Rogues Gallery


The list below represents a list of persons the Draco Foundation is actively seeking. It is not exhaustive Status
boone0033-med.jpg Professor Lue Dumond A research fellow at MIT&T, with a grant to study at the DIMR, Professor Dumond, along with his young daughter has gone missing. His wife was found dead in their home, shot in the back of the head. Missing
priestess.JPG Melvina Blair A street-shaman from Orktown, CFS, Blair went missing soon after the Saito Occupation of Orktown. She recently resurfaced in the central valley when she detonated a fertilizer shipment, spilling several hundred thousand pounds of nitrates in to the waters. While local corporations moved quickly to seal off the area of the Delta that was damaged, nothing has been done to repair the damage, resulting in a toxic zone. It is believed that the invasion has pushed Blair in to the Toxic Path. Missing
ChristopherWalken.jpg William R. Brewer A former member of the CAS's Central Intelligence Division, Brewer went rogue, taking with him the fabrication and production plans for E-302A, a strain of awakened Ebola that has potential for weaponization, targeting only those who have awakened Genomes; Metahumans. At Large
oded-fehr-monster-house-los-angeles-premiere-dbbyBk.jpg Raul Santiago De Castro Blood Mage, resides in Vera Cruz, Aztlan. At Large
hernandez-david.jpg Manuel Xapitoicalic Blood Mage, resides in San Diego, Aztlan At Large
tabei.jpg Barbara Chu'an Unknown. The Draco Foundation requires a 'meeting' with this reclusive minor shareholder in Yamatetsu. She has been in hiding for twenty years, but was recently seen in Vladivostok. Missing
3550865-lg.jpg Esmerelda No last name, Resides in the Aztlan Sector. Up and comer in the the Magical Research division. Came out of no where, no record, no history. That said, she's reportedly an expert on par with any in the realm of blood magic. Her address is Room 92 in the Burnsley Hotel. TERMINATED
Raoul1.jpg Inigo Du Chevalier French Mid-level Executive in Mirage Media, a company owned by the Draco Foundation. Missing for three weeks. Missing
steve_buscemi_47a34e73112ae.jpg Dietrich Von Geobel An agent of the Great Dragon Lofwyr, Dietrich is known to engage in shadow operations in Denver that result in further destabilization of North America. Dietrich was recently involved in a run against Jeremy Falloon that resulted in the Councilors wounding. Quick action by his personal security detachment saved his life, but Jeremy would rather like this man apprehended. At Large
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