuel nods to Silverfox. "I have a special understanding of what people think they can't do, what they can do, and where that line is. And you're not a pain in the ass. You're a pain in the -neck-. Decidedly different things. As to flying lessons… Probably should find someone better trained than me for that. I'm qualified, but I'm out of practice."

Silverfox nods, "Well if I'm gonna be any help to this team at all, I'm gonna need to work on some of my talents. Never know when you're gonna need a rotorcraft pilot I think."

Samuel nods to the girl. "I can set you up with a tutor, but that begs the million nuyen question, Silverfox." he says, reaching for a cigarette. "I need to know that you're going to be stable through a mission, given as your skillset seems to shift on who you are at the moment."

Minos seems to have little interest in this aspect of the conversation and moves over to the workbench where he idly flips through some magazines about motorcycling.

Silverfox shrugs, "I already told you Sam. I step aside for my sisters most of the time. You start a mission with Vixen, more'n likely your gonna end a mission with Vixen. Unless you want someone else." She shrugs. "We can arrange that." She shrugs, "We're about as stable as we've ever been. In some ways more so. In a lot of ways moreso. Used to have seven fucking people running through my brain." She shrugs, "I am what I am. Can't really do better than that."

Samuel smirks quietly. "We can always do better, kid. Once, I was in a sorrier state than you. Though, I got there in a different route. The difference tween you and me, is I don't think you want to reintigrate, I think you value your diversity to much to seek the stability and comfort of a single world view."

Silverfox shrugs, "NO. I think that you are wrong. Its Vixen that doesn't want to integrate…she seems to believe that the end product will be unsalvageable." She shrugs as she doesn't really know.

Samuel nods to Silverfox. "Vixen is, frankly, the strongest of the sisters. She's worried she'll lose her self in you. But thats neither here nor there." He says, lighting the cigarette. "No, I won't ask you to kill kittens. Yes, I will push you, test you and constantly hound you to do better, as if the world depended on it."

"Because it does."

Silverfox nods, "I can accept that. I expect that. Probably think you had a fever if you weren't an asshole." She smirks, And uhm…" She feels to correct your assumption again, "Its not herself she's protecting, Vixen that is. Its me and Cham." She shrugs, "But the end result is the same. She won't discuss it." She glances over at Minos and say's, "Anyway enough about my fucked up world. Hows your worlds?"

Minos looks up and says, "MMmm? I'm fine."

Samuel shrugs. "I draw assumptions because I've not spent hours debreifnig you and getting an understanding of your individual matrix and power structure."

Samuel snickers, glancing over to the bull as the bull lusts after some heavy hawg. "Yeah. I got one in the basement now. I figured having my own prevented people getting pissed when I leave stains on theirs."

Silverfox glances over at Minos and grins, "So, I see you got a really pretty Harley out there." Her eyes taking in the bike. Still not sure what to make of a minotaur who has a direct line to god…errr Dunkelzahn.

Minos looks up at Silver more focused-ly and says, "Yes, Samuel gave me it for Christmas. It's totally wiz, I feel like I'm 18 again." He grins broadly.

Silverfox laughs as she's on a subject she actually knows a lot about and say's, "Well if you want…when the weather ain't so nasty, you and I should go on a road trip. I know the best motorcycle routes. Decent challenge but not so dangerous yer gonna mess up yer bike. Well not unless you really fuck up." She notes. "I go out to this one place and just practice trick riding. Couple of the Demo Boyz and I sometimes go out to this field and do mock combat."

Minos says "I'm afraid I'm not all that good, yet."

Silverfox grins, "Well I'm a pretty good teacher." She shrugs.

Samuel leans back, letting the girl and the bull bond. It's a beautiful thing, a girl and her bovine.

Minos nods. "Look me up sometime."

Silverfox nods, "OK…" Then looking from Sam to Minos and back again say's, "Well I don't want to keep you guys from your uhm biz. I should probably go eh?"

Minos glances to Samuel and replies to Silverfox, "I don't want to be rude, but yes, I would like to speak with Sam alone for a bit." He grins. "I really will need to learn about biking soon."

Samuel smiles to Silverfox. "Come back anytime, Silver."

Silverfox nods, "I will when I have something more important than I don't want to kill kittens on my mind." She turns and trudges through the snow…this time for real. She hops into the van and starts it up.

Minos waves to Silver as she leaves. "See you later!"

Samuel glances out after the girl. "Her insecurity is worrisome. She'll grow out of it, or she'll grow dead."

Minos shrugs. "We'll see."

Silverfox goes home.

Exit Silverfox

Minos looks at you and says, "Now the thing I came here to tell you about." He holds up a datapad and hands it to you. "This got dropped on my desk today. It's a note from Dunkelzahn, and not the one in the Machine." He scrolls down to a page that reads, 'To Samuel Thayer and Alexander Murphy, to be read on or after Christmas 2068. Gather these people to your breast, their participation is critical. They may be trusted to be informed, and their uses will become apparent over time.' followed by a list.'

Samuel glances down at the list, then up to Minos. "We've got most of these people. Some of the names I don't know, some of them seem familiar…" He pauses for a moment, looking over the list. He notes names htat are not infact, on the list… "You know what I hate, more than anything else, Alexander?"

Minos says "I'm going to guess it's similar to what I'm feeling but not identical because you weren't as involved by him: the feeling that in some ways we're pawns to a dragon that's dead, and the worry that in the end we might be as expendable as those we're discussing, no matter how well-intentioned we believe him to have been?"

Samuel shakes his head. "No, I can live with that. I can live with being a cog in a machine." He says simply. "I hate the idea of predestination. The idea that what we do doesn't matter in the end, because its already written."

Minos says "Oh, that." He pauses, then continues, "I've been thinking about that. I did some research into this in the database—I'll send you the filenames on what the DIMR has on it. There've been several false alarms as to Dunkelzahn's…prognostications. Turns out that they believe that the farther you get from the time they were made the less reliable they are. He's also never really specific."

You say "Forecasting, is a tried and true science, I agree. The more data, the more accuracy. The further you project out, the less accurate you get due to x factors. But theres a differene, I guess, between knowing the future… and -guessing- the future.""

Minos nods. He says, "Well one bright spot is, I know this woman." He scrolls to Serathelion Danielle Medaron. "Annie. You sent me a file on her recently but it didn't clique. We met professionally a few times, coordinated things back in New York City when I worked with the British Consulate therebefore Dunkelzahnand then later, when I was working for the Foundation. I did executive protection, so did she."

Samuel nods to Minos as he thinks it over. "I probably danced with her when I was inserting in to the Tir back in 45. Its where I picked up Sperenthiel, but I don't know. that era is sort of murkey for me, on the best of days."

Minos nods. "She was solid back then, no reason for her not to be solid now. Normally the association with Laverty and the Tir would have all my alarms screaming 'we don't want them knowing'…but this list sort of changes things for me. Had to be a reason he'd give us this list and tell us to trust her."

Samuel nods to Minos, thinking that over. "It's odd that he calls me by Thayer even 15 years ago… Thayer was a created identity in the years after his death. THat, is scary and blurrs that line between guesing and knowing, ya know?"

Minos says "And he calls me by Murphy. Which…well, it puts me in a certain mindset, you know? The stiff-upper-lip, authority-following, good British knight mindset." He shakes his head ruefully. "The wyrm is a master manipulator, that's for sure. I would doubt him but, frankly, if he's fucking us then there's no point in having any hope at all, so I'm going to err on the side of optimism."

Samuel nods to Minos. "I'm just damn glad he didn't ask for Viktor Rochenko."

Minos says "Anything else on your mind?"

Samuel shakes his head. "No. Not really. Kass feels like you sold her an unrealistic expectation, she was agitated when meeting the D in the machine. A case of too-much-too-soon, I think."

Minos nods. "I'll talk to her. She's on this list, too." He pauses. "I was overwhelmed when I got recruited, too—moreso after the first Machine trip. I think she'll adjust…and her social skills, probably combined with Lilith's, are the sort of thing you and I are most lacking in."

Samuel nods, looking back to Minos. "I'm disappointed in Lilith. I recruited her because she has a keen mind, but I expected her to be a bit more pro active in her training and armament. To take this a bit more seriously… We need face, but we need face that can hold its own when the time for talking is come and gone."

Minos says "I am as well. I'll certainly talk to her about it." He pauses. "Did you get my email regarding a surgical plan?"
Samuel nods. "I did. I will start working that up here in the next few days. Its something I can't do in starts and stops."

Minos says "No doubt."

"Anyway, thats about all I have on the agenda right now. I'm pretty concerned with what we saw here tonight, which is some of the people we have, being unable to stomach a large portion of the -work- we face. BUt we can cross that bridge when we come to it, and then I can blow it up."

Minos chuckles. "Good point. I need to get going, early day tomorrow."

Samuel grins. "Ride safe now. I'm gonna go inside and go to sleep."

Minos says "Good night."
Minos hits the button, and the Barn doors swing open, allowing exit to the Driveway.

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