Parrot Talks

Kassandra is sitting next to Lilith, talking quietly. She looks as if she may have been crying recently; she isn't one of those women who can cry prettily.

Jester enters, cowled in a hoody, he'd been given instructions to keep inconspicuous and this is a chore for a Parrot.

Jester approaches quietly, his empathy is quite strong and he can sense the din. He moves to each woman offering a respectful peck to thier cheeks.

Lilith smiles gently and pats her back. She's sitting on the couch with Kassandra, rather carefully hugging the woman and offering comfort. "Yes…" She looks up, scowling a bit as the boy enters the room. "Who the hell…oh. Elvis!" Her expression softens. "I see you recieved the key I gave you."

Jester brandishes the key breifly, but seems unwilling to speak for the moment. He is still feeling the room out and looking for his place within it.

Kassandra looks up as Elvis enters, smiling quietly. She draws her robe around her a bit more, murmuring "Good afternoon, Elvis." She looks to Lilith, sitting more upright to give the woman space, emotionally and physically. Carefully crafted emotional walls start to slide into place. She stiffens only a little as Elvis pecks her on the cheek.

Lilith pats Kass gingerly once more, then rises to her feet to peck Jester on the cheek. "I'm glad you're out. How're you feeling." She leans back a bit and smiles, her previous stiffness disappearing.

Jester takes a place before the pair and adjusts his stance in such a way as to indicate he intends to offer something. "I feel like a burden?" he watches between thier eyes for a reaction, as if atempting to divine the source of the problem by assuming its him.

Lilith sighs and then pats the boy's hair. "No, my dear boy, you're not. It's not you we're crying over, believe me." She winks at Kass for a moment. "Not that you're not worth it, of course."

Kassandra offers a brief smile, rising, "Not at all, Elvis. It's me that is the burden. Please, have a seat and I'll step out of your way. I should check on Maya anyway." The elf is so quiet as to be inside herself, looking uncomfortable. "I should stop monopolizing Lilith anyway." She catches the wink, offering a practiced smile, moving on autopilot, "Yes, very worth it."

Lilith looks at Kassandra, still faintly concerned. "Yes. Go play with Maya, Kass. It'll help, and you're not a burden either."

Jester raises a halting hand replaces Kassandra in her seat with a shove no harder than a baby's breath.

Kassandra drops on her butt ungracefully, uncharacteristically. She looks up quizzically at Jester, bottom lip quivering. She almost looks as if she expects him to hit her.

Lilith blinks, now curious. "Elvis?"

Jester watches Kassandra's reaction, sharing a moment of eye contact. Snapped free he looks to Lilith, and immediately begins to explain himself. "I need to ask you some questions, Kass." he kneels before the pair and rests back on folded feet.

Lilith looks oddly surprised, but also…the image presented is somehow fitting, Jester kneeling before her and Kass, extending her hand to him to idly brush some hair from his face. "What's up, me lad?"

Kassandra nods quietly, tucking her feet underneath her and listening. She keeps her voice quiet, breathing slowly to control herself, "Alright. You can ask." She glances to Lilith then back to Jester.

Jester asks carefully, eyes moving from face to face "I have my own agenda, I guess is the best way to put it. I think its in line with yours…but I really only know rumors, shadowtalk, when it comes to you guys. I only know what I payed to find out, weren't much."

Lilith gives Kass a wry smile. "That speaks to the level of your skills, Kassandra. I'd be disappointed if he was able to discover more."

"I don't know about that, Lilith. I've .. not been paying attention to business recently." Kass shrugs, tucking hair behind her ears, wetting her lips, "I suppose it is what you are looking to know. Some of it is rather obscure, given the nature of the work we do and some of our members almost excessive need to keep secrets."

Lilith whispers "*cough*Samuel*cough*"

Lilith doesn't hide a smile, nope.

Jester asserts again, so carefully, delicately proposing "I am looking for something.". An ambigiously begining, he explores his limits further, "It used to belong to a dragon."

Lilith glances to Kassandra, then to Jester, frowning a little. "Is this the matter we spoke of earlier?" She frowns at the boy. "We spoke of it with Johan already. Because I respected *your* need for secrecy, boy, you almost put the team in danger. You haven't told the man yourself yet?"

A look between the other two is all Kassandra spends on it, not seemingly upset about the telling or not telling at the moment. "Something belonging to a dragon? *Which* dragon?"

Jester explains "No I havent spoken of this to anyone outside this room, now I am confused."

Lilith raises a hand. "Let me clear things up then." She looks to Kass, then back to Jester. "When you spoke to me and Mr.Michaels about the Idol, I had assumed the information was being passed on to Mr.Wulfson, who is our defacto leader. I was apparently incorrect. This also counts for the information you told me about your connection to Dunklezahn."

Lilith takes a breath and continues.

Jester nods silently and waits.

Kassandra just listens, watching the interplay. She toys with some of her hair, looking less like an all-powerful fixer by the moment.

Lilith says "When we went on that little extraction, and you were attacked…well, afterwards, Ms.Cindel and then Ms.Depaiva here were understandbly curious and then quite concerned about what I knew about you. When I told Mr.Wulfson…I discovered my mistake, that I made on your behalf Elvis." She frowns again. "It was more my fault, as well as yours, for what happened. But, that is behind us now. What you should realize, me lad, is that your dancing around, your secrets, your attempts at mystery, will only harm what you're trying to do. You want our help? You want fulfil something within yourself? Then be honest with us, and WORK with us.""

Kassandra murmurs, "We all have secrets."

Lilith nods to Kassandra. "But this is important. These are things we all need to know. He's been willing to divulge this information…"

Jester admits quietly "I got spooked about talking after that first time, I thought you wanted me to keep my mouth shut. I didn't know your leader was Wulfson, wow…the way he carries on, I thought he was ya driver."

Lilith coughs. "I did. But I meant to speak with you amongst the group."

"Wulfson is .. complicated. He's currently acting at playing the fool to .. for some reason." Kass sighs, shaking her head, "We all have .. well. In any case, in order to help I'll need more information. We will. Otherwise, we're playing in the dark."

Jester waves a hand through the air passively "I got no problem spillin the beans, I've had to tell less savory folks than you to get this far."

Lilith looks at him. "And that, me lad, is exactly the problem."

Kassandra nods. "Of course. Well, we aren't *too* unsavory, I don't think. Or perhaps we are just a better class."

Lilith snorts. "I'm as unsavoury as they come, but at least I'm discreet when I want to be." She looks at Jester. "So. I know, Kassandra knows. What else can you say to us?"

Kassandra snorts quietly, "You aren't unsavory, Lilith. You are probably one of the most cultured people I've met." She gives her attention to Jester, at least as much as she can spare at the moment between worrying and freting.

Jester explains, adopting gesticulation that indicates he is about to weave a long one if left unchecked "It all started when I was eight years old." he adds "In case your wondering, that was a while ago, thank you very much."

Lilith chuckles faintly, patting Kassandra's knee, and stops talking long enough to listen to Jes.

Jester says "No thats not it, let me back up. I was born….no, ok here we go. You know about the idol, so that means you probably know who gave it to my mother. Well, alright now back forward again." he pauses "When I was eight, I'm eight again, we're back to where I started, ignore the other stuff. When I was eight, I got caught up with some bad people in a secret training program. It was kind of an easy sell, at the time I didn't think much to question it." he pauses and considers "It was all saving the world, and laser guns, and antigravity, and monowhips and stealth ops.""

Kassandra looks at Jester and then looks at Lilith. She starts to ask but then shuts up again and will wait and see how it all plays out.

Lilith nods. "You were a young boy being used by others because of who your father might be?"

To (Kassandra, Aladriel), Johny pages: Kassandra's phone starts ringing. THe number is unlisted.

Kassandra blinks and grabs her cell, answering it.

You paged (Johny, Aladriel) with 'Hello?'.

Jester says "The ironic thing is, about this time the 'rents started to get really paranoid about the idol and they locked it up something fierce. Long story short, I didn't know it but these people had singled me out as one of the few people close enough to steal the idol for them, and so first they taught me how to do it, and then they tricked me into it." he trails off as the phone gets answered."

Kassandra makes a continue motion to Jester, covering the receiver with her hand.

From afar, to (Kassandra, Johny): Aladriel's voice comes through rather clearly, with some background noise of a plane. "Kassie sweetie? Its me! We just flew over Lil's place!"

Lilith nods to Jester, dispassionately motioning for him to go on.

Long distance to (Johny, Aladriel): Kassandra sounds relieved and excited, "Baby! I am so glad to hear your voice! I miss you already!"

Jester says "Anyway, took four years and then I did it. Ok? Yeah. It was me. I didn't know."

Kassandra speaks excitedly into the phone, her whole manner changing, almost vibrating with relief.

From afar, to (Kassandra, Johny): Aladriel giggles into the headset, "I miss you too! How is Maya? Are you both okay? Lil's place looks really different from up above. We're flying and….. *her voice lowers* I think he's gone crazy cause he's going to have me fly…"

Lilith tilts her head at the boy, giving Kass barely a glance. "So? You were a child and you were manipulated. I can understand why you might feel guilty but I don't see the point in lingering over it."

Jester says "When I was twelve I left home, and I've been looking for the Idol and the people who tricked me ever since. I feel like I'm close, and if what you say is true…maybe I'm a little too close."

From afar, to (Kassandra, Aladriel): Johny's voice is clear. "You realize I'm on the circut as well… and no, I've not gone crazy. I just like to multitask. A personal jaunt with a little training never hurt anyone. Now you will have basic familarity with a two engine turbofan jet turbine aircraft."

Lilith nods as well. "Close is good, though."

Long distance to (Johny, Aladriel): Kassandra voice carries a little smile, "She is fine, we both are." She laughs a little, "Silly, you can already fly! He's just showing you the harder way to do it." There is a faint pause, "Where are you kids off to? You never said, and if it doesn't ruin the surprise and alll .. and yes, Johny, I knew you were there."

Jester gesticulates sincerely "Look. I'm not tough."

Kassandra speaks quickly into the phone, covering the receiver after each comment. She frowns, nodding to Jester and Lilith, murmuring, "Maybe too close."

Jester says "Theres stuff I can do."

Lilith smiles at Jester. "You're talented and you have potential. I think you've gotten luck coming to us." She presses a kiss to his forehead.

Jester says "But I can't do this on my own. My hope was that you guys are who they say you are, and you find the dragon's lost stuff. I got you guys through a guy who knows Sir Michaels. It wasnt even a rumor, it was a wisper, and I bet everything I had on it. Thats why I am here."

From afar, to (Johny, Kassandra): Aladriel laughs softly when Kassandra does, a very common thing as of late. "Ooooh we're just going off for a little jaunt. Nowhere exciting or anything. Pretty boring all things said and done. You two girls are going to have a good time without me, you'll barely realize I'm gone. Where is Lil taking you out to?"

"Of course we'll help you. That is what we do, and if Alexander is willing to take a chance on you, and Johnny, we all will." Kass smiles reassuringly as Lilith is called away on house business, listening to the little voice on her phone.

Long distance to (Johny, Aladriel): Kassandra hms, "I don't know, something came up at the house and she and I were chatting with Elvis about his .. problem. If nothing else Maya and I will go to the park and play for a while. And I *will* realize you are gone, every single second of it. But that will give me time to shop for something for you too. You and Johnny stay safe on this little trip, and I am sorry againt for this morning."

From afar, to (Kassandra, Johny): Aladriel gasps into the phone and can practically be heard shaking her head. "You don't need to shop for anything for me, I think you've gotten me just plenty! And…" there's a pause and a faint 'grrr' into the headset before Ally's voice comes back on. "There's nothing to be sorry for at all. I was just overexcited and didn't explain. Please don't worry. But I love you, both of you, and I can't wait to be back. It'll be worth it, promise. Give Maya a kiss for me and have her give you one for me. And I'll see you soon. Love you!"

You paged (Johny, Aladriel) with 'I love you too, baby. Be safe, both of you.'.

From afar, to (Kassandra, Aladriel): Johny comes over the comm again. "Don't worry Kassandra. I'll keep her safe. It's just a pleasure jaunt. Honest." Soemthing about honest from him just doesn't -sound- right.

You paged (Johny, Aladriel) with 'I will hold you to that, Wulfson.'.

To (Kassandra, Aladriel), Johny pages: If I said you had a beautiful body, would you hold me to that, too?

Long distance to (Johny, Aladriel): Kassandra chuckles faintly, but sounds a bit strained.

To (Kassandra, Johny), Aladriel pages: She most certainly won't! Bye Kass, love you! *disconnect*

Jester nods, watching Kassandra curiously.

Kassandra clicks the phone closed, looking sadly at it. She glances to the man, clearly remembering she isn't alone, "My apologies, that was rude of me." She explains with a lift of the phone before tucking it away, "My fiancee is going off on a trip, so I am a little .. frazzled."

Jester comments simply "She is lucky to have you.".

Kassandra laughs quietly, "Well, thank you for that. I am not so sure .. but I know I am lucky to have her." She shrugs, "So. Artifacts, dragons, and us."

Jester says "There where four teachers at the school. One or more of them may be involved in deceiving me twelve years ago, but whomever was involved…one of them was definately a slinger. I'll never forget the stunbolt and then waking up alone without the idol."

"Well, that gives us some wiggle room and some people to track down. Twelve years is alot of time, but not an insurmoutable problem." Kass looks distant, staring at the wall as she considers the story, fingers picking at the hem of her robe. "This idol .. it doesn't sound like something they'd want to sell or even have people openly know they have .. still, there are going to be ripples when it moves."

Jester explains bluntly "It makes magic babies."

Jester muses "Kinda long term strategy, someone who would want it probably has something big in mind."

"Magic babies? Like .. babies that can cast spells? Or it magically produces them out of thin air?" Kass doesn't actually sound like she is being snarky or joking; it something about the way she said it, as if she is simply asking if it is a corner piece or a side piece to the puzzle. "Either way, that sort of thing is going to leave definate traces where it goes."

Jester snorts, seeming amused. "My mother and father where both of Parrot." he continues pantomiming the idol close to his chest with his hands "My mother was barren, but after comuning with the idol, she gave birth to me and my two brothers and my sister. We all awakened to Parrot." he points to her and smirks "You do the math, cause the odds on that? Not so high."

Jester says "Do you think what happened to the team is related to this? Lilith seems to think it is."

"I think .. if you had to talk to unsavory people to get to Alexander, this may have gotten around. Or, the people who had you lift the idol may be keeping a close eye on you. Regardless, someone is anxious to have a talk with you." Kass leans back, thinking, "Think, for a moment, that if this idol can breed true on *any* magical trait, what you could do. There are certain .. darker totems that would give a pretty for it, not to mention the Invae or things that are worse."

Jester shakes his head, covering his face with his palms "I'd rather not, I have enough guilt."

Jester flaps his lips together.

Kassandra nods, "I can understand that. It .. wasn't your fault." She rocks slightly on the loveseat, shaking her head, "It isn't your fault, if you didn't want to do it, if they were making you. It wans't your fault." She repeats the words quietly, though if she is talking to you or herself it is hard to say.

Jester e lets his fingers drag down the length of his face.

Jester says "I have the aliases my teachers used written down on one of my old homework data chips, I wanna go retreive it soon, but…worried about security." he asks carefully, as if he knows he's imposing "Whataya think?""

Kassandra gets drawn out of herself by the man's words, spreading her hands after a moment. "I think that if you case the place, you should be fairly safe. If you are worried, I can have someone break in and take it, or go with?" She pulls herself out of the dark thoughts, "Probably best to clean out the place, assuming they haven't found your doss and trashed it, and disappear from that area."

Jester scratches the back of his neck, then leans back to stretch himself long on the floor, his feet still under him causing his back to arch. "Can't say I feel good about draggin you all into this, but on the other hand….if you can't do it, it can't be done."

"Fairly true. Between us, this is a fairly well-to-do group, if we have our wits about us." Kass reassures, going back to picking at her robe, nails worrying at a string there, "And this sounds fairly important, so it is something that should be on our radar regardless."

Jester says "I'm not a shirker Kass, you put me to work when you need to. Gonna owe you guys alot when this is through, wouldn't mind paying as I go."

Kassandra nods with a small smile, looking to Elvis, "I expect that you will have more than an opportunity to work, before this is all over. And after we recover the idol, I imagine that won't be the end of it. From what I've been told we have a great deal of work before us. I wager that we'll have to work on both at the same time, so you'll have more than your fair share of chances to pay as you go."

Jester plants his palms lightly into the rug and rises until he is fully arched, lifting one leg at a time into the air until he is straight and muscles trembling until the are balanced and still. This behavior is undoubtedly subconscious 'showing off' on his part. He asks with a sly air to his voice, though less subtle in content, "Did you always like girls?"

Kassandra watches the man's antics, remarking quietly, "I've .. never really thought about it. I haven't cared for men, at least in that way, in .. thirty years or more." She shrugs, brushing a hand through her hair, trying to smooth the mass down, "I don't really think of it as 'liking girls'. I like *a* girl."

Jester turns gently, legs swaying to compensate, looking at Kassandra upside-down. "Thirty?!" he remarks incredulously.

Kass laughs, "I am not quite as young as I look .. one of the few genetic graces that being an elf gives me. I've been told that I will live a very, very long time and probably look like this until the end, more or less."

Jester allows his legs slowly back to the floor, re-assuming the arch "I keep forgetting your an elf. Your not as in my face about it as the others I've known." he pauses "Your differen't."
Long distance to Johny: Kassandra nods

Kassandra raises an eyebrow, "Different?" She looks down at herself, moving her hair to expose one delicately pointed ear, "Well, I am shorter than most any elf you will find. But as for the rest, I tend to keep .. to myself." She shrugs, "Before Aladriel, you could say I adopted most of the standard traits people associate with elves: aloofness, superiority, so forth. But .. it all is a little less important to me now. I play the part if I have to leave the house, but otherwise .. I just don't care."

Jester comments further, blood rushing to his head wrecking his judgement. "You know what you remind me of? You remind me of my mother. She was just like you, she had it all but she was never really happy….like she expected everything to just fall apart one day." he adds "Theres like…a sadness, like someone who knows nothing good ever lasts."

"All?" Kassandra tastes the word, considering it. She spreads her hands, asking, "What is *all*? I have had more money than most of the States can contemplate; even now, it is not a boast to say I am beyond comfortably well-off. I have a reputation on the streets. I have my .. professionalism, if you will. But I'd give it all away tommorrow for Aladriel. If it weren't for certain promises we've made, I wouldn't be here today." She sighs, shaking her head, "I hope that the good things last, Elvis, I really do. I want nothing more than just the good things. I am .. very tired of bad things in my life."

Jester flops flat onto the floor. FLUNF. As if punctuating her rebuff.

Kassandra raises an eyebrow. "Do I seem that unhappy?"

Jester rolls over onto his belly, leaning his chin on a palm, supported by an elbow, lying on the floor. "Guarded I guess. Regal, elegant, beautiful, well spoken, and in all ways desirable…but guarded."

Kassandra smiles faintly, letting her head fall forward, hair spilling across her face. She speaks, words soft, "It's .. a matter of self-defense. It is very hard to be taken seriously on the streets when you look like this." She looks up, gesturing at herself. "There are those who naturally believe I am a doxy instead of someone who might have other talents. The more of a front I can devise, the less problems I have." She looks at her thumbnail, shrugging, "Although I try not to put forth that sort of thing in private, at least .. not anymore. Which is part of the problem." She frowns, forehead crinkling with lines.

Jester quirks his nose and nods his head against his palm, musing with a sagely furrowed brow "It aint easy bein this beautiful." a moment of silence observed for Kermit the Frog, who; while he has no bearing on this matter, is undoubtedly dead by now.

Kassandra nods quietly, the frown going back into hiding, "Indeed."

Jester offers seemingly out of the blue "I think one day I would like to have what you and Aladriel have." mediating it as he affirms "But not now, not till this is all a memory."

Kassandra nods quietly, letting that be that. She rises, "I had better go get changed. I need to get Maya to the sitter."

Jester replies with a Gangsta like twang "Gonna kick it here, holden it dayown at the apple."
Kassandra chuckles and heads out.

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