Not A Batcave

Johny gave slinger a call, so he could drop off the documentation for the new SIN's and security permits that Slinger recently acquired. The meeting place is a little odd, out past Aurora, near the old Aurora Fairgrounds. Johny's there, leaning on the fender of an Ares Citymaster.

Slinger answers, and is happy to. Happy with his new identity — at least as far as the cops are gonna be concerned. If he gets caught with these items, he has at least the basics to permit him to not get randomly arrested, which makes him happy. The youth drives out toward the site, moving casually as he goes. Needs to make a note to call Blindside sometime, talk about some mods to the SUV as well. And also, if he gets his new toys installed, talk about getting some changes made to his gun. Mental note, need a gunsmith. Tempting to make some calls as he drives.

Funny you should need a gunsmith; one of the best in North America just walked back in to Sam's life. He pushes off from the car when the other mans Land Rover approaches. He waves him over, then gestures to the Roadmaster. "Hop in, we're going for a ride."

Slinger climbs out of the SUV and locks the doors, then waves casually to his old friend. "S'up, man? Got the stuff right here." He holds up a chip, credstick, all that kind of thing, then tucks it back into a pocket. Another flick of his lighter, and he drags in deeply, grinning as he climbs into the new vehicle, feeling… well, fairly bouncy, today. "Been doin' some research, by the way," he comments.

At this point, Janie comes driving up from the Aurora. She comes to a halt beside the Roadmaster, then looks around for possible safe parking spots before shrugging and walking over to the car while Athena appears out of thin air behind her and mounts the bike.

Johny slides in to the drivers seat then. "On what?" Asks Sam, backing the truck out of the area. He heads out north, along the old main road and then east along Quincy.

"Shape Concrete," he says, once we're safely in the car. He takes a drag, shakes his head. "Been poking and prodding at it, and the problem is… well, it's complicated. But basically, the spell has to set up a resonance in it, and harder materials like concrete don't like that much. It means the spell has to be /really/ powerful. The problem is, I'm not sure if I can make the spell powerful enough to actually accomplish anything. Concrete is hard stuff."

As Janie joins Samuel and Slinger, Athena nods at the trio and drives off - presumably, back to the Cottonwood building. Meanwhile, Janie clambers into the Roadmaster. "What's up?" she asks.

"Not a lot," Slinger replies. "Sam asked me to learn a spell to shape concrete, and I've been researching it. Harder than it looks. Was mentioning that it works by setting up resonances, and the trouble is, really hard material of the kind that, you know, stops bullets, tends to be really hard to shape. The spell would have to be so high on the Force scale that it might actually be outside my abilities. Or knock me so hard on my ass that it'd be easier to do this the old fashioned way. I can work with stone, no problem — that's relatively easy. But concrete is another story."

Johny puts the truck in gear, a mechanical sound coming from the rear of the truck as he puts it on the main road. There is the WHUMP of compressed air as he brings the drones sensor package online, feeding in to the Roadmaster's sensor grid and bringing it on the HUD. "I want to show you something. It's something I've been working on for the better part of a half year.. and will continue to work on for some time. You both have an investment in it, so to speak… and it will ensure some sort of longevity for what we do, even something goes horribly wrong."

Janie nods. "Manipulation o'matter isn't somethin' I specialize in either, but from what May's told me th'more Man-refined a substance is, th'harder it is t'affect with magic…"
She trails off as Johny gets the truck in gear and sits back, waiting to see where the ride takes them.

Slinger chuckles. "Am I cleared for it?" the youth asks, with a slightly lazy drawl. He knocks the ash off his cigarette, cracking his window just enough to permit the smoke to escape. "That's true," he agrees with Janie. "Trouble is, this goes beyond that. I mean, there's that issue as well, but the main thing is just the sheer /hardness/ of it. Compared to, say, ordinary rock. /That/ I can already work with."

Johny chuckles quietly, turning right on to Quincy, where it travels in to the almost abandoned Rural UCAS sector. Not far enough away from the city to be desirable, to close to be useful and above it all, construction forbidden by treaty, it's a no mans land. He drives down about 5 miles before turning in to a gate labeled 'Coal Creek Nature Preserve'. The Gate opens automatically as he sends the right codes, letting him access the gravel/dirt road beyond it.

"I was under th'impression people weren't allowed t'build in these parts," Janie murmurs.

"Actually, thats a misnomer." Says Sam as the armored van bounces down the old road. "The treaty specifies that we can't -build new- things." He chuckles then… "It specifically says refurbishment and rebuilding of extant structures is allowed. However, I've not said we're going to a building under construction."

"So where are we goin'?" the kid asks. He starts to toss his cigarette, but thinks better of it in a nature preserve, even if the nonfiltered butt will biodegrade nicely. "So this is a renovation of something else? Gonna make a secret batcave or something?" he asks, laughing, obviously amused by his own joke. But even so, he bounces in his seat, the suspense keeping him on edge.

Janie tilts her head as she listens to the speculation, but keeps her own counsel.

"Actually." Says Sam as he comes a second gate, this one clearly more fortified. The gate opens as well, driving in to a clearing in the woods. The land is a mixture of rolling hills and thick forest, the sort of 'rebirth' of forests that came after the Awakening. "Sometimes, trying to surprise you people is nearly pointless, you know." Says Sam as the headlights come to illuminate a low rising hillside.

"Is it under a Mansion?" Slinger asks with a soft chuckle. "With big video screens and cool gear and a butler? Or is that Marcus? Don't tell him I said that," Slinger suddenly says with a smirk. He presses his nose to the glass, watching the surroundings pass with childlike wonder.

Light is lacking in the area, but natural elven low-light vision will pick out the details. There's an old barn off to the side, the tumbledown remnants of a ranch house next to it. They are entirely uninhabitable after 100 years of neglect, but they do make for a good place to hide various construction materials. "Marcus, open the door."

The side of the hillside starts to swing up, pivoting near the top, anchored dirt and plants rising with it, revealing the first glimpse of the Vault's Garage level.

"Well. It's a work in progress."

Slinger is looking at the buildings, expecting the barn or house doors to open. So when the hillside lifts upward, he hardly even notices. However, his surprise shows in the low whistle from his lips. "Dayumn. Nice," he breathes. He exhales a cloud of smoke, watching the thing lift upward. "Nice, concealed… and this is yours? The group, I mean?" he asks, still not being bold enough or rude enough to include himself in that list.

"Ours." He says, looking over to Slinger. "You're a part of the group. The modesty is a nice change, to a point." He says, guiding the truck in to the hillside. (BD, Blast Door)

Slinger laughs softly. "Yeah, tryin' to work on it a little. One thing to be cocky when it comes to the world, but when it's you, I don't wanna screw up my chances by assuming. I mean, I've done some work with you guys, but figured, you know, there was some ceremony. That'd be kinda cool, y'know?" He grins. "We need T-shirts."

The garage is not as finished as the desc might imply; instead it's a major staging area for construction equipment and tools, with one corner set up as a temporary living area, with a cot, small appliances and a porta-potty. "Teeshirts. I was thinking we can just all shave our heads and wear jumpsuits; then we can be a proper cult." He says, pulling the car to a stop as Marcus manually operates the door controls. "We don't have the security setup as well as we want yet. It's pretty rudimentary. Right now, our best defense is anonymity."

Swiftly, Slinger shakes his head. "Nuh-uh. I'm not gonna shame my head for nobody!" he shoots back, though he does smirk broadly at the suggestion. "I like my hair. That, and I ain't quitting smoking. You might as well ask me to fuck a girl," he says with a playful grin. He glances around the interior, nodding — even he can imagine what it will be like when finished. "So when I said batcave…"

"You wern't far off." Says Sam, stepping out of the truck. "We've got 6 levels in this installation of alone, about a thousand square meters of usable floor space. Theres 2 other installations on this base just like this one, but they are in… advanced states of disrepair and this was the best candidate for rehabilitation."

Slinger lets out a low whistle. "Well, I can help with the renovation, a bit. I can tunnel through rock and earth, potentially, though concrete is the old-fashioned way, I fear. Like I said, I'm not sure I have enough magical energy to pull it off, is the thing. Might be easier and cheaper and faster to do it the old-fashioned way. Plus… you start getting into ferrocrete and stuff like that, stuff that's reinforced in the way we probably need it, and it goes totally off the scale," he says apologetically.

"Well, luckly Kaivan…" says Sam, picking up a hammer. "You can use this regardless of your magical ability or mana reserves or the force of your spell, or any of that crap. Good old fashioned elbow grease lubricates any problem."

Slinger grins broadly. "Yeah, I need a good workout," the youth admits, as he lights up a fresh cigarette, exhaling a cloud of nicotine to help mark the place for habitation. "It looks awesome." He reaches out to take the hammer, giving it a couple of swings. "Only problem is that we'll need somebody to supervise me." He concentrates on the hammer, and then releases it; and it stays there in midair, moving around slowly, while he drags on his cigarette with a look of smugness.

Johny raises an eyebrow. He chuckles then, turning back to the main lift, an industrial lift of some proportions. "I don't mind supervising. I am a fully licenced and accredited architect, after all." HE says with his own sense of smugness as he opens the controllerbox.

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