Rating AAA
World Headquarters Boston, Massachusetts (UCAS)
President/CEO Richard Villiers
Chairman of the Board Richard Villiers
Corporate Status Privately Held
Major Shareholders
Richard Villiars (approx. 100%)

Novatech is an extension of Richard Villiers, and to a lesser extent, Miles Lanier. It is a lean, mean corporate machine that is carefully constructed by their will and determination to succeed and reap the rewards of influence and power. This corporation does not issue stock and is owned solely by Richard Villiers.

As the smallest AAA, holding on to that status by only a technicality, Novatech is hungry and aggressive. It is doing everything it can to gain ground and will respond brutally to anything that threatens it's survival. Richard Villiers used to work for Fuchi, the fallen megacorp. He used the bulk of it's assets to found Novatech. Japanese Megacorps have not forgotten his destruction of one of their own.

Major Subsidiaries: Aurora Design, Cavalier Arms Limited, Central Industrial, CompuForce, Cyberspace Development Corp, FTL Matrixware, Fuchi Orbital, JRJ International, Matrix Systems, Minuteman Security, Nightengale Paramedic, Pacific Rim Computer Consultants, Pioneer Cybernetics, PULSEware, Silveril Investments, Simplex Software, S & S Agricorp, T99, Visionary Design Works, Walker AeroDesign, WolfWare.

AreoSpace Agriculture Biotech Chemical Computer
7 3 4 2 10 9 6
Entertainment Finance Service Heavy
Mystic Goods
7 5 3 2 4 6 4
Megacorporate Total
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