The Pueblo Corporate Council pcc.jpg
Population: 12,195,000
Per Capita Income: 29,300
Estimated SINless: 8%
Below Poverty Level: 16%
Corporate Affiliation: 57%
Educational Levels:
…Less than 12 Years: 10%
… High Sch. Equivalency: 37%
…College Degrees: 38%
…Advanced Degrees: 15%
Major Language: English (90%)
Spanish (64%)
Currency: Nuyen
Capitol: Santa Fe

The Pueblo Corporate Council enjoys a matrix grid that is more advanced than some Anglo countries. The Pueblo tribes of the southwest have long had an affinity for technology and the tools that make them possible, a tradition that still continues today. During a celebration in 2061, an influential Chairman on the Council's Board of Directors was killed, an event that did not draw much reaction. Rather, two weeks later PCC forces marched into Los Angeles in order to 'restore order' and protect Southern California from Aztlan and General Saito. This surprise move caught many offguard, and has many casting a weary gaze towards the PCC, in anticipation of what may come next.

Unable to be clearly defined as a sovereign state or a for-profit organization, rather falling somewhere between the both of them, dealings with the PCC can be difficult at best. A system of shares has been developed by the Council, to encourage businesses to deal on their lands. These 'preferred' shares allow one to live on council land and to own property, but gives no voting rights. The PCC makes a great deal of money by requiring that workers of megacorporations in the Council lands own at least one preferred share (even if they live on the extraterritorial land granted to the corp.) Limitations on citizenship for Pueblo citizens and the money-making mentality of the PCC has typically made dealing with the council a costly endeavor.

With the PCC moving into Southern California and annexing Los Angeles, the council has drawn the ire of Aztlan, Ute and California itself. Tensions are mounting on all sides, and while war may seem imminent, it has yet to be declared. In the meantime, the underworld of Los Angeles, which has been assimilated by by the PCC, is now an active battleground as the Mafia, and Triads try to keep control of their holdings even as the Pueblo Koshari try to gain new ones.

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