The call is a quiet one. Samuel requests the three of you join him for coffee and discussion at Thistlewood. Marcus seems subdued, the sort of demeanor that indicates something is on Samuel's mind and he's shutting people out more than normal. A pot of coffee, a snifter of brandy and a jug of ZAP!!! COLA sit on the wet bar. Never know what people may like..

Kassandra arrives at Samuel's, dropped off by one of the myriad of flunkies that has nothing better to do than drive her around. She thanks Marcus quietly, sluffing her jacket and heading into the study. She pours a cup of coffee, black thank you very much, and carries both cup and saucer to a chair. "Good afternoon, Mr. Clemens, I trust you are well?"

Minos pulls in on his big ol' motorcycle and is led to the study. "Hello, Samuel, what's going on?"

Samuel is leaned back in his high backed chair, hands steepled under his chin, fingertips pressed together in thought. He watches the others as they enter, waiting for Aladriel Cindel to show up. That Ally, always fashionably late.

Samuel decides that Ally isn't showing, and leans forward on his elbows then. "Ello, my freeends." his voice is low, and utterly serious in tone, belying the ridiculous vaudevillian french accent he's using. "Aye 'ave uncooovered a villan most 'or-e-bal… perhaps zee greatest threat to 'umanity yet."

Minos glances at Samuel and says, "Sam, I'm British. We already /know/ about the French."

Kassandra simply raises an eyebrow at the accent, letting her coffee cool some. She smirks at Minos' comment, "We are going to Quebec?"

"Come on Alex." Says Sam, looking over the rim of his coffee. "It's a mime. It hardly counts as human."
Samuel nods sagely to Minos.. "Zeey haff developed… a new weeepon. zee Mime.. two point oh." He takes a sip of his coffee then. "But seriously." His accent drops off. "I have a mime I need you to kill."

Minos looks from Samuel to Kassandra, and then back again at Samuel. "Um." is all he's got.

"Come on Alex." Says Sam, looking over the rim of his coffee. "It's a mime. It hardly counts as human."

Kassandra looks at Samuel then to Minos, half expecting someone to jump out with a camera and yell *PUNK'D!*. "A mime?" She puts as much disgust into the word as possible.

Minos says "Oh, it's not so much that I object to the killing. My moral and ethical boundaries rank mimes just below blood mages, and just above toxic mages, on the scale of things that need to be killed." He shakes his head. "I guess my question is, what particular mime?"

Samuel explains… "Funny you should ask. This is sort of a favor to someone who works with the Foundation occasionally. It was handed down on the quiet side of things, but this Mime goes by the street name of Harlequin. This probably has something to do with the will. Pretty much, find this runner and remove him from the equation. He's holed up in the UCAS sector, at a refurbished bunker on the old Arsenal grounds. Watch out for the landmimes."

Minos pauses and asks…"He's a mime…and a RUNNER?"

Harleson Ells, A.K.A. Harlequin

Samuel nods to Minos. "Everyones got a gig, Alex. When you're on the lower rungs and looking to make a name… you do what you need to."

Kassandra shakes her head, "A mime and named Harlequin." She chuckles faintly, looking between the men, "Oh, this really is serious?" Kassandra considers, "Well, what sort of runner is he?"

Samuel explains further. "Physical adept abilities mixed with Hermetic sorcery. A magical Adept."

Kassandra icks quietly, sipping her coffee. "Scared off or totally removed?" The elven woman asks the question much like you'd ask if someone wanted Equal or sugar for your coffee, with about the same amount of interest as well.

Minos seems about as moved by the mime's plight as Kassandra; he has a special burning place in his heart where magical adepts go to die in fires. He awaits Sam's answer.

Samuel purses his lips. "Well, it seems that our friend higher up, has taken some personal exception to some of the runs this gentleman has undertaken using his nom de plume. You may not recall, but as young runners, we take what we get, sometimes no matter how distasteful the job may be. The friend of the foundation has something of a higher set of ideals. Do you recall the Berryessa Bombing in Saint Louis, last year? A car bomb exploded. A bomb was supposed, it was discovered, to go off when a particular transpondered car drove past. Unfortunately, someone mis-programmed it. A city bus during morning rush hour set it off. 19 dead, 43 disfigured for life, most of them children on their way to the Arch for a field-trip."

Minos says "Wait a minute. Are you telling me that this chap is actually posing as Caimbeul?"

Kassandra nods, "Alright then. What sort of recompense has our Friend authorized for the removal of this noisy name-stealer?" She pauses as Minos asks a question.

Samuel looks to Minos. "Well, Caimbuel, who's name I was leaving out of this, does not actively run… nor should he. But his name is important to him. It's a simple fact of one runner who is using that tag… came to his attention in a most unfortunate fashion."

Minos chuckles. "We could call him Dooflehead for all the name actually means, Sam." He smiles.

Samuel shrugs. "Do I look like I care?"

Kassandra looks between the two, "Yes. Well. In any case, the bottom lines are "How much" and "Is this guy any good?"

Samuel eyes Kassandra for a moment, then Minos. "Well, I had planned on offering 45 as a package, to you, Ms. Cindel and Alex… but since she's not shown up yet…"

More than fashionably late is Aladriel. She hurries in looking all flustered like, "Present!" she chimes in with a big smile. She starts to say more when than that fancy chap Marcus hands her a recorder. Arooing curiously, she finds a little headset attached. Putting it on…she starts to listen. And her eyebrows arch a little bit as she starts listening to it. Her eyes flick to the folks gathered…and starts tapping her foot, saying silent 'a mime!?' as she listens…and then finally takes it off. "Huh."

Samuel glances to ally as she makes herself comfortable… then back to Kassandra. "40, for being late."

Kassandra usually gives Samuel some degree of latitude. She nods quietly, glancing to Aladriel with a 'he or she better have been cute' look before asking Samuel, "Is there any timeframe on this?"

Samuel huhs quietly as Kassandra takes the pay doc without the usual song and dance. "No time frame, but preferably before he makes an ass of himself again."

Ally catches Kassandra's look and makes a little cradling-arm thing indicating a baby. And she looks at Sam with hurt eyes, "Maya didn't want to take her nap but she's okay now," she tells him, maybe her little thought about getting less money. "Um…so, a bunker. Is it just him or does he have like a crew of folks?"

Minos says "Is it an *INVISIBLE* bunker?"

Samuel eyes Ally. "I frankly do not care, Ms. Cindel, about your motherhood difficulties. I expressed my reservations with your placement on the team with a small child. You have a higher bar of activity and ability to maintain than one might normally, as a result. Do not, I ask in the nicest terms possible, -make me wait-."

Hmm. Thats not all good things to hear. But…a higher bar of activity *and ability*? Ally picks out a compliment in there and while she doesn't smile, she is filled with a nice happy swell of thoughts, and says nothing else for the time.

Samuel turns back to the others. "I don't have any real data. He's capable of a small range of offensive spells, capable of climbing walls, capable of feets of acrobatic dexterity and is able to walk without triggering pressure plates."

Kassandra nods, "Not bulletproof, then. Alright." The woman doesn't seem overly concerned with the other parlour tricks.

"We do know that his signature spell is…" A pause. "Physical barrier." Says Sam, reaching for his cup of coffee.

Nodding quietly at that small list of abilities, Ally pulls out a pad of paper and starts scribbling on it. Hmm. "Physical barrier? Oooh, well that'll make it a pickle for you to shoot him," Ally tells Kassandra, "Or for you to poundy-poundy him," she tells Minos. She writes down physical barrier, circles it…and hmms.

Kassandra nods soberly to Aladriel, "Oh, there are ways around it. I've been working on a few dozen little tricks for just such an occasion." She smiles happily, perhaps at the thought of trying a few out, "Sounds pretty cut and dried, then."

Samuel sips his coffee, watching the others.

Minos says "You know nothing about known associates, and as for location, just that he's in a bunker near the Arsenal?"

Samuel reaches for a pad of paper, jotting down a note. "This is his location, GPS."

Ally bites her lip a moment in thoughtful consideration. "Okie, and he can throw spells too, so have to protect you guys….okay. I'm all set," she decides.

Kassandra smiles, taking the slip of paper, "Alright. We will go deal with this problem and report back after the deed is done." The woman rises, looking to head out of the study. She mentions over her shoulder, "You can tell our friend it is already done."

Minos nods. He adds, "FUCK mimes." as he leaves with Kassandra.

Samuel nods to the others. "And the French."

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